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Schmorgan Heckengaard wrote:
The food chain is what I beat you with until you give me food.

The food chain is overpowered. I'm gonna nerf its damage, make it an exotic proficiency, and using it it is a full-round action.

captain yesterday wrote:
See, I only got off two of them before the heat related delirium abated, surely someone can catch up before I hit 500 aliases.

Cos'damn it. I'm only up to 212.

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Deranged PETA Protester wrote:
That bacon is MURDER! *flails angrily*

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! That's way overpowered. {nerfs flail down to "1d2-1 dmg, requires full round action to swing"} There. Now back aboard my hastily hammered-together railroad exquisitely-crafted adventure.