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Fingersniffer wrote:

I posed this question in my PFS group and could not get an answer so I will ask it here.

Right now gold weight is becoming an issue for my character and I was wanting to know if I am in a fairly large town like Absalom would it be possible to convert my gold into PP?

Also I would like to know if there are any advantages or drawbacks to such a conversion. I am still pretty new to all this so please forgive me if I don't have a solid grasp on this subject.

I prefer gems, lighter and prettier.

Also the confused look on their face when you summon a skeletal Roc that can't fly...

I suppose the question comes down to are there situations where you need the undeads innate immunities to assist you when you summon your dire lion? Immunity to cold, DR, can't be charmed by that pesky druid.

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Forget Magic Jar...
Trap the Soul. Now that the Tarrasque is trapped in a gem, use that gem to create your liches phylactory. What paladin will destroy the lich and free the tarasque?

Indivar wrote:
OK last night this came up. Rumor has it that you cnnot have a 4th level spell wand. I looked around and have not found this to be the case - true or not folks?

They are expensive, but according to PRD they do exist

"A wand is a thin baton that contains a single spell of 4th level or lower."

cmastah wrote:
I pre-ordered the deluxe collector's edition of rise of the rune lords, and even though it's shipped, the actual page of the item isn't giving me the usual 'note: you already ordered this' message. It's a small thing, it's just that I'm concerned that maybe something is up with the order.

It is the same for myself.

Zero HP is staggered, not dead, so they are still on the ground able to make an action (which pushes into negatives). Even in the negatives I will track their health if there is still battle going, for the very reason of clerics channel energy and effects like that.

Combat Manager makes tracking this smooth and easy.

Once the last bad guy is down then it is battle over and those in negatives are considered dead (unless special care is taken to keep them alive)

Mandreth wrote:
The GM could always make up an awesome quest line involving the collection of various rare and dangerous herbs for a very eccentric hermit to create a cure out of.

That Hermit would probably either turn out to be an avatar of Pharasma... or a necromancer seeking ingredients to complete his phylactory.

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Go Inquisitor. Be a "paladin" enforcing Chelish law.

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Practice mostly. Play around with it in your spare time, even if people look at you weird for suddenly talking to yourself in a Russian accent.

I will often hint at the DCs by the description of how close they were.

"You easily hit the goblin"
"You blade skitters against its thick hide, not quite hitting true"
"Your spell is cast and you see him looking confused for a moment before shrugging it off"
"You see the monk jump across the roof. He nearly misses his mark as he scrambles the last foot"

These descriptions have given the players a guide to figure out approximate difficulties based upon what they roll and what their allies roll.

As for GM rolling behind screens, I have pushed our group to get away from that. I roll in the open and encourage others to do such when they GM. It removes the "GM is trying to screw us over" mentality after the 4th critical in a row is confirmed against the fighter in major fortification full plate.

The PCs were playing Rise of the Runelords and needed to get past a dragon. I will not go into details because I do not want to produce spoilers for the scenario, but they polymorphed one of the female PCs into the same type of dragon and convinced her to seduce the real dragon. A natural 20 on the seduction roll gets her the success she needed... which led to the awkward moment when the dragon asserted its male dominance. The rest of the party slinked up behind and ambushed the distracted male but not before it was finished.

Failed fort save... pregnant PC after the campaign finished...

Next game I ran I allowed for the daughter of the previous PC, a half dragon to be played.

Players get what they can use / need. Those that get beat on a lot get first dips at things that boost AC. Those that fail the most saves get resistance items. If they get an upgraded item (such as Nat armor +2 and they already had an amulet) then their previous item us up for grabs.

Sometimes, depending on the greed of the characters (not PCs, but the characters) we will deduct the selling value of the item taken from the rest of the loot.

Goblin Squad Member

Test.. come on little goblin... be there.

Edit: Huzzah!

Ahh, I see it now. Glazed right over it. Don't mind me, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

So can a Oracle use the robes to cast from a scroll of raise dead, or other costly scroll due to the component cost in its making, without expending GP? If so... happy day. One free resurrection a day ladies and gentlemen!

I prefer using a Two-handed weapon such as the Earthbreaker and armor spikes as my second weapon. May not be optimum... but I love it.

The Tarrasque is a Child of Rovagug, literally, as discussed in the Legacy of Fire adventure path. The Tarrasque has "brothers".

The most I have done with recent years of gaming was to cause a massive area of destruction where it looks like something was eating the trees and even mountains. Players speculated on what caused it and decided to stay the hell away from that region.

My general rule, personally, is to run my PC as 1-2 levels lower than the rest of the party and to make sure if fills some gap. A couple levels lower means that you are not going to outshine the PCs.

