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Good to mentions surf, swamps and quicksand! We've already had forest fires (and those of us on the west coast could do without them). What about snowy patches, and icy cravasses?

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Will the Wilderness sets cover outdoor settings other than forests? Like ice/snow, swamp, desert? Otherwise I don't see the point.

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The Eagle and Child - it's the actual tavern where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and the other inklings use to meet.

A DM used to place this tavern in every village - so we asked.

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I think Ckorik has it right. House rules, misremembered rules, and misinterpretations all combine this way.

I let my players recharge their staves everytime they land on Free Parking.

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Here's a trifecta winner!
Dumb and Bad and Made By a Major Player (Howard Hughes) trying to make a good movie.

-- The Conqueror --

Starring John Wayne as Ghengis Khan!

Wayne actually lobbied to star in this turkey. It was filmed downwind from a nuclear weapons test site, and Hughes paid millions to get every print and hide them until his death.

You can't go wrong with great lines like, "My blood boils for this Tartar wench." - delivered with all the passion of someone ordering a corn-dog.

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I've always wanted to run a campaign in the Grimjack comic book's city of Cynosure. The laws of nature change from block to block. Gods walk the streets or beg from the gutters. Demon possessed computers cast spells and open portals to the abyss at microprocessor speeds. Tons of political intrigue and backroom backstabbing. And then you get to the rough part of town - The Pit; the remnant of a sentient universe that committed suicide.

In short, fun for the whole family!

Remember, at Munden's Bar - NO TOURBOTS!

A small gatorlizard holds up a shaky hand and pleads, "Ciiiigs!"

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Magic Square wrote:

The "saved items list" on my shopping cart has vanished. I had several item in the list and they are all gone.

Also I added a few items to the shopping cart and then shifted them to the saved items list and they vanished as well.

Has the list been replaced by a bag of devouring??

Can the saved items list feature be restored? Can I get my list back?

Never mind. The list has reappeared. Thanks.

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The "saved items list" on my shopping cart has vanished. I had several item in the list and they are all gone.

Also I added a few items to the shopping cart and then shifted them to the saved items list and they vanished as well.

Has the list been replaced by a bag of devouring??

Can the saved items list feature be restored? Can I get my list back?

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This is a truly great backstory! A collection of backstories for the iconics should be a top seller if they can all be done this well!

Lord Maskelyne? Is this John Nevil, Jasper, Nevil or Noel? or is it a misspelled Maslklyn ye Mage? Perhaps Meligaster made off with a cursed copy of Our Magic...

Look 'em up.

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Medieval coinage had no standard size for anything; so why should our adventuring worlds be any different? Look up some ancient coins on google or ebay - the actual gold and silver coins are physically tiny by modern standards, but had great value. China was using paper currency, and the people of one Pacific island group (whose name escapes me) used stone wheels weighing as much as 500 lbs. as currency.

With all this, I think it's reasonable for a DM to do some hand waving in the players' favor. Or against them...

PC's don't have to carry their life savings with them. You could make it easier on players by allowing them to turn in their coin to a temple of Abadar in exchange for a promisory note that could be cashed in at a temple in another city. The Knights Templar offered such services for crusaders. If the note is made out to the bearer, the PC's have to guard against theft, if it is made out to the PC's name then they will have to provide some proof of their identity. Good role playing opportunities!

The PC's find several large granite disks strung together on a rope passing through holes in their centers - is this ballast or a giant's life savings? The PC's find a box filled with moldering papers - currency? promisory notes? incriminating letters? or notes on the mating habits of pseudodragons?

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Aelryinth wrote:

You're missing the main fact that just because a spell is on both the cleric and wizard lists doesn't mean the other can use it.

A DIVINE spell of Dispel Magic is UNUSABLE by a wizard. Likewise, an Arcane spell of Dispel Magic is unusable by a divine caster.

So if Imbue with Spell Ability can only grant divine spells, the wizard is in effect trying to put a divine spell into his spellbook.

It is entirely possible he could do so. And then he'd have a clerical prayer in his spellbook that he can't use, because he's not a divine caster.


Amen Aelryinth! Arcane is arcane, divine is divine and never the twains should mix. Unless you like headaches!

As I read Imbue with Spell Ability, the recipient temporarily gains the ability to cast the spell, not the ability to understand it. If you don't understand it, you can't scribe it into a spellbook. After all, you could imbue a spell into a troll...

Maybe this would work if the recipient were an arcane/divine multi-class, but then it would go among their divine spells. I've played under DMs in the past that rule such a character has two separate spell lists, and that they could have both the arcane and divine versions of a particular spell present. Sometimes such a spell is available at a lower level in one class than another, and this might benefit a prepared caster.

