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Doom Chicken feeds on people.

Gary Teter wrote:

...we're curious to see what the current zeitgeist is. Website cultures evolve over time. We don't have a flag for "off-topic", and not a huge history of removing posts for going off topic outside of product discussion and customer service threads. (We do move threads that go seriously off-topic into the off-topic forum.)

We might start moderating our boards someday for on-topic behavior as opposed to straight-up jerk watching, but keep in mind that everybody who does moderation here has a full-time job doing something else for Paizo—it's nobody's full-time job, and I'm cautious about committing us to monitoring several thousand posts a day for being on or off topic.

I see a lot of ideas nixed.

I see a Paizo culture that is totally transformed from the Dungeon and Dragon days.

We all know that not only website cultures, but also websites themselves evolve over time.

We all know that the boards here are a part of Paizo's success, part of Paizo's marketing and PR.

A business needs a clear plan for evolving it's marketing and PR.

Am I mistaken to think that "We might start moderating our boards someday for on-topic behavior as opposed to straight-up jerk watching" is a good summary of Paizo's plan for the future?

This does not seem to me to be a clear plan.

A lot of questions come to mind:
How bad do things need to get?
How is Paizo going to decide what's on topic and what's off? (seems they don't want us deciding)
If subjects are made taboo, how are we going to extricate ourselves from topics that are inextricable from our lives, personalities, and experiences?
And so many more....

As a concerned member of the community; as someone with a sense of investment in the community; as someone who likes to come here to play; and as someone who likes to just come here and talk about stuff--I would really like to know.

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Hello Paizo,

I am not going to drop this.

I am tired of some of the incessant crapping on these boards from certain serial crappers.

Some others are tired of my crapping (or have been in the past anyway because I don't really post here so much any more--who really gives a rat's ass what I say). Anyway, they can't stand me, or maybe the revile my friends.

Were we able to ignore each other, I theorize that peaceable discourse would wax, and spiteful exchange would wane. In fact some people are already running a plugin to do this... but it is buggy as all hell. I tried it, but ended up uninstalling it because I got tired of seeing blank pages.

Now for Paizo I think this is a marketing decision. Well actually, I don't think it it--IT REALLY IS.

I am SO tired of their crap that I do not feel like hanging out here. IT becomes un-fun after a while, to me, to hear otherwise intelligent and perceptive people become bullies by slinging around generalizations to rationalize their biases and prejudices.

And there is a consequence. It means I stop buying stuff. For Paizo the state of affairs means I stop digesting Paizo's greatest marketing communication--the boards. The hangout. The community effect.

Sure ignoring people is not really good sociability, which we want in an ideal world. But at least ignore creates a shadow or illusion of peace. Damn, it's marketing... the way we perceive it is the important thing anyway, right? Who cares what it really is.

So to wrap this up I contend that by refusing to implement this simple bit of code you are reducing potential purchases by prolonging a state of affairs that drives buyers away. Look at my recent buying history. That says it all.

You have reappeared? Or is this a phantom before my goggles!

Funny, there was very recently a mention of you in a certain Saltmarsh Island of Dread thread.

Good to see you. What news bro?

(of course FH probably won't even see this, right?)


My kid is going to love this.

It would be really cool if you guys coded the boards to randomly generate critical hits from your awesome critical hit deck (which I own)--with bbcode.

I know this is a paid product... but it's not really feasible for us to use it on a pbp. And it might even generate some sales for the product.

Anyway. Just an idea.

Just sayin.

1. After passing a slow moving vehicle you should

a) signal right and return to the right lane at the posted speed limit.
b) honk cut in front of the other vehicle as quickly as possible.
c) flip the other driver the bird for driving so f&%&ing slow, cut in front of him, and then slow down to a crawl.

We're here to help.

I get the "website down" page when I try to hit the feeds.

Hi Liz,

As you may know I moved a couple of weeks ago (still haven't added my new addy to my account but will soon).

Anyway, I'm still in touch with the company where I was receiving my subs until January and order #1593549 still has not arrived there.

