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Harles wrote:

I apologize if this is the wrong forum to share these frustrations. I know that Paizo is not to blame for my situation, but I'm hoping some others on here have solutions (or can at least allow me the space to vent as a GM).

I've been running PF2 regularly on Foundry VTT. I'm currently nearing the final chapter of Book 1 of Quest for the Frozen Flame. It was during last night's session that I discovered the PDF to Foundry importer is no longer supported for the current version (10) of Foundry. The upgrade happened automatically to all of my games on Foundry, so I can no longer use the feature to upload PDFs. Once the players get to the end of Book 1, that's it. Either the campaign ends or I begin the arduous process of adding every map, trying to get walls and dynamic lighting working correctly, trying to align the grid so it doesn't look like sloppy trash, hoping to find the right opponents in the bestiary (which no longer has the imported artwork so they are generic, goofy silhouettes that kills the mood).

Hi Harles. I am in the same boat as you, but the workaround is simple.

Go to Foundry and download version 9 and install
Use the PDF to Foundry in the version 9 for your PDF
From there import it into the Forge and convert.

The Forge isn't connected to the version 9 on your PC.

I did this with the Strength of Thousands AP and it worked fine.

Good luck!

Hopefully they get the The Genius Guide to Another 110 Spell Variants download problem figured out soon! :)

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Thanks for doing this taig, it was fun!!!

Have a great holiday everyone!

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Of course today's the day I get a 20!!! LOL

Congrats to all of the winners so far!!!

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An 18 yesterday, and a 1 today. Yep, just like when I play! :)

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I'd like to be in as well please! :)

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I'm in for $5. Almost there!!!

Katina Mathieson wrote:

Hello Tom,

It looks like your Melee Tactics Toolbox was still pending on your account, so I've pushed it through and our warehouse should be processing it for shipping soon. You should receive a shipping confirmation email when it's all ready to go.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help in the meantime.


Thanks! :-)


I just subscribed to the Pathfinder Player Companion series in the order above. Is this going to wait until April's subscription shipments or done this month? If I have an option, as soon as possible would be cool. :)

Tom Stump

kjdavies wrote:

And please, anyone who gives this a try, let me know how it goes.

This document outlines the bare bones of the process, I've got another one coming that expands on the material and provides some examples.

I'm planning on using it once Worldspinner is fully up and running. I'll let you know how it goes.

Pretty cool item. I think I might give it a go on my next game world.

It looks like there may be a problem with the standard d8 template though. The secondary domains don't seem to line up to the diagram as they do with the other templates.

Fray Manuel Jose wrote:
What sort if upfront work?

You have to enter in any information you want available. So, I entered in all of the data about Diamond Lake and the encounters from The Whispering Cairn. A bunch of copy/paste and editing to decide what is player knowledge and not just GM info.

You can also link Hero Lab portfolios in it for encounters.

It is a great tool, and once you have the data in it, It is nice to use. Having things hyperlinked is a great help while running, and being able to show players info when they learn it is very useful. There are a ton of features that I'm still learning at this point, but it is worth the money to me.

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Fray Manuel Jose wrote:
Any thoughts on this product from Herolab?

I enjoy using it. It's quite a bit of upfront work to get data into it, but once it's in it is nice to have.

I used it yesterday during a meeting while running Age of Worms. First time I had a separate player's screen active and it came in handy multiple times.

Also, let me add that I do not use the Cloud portion on the program, so I can't really comment on that part.

Hopefully they eventually get together with some 3PP to provide some adventures/settings with all of the data entered and linked.

Looks like they are doing electronic rulebooks and the OGL. No timetable on either yet. ENWorld

Thank you for the info. I'm looking forward to getting them once they are complete!

Any word on when the Hero Lab files will be available to the Kickstarter backers?

Also, can we have or order linked to our Paizo account? I'd like to be able to download any updates from here.

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It just crossed the $30,000 mark. The stretch goals are very impressive for this project.

Bill Webb wrote: worldbuilder-and-map-make

Check this one out. It has my seal of approval!

I backed this one. Game world and three maps are too good to pass up. I'm looking forward to your Dragons! content for this as well Mr. Webb!

If a doctor makes a mistake, someone can die. If a detective screws up, a person can be wrongly convicted.

In the grand scheme of things this is no big deal. :-)

Bill Webb wrote:

I'm giving the Beginner Box to someone tomorrow who has a 10 year old daughter. I'm looking forward to reading your blog on Kids at the Table.

How about a teaser for the July announcement??? :)

It's all handled now. You all are the best!!!!


I placed the two orders above and received confirmation emails on both (both gift certificates) but I didn't receive the codes to redeem them. Is there something else I need to do to get those added to my account?

Tom Stump

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Millefune wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Brogue The Rogue wrote:


I was rolling up an Archivist today when I noticed that the Loremaster ability that archivists get is considerably weaker than the one that normal bards get.

Does anyone know if this is intentional? It seems odd, since being able to make knowledge checks is, well, rather important for an archivist . . .

