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Hello everyone, while recently reading a post by Mark Seifter in regards to the large overlap the Arcane spell list has with others, specifically this part

Mark Seifter wrote:
Arcane is essentially the main culprit for overlap, in part because the wizard is extremely greedy (or perhaps envious is a better word for it) when it comes to demanding spells be on the arcane list, given there are eight schools of magic and the wizard specialist in a given school demands a place at the table, even for schools that mostly match an essence that isn't part of arcane.

I was struck with a thought and wanted to see how it resonated with others. Rather than forcing spells to fit where they thematically might not (given the essences associated with arcane magic), why not create spells which rely on the traits of arcane magic to ape those spells as best they can? I've always viewed the arcane spell list as one of innovation, filled with spells that are largely the result of tireless research and development. To me, the idea that a necromancer (specifically the specialist wizard) unable to touch upon the realms of spiritual and vital, who would finesse or brute force the material and mental essences to get an approximate effect seems so appropriate to me. Now I'm not suggesting removing all overlap, I think it's fair for those spells which have traditionally been iconic to arcane casters but which don't well represent their essences remain in place (perhaps as examples of true breakthroughs rather than base mimicry and emulation).

So even writing this, I know that the likelihood of this occurring sits only slightly above nil. I'm honestly more interested with seeing the extent to which this thought could encourage future works rather than forcing such a massive undertaking as would be required to conform to it for the Core book. Even beyond that, I'm interested in hearing what other people think about this idea, and for those who find it intriguing enough to run with it, how they would emulate some of poor fit spells with the essences available.

Some do (the silver, umbral, and gold for example). The norm seems to be no, with exceptions called out somewhere within the basic info for that type.

Hushed wrote:

Yeah, the channel is channel is channel rule directly and explicitly contradicts this. There's no real point in discussing further if you won't accept rules handed down by the developers; we can't agree on premises or terms.

I've seen this now used twice in refutation as a sort of binding truth. While I actually agree with the idea that they should qualify (as far as my home games are concerned, I'd allow a player to pick up extra channel under the circumstances), your method of shutting down the opposing position is likely invalidated by this quote (quoted here below for your convenience)

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Messageboard posts on a subjects made by the design and development team are not "official rulings" on the games. Clarifications in FAQ posts and errata are official rulings.

I'm too thrilled to properly articulate my joy at seeing a new update, so I'll just say thank you for all of your hard work and effort. Your site has really made all the difference for me over the years.

The Brigand is the correct base for the shady minion encounter, and they also possess the addle-minded template found earlier in the vampire section. I don't believe you need to alter their weapon or armor choices, but there is certainly nothing stopping you from doing so if you wish.

It certainly wouldn't be a glaive as already said, but for the purpose of defining what weapon group it belongs to, it looks to be a polearm (as its description states in the opening line). Since it isn't listed as such, you'd need GM approval, but it seems more than reasonable to me to allow, personally. Is there a specific reason you needed it to count as a glaive specifically (as weapon training just cares for group)?

My interpretation is that they wouldn't work together. Although the language is different for improvised weapon mastery, it does, in fact, expand upon the normal critical range of improvised weapons (usually 20/x2).

Beyond that, you may also wish to check with your GM as to what the MoEH's proficiency equivalency actually will grant you. Looking at the spell Flame Blade and how its “wield as if a scimitar,” has allowed for a number of interpretations as to how such a phrase should be read means that you might not be allowed to apply Improved Critical (quarterstaff) to your improvised weapon at all (though that wouldn't be my personal reading of it).

Finally, another thing to consider about the archetype, as I said prior, nothing about it actually grants you proficiency in improvised weapons, so until you get the opportunity to take Improvised Weapon Mastery at 6+, you'd be looking at a -4 penalty to attack rolls (unless I keep missing a something vital in my readings that negates this). This could be remedied by the feat Catch Off-Guard, or depending on how your GM treats that 'wield as if a...” phrase, Simple Weapon Proficiency.

Calth wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
As to companions, in most games, their gear comes out of the PC's share of the treasure (and eidolons in particular actually literally share slots, so eidolon and summoner can't both have a cloak), so you could let the PC divvy up their bonuses between herself and her pet (either in whole, or even in part, like taking a +2 enhancement bonus to natural armor and giving +1 to each). Another way to do it that I've seen some people use is to make it so the PC with the companion loses half their normal wealth twice (thus gaining no wealth ever) and then the companion gets the full benefits. I don't like that one myself because it eliminates one of the things I like about ABP, the ability to hand out more weird non-bonus items.
Another option I've seen done well is to progress the companion on its HD-2 or so. Since beyond the first couple levels the companion lags behind HD vs lvl anyways the amount of treasure added is only about 10%.