I'm in no hurry... but I never actually had anything disappear in my years of subs (only sent to wrong addy by Paizo's comp) and I wonder how long you guys like to wait before we conclude that it is missing.

It's been two months now.


I don't post much these days so lots of you folks don't know me much by my itchy commentaries and crappy insights...

But I still just wanted to let everyone know that I am no longer living (and gaming) in China.

I am free. Congratulations are in order.

Hi Liz, Cosmo,

I am going to be of no fixed address and limited finances for a good 8-10 months coming up, on account of starting my own company, and the company I was working with and was in the process of leaving having just burned to the ground yesterday, and then there's all the other crap I'm sorting out.

Sadly I'll lose my charter subscriber thang...

Just so you know I love all the stuff you send me! It's just can't justify it when all it does is create a mailing clusterf~!$ for me. Gotta bring order to the chaos.

And I'll be back, in fact some time next fall I'll have to reorder some 4th ed stuff that got roasted. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Love you guys!

Hi guys!

I haven't been able to connect all day. I just get the store is down message.

TO post this I'm going through a US server on remote desktop.

What gives? Why you harshing on my Chinese IP?

Ok, this has been going on for a long time. What gives?

Yah I'm talking about this here. Now I know everyone wants to read my pbp character's stuff twice, but that ain't so for everyone else.

ANd it's bad enough that we have to put up with Heathansson's relentless posting, but now he can pop them off not twice, but three times with one press of the button!!!!

Also, what's with the pink bar on my post editing box? Are you guys color blind?

(Gary, Ross: Just funnin you, I love you all)


Because it's the only choice you have.

OMG it's HERE? It's like I stepped out for a bit and suddenly Dark Sun is reborn. Anyone looked inside yet?

I gotta say, this is really cool.

God I'm so excited I could wet myself!

He's 50 posts from 40K as of my writing this, folks.

Or it could be that Heathansson is preoccupied by work.

I like it! Also, I'm glad these Andorans don't have those tiny little heads.

It's already the new year here. Thanks for a great 2009 filled with awesome gaming stuff!



Man it's taking me 4-5 minutes to load a page here. If I ever even get it.

Pistachios and baby mandarin oranges.

I just downed a baby octopus, some mushroom stir fry, and a bowl of rice.

OMG! Cheat dice? This is truly evil.

Yup, it's great. Now I don't have to open several windows when I'm cherry-picking from my victim's posts.

Please cancel my modules subscription.


Just read the blog for the first time since my histamines staged a revolt oh so many months ago and wow--I'm still picking pieces of brain and ear out of my herb tea.

As a connoisseur of outlandish composition and lover of totally bugged out metaphor I must congratulate Paizo on finally abducting a maestro blogger. And please keep her chains securely fastened, dudes!

Of course I studiously found this thread and deliberated posting there but your blah blah is so cool Crystal that I knew the erection of a shrine would be the only suitable way I could express my appreciation for your fantastic writing.

WTG, Crystal.

With all the talk of art on these boards, and a section for "arts & entertainment", don't you guys think there should be an art subsection?

Check it.

Vibratta Clitoris Decimus Fertillus


This sale has wrought havoc with my Paizo connection - a full day - then all last night - nada!

I wonder if my Philippine and Downunder comrades have had the same problem the last few days....

The god of snipers. What a badass dude.


We both know I'm a dumbass.

Now I don't know if it applies, but I guess I should have tried to add the PFRPG "Have a cigar" code to my order.

Does it apply?

And if it does, can you add it before you ship my order?

Or cancel it and I'll do it myself?


The dark sun recent posts list just shows pbp recents posts.

Link to the page in question. Not a rickroll I swear it Gary!

Maybe it's working when you read this...

See, this is what I saw.

Because I brought it out of the archives maybe?

Whatever. Computers...

Hi guys,

Can you switch my first book shipped to Leigh Bracket Sword of Rhiannon instead of Robots Have No Tails?

This is for you:


Greetings and salutations!

I just spent a couple of months laid up and while I was gone lost a player (Fighter).

