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Employee - Geek's Game Galaxy

We're running Pathfinder Society every other Monday at Geek's Game Galaxy. The 19th of this month and the 2nd, 16th, and 30th of June. We start at 6 pm and go to about 10. Come check us out at 2016 North Westwood Blvd, Suite 3 Poplar Bluff MO 63901.

Employee - Geek's Game Galaxy


On Monday June 2nd at 5:00 p.m. we're going to be running Destiny of the Sands part 3. Come on in and help shape the future of the Osirion faction!

There's a table fee of either $5 for the night or $10 for the month. Given that there's going to be three sessions in June the $10 is a bargain.

Employee - Geek's Game Galaxy

Hi, Geek's Game Galaxy is going to be moving on 6/9/14. Our new location will be 1251 Sterling Drive in Poplar Bluff, MO 63901. The new location will be a lot bigger and will be able to house even more tables. Come check it out.

Silver Crusade

I live in West Plains. Are you guys still doing this,and if so what level character would I need to create to play on Monday?

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