If the Iconic were from Mystara, where would each of them be from? I ask because I would like to run a playtest of all the first lvl iconics as an army based out of a fort in Redstone on the Isle of Dawn. Still looking for an enemy force to fight.
Going from first to sixth lvl.

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Ezren would be from Glantri. I believe it is mentioned that he is an atheist and it just so happens that so is Glantri other than token honor of Rad.

Harsk would be from Rockhome, Highforge in Karameikos, or Denwarf-Hurgon in Alphatia.

I could see Seoni being from Alphatia. Or for that matter Glantri or Herath or even Karameikos with its College of Magecraft.

Lem would be from the Five Shires.

Kyra might be from Ylaruam or better yet from Thotia on the Isle of Dawn. Or less likely from Nithia in the Hollow World.

Merisiel would be from Alfheim, Glantri, Karameikos, or from Shiye-Lawr in Alphatia.

Nice suggestions, gonna get my gijoe on with the Iconics! Does anybody know a good fort map?
About 30+ iconics going up against evil fae and bullywugs. A couple of other random things in Redstone.

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