"Roll the weapon’s damage dice for the attack twice and add the results together before adding bonuses from Strength, weapon abilities (such as flaming), precision-based damage, and other damage bonuses."

Says Weapons Damage Dice... seems pretty clear cut there. Weapon, not spell. All the bow does is supply range, not damage.

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My favourite to say after a search check on a chest or door. "You don't detect the trap." even if there is no trap.

I ran one with the party for the start of the current campaign. The PC's were level 8 and the NPC I ran was level 6. He was their patron (aka the one funding the operation). He had some resources, information and contacts for the party to use. He was able to survive combat as long as he stayed out the way and never out shone the PC's. Once the party has sufficient reason to work together and began getting enough reputation I had the patron killed off in a combat because he was no longer needed.

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Put them on the labels of potion bottles.

"What did you find? Cure Light - BOOM"

Get together with another player and both make cleric brothers of a god that accepts undeath. Once the game gets going kill your brother and raise him as an undead. Then have him do the same to you and make you undead.

Both of you just wanted to meet your god for an hour or so.

Against animals, beasts and people: I love it. It will force them to heal up if they can, or kill them as they flee.

Against undead, constructs or things with fast healing: Not so good. Situational.

From the PRD
Armor Spikes: You can have spikes added to your armor, which allow you to deal extra piercing damage (see “spiked armor” on Table: Weapons) on a successful grapple attack. The spikes count as a martial weapon. If you are not proficient with them, you take a –4 penalty on grapple checks when you try to use them. You can also make a regular melee attack (or off-hand attack) with the spikes, and they count as a light weapon in this case. (You can't also make an attack with armor spikes if you have already made an attack with another off-hand weapon, and vice versa.) An enhancement bonus to a suit of armor does not improve the spikes' effectiveness, but the spikes can be made into magic weapons in their own right.

Armour spikes are a light martial weapon.

I love it because if you can't make your full attacks, you are still able to deal impressive single attack damage.

Had a discussing with my gaming crew about Two Weapon Fighting vs Two Handed Weapons and the rest of my crew was favouring the later. Something about bigger hits and more damage coming from the two handed weapon.

When I steered the conversation to combinations of two weapon fighting styles most agreed the usage of Sawtooth Sabres, and it is understandable why the Red Mantis use these.

My favourite however took the table by surprise: Great Sword and Armour Spikes. IMO it combines the glories of a two handed weapon with a touch of flavour: Fighter rushes in swinging a beastly two handed weapon and then shoulder slams them.

Thanks :)

Now I am going to pen together the Siege Necromancer...

Ballista + "true strike"...

Horse / yak draw wagon with the siege weapon mounted to it. Either leadership or hired minions to aid with reloading.

Alternatively, with the assistance of a necromancer you could have an undead siege team to assist with transport and reloading.

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Here is how I handle it:

If the crit says normal damage, then it is handled as one crit multiplier less (x2 becomes x1, x4 becomes x3). Double crit is normal crit for the weapon. x3 crit is one crit up from the normal crit (x3 becomes x4, x4 becomes x5...)

But I am my groups GM... so it is my house rule.

You can blend the power of your performance and spellcasting.
Prerequisites: Cha 13, bardic performance class ability, able to cast 1st-level spells.
Benefit: You can combine your bardic performance and your spellcasting in two ways.
First, you can conceal the activity of casting a bard spell by masking it in a performance. As a swift action, you may combine your casting time of a spell with a Perform check. Observers must make a Perception or Sense Motive check opposed by your Perform check to realize you are also casting a spell. This uses 1 round of your bardic performance ability, regardless of the spell's casting time.
Second, as a move action, you can use 1 round of bardic performance to maintain a bard spell with a duration of concentration. You can cast another spell in the same round you are using bardic magic to maintain concentration; if you do this, your concentration on the maintained spell ends when you end the bardic performance the spell is part of.

My Summoners Eidolon is part of his mind, his wild and emotional side. While it is summoned it darts and lives and the Summoner becomes more withdrawn. While the Eidolon is banished back into his mindscape the Summoner is overly emotional, unable to act rationally.

The creation of his Eidolon was his attempt to gain the clarity that the mage masters told him he needed to obtain to hone his craft.

Asmodeus does not hide as he is lawful, and one of the gods that helped lock away Rovagug the Devourer.

Korvosa is also a former(?) colony of Cheliax, which is a country pledged to the service of Asmodeus.

House Leroung is one of the most prestigious house of magic users, and they also hail from Cheliax... where it is lawful... and enforced... to worship Asmodeus.