This is basically what I do as well with one caveat; I allow the character to choose between themselves and their animal companion as to who gets the lesser ability on an ability by ability basis. The druid who doesn't much care about weapon attunement can thus elect to have their animal companion utilize the bonus allotted to a character of their PC's level while they take the bonus that would be allotted to a creature of the companions hit dice -2. For eidolons etc., they can siphon the bonus the PC would be granted entirely (simulating their shared slots).

That certainly adds a lot. So, I have a few different ideas here, but they all relate back to Irori's focus on self-perfection and the Triune self (the synthesis of the body, the spirit, and the mind). With all of that in mind, my most fleshed out suggestion is for an item which reinforces the connection between the Triune. For example, when he utilizes his mind (succeeds a knowledge check, or other mental based skill/ability) he gains bonuses to the other two areas such as an amount of temporary HP (for the body) and either a temporary Ki point(s) or simply restoring a lost Ki point(s) (for the spirit aspect). This synergy can then be reinforced by having the item grant him a bonus to the same checks and temp hp when he spends KI points, and finally, whenever he takes damage (or perhaps when he successfully hits or grapples something, since it sounds like getting hit is a bit of an issue) granting him the bonus to checks and the Ki. Of course this suggestion is intentionally vague and open, since I'm not sure what would equate to being balanced in your game. The durations, exact amounts, and even the number of times per day any given activity can benefit him should be tailored as needed.

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I think it would be beneficial for those trying to assist for you to perhaps post some of the other items you've set up for the others so that there is a solid baseline for what you'd consider to be “cool bells and whistles.” Beyond that, it would also be useful for you to describe the monk a bit. Obviously he's a strong combatant and such and you want to avoid adding to that, but where does he stand in regards to social skills (and does that realm even matter the him or the player), and/or general utility?

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Perhaps I'm missing something here, but as I go over the text I'm not seeing it as an indication of being pulled away to complete a secret project so much as stepping away (and arguably down) from his position in general. The bit about a future AP reads more to me as, “although I (for the time being) will not be developing adventure paths, I still have one in mind that I'd still like to see done some day.” While I'd like to believe this is more than simply a heads-up, I don't know that that is the case.

As with the ability scores, the 4th/7th level advancements of natural armor are additive rather than replacements. This is shown through the inclusion of "+"s. While the 14 natural armor looks impressive for the giant tortoise, it isn't too far ahead of the base monster (+8) from which it is derived (and considering it has double the hit die by the time it gains the 7th level advancement, even this isn't surprising to me).

There are a handful of things I've been eyeing, but couldn't justify otherwise. I'll certainly accept any sort of generosity being extended.

I too have encountered this problem, and have even tried it on a couple different browsers to no avail. This has been unfortunate, but my main problem is that my bank account now shows several pending charges on top of none of the orders actually going through on the sites end.

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I've played one successful evil character, a NE Gnome Souldrinker devoted to Apollyon in a campaign that went mythic. She had three real passions, harvesting souls, inflicting diseases, and collecting pretty dresses. She may have also had a mild to severe case of ADHD (as well as a tanked wisdom score). I'd like to say that I was responsible and never gave the group any reason to want her dead or removed, but that would be a lie. Don't get me wrong, she was beloved (well as beloved as a little walking plague can be), but it was no secret that the group was simply waiting to see if she'd do something stupid enough to get herself killed so that they wouldn't have to take care of her “for the good of all” down the line (they actually told her, on multiple occasions, “we're probably going to have to kill you when this is all over,” to which she'd always reply with a sweet, “ok”). She even managed to cause a great plague which ravaged much of the central Riverlands (as well as another plague which ravaged a portion of Nidal) which, for a party of neutral characters, left a somewhat poor taste in their mouths.

Now, you may be wondering, why would anyone possibly put up with her? Simple, she was adorable. Seriously, outside of doing some of the most heinous things imaginable, her demeanor was always simple and sweet. Her tendency of getting distracted by shiny things and being completely blunt (she maybe told three lies the entire time she was around), endeared her to the group and elevated her into a sort of mascot. Now, while sweet, it isn't as if she didn't actively pursue her interests. She would just have the courtesy to ask if it was OK to wipe out a particular village with a series of virulent diseases. It got to the point that the group would just say no and play it off as, “D'aww... that's our lil' plague.” Really, it ended up working out well for everyone. The party got someone who was willing to get their hands dirty, and she, in turn, was able to harvest the souls of the things the group would defeat (which gave her the cash to afford her ridiculous dress obsession). They even had occasion to allow her to inflict diseases with impunity (though their hesitance down the line ended up causing some friction).