The Inner Sea Gods citation above leaves a bit out. The section goes on to say " Nethys's followers are, however, forbidden to use spells that grant spellcasting to share magic with those normally unable to cast spells or use spell-like abilities." Would Nethys want his followers to give divine spell ability to those without it?

Another related problem, the Imbue with Spell Ability spell says, "Once you cast Imbue with Spell Ability, you cannot prepare a new 4th-level spell to replace it until the recipient uses the imbued spells or is slain, or until you dismiss the Imbue with Spell Ability spell." I can easily imagine a DM interpreting "uses the imbued spells" as casting them, NOT copying into a spellbook. The imbued spell is copied into a spellbook (not used), the original Imbue with Spell Ability cannot now be dismissed, and the cleric is left with a permanent 4th level spell hole is his head.

Plotting such DM evil is fun! ;)

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Granted! Of course the spoon is a lie. There is no spoon. The Matrix always makes the Tick very sad.

I wish TV detective/crime shows didn't always begin with a snappy/snarky joke about the recently deceased.

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Xabulba wrote:
Jesus was a zombie.

No, after re-animating he still had an independent mind and magical powers - he was more likely a good-aligned lich. (What was his phylactery?)

Lazarus was a zombie.

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I'm going to chime in on the side of the sorcerer. The other players should not be able to tell him how to play his character.

Earlier on these boards there were posts saying INT=4 roughly equated with an IQ of 50-60. Let's assume that is true.

I have a cousin, Don. Don is intellectually disabled (the new correct term) and has an IQ at the low end of the 50's. He commutes to and from work every weekday on a public bus. Don reads, writes and does math at about the level of a nine-year old. He does chores around the house (including cooking meals) for his parents. When they pass, he will move in with other family members because he is not completely independent.

If Don can do all this, the sorcerer could certainly make that jailbreak happen. It just might take him longer.

Maybe that could suggest how the sorcerer might fit into the party better. They look out for him, and he looks out for them.

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Giant Slayer? Aww... I was hoping for Ancient Azlanti Accounting Practices.

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A Flumph rogue could use disguise, a couple of chairs and a tablecloth to great effect! (DC 20 to notice the table has no legs, 30 if drunk in a tavern)

A Flumph with arcane casting could conjure up a companion with floating disc. Or with multiple floating discs and tablecloths could have a lower level form of mirror image.

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rpg this is a great idea. Sorry, I'm getting into this so late.

I know this is off the main idea, but there's a great math program out there called Geometer's Sketchpad from Key Curriculum press. It really is fun and helps with kids learning Geometry (not numbers!), and it also does graphing (algebra), trigonometry and derivatives (calculus). It really lets kids explore and learn their own way.

I think there is a "student edition" available at a discount price.

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Demographic Questions

Which decade of life are you in? (11-20 counts as 2nd, 21-30 counts as 3rd, etc.)

Are you male or female?

Aside from geekdom, how many minority groups are you a member of? (LGBT, racial/ethnic, physically disabled, emotionally/mentally disabled, religious)

How financially comfortable are you?
3. I'm more-or-less comfortable.

In your experience, how big is the typical game group? (Including the GM.)
2. 4 to 6

Do you play mostly private games, or mostly at public events?
mostly private games

How often do you like to play D&D?
3. 2-3 times a month

How often do you play D&D?
7. "I haven't rolled a d20 since…"

Are you mostly a DM or a player?

Which edition was your introduction to D&D?
4. 1977 AD&D 1e

I am most comfortable in…
1. urban environments

Life Issues

Are you religious/spiritual?
3. Not at all.

How do you feel about sex education in primary school?
1. It should be mandatory and exhaustive.
Everyone is born with genitalia, they should be taught how to use it responsibly.

How do you feel about gun sale taxes?
2. Tax the crap out of them.

How do you feel about personal gun licenses?
2. Make them hard to get and/or costly, and easily revokable.

How do you feel about gun education in primary school?
2. Leave gun education up to the parents.
No one is born with a gun. Those who use them should do the educating, and be held responsible.

How do you feel about concealable and semi-automatic guns?
2. Concealable and semi-automatic guns should be illegal.
"Defending yourself against the government" only works if you legalize, stinger missiles and tanks.

What do you want from tax reform?
1. smarter taxes

How do you feel about government surveillance?
1. My privacy rights are already violated enough!

Wars to Spread Democracy and/or Protect Foreign Civilians are…
1. thinly veiled imperialism

Unions are…
1. the working Joe's leverage

Voter ID Laws are…
1. Underhanded political scheming

Global Warming is…
1. Science

Capital punishment is...
2. Acceptable in extreme cases.

How do you feel about immigration?
1. There are ways we can all live together!

How do you feel about racism and sexism?
1. They're alive and ugly in the world today.

