Spellslinger Gravewalker synergy


I have a Drow Spellslinger who upon reaching level 2 in our campaign, was compelled by dark forces to drink a draught of unknown, psychadellic liquid... Mistaking it for a bottle of potent liquor and as a result, after I failed literally 9 saves in a row with rolls under 5 to stave off the madness that consumed him with visions of death and decay and general horror, he seized violently, went into a coma and collapsed amidst his party.

I have it in my head that there will be major changes in this character when he wakes... He will have been touched by death and driven mostly insane by the effects of the draught to the point that he now desires a closeness to death above all other things. That it compels him obsessively to raise the dead to his side and to confer with the forces of darkness that dwell beyond lifes doors.

My question is, what sort of synergy is there between spellslinger wizard and gravewalker witch? I just picture this guy lanching spells to raise the dead through his guns and being some kind of necromantic desperado badass.

Am I way off on that idea?

To witch or not to witch.

Well if you multiclass into witch you will increase the useful classes your character has from 0 to 1

Scarab Sages

Remember to check the spell to see if it can be cast through your gun, but otherwise it seems like a rather flavorful choice and doesn't make you too MAD in the process. I'd go with it. If it turns out terrible just get REALLY close to death and roll a new character. :)

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