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alliterative name aside, could someone export an image of the map?
I just have the hardcopy and I need the map to play on

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Does Smite's Bonus to damage apply to things like bleed damage or the damage delt when you catch someone on fire?

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hey when are you allowed to call yourself a king or duke or whatever instead of a Barron
asking for my players, I can't seem to find it

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what are the effects of making fountains of decanters of endless water

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see title
it's important for trade in kingmaker

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One of the enemies in the emerald spire has body parts made of golden gears and plates and whatnot, at least one arm, one leg and his eye at minimum

How much would that be worth if someone sold that

I’m mostly frustrated that the only construct that the superdungeon bothers to give a loot value to the broken body is “clunky” the CR 2ish one that has had parts replaced by wood and in one case a skeletal limb

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I am running a modified kingmaker wherein the emerald spire (for those unaware, a magitech superdungeon on the other side of the river kingdoms) is moved to the top of the Greenbelt and my party is just about to start rivers run red

Now I like to get ahead of things and have things prepared in the event they do some weird stuff

They were talking about trade routes with Numeria and the ability to get some high tech s@%+ from the technic league
So I’m needing to find out what to tell them for how expensive labs and generators are and what effect they should have on the kingdom
I don’t plan to give them very high yield generators, but they are all referred to as artifacts
I could maybe have some stuff be part of weirdness that is the spire, tapping into the power it gives off? Even that I wouldn’t know how to stat that up

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Some of Our characters are beginning to found a kingdom around the emerald spire superdungeon

My character is making a buisness (a brewery in fact) in that same area but has not been allowed to be in a leadership role in the kingdom

If I were to make the brewery as listed under the completed brewery section (but with the addition of extra lodging for the workers which I have through leadership) would that count as a building/brewery in the other player’s kingdom

If it doesn’t, does that mean the kingdom isn’t affected? If I were to make an illegal gambling den, would it not increase the crime or danger statistic?

relevant rules listed here:

Below are example buildings and their component rooms. Note that many of these buildings can also be found in the kingdom-building rules. (meaning they are the same buildings)
Build Points: A build point (BP) is a unit of wealth and productivity used in the kingdom-building rules. The downtime system doesn’t normally use BP, but if you are using the kingdom-building rules, you may have ways to spend BP as part of your downtime. BP are a larger-scale combination of Goods, Influence, Labor, and Prestige.(further support that the systems are supposed to interact)

The downtime system is a middle ground between personal projects (like crafting a new set of armor) and large-scale tasks (like ruling a kingdom). These rules interface with both ends of that scale, and aren’t intended to completely replace them. In many cases, they might slightly contradict what is presented in the kingdom-building rules in Chapter 4. For example, the kingdom-building rules allow you to construct any type of building in 1 month, even a grand palace, which would take much longer using the downtime system. That is because the leader of a kingdom can spend build points to muster incredible amounts of resources and make things happen, far beyond what even a popular hero can do by spending gold and calling in favors.

Note: bold and parentheses and words inside parentheses are my addition, the words themselves that I chose to bold (and everything not in the parentheses) was coppied directly from the downtime page

Also if it’s relevant the completed building will have at least as many square foot as a lot in the kingdom building rules and a brewery under kingdom building rules take up just one lot

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If a Merfolk alchemist takes the vestigial limb (twice) and monsterous grafts discoveries, would they have a boot magic item slot?
I am aware they'd have to chop off said limbs

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I need a way to make an endless amount of booze (or at least enough for 6 people (including 2 dwarves) to drink their fill)
There seem precious few ways to do that without actually expending spell slots

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Dimension door targets "you and touched objects or other touched willing creatures"
My character is grappling an enemy faster and his magic item casts dimension door as a command word

Do I follow with if I want to keep holding on

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Hi, I'm a DM who's looking to get his little brother hooked on pathfinder and by extension other TTRPGs
he's already expressed interest and we've rolled up a 2h paladin for him, and a bard and sorcerer for his two friends
what adventure path should I introduce to them

I have a character who seems to have accrued a grapple focus and is actually pretty good at it (CMB +16, grab on a hit with his punches and bite)
but the problem is that the main bosses of the campaign tend tords being enormous

how do I grapple things bigger than me?

(for the record I'm a gnoll feral soul oracle with the snake mystery)

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One of my players has an ability where she's immune to fire as an EX ability

Late game in my plans I was going to have them recover a mystic artifact that holds the world together from a pillar in the center of a lake of lava (guarded by a dragon of course)

Now the magic of the area prevents flight and teleportation (and induces blight burn sickness in certain areas)

But she could simply swim or walk across

But lava's heavy, you can't just swim through it without significant difficulty
And walking on it would be similarly difficult due to it's flowing nature


I need advice on how to let them get the artifact

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Primary thrust of the question is in the title
I'm designing encounters for my level 4, nearly level 5 party (monk, barbarian, bard, hunter, kenetist) and they're clearing out a mine that has been infested with slimes and rust monsters (mostly slimes)
Now the boss encounter is planned to be a pair of whip oozes and a modified large hag's eye Idd ooze (for flavor text it's one third of the reoccuring villain witch's familiar)

Unfortunately I've noticed that the encounter is very low on loot (containing one chunk of gems and a MWK great club and an egg for a rust monster so far)

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Hey guys
I'm planing on playing a firebender and the best one I've found for this is this one
But it's dead levels and stuff is holding me back

Any advice?

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I was recently put in a high level game where I was in competition with other PCs with god hood as a prize
The game was put on an indefinite hold due to personal issues on the part of the DM
In the interm and just because I like this kind of stuff I was looking at the next task, which involved creatures with unbypassable regeneration
In a game where such could be afforded my answer to this is the clay golem because of their cursed wound special ability
The only problem is that at this level clay golems are too fragile
The enhancements I've already given it are upgrading it to an armored clay golem (gm ruled it cost the amount for adamanite full plate for it's size, and threw in the DR as well)
A construct heart (+1 HP per HD, +1 to fort saves)
The shield guardian template (pricy but the "controlled" ability is almost worth it on it's own and the fast healing is useful)
And a shield rune (1 immediate action shield spell in response to being successfully hit)
Money is no object, what else can I give it?

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I'm building a curse specialist,
we're using the gestalt rules
the character is lvl 16
does anyone know how to up the DC of curses other than spell focus (necromancy)