Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Wilderness Perils Expansion

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Wilderness Perils Expansion
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There are regions in the wild where the environment itself is hostile. Flip-Tiles: Wilderness Perils Expansion is the newest expansion to the Flip-Tiles: Wilderness Starter Set. With 24 full-color 6 x 6-inch double-sided tiles, each stunningly crafted by cartographer Jason A. Engle, you can peer into chasms and sinkholes, scramble over treacherous terrain or through churning surf, deal with dangerous patches of quicksand or boggy swamps, or face a roaring out of control wildfire. All perfect for the next time the heroes traipse too deeply into the uncharted wild!

Suitable for experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal. Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles! These double-sided dungeon tiles come in convenient packaging for easy storage. Add some peril to your wilderness!

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-318-8

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Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Wilderness Perils Expansion

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Good to mentions surf, swamps and quicksand! We've already had forest fires (and those of us on the west coast could do without them). What about snowy patches, and icy cravasses?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

What images are on tile 1A/B? I have a copy I am considering getting replaced (from another store) that is missing tile 1.

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