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Thanks for all the suggestions folks.

I have a fair ammount of acting experience, the bulk of which is improv work, so I'm not worried about being able to come up with something quick and interesting. My issue will be handling the nuances of pathfinders rule system, and intermixing a grasp of that with the sense of combat and story I'd like to instill.
The two groups I play in have been Gm'd by my younger brother, who while functional as a Gm, seems to prefer one group over the other. He tends to gravitate towards telling a better story in the preferred group, doesn't ever cancel meetings and generally provokes a diverse range of interesting combat scenarios while in the other group, it is quite the opposite case. He cancels the games on a semi-regular basis because he says he didn't have enough time to plan out the night (It's the hardcover ROTR we're playing) and has a tendancy to act like we're some vast inconvinience to him (when he asked us if he could gm for the group).
So, now I'm setting up to take over the group and cast aside ROTR for a later date, so we can get an actual story moving that isn't all tied up in what's written out for us and I can take the reigns of Gming from my brother who obviously doesn't want to run this group anymore.

Has anyone ever tried to completely improv a session? I'd like to try my hand at coming up up with combat and story on the fly as the game progresses. Taking notes of what happens and using whatever becomes of the first session and the players choices as a guide for future sessions. Anyone have any experience with this style of gming?

Oh man, now I found this craziness...
Whispering way sounds straight up my dudes alley. Maybe a level in undead lord and a few more in gravewalker will take me further down this necromantic rabbithole I seem to have found my character in and set him up as an agent of the grave.
Then a few levels in master summoner with the raise skeletons feat and he'll extremely popular... With dead folks.

Thanks for all the pointers fellas.

I figure for this instance, he wouldn't be proficient in doing much of anything along the lines of bringing back the dead (how would he practice?). So, the poppet would sort of act as a guide for him... Showing him the will of Groetus and teaching him his purpose. Over the next few modules he's going to come into his own as a gravewalker and either accept or deny the "gift" that Groetus has bestowed upon him. It sort of stands in contrast for me to a few of my fellow players at the table, who took another class upon leveling up and didn't play it out as though they were any different than they had been the previous day. Just one day they were a gunslinger, the next day they were also a summoner.
Willing suspension of disbelief goes right out the window.

So, I played my Gravewalker Witch last night and it was a complete sucess. Woke up from a coma incurred by drinking a draught the night before that turned out had been cursed by worshippers of Groetus to seperate the soul from the body of the drinker and send it to Groetus' moon for a day. When my character woke, his body was contorted in a horrible shape on the floor next to his bed, clutching a poppet made of human skin and filled with grave-dirt and bones and fingernails... He had no recollection of what had happened from the moment he drank the draught... But felt alterred. Racked with visions of death and madness (I failed about 10 saves in a row to break him from the draughts effects, gm told me I needed to come up with some wild reprecussions for such an epic string of failures.) His party was outfront of the house we had ransacked the night before (morally bankrupt group ftw) and were hunting badgers for breakfast. The first badger fell dead, and upon it dying, my character was suddenly compelled by the poppet to be near to the dead thing. He ran out of the house and proceeded to commune with the corpse through the poppet, creepily caressing it as he spoke unlife into the dead badger. The party went nuts, killed the undead badger and knocked my guy unconcious when he started babbling about the end of the world and screaming at them.

All in all I think it went about as well as can be expected. He went to sleep a spellslinger and woke up a gravewalker with the ability and the compulsion to raise the dead. I'm wondering though, how others have handled their characters acquiring a new class after levelling up.

Any suggested feats or items to help in raising the dead? I'm dropping a level in Gravewalker and I'd love some advice on what stuff to take.

Not a mite of tutoring for the samurai camp then?

A friend of mine will be taking his first steps into pathfinder and hopping aboard with a group I'm in this wednesday to fill a tank slot we are sorely lacking. He's taken a liking to samurai, so I'm trying to pull together a list of useful feats, archetypes, point-spreads and the like for him to choose from. We roll out stats, but for the purposes of guessing a spread you can assume a 25 point buy. I suggested a dip in fighter at level 1 for the three feat boost and then the next level in samurai, but I really don't have much experience with this class and any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Be an ogre.