If you're not set on taking dodge and mobility (and perhaps even if you are), you may want to look into the teamwork feat "escape route" instead. It prevents you from provoking when moving through your allies space or spaces adjacent to said ally. I could see some argument against it working, however, so you may want to check with your GM first.

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Though similar, the differences are there. The mythic ability allows for a no questions asked counter, but the arcanist must first identify the spell (admittedly arbitrary at higher levels, but certainly something she can fail early on), must use a spell at least one level higher unless it matches a prepared spell, and has to make a dispel check as if countering with dispel magic (another potential fail point).

I'd certainly still argue then that the mythic ability is deserving of the title of "mythic", but the exploit is not.

If it just adds to caster level, then no, it would have no impact on your ability to cast higher level spells. I am, however, unaware of any prestige class which strictly adds to CL. Since you used the arcane archer as an example, I would point you to their "spells per day" text, which states that at the indicated levels you gain additional spells per day, spells known (if spontaneous), and an increased effective level of spellcasting. Given that, yes, in your example the wizard 5/arcane archer 3 would have the same casting capabilities as the straight wizard 7 (barring any traits or feats to bump the 5/3's CL). Do note, however, that you do not receive the 2 free spells to your spellbook per arcane archer level (as that is an ability not tied to the wizards spells class feature).

The spells do allow for magical beasts, however, a Druid's Wildshape ability does not, so it makes sense for the calculator to skip them.

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I'm not really sure why the monk wouldn't be able to make a normal full-attack action (giving up a standard and their move). Really, as a swift action, nothing is preventing them from using the ability after they've already taken a full-attack action. I suppose enforcing the no full-attack after they've used Slow Time keeps them from gaining a pseudo-pounce once or twice a day, but its not something I'd bother with.

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I wish you and yours the best. Your work has been a font of enjoyment for me since before I knew it was you I aught to thank, and your sarcastic wit has kept me entertained since I first found myself drawn to the boards. While I don't mean to belittle the efforts and talents of everyone else at Paizo, yours has been the shiny headed face that came to mind whenever the company came to mind, and your presence will be missed.

Bubbles, always Bubbles.

I take it he was still pretty close to “one-hit-quit” any character prior to the two levels, and that they just pushed him over the edge? If so, you may want to, instead, consider throwing in a few minions for him. They'll be able to soak up some fire and allow the big guy to maybe get an extra round in, allowing for fear without insta-killing people (maybe).

Alas, I don't know the scenario nor encounter they have set up for him in the book, so I don't know that that is as easily done.

Magus does it the exact same way as a Wizard. The Witch and Alchemist are more or less the same (both can learn from scrolls, the Alchemist can learn from a spellbook, but a Wizard can't learn from a formula book). The Sorcerer has no spellbook and can't be taught new spells outside those obtained through leveling (with a few magic item exceptions such as a page/ring of spell knowledge).

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It's only a matter of time before Owen is a part of every Pathfinder product producing company out there. I suppose this kind of makes him the Skynet of the RPG world. Super excited about the Advanced Bestiary and other possibilities. Congratulations.

Yes, semantics I know, but for whatever reason seeing the genericized names bothers me. May I suggest the Archives of Nethys for your purposes? They also include more Paizo books.

There really isn't a feat named that. It's Varisian Tattoo, but d20pfsrd isn't able to use Golarion names etc, since they opened their store.

James Risner wrote:
Indrajit wrote:
The bolded portion seems to indicate that it only allows for the making of extra combat maneuvers.

You two are talking about two different things.

FoM allows 1 or more additional Maneuvers, but the rest of the Full Attack action can be Maneuvers, Regular Attacks, etc.

Wasn't trying to imply that the whole flurry was restricted to maneuvers, just that the additional "attacks" alloted by FoM are.

(Upon my initial reading, it appeared to me that the idea being communicated was running under the belief FoM with a gun could be utilized wholey the same as FoB, thereby bypassing the monk weapon limitation to make extra shots.)

SRD wrote:
At 1st level, as part of a full-attack action, a maneuver master can make one additional combat maneuver, regardless of whether the maneuver normally replaces a melee attack or requires a standard action. The maneuver master uses his monk level in place of his base attack bonus to determine his CMB for the bonus maneuvers, though all combat maneuver checks suffer a –2 penalty when using a flurry. At 8th level, a maneuver master may attempt a second additional combat maneuver, with an additional –3 penalty on combat maneuver checks. At 15th level, a maneuver master may attempt a third additional combat maneuver, with an additional –7 penalty on combat maneuver checks. This ability replaces flurry of blows

The bolded portion seems to indicate that it only allows for the making of extra combat maneuvers.

