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legoguy4492 wrote:
Hey! Mah 2032nd shotguns not wawkin'! Whadduh I do!?

I teh yew wut I dune did boy, aim it atta g%@+&*n hippehs head and squeeze that thar trigger

ahm cunfused


Casper the Brain-Eating Ghost wrote:
So... Is anybody going to eat that brain?

Kood ya save me a piece of that thar sara bell uhm, I teh yew wut ever since I gaht a taste of mammy's stew. I dun kaint get enuff of the stuff.

Well Now, if that thar don't entice that there zombeh back, I'm plum outta idears

Fur a secund there, I wuzza thinkin he done got ab duck ted by sum hippeh cultist.

Whar'd that thar zombeh go runnin off to

Wahl awl be...that gawldern frogsa talkin'...

Well now Mammy, yew no them boys lega lized that thar poison bush over in dutch land or whatever theys a callin themselves. Buncha g*$*$!n re jex you ask me. spits on ground

T'aint nuttin worse than a cahpetbaggah from New York City

Uh hootennany...well sweet tater pie and shut maw mouth. lemme grab ma squeezebahx...and mah gun

I teh u wut ifim thars one thang I hate moreun a hippeh. Itsa gahldurn taxman

Wha did the hippeh cross the road?

He did nt, I ran his sahry ass over


Ah sekunt that there re butt all


How bout I fill em fulla buckshot, that should slow that twitchy bastard down a bit.

I teh yew wut that thar bug tasted pretty good with that beer. Buuuuurrrrrrrppppp

Ah hell, aw gahta bug in my beer. I blame that thar hippeh stench.

Spits Sum b%@#!es

Man it shore be nace and kwiut without all them dang hippehs uhround

Them gahl dern hippeh ponies had it a comin', I teh yew wut

I teh yew wut

mmmmmm hmmmmmm

*Lifts head up from his chest Wha...huh

Gah dang, I gotta get me one them thar Bo-zars

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Celestial Healer wrote:
I had a great time "camping" (quotes needed because it was a cabin with running water) with John's family and then lakeside vacationing up in the Adirondacks with mine. There were toasted marshmallows and canoe rides and board games and lots and lots of wine. Good times were had.

T'aint campin, that's glampin

aeglos wrote:

what is a murican ?

U cun have mi gun when you pry it outta my cold dead hands boah[/example]

It shore iz kwiut out here

Wut in tarnation iza Bo Zar

I teh u wut.

Suhm tahms i just like to sit here in mah rahkin chair and shoot mah gun. It's gits that chair a rockin real gud.

Weh, I spose iz been sittin here fer quite a spell, c'mon grue let's go git some hippeh

*Loads elephant gun*

Sum beach, whar in tarnation iz them.

I teh yew wut

mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm.

Yew mean this here feller

Bring them reva newas ova he ah gru, Ima gunna git mid evil on em

and potted meat mmmmmm hmmmmm.

hopefully to find that dad gum reva newa. mmmmmm hmmmmmm[/sling blade]

Dont you worreh bout no carpetbaggin yankee reva newer, Ifum they showz there face round here. ima gonna sendum to meet ther maka.

*Loads 2 guage double barreled shotgun*

aeglos wrote:

news on Cuj... the dog:

Apparently some complete Idiots broke into the Animal Shelter and subdued (and hurt) the watchdogs.
then they let lose some horses and donkeys and two dangorous dogs (the St.Bernard and another one who is caught already)
the St. Bernard bit and wounded at least one Idiot, because they found human blood

Thatz why we stick ta cow tippin when weez a drinkin, itza much safer.

Does deeee-liverin shine count as uh jahb

I teh u wut.

Justa tinkerin with ma injun.

I teh u wut

I got one ina back of meh truck

Heh Heh, I put on a new cowcatcha on my truck. Itell you wut ifum I see me a god%@^d hippeh lib ur awl or commie bast@%d, Ima gonna send them sturate to reye lay uh.

Ah Teh yew wut

WAHHOO! Letza get drunk and go 4bying.

Yes, yes you did


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