Also, does anyone know if Paizo ever clarified how taking 10 and taking 20 works for this ability? I rather wish they'd phrased it differently, heh . . .

That entry is intended as a modification to the normal Loremaster ability, not a replacement for it. The only difference is that you can take 20 1/day plus once for every 6 levels beyond 2nd, instead of every 6 levels beyond 5th. The rest of the ability works as is.

I should have included the phrase "This ability functions as normal, except [blah blah blah times per day]" or the sentence "This is otherwise identical to the bard class ability.

Sorry for any confusion, but that was the intent as I wrote the archetype - you just get loremaster 3 levels earlier than a normal bard. Other than that, it's the same.

It says that this post was FAQed and has been added in the FAQ, but I can't find the ruling anywhere in the Advanced Player's Guide FAQ (which was updated just last month on the 19th of July). Am I just being blind or is it linked somewhere else?


DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

It sure can, just relegate Kingdom Building to between sessions, or leave half an hour at the end of the game. The player who doesn't want to play kingdom builder can leave early. He can still take a leadership role (Marshall, assassin or general make good positions) just don't make him do much RP stuff. He can still enjoy the exploration monster fighting elements with the table, and everyone else can enjoy Kingdom building stuff without detracting from adventure time.

That said, your hack/slasher does need to make some compromises, as much of the fun of Kingmaker is lost if the PCs just kill their way through every encounter. He needs to allow his fellow players to enjoy RP just as he gets to enjoy combat.

Great! Thanks for the advice and info!

Hello all,

I'm trying to decide if the Kingmaker AP is right for the group I am GMing. I have one player who LOVES the role-playing aspect of the game, and the other who is mostly into the hack and slash part.

Kingmaker seems like a great AP for the first player. He loves getting into the details, and kingdom building would be right up his alley. The other player has no real desire to be any type of leader, and prefers the 'story driven/linear' style play.

Is there a place for a person who plays non-leader, hack and slash style characters in the Kingmaker AP? Has anyone else had any experience with this type of player/character in this Adventure Path?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to buy the entire AP just to find out one of my players would be bored to tears. :)


I was just reading the magazine, great work! One thing I noticed though, the website at the end of Greg A Vaughn's interview seems to be misspelled. It's not hard to figure out, but just in case someone was interested, it's Frog God Games.

Jeremiziah wrote:
JTStorm wrote:

My wife and I, and a friend of ours play Pathfinder. I'm currently GMing RotRL, just getting ready to start #4. We're out in Beaver County, West Mayfield to be specific.

I've never heard of Legions? I've been to Phantom, and Game Wizards on Babcock.

West Mayfield? I'm in Beaver Falls! hah! Small world.

Our group is 5 people. Right now we're running Kingmaker, we actually just started.

Legions is on McKnight Road, from what I understand.

I just looked it up. Looks like it is on Route 19/Perry Highway, closer to Wexford.

I think Kingmaker is going to be the next path on our list, but as often as we can play, it's still at least a year or two away.

My wife and I, and a friend of ours play Pathfinder. I'm currently GMing RotRL, just getting ready to start #4. We're out in Beaver County, West Mayfield to be specific.

I've never heard of Legions? I've been to Phantom, and Game Wizards on Babcock.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Colen wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
Warning to all, If you have characters from the Beta Classes from the APG Test, Print them up before installing the latest update, because the new update removes the Beta Classes!

There should be a red warning message about this when you import the files - we also mentioned at the start of every APG class description that we'd be removing them once the play test period is up.

We're doing this because it lets us migrate peoples characters over automatically if they use the new APG add-on. Your old play test characters will be properly converted over to the new versions of the classes the first time you load them after activating the APG.

I am also getting errors on Non APG Characters

There seems to be a problem with any of the user added content referencing 'SOURCE'. It's on their message board.


Dark Arioch wrote:
Shem wrote:
JTStorm wrote:
The Pathfinder Campaign book I have has covers that are bowing outward. I keep the books kept vertical almost all of the time, and do not leave them out open.
Now this problem I have had with two different Campaign books (bought the second one and gave the first to my son due to this problem - and now the second one is doing it).
Actually, that's interesting since this has been my experience with the bestiary. Not just my copy mind you but all 3 my gaming group has bought. Now this doesn't bother us terribly much as we are all avid users of the books and not worried about collecting but still thought it was worth mentioning.

It's happening to my Bestiary as well, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as the Campaign setting. Maybe because it's newer. I brought it up a while back in the CS product posts, but no one ever said anything about it happening to them, so I thought maybe I just got a bad copy.

The Pathfinder Campaign book I have has covers that are bowing outward. I keep the books kept vertical almost all of the time, and do not leave them out open.

Being a USA fan, I'm bummed. Thought we were going to pull it off in the OT. But, being a Pittsburger and a huge Pens fan, GO SIDNEY CROSBY!!!