What's your stance on abortion?
1. I'm Pro-Choice

Do you believe that your government should provide certain necessities of modern life to all of its citizens? (Police, fire departments, schooling, roads, medical care, etc.)
1. Yes

Stem Cell Research is…
1. Science

How do you feel about the separation of church and state?
1. It's a very good thing. Oh, and tax those churches just like the rest of us!

LGBTs are…
1. weird people like everyone else

Poverty is…
1. the nation's responsibility

If I had the power to change my country's drug and alcohol laws, I would…
4. Legalize the stuff that most people can smoke/drink recreationally without getting addicted, and tax the crap out of it.

Life Issues

Do you value game balance?
2. Somewhat

Random Game Stats (Abilities, HPs) are…
2. good clean fun!

Do you value game realism?
2. Somewhat

Do you enjoy core-only games? (With possible exceptions being occasional.)
2. They have their charm.

Do you enjoy kitchen sink games? (Few to no character options banned.)
3. Ugh, no, too messy!

Do you prefer individual XP, or group/no XP?
individual XP

(Read the next question before answering this one.)
Ideally, alignment is…
2. not taken too seriously

(If you answered 3 to the last question, don't answer this one.)
Ideally, alignment is…
2. descriptive ("Judging by your character's past actions, s/he is alignment X")

Do you like alignment overall?
2. It has its charm

Paladins should be…
1. any alignment like clerics (with an appropriately tweaked smite power and spell list for non-good ones)
2. LG only

Additional character options are best as…
2. archetypes/ACFs

PC death is…
2. Acceptable if it results from poor decision-making or a climactic showdown.

What is your favorite level range?
2. 6-10

Low Levels (1-4)
2. "Savor the low fantasy fun!"

High levels (13+)
1. "I can't wait to get there!"

I favor…
2. Complex classes. If I don't have at least a few spells or powers to pick from, I start getting bored.

Hit points are…
3. a mechanic that makes the game work -- don't think about it!

Evil PCs are…
2. Okay if everyone's on board.

DMPCs are…
2. Acceptable if they stick to support roles.

Do you enjoy guns/steampunk in D&D?
1. Yes!

Do you enjoy asian/non-european stuff in D&D?
1. Yes!

AoOs are…
2. good in concept, if not in execution

Combat is best as…
2. a great way to break up social, travel and problem-solving encounters

Do you turn down opportunities to play rpgs other than your favorite edition of your favorite game? (Assume that the GM is your friend, but only moderately skilled, or untried.)
2. It depends.

Do you turn down opportunities to play rpgs other than your favorite edition of your favorite game? (Assume that the GM is a game-only friend or a stranger, but is a highly skilled one.)
2. It depends.

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First, I really enjoy Last Airbender, and Legend of Korra S1 even if they did undercut the sacrifices of Baifong and Korra with a happy Ang-inspired chi-bending restoration ending.
I think this first episode of Korra S2 has them off to a good start. The formerly oppressed are now the big oppressors, and spirit elements are finally coming to the fore. I'm just a little troubled by all the changes to bending that have developed through these series - after all make believe magical powers need consistency.

First there were the elemental bendings - earth, air, fire and water. (Good classically greek inspired choices)

Then there was blood bending (boo-hiss, evil offshoot of water bending/healing)

Next, metal bending (a Chinese elemental choice and offshoot of earth bending)

Then came chi blocking (hey, its only temporary and non-benders gotta have something)

Followed by chi bending (Granted to Ang and passed to Korra, permanent effect sort of. Bending bending?)

And if the Avatar is "the sole link to the Spirit World", then what was her uncle doing in Episode 1? Sure looked kind of new and "spirity" to me.

I'm just worried that this proliferation of bendings will lead to a swiss army knife situation.

"My Sato-mobile is damaged!" - take it to a fender bender!

"My series needs a rushed and convenient denouement!" - don't worry the writer knows ending bending!

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A ring of dimunition - my male half-elf wizard rescued a storm giantess NPC and the two fell in love. He crafted this ring for her; allowing her to assume medium size only. It made life easier for the two of them.

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Back to the female superhero theme... There are already good female superheroes that don't have gender based origins that I think audiences would flock to see...

She-Hulk - she gets her powers by trying to help someone, and when she winds up stuck that way she doesn't whine. She embraces being smart, strong and a kick-ass. - and she doesn't have to wear a bikini to appeal to the audience!

Mystique - Duh! Already in how many movies? And yes, a hero! An independent ostracized shape-changer who owes no special allegiance to Prof X or Magneto, and fights for other mutants on her own terms.


By the by, I'm not too keen on Wonder Woman - the Themyscara (sp?)/Fantasy Island thing - again a gender based origin. Would we buy an island of men who shun all contact with "the world of women"?

