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terraleon wrote:

Incantations from the Other Side is fantastic-- there are voodoo ones, some cthulhu-esque ones, and some slavic-esque ones in here. These are definitely worth a look.


Zombie Sky Press is already planned to be the subject of my next round of purchases. I've already been eyeing Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk) for some time now.

I read the Incantations in Deep Magic and then I picked up 5 PDFs from Necromancers of the Northwest:

Weekly Wonders: Infernal Rituals
Weekly Wonders: Rituals of Blood
Weekly Wonders: Rituals of the Dead
Weekly Wonders: Rituals of the Deep Ones
Weekly Wonders: Rituals of the Void

That should get me started. Still way more material out there than my weak google-fu lead me to believe.

Riflestorme wrote:

Necromancers of the Northwest came out with "Rituals of Blood" a few days ago; it's got some interesting blood-themed rituals in it.

Hmmm. Usually I only buy printed books or print on demand products. I have too many PDFs that have gone completely unread. But, I may have to reconsider that position. This looks interesting. Thanks.

White Unggoy wrote:
Yup, Necromancer's of the Northwest have a few others too, and Paranormal Adventures under the Everyman Gaming label added a bunch (probably my favs of any)! In addition to what others have mentioned, the Spheres of Power core book and its expansions have been adding incantations for use under its magic system that could easily be repurposed as occult rituals. Hope that helps!

I will look into these as well. There appears to be way more material than I expected to find. Thank you.

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
There are some in Distant Shores, Occult Origins, and Horror Adventures for sure.

Thanks. I will pick these up. I would have gotten to Horror Adventures eventually anyway. I just hadn't quite bought it yet because I figured it would just end up in the to-read pile for awhile.

But, the others weren't even on my radar.

terraleon wrote:

if you're looking for something in particular, I can probably focus you in on a specific product. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I've written more incantations than just about anyone else in Pathfinder. (it may not be correct in another year, but for now, I'm pretty sure)


Just about everything about them interests me. It was by far my favorite part of Occult Adventures and I had no idea anything like it had been done before in Pathfinder.

The first thing that came to mind when reading the Occult Rituals was the seeds of an adventure I had in my head regarding a haunted house. In addition to the possibility of undead creatures and haunts I thought it might be interesting to rid the house of its evil through some sort of ritual.

But, since then, I'm open to any Rituals/Incantations.

terraleon wrote:

There are a pile of them in various Kobold Press products, particularly Deep Magic, although you can also find quite a few in Zombie Sky Press' Incantations in Theory and Practice. (I can't link these right now, but you can find them easy enough)

Wow! I actually have Deep Magic but I had completely skipped over that chapter because it contained Words of Power and that just didn't interest me at all.

I am aware of Incantations in Theory and Practice but didn't realize it was compatible with Occult Rituals.

terraleon wrote:

Both of those books are going to have slightly different formats for incantations, but they're close enough, and they'll have different base DCs for different schools of magic (which I personally prefer).

You can also find a pile of them in the 3.5 srd, as they're originally from that edition's Unearthed Arcana.


At first glance they look completely compatible as is. It seems to me that the incantations are a bit less forgiving on the number of missed saves but at the same time they seem to be more powerful.

I'm not sure I ever even looked at Unearthed Arcana back in the day. I'm sure I don't have it but I believe I have friends I can borrow it from.

Other than those found in Occult Adventures are there any other sources of Occult Rituals? I would prefer print books but I may be open to some PDFs as well.

Jeremy Smith wrote:

In the spirit of transparency...

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Jeremy Smith wrote:

I'll see if I can get this sorted out with the Paizo staff to get print copies available here.

I'm patient (I already have too much to read) and I will just order it whenever it comes out. I just did not want to be waiting around for a product only to find that it had long ago been cancelled.

Thanks for the update. I will order a print version of this and Lords of Night as soon as they are available.

