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Tradeoffs: Inazo is not a ranged fighter and has to close the gap before he can engage.

Abilities: Strength 3, Stamina 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fight 10, Intelligence 1, Awareness 3, Presence 3 (pp 56)

Powers: Affliction 7 I. Dazed II. Prone III. Paralyzed Extras=Cumulative 7; Nullify 7 Extras= Alternate Save, Effortless 7; Movement Safefall; Leaping 1 (pp 31)

Advantages: Agile Feint, Chokehold, Close Attack, Connected, Defensive Roll 4, Diehard, Endurance, Evasion, Fast Grab, Improved Crit 2, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative 1, Improved Smash, Instant-up, Move-by-Action, Redirect, Takedown 2, Trance, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Break (pp25)

Skills: Acrobatics 7, Athletics 7, Close Combat-unarmed 3, Expertise-Geography 8-Anatomy 4, Insight 4, Persuasion 7, Stealth 6 (pp23)

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Inazo travelled the world studying the different bending forms and the cultures that they protected. During his studies he learned about the power of chi and how it interacted with the body and bending. While studying in the Southern Water tribe he discovered that by rapidly striking points where chi was focused in the body he could immobilize an opponent. He has just recently finished studying in the Earth Kingdom and now wonders what he will do with is newfound power. He has contacted his former instructors for guidance, but has so far not received any response.

Appearance: Inazo has a shaved head and a closely cropped and pointed beard. He wears Air Nomad clothing in the colors of the Southern Water tribe which exposes one shoulder and both arms, lacks shoes, and typically wears a paddy hat in the fashion of the Earth Kingdom.

Personality: Inazo is personable, and loves to talk with people who can teach him something new. He seeks peacful solutions to problems, but revels in the chance to demonstrate his martial prowess, a fact that he is slightly ashamed of. He does not have the inferiority complex that some non-benders develop and instead looks at benders as equals.

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I have Inazo Hideyoshi's remake figured out. I had it all typed up in the message box, hit submit, and my computer froze. I'll get the character up tonight or tomorrow.

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@Madeoin I have two questions:

1. Do we get one or two traits? I can read your original post both ways.
2. How do you feel about the original version of the Heirloom Weapon trait?

I'm thinking of making a competent version of Viserys from GOT. Probably a Cavalier, with an ancestral blade that reminds him of the glory his family once had.

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GM Dien wrote:

Thanks again for all the interest, guys-- so far we have 23 potential applicants, and a number of applications that are either completed or mostly completed. Lot of high-quality writing and a lot of attention to setting, which pleases me.

Keep 'em coming; I won't decide anything until the 25th.

Completed-or-partially-completed applications:

Thrymr Níðingr, a huntsman and thrall with a faithful hound companion (cavalier)

Kjell Strongarm, resident town drinker and frat boy (I kid, I kid) (barbarian)

Vimir Breakleg, scarred half-orc carpenter seeking respect and freedom (barbarian)

Little Dagrun, Hiccup the one who fights smart, not hard (fighter)

Ragnar Eskildson, that guy with the linnorm! (summoner)

Orald, the disgraced crafter-and-priest out for revenge (oracle?)

Halla Ingendottir, intermittently possessed by a family member, these things happen (oracle)

Siegmund, the surprise half-orc hunter (not sure of class)

Runa, thrall to the village priest (witch)

Siegmund is a Ranger

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Darkness Rising wrote:

I'm thinking about a tiefling inquisitor of Asmodeus. Deeply offended by the banditry and petty squabbling of the River Kingdoms, she's here to bring Order. And if she has to kill everyone in the process, well, maybe that's where a necromancer would come in handy...

Proper concept - and story - to follow.

Darkness how would you feel about traveling with a cleric of Asmodeus with similar goals? If you don't want company it might be fun to play a NE cleric of Pharasma.

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Siegmund blames the people Hofn for Uther's death. This slightly misplaced hatred has lead him to become more solemn and introverted. He speaks only minimally to his masters, and his lack of interaction with others makes him weary of other races as well. However, the pain of his loss is still fresh, and he may one day meet someone who could retore in him some faith in humanity. As of now his main goal is to escape captivity and live in the woods he knows and loves. (I thought he might be ordered to help the party by the Jarl. He would join because it might give him a chance to escape, or freedom might be offered if the quest is successful, and through the course of the adventure he may form a friendship with a PC or NPC).