Alternatively, be any of the large races suggested in the advanced race guide.

In regards to the tablet data plan, bear in mind, so long as you have an android phone you can always use a third party tethering program, (foxfi or pdanet come to mind) tether your tablet to the phone, and run whatever internet-required stuff you have that way. You can also get a dongle or mini-hdmi cord for most modern phones that will connect to your tv and upscale whatever you need that way. (I have a flatscreen in our gameroom that is being used for maps and anything that needs to be blown up to size from my phone)

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Double karambit ftw.

Asus makes excellent tablets, I own a transformer prime with the keyboard attachment and use the various pathfinder resources on the android market (most of which are free) to manage my characters and dice and keep track of my groups hp and spells and such. Can't speak for any other brands as I got my whole group in on the band wagon, so now they all have transformers, but I can say ive never had any issues with my tablet for the purposes of pathfinder.

Here's a couple with the keyboard docks for pretty cheap. -docking-station-/130852845346?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item1e776ff722#ht_168 wt_913 ssories-/261172636016?pt=US_Tablets&hash=item3ccf1a2970#ht_178wt_913

Keep in mind, there are newer versions of the transformer line available, but theyre quite a bit more expensive than the prime.

I agree with, but I see this Ogre smashing people to bits then picking up the bits and smashing other people with them. Just berserking through crowds causing absolute anarchy while hurling bodies and their respective parts to and fro in a mayhemic tornado of righteous fury.

Or something like that.

Size boost from titan mauler then the giant-hide from large would be what... Huge? Collosal?

Does it matter one way or the other if the bloke trying to do the ripping is super-sized?

MC Templar wrote:
The Body Bludgeon rage power allows you to use grappled enemies as weapons within the rules (without the rage power you should probably be dealing non-lethal damage or some other reduction due to inefficiency. The downside is by the time you qualify for that rage power, you will mostly be fighting giants.

Don't know if it makes a difference, but he is a titan mauler and I will be purchasing this for him asap:

Giant-Hide Armor

Aura strong transmutation; CL 15th

Slot armor; Price 39,165 gp (ogre), 46,665 gp (hill giant), 59,165 gp (troll), 54,165 gp (stone, fire, or frost giant), 69,165 gp (cloud giant), 76,665 gp (storm giant); Weight 25 lbs.


This drooping, many-folded suit of +3 hide armor is made from the tanned skin of an actual giant. Once per day on command, the wearer can grow to match the size of the appropriate giant, as if using giant form I (ogre, troll, hill giant, stone giant, fire giant, or frost giant) or giant form II (cloud giant or storm giant). This transformation lasts up to 15 minutes, and ends when the wearer commands. Most good folk consider wearing the skins of intelligent creatures to be abhorrent. Giants gain a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against the wearer, or +4 if the wearer's armor is made from the same kind of giant as the attacker.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, giant form I (ogre, troll, hill giant, stone giant, fire giant, or frost giant) or giant form II (cloud giant or storm giant); Cost 19,660 gp (ogre), 23,415 gp (hill giant), 29,665 gp (troll), 27,165 gp (stone, fire, or frost giant), 34,665 gp (cloud giant), 38,415 gp (storm giant)

Played my ogre barbarian in rise of the runelords last night to great effect with the quick at hand racial feat. Scooping up goblins by the handfull and smashing them into eachother is crazy fun, but being an ogre I'd imagine this character would lean more towards the ultra-violent side when in the midst of a melee.

What can be added on to facilitate tearing enemies apart with his bare hands?

Spellslinger wizard.

To witch or not to witch.

I have a Drow Spellslinger who upon reaching level 2 in our campaign, was compelled by dark forces to drink a draught of unknown, psychadellic liquid... Mistaking it for a bottle of potent liquor and as a result, after I failed literally 9 saves in a row with rolls under 5 to stave off the madness that consumed him with visions of death and decay and general horror, he seized violently, went into a coma and collapsed amidst his party.

I have it in my head that there will be major changes in this character when he wakes... He will have been touched by death and driven mostly insane by the effects of the draught to the point that he now desires a closeness to death above all other things. That it compels him obsessively to raise the dead to his side and to confer with the forces of darkness that dwell beyond lifes doors.