If the Quickling readies an action to move behind cover when the caster begins his spell, then I would say that since the caster no longer has a visible target when the spell is finished then yes. However, remember Line of Sight vs Line of Effect! If the caster can see the target as soon as his standard action is completed and the spell is loosed, the magic missile will find its target even if that target is running through a forest and ducking behind trees.

Brings to mind the visual of the demon chasing Ash in Army of Darkness.

Or "Mind Your Manners - with Billy Kwan"...


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Yes A summoner creates these items cheaper... but summoners are rare, and a smart summoner would sell for the same value as anyone else so he can make even more profit off each item and not have to worry about the Wizards Crafting Guild hunting him down for cutting into their profits.

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Mostly it is a fiendish way to give money to charities and allow men to grow something hideous without reprimand. I am taking part.

I use an iPad personally. Pdfs run fine for my taste, but several of the core book I still cart physically to the session for quick referencing. Dice apps, if you are interested, and I know the Combat Manager has intentions of making its way to the platform at some point.

As to the question of if it is the best? I can't say, but it is what I use.

klevis69 wrote:
klevis69 wrote:

Menacing weapon enhancement:



Source: Advanced Player's Guide

Aura Moderate illusion; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, phantasmal killer; Price +1 bonus.

This ability can only be placed on a melee weapon.

This weapon property helps allies deal with flanked foes. When the wielder is adjacent to a creature that is being flanked by an ally, the flanking bonus on attack rolls for all flanking allies increases by +2. This ability works even if the wielder is not one of the characters flanking the creature.

What if I'm a TWFer and have this on each weapon? +4 bonus?
And does this apply to you as well?

As long as you would obtain a flanking bonus you would obtain the extra +2. I do not believe you could obtain two bonus's from multiple weapons of Menacing.. however it does not state a type of bonus, simply saying

increases by +2", nor does it say "becomes +4 instead of +2"...

A ranged unit with Shot On The Run that holds it action to move / fire when the Spring Attacker comes in for the hit. However, this could make for a very annoying fight.

Readied spellcaster with the various "Pit" spells can create a sudden obstacle that may prevent the spring attacker from reaching the target or getting far enough away.

Caltrops. Cost about 1 gold, ignores most armor and reduces speed by half.

Yes, but it would never progress beyond a simple +1 that does not stack with pre-existing magical bonuses on the weapon.

Edited: I stand corrected by Shisumo's reply in regard to Spell Like Abilities.

Factor in a penalty on climb checks that seem out of place. Climbing the wall with a rope like batman? Penalty or no penalty? Trying to climb the same wall without the aid of a rope, impose a difficulty to it. They "can" climb, it is just going to be hard as heck.

Something akin to an armor check penalty, I suppose.

Place the item inside the your left sock and do the laundry. Gone.

Maxximilius wrote:

My 280lbs-of-fat hotei monk used Monkey Style to get on top of a (high) tree where an evil rogue was shooting at us.

I grabbed him, and angel-jumped on the rocky ground a good dozen meters below, with him as a pillow.

The rules questions were :

"How much damage did I just dealt ?"
"How much do I suffer ?"
"When will everyone stop laughing because of what I just did ? Will the people I play with ever breathe again ?"

Don't forget to apply 1d6 of that damage *you* take as non-lethal since you landed on a yielding surface (that other guy). We applied this when I rode a roc all the way to the ground after the ranged people killed it.

19d6 lethal damage, 1d6 for yielding surface. Then the saves vs drowning in.. roc bits.

Hide it some place with non-euclidean angles, inside Cthulhu's alarm clock?

Well, taking a dwarf and using the racial variant that gives you SR would help. Make him a pali (very nice saves). Give him a ring of evasion...

Being level 12 provides you a great many skills, feats and magical trinkets that can assist a person / group from assassinations. Damage Reduction, tons of hitpoints, Blindsense etc. Being level 12 also is a curse as you have a degree of renown at that level and the Red Mantis would investigate heavily into such powerful targets. Sending some hired mercs / bandits / summoned monsters after the party while scrying or observing from a safe distance would allow them to see what basic techniques the party uses.

They would take the time to determine who are the beefy fighter types and avoid the usage of anything involving a fort save for them. Perhaps a Magic Jar or Dominate would serve them best then.

Spellcasters? Globe of silence and sneak attack til it stops being funny.

Priest? Covertly steal the holy symbol if possible before the battle.

Level 12 parties are powerful and they would take the time to set up tests and trials before attempting the big hit.

So to answer your question, what is the best class to play to survive a Red Mantis Assassination? A paranoid one.

Human fighter in the militia: Major Nui Sance

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