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2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 132d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4) + 6 = 112d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 2) + 6 = 122d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 5) + 6 = 162d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 6) + 6 = 132d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 6) + 6 = 15


Siegmund was raised on the outskirts of town by the village furrier Uther. Siegmund's earliest memories are of Uther warning him of the dangers the town presented, and making him swear never to venture there. As he grew up Uther taught him the ways of the woods, where to hunt, what to eat, how to trap, and how to track.
As Siegmund grew Uther became frail and during the past winter Uther took ill and became bed-ridden. Siegmund tried to care for Uther as best he could, but the winter especially harsh and food was hard to come by. Realizing that Uther would die without food and the herbs necessary to treat his illness Siegmund decided to travel into the town to seek help. He decided to enter the town under the cover of darkness, grab what he needed, and beat a hasty retreat back to Uther's cabin partly because he didn't want to leave Uther unattended for too long and partly because he was terrified of the horrible people who lived there and the awful things Uther had said they would do to Siegmund.
As he entered the town he saw a small shop with different birds and other small game hanging from the ceiling. Siegmund broke down the door and stuffed his pack with as many animals as he could carry. As he exited the building two guards saw him. He attempted to flee as they shouted and drew swords, but the commotion had awoken several of the villagers and drawn other guards to the scene. He tried to fight back against the mob as they shouted things like, "Kill the mutt!" and "Where'd that monster come from?" The fight was brief, but violent and by the end Siegmund was unconscious and stuck in the stockades.
The next morning he pleaded with his captors to go talk to Uther and ask him whether he knew Siegmund. A guard went to seek out Uther and found that he had passed in the night. He relayed the news to Siegmund, who was devastated. Later Siegmund found that he was to be presented to the Jarl as a thrall. Hearing what had happened, the Jarl took some pity on Siegmund and sent him to serve where he was best equipped to serve, under the Jarl's Huntsman.


Siegmund is a half-orc and while this revelation is new to him, it is fairly obvious to anyone who sees him. His skin is darker than than a typical human's, but doesn't have the green hue of an orc's. His tusks are fairly prominent, as are his pointed ears, jutting jaw, and protruding brow. His hair is shaggy and unkempt and he has a short beard. Only sixteen he still has a lankiness about him, but his body is fit due to him spending much of his time hunting, fishing, trapping, and marching around the woods.

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Thank you so much Scavion

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I live in Southern Missouri, and the closest gaming group lives about two hours away from me. I'd like to join the PbP community here on Paizo. However, I do not know how to roll dice in my posts. I looked through the FAQ and a couple other boards, but thought I'd post my question here as well. Thanks for any help!

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How do you roll dice on the messageboards?

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Ignore my earlier post I'm going to recreate thecharacter he was too much like Aktan and Kalden. I also think I made a few mechanical errors when I created the character.

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Name: Inazo Hideyoshi

Concept: Technical Pacifist Samurai

Backstory: Inazo spent several years in the Fire Nation Army, but retired from a promising career because of a drunken duel with another soldier. After he left the army he spent some time at the Western Air Temple, in the Sout Pole, and Earth Kingdom. However, he found his way back to his old master who had taught him the way of sword and who has now pointed him in the direction of The Order of the White Lotus as a way to redeem himself.

Personality: Inazo is stoic after spending the past few years learning to control his anger. He seeks peaceful solutions to problems, but will use non-lethal means to defend himself or those who can't defend themselves. He still carries his sword, and he will draw it as a last resort.

Description: Inazo is a tall man standing at 6'. He has the lean face and lighter skin of a fire nation citizen. He wears his hair in a top-knot and keeps a well manicured goatee. His typical dress is a gray kimono and a white paddy hat.

Complications: Doing Good, Responsibility, Honor(Bushido), Temper

Strength-4, Agility-6, Awareness-4, Stamina-4, Dexterity-6, Intelligence-0, Presence-4

Toughness=18 (Defensive Roll 4)

Acrobatics= 16 (10 ranks)
Athletics= 14 (10 Ranks)
Close Combat: Unarmed 16 (4 ranks)
Close Combat: Sword=16 (4 Ranks)
Insight= 12 (8 Ranks)
Intimidate= 8 (4 Ranks)
Persuasion= 8 (4 ranks)
Perception= 12 (8 Ranks)

Equipment: Katana, Defensive Roll 4, Agile Feint, Redirect, Quick Draw, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Takedown 2, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm

Movement Safefall, Leaping:15 Feet, Nullify [Bending] 4-Extras: Effortless, Alternate Resistance Fortitude

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Airon, I'm wondering about the nullify power. I'd like to change it from a ranged attack to an unarmed or close attack since my guy would be a chi blocker. I'm also wondering if you will allow me to use the "broad" extra and just block bending, or will I need to buy the ability to block each type of bending?

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I'd like to join in if there's still room. I was thinking of playing an fire nation chi blocker. Maybe he also carries around a katana? He would be restrained, and would try and find a peacful solution to a problem. However when he sees benders abusing their powers he can get a little overzealous. He's not quite of the Amon mindset, but definitely feels that his martial art is as viable a form of bending as any other, and he enjoys teaching others the style.

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I live in West Plains. Are you guys still doing this,and if so what level character would I need to create to play on Monday?