Azazyll wrote:

I saw the sad news over on the Dreamscarred kickstarter :( Take all the time you guys need, of course. I have plenty to work with until I can get my hands on this.

I completely missed the sad news. What happened?

Are there still plans for a print version or has that been abandoned?

-Prince of Knives

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
-Inigo Montoya


Is this available in print? Or will it be??

I've never been one to keep up much with errata for previous books. But, this one almost seemed unusable without it. For those of you who do keep up with it all, how does the amount of errata compare to previous books - APG, UM, UC, etc.?

Are there going to be separate Pathfinder and 5e versions or is it all in one book? It seems like a lot of crunch (sub-races, archetypes, spells, feats, magic items, possible mythic and psionic content) to duplicate. It would essentially cut the content in half.

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Ezren would be from Glantri. I believe it is mentioned that he is an atheist and it just so happens that so is Glantri other than token honor of Rad.

Harsk would be from Rockhome, Highforge in Karameikos, or Denwarf-Hurgon in Alphatia.

I could see Seoni being from Alphatia. Or for that matter Glantri or Herath or even Karameikos with its College of Magecraft.

Lem would be from the Five Shires.

Kyra might be from Ylaruam or better yet from Thotia on the Isle of Dawn. Or less likely from Nithia in the Hollow World.

Merisiel would be from Alfheim, Glantri, Karameikos, or from Shiye-Lawr in Alphatia.

I figured that was probably it. I just wanted to verify that it wasn't a goblin in the system before I gave Dreamscarred a poke.

Does this suggest a potential Book of Heroic Races Compendium 2 someday?

It have been a couple of weeks and my order still hasn't shipped yet. A couple of times before I have had an order not ship because of some glitch in the system and I just wanted to make sure that wasn't the case again.

LMPjr007 wrote:
Not to drive you crazy, BUT what ever happened about doing that small 3PP psionics book that 3PP publisher could use in their book?
Jeremy Smith wrote:
Additionally, the project Louis mentioned is one that's only been discussed internally between us and him and has never been "announced" as a formal release.

I would love to read more about this one even if it never materializes. And if you do find the time for it I would likely order it when it came out. I seem to be on a Dreamscarred Press buying kick lately - Psionics Unleashed, Ultimate Psionics, Path of War - and I am already eyeing some other things.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Wahoo. If you are at PaizoCon right now, I can sign it.

Unfortunately it is a bit too far. I limit myself to Origins each year and that is a far enough drive. I mean the convention center is almost 15 whole minutes away.

I'm not sure how I missed this one. But, I just rectified that by placing an order for a print copy.

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It has been a month and a half since the last update. Any news?

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The irony of travelling exactly 3 years into the past in a thread about time travel.

Did a print version of this ever come out?

It's been at least a week since the release of this one has been pushed back. So, I'm taking that as a good sign. ;-)

Skeld wrote:

Someone else will have to field that question because I don't pay much attention to editing. It would have to be pretty egregious for me to notice it or for it to affect my opinion. I don't get my panties twisted if a word is misspelled or they leave our a word.


I'm pretty much the same way. Well, except for the panties. I've never noticed much of anything wrong with any Pathfinder hardcover other than the logo on the side of Bestiary 3. But, the ACG had so many issues that I noticed. And if I am noticing them then I think they have to be pretty bad. I'm really hoping they worked out the editing problems in time for this one.

How is the editing overall? I know they are not really the same type of book and thus wouldn't be terribly easy to compare but I am wondering how this compares to all of the editing issues we saw in the Advanced Class Guide.

James0235 wrote:
Steven B Trustrum wrote:

http://www.misfit-studios.com/blog/press-release/the-adequate-commoner-kick starter-is-here/


And now that I've had a chance to watch the video and read through the Kickstarter, Pledged!

Steven B Trustrum wrote:

http://www.misfit-studios.com/blog/press-release/the-adequate-commoner-kick starter-is-here/


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Jessica Price wrote:
It's off to the printer.