The game is in Katheer, with a little a band of do-gooders hunting a pirate from whom they escaped, and a demon who they accidentally released while they fled across the desert.

I just recapped because of my absence.

And most of the character generation data is on Pharasma's page.

I'm looking for one player. It might be a good time for a paladin if anyone wants to try one out, although I prefer not to push anyone into playing something they don't want to.

That's Catastrophic Free Time Failure for everyone who has never heard it. Which is probably everyone.

Some of you know I chugged a little witch juice last month and had some medical problems.

I'm doing well and have healed. (Don't drink poison!!!!)

But jumping Jeebus am I ever paying for the down time now - catching up on projects and they're still being piled on.

I'll be back. Just letting you guys know.


Jiminy Cricket! Why the heck is it taking so long to load Paizo today?

Other Seattle servers are getting over here no problem.

I long ago removed an address from my shipping options but it keeps appearing on my orders.

What gives, and where was my last order actually sent to?

In my account it says it was shipped to my office at my old job, and that's not the address I remember checking for shipping. This is seriously inconvenient.

Where is my Monte Cook Book, Cosmo?

Cos has promised to replace an issue of Pathfinder that got totaled in the mail. He is truly a great man with a big heart. How I love him so.

But I'm wondering (constructively, not critically) if there isn't something that can be done to prevent similar damage that doesn't increase the packing time and cost, or perhaps increases it less than consequent savings that could me made on their current replacement cost.

So I'm going to post a picture for you guys to look at, because the problem for me wasn't the envelope - I think it's the way stuff was riding in the envelope.

This is what I saw when I tore the top of the envelope:


It's like a bundle of sticks, except one of the sticks is sticking out - that's what sticks do I guess. The question is do books have to do it?

If that PF wasn't riding out on the side, which it will naturally tend to do in when the envelope is packed fat, maybe it would just have been a bent corner. Or maybe if the soft covers were all piled up straight and were loaded in some way that they don't change position in relation to each other, so they would all sit in the center of the envelope, maybe they wouldn't suffer as much damage. Maybe those edge scapes like I'm looking would not even get them.

Part of my job involves troubleshooting production in a very complex line and there's nothing I hate more that when managers tell me that a problem can't be solved efficiently.

So, I humbly ask, is there anything we can do to solve this that doesn't throw a wrench into Paizo's stuffing process?

Hey service monkies, hey Cos,

No I know that bent corners go with the territory when stuff gets shipped over here, but this is nuts. Are you going to do something about those cottage cheese envelopes?

And it was tight. Like my high school sweetheart: two modules, one PF, and a map pack. Luckily the other stuff walked away from the accident.

Check it: PF 18 not my gf.

It's like Evil Knievel at Caesar's Palace.

Also, can you please go flick Gary in the ear because I had to write this post three times.

Hey service monkies, hey Cos,

So i just got 1111192 in the mail.

Now I know that bent corners go with the territory when stuff ships to China but this one is over the top.

2 modules, PF 18, and a map pack. She was as tight as my highschool sweetheart.

Here's a picture: PF 18 not my girl.

It's like Evil Knievel at Caesar's Palace.

You've offered before to replace stuff for me, like that hardcover that still has irremovable glue smears, and I declined, what about this?

Hi there service monkeys, what's happening Cos?

So I just got 1111192 in the mail and it's not looking too good.

Here's a picture

#18 seriously needs a medic, dudes. The split goes inside. The other stuff is reasonably kicked around and can walk away.

Now you've offered to replace stuff before and I declined. Like the rulebooks that was covered in rubber glue that nothing will get off completely to this day. What about this?

I think bent corners go with the territory when stuff gets shipped to China. But this is a serious one: I mean the envelope was just... like Evil Knievel at Caesar's Palace.

2 modules, one map, and a rulebook in one envelope: it was as tight as my high school sweetheart's... err whatever... it was begging to get broken.

Are you guys going to do something about those envelopes? Plasticized cardboard? Corner reinforcements?

Hey guys, I like it!

Man, I hated that wonky Pathfinder beta paragraph....

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