My question is, what sort of synergy is there between spellslinger wizard and gravewalker witch? I just picture this guy lanching spells to raise the dead through his guns and being some kind of necromantic desperado badass.

Am I way off on that idea?

if you wikipedia "Byford Dolphin" and scroll down to the "accidents and incidents" section, it will give you nightmares?

gran rey de los everything is banned for being a bag of tater-tots.

1)Middle class.
2)Live within my means comfortably (I don't overreach)
3)Happily married to a good woman who loves me for me and not money.
4)Most of our spare money goes towards stuff that wont depreciate in value much or expire. Firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, non-perishable food, and gasoline.
5)Haven't finished my degree yet. (25yo)


In deeper darkness?

Gravewalker witch fits possibly?

Stone Hardbone *snickers*

Bastion Stonehold

Can I follow up an attack with my axe with a quick at hand grab of a fallen enemy and throw him at another guy in the same turn?

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Extra attack on full attack?

If you are trying to get an extra attack outside of a full attack, it will be much harder.

How much harder? In my head I picture a diabloesque barbarian in whirlwind just sawing through hordes of baddies. Obviously there are limitations to what you can do early, but how to get there and what path to take?

nate lange wrote:

ogres have 10' reach, so if you have a positive Dex mod. (most ogres don't) definitely take combat reflexes as soon as possible (you'll get a bunch of extra AoOs off the bat and even more if you get enlarge person). chemlak's list is great but he forgot one- helpers...

helpers: a pet or cohort will net you extra attacks. Leadership (which could be lumped with feats) would do this at 7th level, but a 1 level dip in druid @2 level will get you a decent pet with 1-3 extra attacks (and you pick up some buff spells for occasions when you know combat is coming)- add the Boon Companion feat at 3rd level and your pet will stay useful til 5-6 level easily (after that you could pick up 3 more levels of druid without losing any more BAB, and you'd pick up more spells and the utility of being able to wildshape). a summoner might work... there's no good way to improve your eidolon though without just leveling as a summoner. normally the synthesist archetype is great for adding attacks (and getting pounce early) but it replaces your Str with the eidolon's, so for you it would be disastrous...

I don't know that anyone is going to be inspired to follow my Ogre... What with the rape and murder stereotype.

Unless theyre into that sort of thing. O.o;

*be me yesterday*
*strong hankering for delicious calzone*
*calls pizza place*
"you sell calzones?"
"Yes sir."
"I'll take a large cheese calzone."
"You get 4 toppings with your calzone sir."
"Do you have bacon?"
"Yes sir."
"Ok, for my toppings I want Bacon...Bacon...Bacon...And Bacon."
"So you want 4 orders of bacon?"
"Hell yes."
"That's awesome."

Literally verbatim how it went lol.

Chemlak wrote:

Human Barbarian: Power Attack and Cleave at 1st level.

Again, not optimal, considering the restrictions on Cleave, but Power Attack plays more to the barbarian's strengths than two-weapon fighting does.

I'm already moving for that at level 2. Just trying to pull all the extra damage I can out of this guy since my party is gonna be squishy and he's pretty much been drafted to be the nuke and the tank in one.

Unfortunately I'm already invested in using a two handed great axe...
Any guesses as to where I can pull an extra attack from that? My character is an Ogre, so I have access to quick at hand... Possibly a second attack from grabbing a fallen enemy and beating his friend with him?

Don't know how this ended up double posting...

I'll take a look at that for sure.

How about a second attack with my weapon?

What is the quickest path through barbarian to get a second attack in a turn?

Why not just skip alchemist alltogether and be a Kasatha?

"w-wait! it's not a du-*BOOM*"
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Granted, but upon uttering your wish, the very fabric of reality is sundered and your immortal soul explodes from the fleshy prison of your mortal body in the form of a massive green dragon. Now holding all power in the universe, you instantaneously know all, become all, and become bored of being in a matter of seconds as you have experienced all time, in every possible circumstance, backwards and forwards in the time it took to blink.
You divide your soul into 7 mystical dragon balls and scatter them across the world... Vowing to grant the wish of anyone who finds all the dragon balls.

I wish I wish I had a fish.

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Any of the wicked awesome biblical monsters, apocryphal or otherwise.

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