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Your wish is granted! You use your new alias, which happens to be the same alias being used by someone Homeland Security has been looking for for a loooong time... By the time they are done with you, you've forgotten the alias and your real name.

I wish my children would grow up to be intelligent, happy and healthy.

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You do realize that at our current rate, this project will be finished sometime on May 27, 2176.

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The Dresden Files

The Lost Room (Ok, it was a mini-series that tied up nicecly, but still....)

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If you have Adobe Reader, under the "sign" menu there is an option of adding text to the PDF.

I've tried this on the sheets in the Character Folio, and the character sheet in the Community User pack. You make your changes, then do a "save as" (renaming the file to be saved). Later you can re-open the file and edit it further as the character changes.

I was just doing that a few minutes ago, and then I saw your post.

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How about stealing from the classics? Remember Star Trek:TNG? One episode had the crew going through a loop like this with their memories reset each time. They had the crew experience deja vu, heard strange whispers of their own conversations from earlier loops, weird coincidences at a poker game etc.
You could slip each of the players a message that their characters are having a touch of deja vu and let them play it out. Creepy thing is, how could they all be having it?
Did I post this before?

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I think your character could justify adventuring with a "good" group according to how his "evil" manifests. From TV, Dexter is a serial killer hunting other serial killers. From Anne Rice, Marius is a vampire who preys exclusively on "the evil-doer". Maybe your character has a serious axe to grind and sees the "good" party members as possible allies in his blood quest. Remember, every truly great villain sees himself as a misunderstood hero doing what is right. Heck, the paladin might even agree with you - to a point!

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Congratulations to Wizard, Silverhair and DM Wellard! on both years of age and years of experience!

I'm only 51 and been playing since '79. Started with the 3-box, then went to Traveller, 1stEd AD&D, T&T, Runequest, The Fantasy Trip (Wizard and Melee) and the usual route of games from then on.

It's nice to hear there are some other "seasoned" gamers out there. I've realized recently that I'm rolling dice that are older than some of the members of my group. Yuk! When did that happen?

If Paizo did a survey of customers on age, longevity of gaming, etc. I'd be interested in the results. Anyone else interested?

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Most amusing near death ---

In 1st Edition I was runnning a half-elf magic-user/thief (1st level - 3 HP). The party is charged with clearing out a reputedly haunted manse and recovering an important prayer book for the local temple.

On this first adventure, my half-elf - Tess - tells the party that he is an apprentice wizard and a thief and...GASP... chaotic neutral! They decide to put him on point duty. The party is doing fairly well, exploring the place into the wee hours of the morning. The sun rises and all extingush their torches/lanterns. Up front, Tess enters a room solo.

The DM describes the scene to me in notes - another dust and cobweb filled room - this one has a table with some rotting food on it. Tess approaches the table, and gets a face full of rot grubs! As they burrow into his flesh, he looks about for a fire source to get rid of the deadly vermin. No luck. He runs out of room and back to the party.

He yells, "Fire! Anybody got some fire?!?" and the other party members - who have no idea what is going on - shake their heads. Tess swears, crosses his arms, touches his thumbs together with his hands in a fan shaped display toward his own head and unleashed his BURNING HANDS spell on himself (his only spell).

Now a literally fiery half-elf throws himself on the ground in front of the party shouting "Put me out! Put me out, you idiots!" Two rounds of rot grub infestation and the burning hands wipe out all 3 of his hit points. As he is passing out, one of the party members treating his wounds says, "Tess, we knew you were chaotic, but GEEZ...."

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

A great idea! Summoning made easy - er! Grouping the monsters by theme like Ceefood suggests is a good idea. A few blank cards in each deck would be good to allow for GM creations. You could have players draw from a pre-selected wandering monster deck - no more complaints of GM unfairness (unless the deck is stacked!). Draw a blank and there is no encounter.

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Will there be an accompanying flip-mat? A Pathfinder Adventures set piece - Thistuwil Pass ?

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Excellent tie-in for the upcoming Pathfinder module - Rage of Rovagug: The Rough Beast Needs Roughage!
Can you imagine the action?!? PCs falling into the pit of peptic ulcers! Making their escape in a chase through the small intestine only to find a herniated dead end! Surviving the onslaught of the Colonic of the Gods!
And the dialouge!
Ulaf: "See, the map says the treasure is in the depository."
Krang: "Since when is depository spelled with an S?"

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In no particular order:

Lord of The Rings - Tolkien
The Eternal Champion - Moorcock
The Book of the New Sun - Wolfe
The Knight/The Wizard - Wolfe again
Thieves' World - Asprin et. al.
Myth Series - Asprin again
Dune - Herbert
Discworld - Pratchett
Grimjack (comic) - Ostrander