LMPjr007 wrote:
JTStorm wrote:
LMPjr007 wrote:
Undefeatable 11: Arcane Trickster now available at!
Mr. Porter, any plans on a Dragon Disciple Undefeatable yet?
Maybe.... (Shaking my head signaling yes)


LMPjr007 wrote:
Undefeatable 11: Arcane Trickster now available at!

Mr. Porter, any plans on a Dragon Disciple Undefeatable yet?

Suzaku wrote:
Remco Sommeling wrote:

I disagree, I could say something for one way or another, but ultimately it is a DM's call I think both sides have merrit.

generally I do not think the DM should have told the player what roll he needed but rather give him an estimation. I would let the character make a jump check unless it is obviously cleared with ease.

The only possible way a pit is distracting is that the character in question is afraid of heights. It's not doing anything, could you memorize new spells for the day next to the cliff? If so what changes between the jump and memorizing spells?

There is a difference between sitting beside a cliff, and jumping over it. Jumping over a pit that is two feet deep has no true repercussions if you fail. 200 feet? serious repercussions. Who's to say that thought of falling wouldn't get into the character's head.

Think of it like this, sinking a five foot putt in golf isn't too hard. Sinking a five foot putt to win the Masters with Tiger woods standing on the green waiting would be serious pressure. It's the same act, just a different amount of pressure.

LMPjr007 wrote:
JTStorm wrote:
LMPjr007 wrote:
Now available at!!!
Mr. Porter, any word on when we can expect the Undefeatable: Rogues? I can't remember which thread it was in, but I think you said sometime around Thanksgiving?
Due to issues beyond my control, we had to find another writer to work on this and I am still waiting for them to turn in the work. But don't worry IT WILL COME OUT. You just have to wait a bit longer...

no problem, looking forward to it!

LMPjr007 wrote:
Now available at!!!

Mr. Porter, any word on when we can expect the Undefeatable: Rogues? I can't remember which thread it was in, but I think you said sometime around Thanksgiving?

LMPjr007 wrote:
Thanks! Now we have to thinkk what our next Lost Class will be.

I'd like to throw Archer into the hat.

LMPjr007 wrote:
If you like the class, do us a favor and take a second to place up a review of it at so othere people might see it. The reviews of the products are very important to publisher and manufactures. Ie helps get the word out on our products. Thanks for your support of LPJ Design.

Consider it done.

MerrikCale wrote:
can anyone tell me a bit about the class?


I just purchased it a little bit ago. After reading, I think it is a really well thought out, balanced class. I think it is a good cross between a rogue and a gymnast.

You keep a few of the rogue abilites, but add in some really good movement based abilities in place of lost rogue ones. Thief Acrobat talents make the class really customizable as well.

The class itself is a 20 level based class, but has prereqs in case you want to use it as a prestige class.

I haven't had a chance to make any characters quite yet, but on the surface it seems like a really fun class to play. For the price, I think it is well worth the money.

houstonderek wrote:
Nice job last night, doing to the Red Wings what they did to the Penguins last year.

Over the entire playoffs, I think I lost about 5 years of my life. Thankfully those years will be at the end when I probably wouldn't be able to take care of myself anyway. ;)


Has anyone else had a problem with the front and back covers bowing? I keep it on the shelf with my other hardcovers, and none of them have shown this type of wear.

It kind of looks like this from the top...


"Will you three settle down, I'm dying for some sleep!"

Papa-DRB wrote:

You did not answer the question about Open Office instead of Excel on a Windows PC

-- david

Papa.DRB, this is from the main webpage for TOS:

1 The Only Sheet is created using Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows. It may not work on older versions of Excel or non-Windows systems. It is NOT compatible with other spreadsheets applications. TOS+ REQUIRES the very latest Excel service pack from Microsoft!

Hope this helps!

RiTz21 wrote:

The Only Sheet Plus, one of the most powerful automated Character Sheet available for the D&D3.5 community has now been adapted to support the rules of Paizo's new Role Playing Game!! TOS+ Version 2.00 integrates the Rules of PF RPG (Beta) to allow users to easily create and maintain Characters using Paizo Publishing's excellent new Role Playing Game.

I used the original TOS a couple of years ago, and just recently signed up for the TOS+ because of the support for 'the new role playing game'.

It's worth every penny. Very easy to use. Because of the design, you can add in custom equipment, weapons, feats, just about anything. The support on the website forums is also top notch.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
I finally got my pictures up of when I DMed the ripnugget battle : Here they are

Those are great!!!

Hello all,

I wanted to throw an idea to the Powers That Be at Paizo, and this seemed like the best avenue to do so.

I don't know about anyone else, but after the first two previews for the Beta release, I'm ready to read and play. I pre-ordered the book about a month ago or so, and I can't wait to have it in my hands...

However, I would REALLY like to read it NOW! So, I just want to let you guys know, you may feel free to run my order through now, and I'll be more than happy to pay and wait patiently until the actual book arrives, but let me download the PDF NOW!!!! :)

Just a thought...

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