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Well Tal, I've got some kind of problem with coffee that really f!%@s me up for a long time. It's been a week and I'm recovering. Still around.

"If I had a penny for every son of god...." trails off.

<Modius stands.>

"OOOOOhhh. Give me a break Isat! Move forward, brother. Move forward."

"Well enumerated sorcerer. In other words we're f++*ed."

"By Christ! I thought this stuff was all controlled back at the circle where we started."

Was doing the hospital thing. Don't poison yourselves.

"For the love of God men, let's get out of here!"

Do I need to tackle anyone again?

Perception: 1d20+10=13, 1d12=6

Will save: 1d20 5=25 ... niiiiice.

"Brothers. It feels as if something is upon my spirit, too. Pulling me, attracting me. I smell lavender."

<Modius keeps the cross held tightly but focuses.>

"Stra..." he says, then stops himself. "Centurion, can you not stop him?"

<Modius drinks from his skin and listens, rubbing the wooden cross he wears around his neck.>

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
I got confused by a playtest thread, and thought run had been consolidated into athletics...

Yah I get messed up with perception checks all the time now.

Athletics skill.... 4E?

Can I CMB him?

Intimidate: 1d20+8=22

"You're enchanted Centurion, enter that circle and you will die."

<Then tackle him.>

CMB: 1d20+4=24, natural 20.

<Modius takes him at the hips, grapple.>

Until I'm sure it's ok for me to fight this thing without being cursed by this satanic little demiplane Modius will fight defensively.

<Draws his sword on the move and engages the creature.>

This new sword transforms to any bladed weapon? Or any sword?

<He looks at Crassus.>

"Can I attack this thing?"

Will: 1d20+5=17

How did my init get so low?

Hey dudes, I spent a good part of yesterday in the hospital and feel a little f@~&ed up due to the stomach flush.... explanations will follow. And I may be a deadbeat poster for a day or two. I'm gonna cut and paste this message into all my threads I feel so crappy now.

Init if needed: 1d20+7=20

Touch attack to muffle Paper: 1d20+2=12

Or reflex saves to pummel him in the lips before he speaks?

You could always crack them and remove it yourself.

Startled: "Father and Son!"

<Modius remains silent after that.>

Mutters: "There's a time for everything."

"Normally I'd say I'm fine with the cross, but I think the circumstances necessitate open-mindedness."

<Takes the horseshoe.>

"Absolutely tantalizing. Naturally we can't go through. It's almost, planned."

<Narrows his eyes at Crassus.>

<Modius looks at the centaur blankly.>

"Do I look impressed?"

<Modius helps unload his dead friend.>

<Looks at the bundle on Crassus' back.>

<Uncomfortable with the dissention stirred up by talk of religion, Modius whips up a little travel chat.>

"I spy with my little eye something that begins with...."

"Let's go check out the view."

<Modius trots off toward the hill indicated by Crassus.>

"Were I to judge gods by their followers then in the end I would surely conclude that all are equally inane."

And so, in the midst of his trauma, Modius skirts dangerously close to atheism.

"At least I have the confidence to carry my beliefs without mocking your godlings."

Take that!

"Your logic is slipping along with your sense good Isat. It would simply prove the possibility.

"My dead rabbi's divinity is not evidenced by his resurrection anyway, but by his teachings. Those who say otherwise are fools. In fact, were you to spend half the time you take to joke about him actually learning what he taught you might appreciate the beauty of his love and understanding."

<Adjusts his pack.>

"Your problem is that you judge him by his followers."

Gnaeus Cornelius Papyrus wrote:
"This from a man who worships the ghost of a crucified rabbi."

"If Horthgar walks again I suppose you'll stop laughing, eh?"

"Your standards of sensibility are sliding Isat."

"Do you have night here."


Kruelaid will be away for the nest day and a half.

<Modiu trots off down the pathmuttering to himself:> "Because, because, because, because...."

<Modius moves away from the spiders. He nervously twirls a frayed lace on his harness.>

"Shall we?"

"Christ. I hate spiders."

<Modius is gettinng the look of someone who is going to be waking up in a cold sweat from nightmares of this place for the rest of his years.>

<Modius has begun developing a twitch over his left eye.>

Whispering: "What in the name of God does that mean?"

"I'm thinking of burning you all for witchcraft for Christ's sake...."

<Looks around.>

"Just kidding."

Lets go.

"Sorry Isat. You are a good friend. This is all a little much. Can someone get the hair from this thing?"

Isat Vastra wrote:
"Don't let it take the hair."

"Take the hair? Where do you get this stuff? The fncking world is going mad around me by Christ. WHAT THE F+$+ DO I HAVE IN MY HANDS?" he screams.



Mumbling: "Christ."

"I saw a rat go inside!" Modius shouts. "Ummm. With wings!"

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:
Am I correct in assuming from the above post that Modius is not reacting to what he saw?

I missed that.

Modius goes to the bundle with Hrothgar, gesturing for the others to come. He will pull it open where he saw you-know-what.

"Thank you Isat."

<Modius moves to the points and stands silent and still for a moment, taking in everything.>

Perception: 1d20+10=21

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