What logo does it have on the cover?


Erik Mona wrote:

It was not noticed on the proof copy, making it officially 100% case closed our fault.

Ah. Thank you for explaining that.

Now that I actually looked at the AP logo I am wondering how long it would have taken me to actually notice. I was envisioning a very different looking logo like the PFS one.

The image in this post shows the book with the correct logo. I don't suppose you guys have an image showing what it will really look like, do you?

I think someone else already mentioned this upthread a bit. But, what about the proof copy? I'm probably wrong here but it was my understanding that the way this worked was that after all changes were made the printer sends off a proof copy. And if everything looks good then the order is printed. If a change is made then another proof copy is sent out. Is that not actually how it works?

This isn't actually the first time the wrong logo has been used on a hardcover. Compare the logo on the spine of Bestiary 3 to the logos used on all of the other hardcovers.

I guess I am alone in thinking that an included sticker with the correct logo to slap on the front of the ACG sounded like an awesome idea. Or even better than that - a sticker already applied so I wouldn't have to.

Pushed back again?

137ben wrote:

Masters of Chaos!

Come on guys, we have 9 hours to get Organized to create Lords of Law!

I like it. But, I'm even more interested in the 2 new Mythic Paths.

And I am in for one of each hardcover, signed of course. This thing just looks too good to pass up.

Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
To be honest, I was wondering when this was going to come up. I more or less decided not to say anything publicly until someone asked.

That's the part I just don't understand.

Wait. That at least explains why I couldn't find the Shadowsfall Gazetteer Kickstarter.

So, the announcement that the Shadowsfall Gazetteer was being cancelled was made in a private backer update to a different product? So, even if you knew to look in the wrong pace for it then you couldn't even view it? I can't find this announcement on the JBE website or Facebook page. The plan really was to let this one quietly die.

I get where they are coming from on the cancellation. I can understand, maybe even appreciate the reasoning. And I wish them the best on other products and systems. But, from a customer service standpoint I do think the people who bought the Shadow Plane Player's Companion, Monsters of the Shadow Plane, and Shadowsfall Favored Class Options in anticipation of the release of the Gazetteer deserve a little bit better than that - you know, at least an actual announcement.


I had no idea there was ever a Kickstarter for the Shadowsfall Gazetteer. I can't even seem to find it now.

Unfortunately it is looking more and more like the plan is to not announce a cancellation, never mention it again, and just let it quietly die.

I'd like to know too. The last info I have seen suggests it would be out any time now. But, since it hasn't been mentioned in so long it is possible they are quietly letting this project die. I hope that's not the case.

I also can't seem to download the updated version of the New Paths Compendium from Kobold Press. It seems to get stuck in the personalizing phase. I was however able to download updated versions of several Minotaur Games releases.

Sub_Zero wrote:

Well this spell worked quite well.


(not a pathfinder spell, in fact not even a spell, it's from a psionic)

still couldn't not mention it.

Sub Zero...

Einhander is in PHB2 on page 94. It reads, in part:

"Narrow Profile: You can tuck your arm behind your back
and offer a narrow profile when you concentrate on
defense rather than offense. You gain an additional +2 dodge
bonus to AC when fighting defensively or using the total
defense action"

Vanulf Wulfson wrote:

Preordered the exclusive color interior version from Kobold Press (I'm funny that way) and am waiting on announcements concerning the PDF version and HL data files.

Woah! What's this now? I had no idea that was an option or I would most likely have gotten it. Heck, even though my order apparently just shipped I'm still considering it.

Marc Radle wrote:

Remember, there's still some time to pre-order this now!


You had me at the real answer. And you darn near had me with the smart-ass answer. That was funny.

Is there an approximate page count yet?

Michael Brock wrote:
The five new adventures should hopefully be available shortly after Gen Con.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

- Inigo Montoya


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