It is a fort save against DC 11 (so yes, they add their fort bonus to the check). If they fail they take 1d2 dexterity damage a round for 4 rounds or until they make one save.

Firstly, there is no saving throw regardless, but because the spell requires an object, not a creature you are likely touching a rock or something similar instead of bother to get that close to them personally. Secondly, if the corridor is narrow enough, it doesn’t matter, but assuming otherwise, the Drider did see them before darkness went up, she’d likely have an idea of where to aim.

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This depends. Remember that she only creates supernatural (darkvision proof) darkness if the surroundings were already at least dim to begin with, and what she can‘t see through the party can‘t see through either.

That being said, casting deeper darkness is not something that’s going to break invisibility, so as an ambush tactic she could stealth to the group, observe them for a little time, then hit them with deeper darkness as her surprise round standard action, effectively blinding them all. With any luck she will then go soon after and be able to lay a web spell down. Since they are blinded they can only move half there speed w/o making an acrobatics check (something that’s taking a -4 due to being effectively blinded anyways), when web goes down, save or not, you now have a 40’ diameter difficult terrain, so they really aren’t moving at all. If say their casters do fail the save, then it is going to be pretty hard for them to get to dispelling anything being grappled and all. If they were caught in a narrow corridor, the Drider is then free to blast away with lightning bolts until something either makes it out, at which point she can either flee very successfully (invisibility helps) or attempt to take them down.

These tactics are assuming there is but a single lone Drider. A pair of Drider could not only perform there ambush all in the surprise round, they could also do it twice in the same day. The important thing to consider is that the Drider is intelligent. She knows she won’t stand up to an entire group of stalwart adventurers without evening the odds (or tipping them entirely into her favor). She knows that even a successful hit and run ambush like the one described above is apt to drain significant resources from them, perhaps leaving them vulnerable to other, brutish denizens of her locale.

Each one is usable once per day. As far as the best way to use it, that’s tough. The drider is clearly not a melee combatant. He’d likely utilize deeper darkness, invisibility, faerie fire, and her web spell to effectively disorient and decimate a single foe before starting any fight.

I’ve worked retail for 6 years (same company as a matter of fact), as a front end employee. I have been screamed at (I have a bad habit of finding screaming people extremely funny, so well I always manage to retain a smile I occasionally have a hard time stifling laughter), I have been hit on in ways I didn’t think were possible, I’ve had my life threatened (including having weapons such as pistols and knives shown to me to reinforce their seriousness), I’ve been spat on, and I’ve been berated in so many different ways for so many different perceived shortcomings that I couldn’t even begin to list them all here. None of that bothers me, though. I don’t intend to, but could continue life in this sector for the rest of my working career. What ends up bothering me, though, is watching how it becomes the people who show basic human decency and courtesy who wind up becoming my coworker‘s and my highpoints. Sure those rare individuals who go above and beyond what would be expected of your basic human being are diamonds in the rough to be sure, but they are so rare and the scum so common that it comes down to the people who act and behave in manners consistent of what would be expected of your most basic human being who are deemed to “make the whole job worth it.”

In a setting outside of work passing someone on the street who pays you no more mind that to meet your eyes and smile briefly as they pass you by is something that is common, yet this same behavior at work from a customer is enough of a kind act to hear employees exclaim about how angels do walk among us. To further illustrate this point, we have a board in the break room of my work on which employees are encouraged to write a small note detailing a positive interaction with a customer. This board is filled with gems such as “a customer smiled at me,” and “a customer correctly remembered my name (we wear name tags, this is still a rare occurrence). Of course there is the occasional extraordinary ones, but far too common is the “a customer said thank you.”

Like I said before, I don’t mind the job, in fact I get a good deal of enjoyment out of my coworkers. I don’t mind the angry and irate customers (again, aggression aimed towards me tends to amuse me). I’m just bothered that through all of it I seem to search for, if not yearn for, mediocrity to brighten the day.

My vote is also for tales.

Hah, that's what I get for skimming through the spell and not taking the time to really read what I'm seeing.

Greater teleport specifically states interplanar travel is not possible, so doesn't even need a houserule.

Well everybody has to start somewhere, right? Since you are already looking at a fairly cost prohibitive thing, you may want to consider how best to save cash. Wizard (of one flavor or another) is definitely your best bet to start. Since you have to pick up craft wondrous and craft magical arms and armor regardless, you may be able to levy them against the party (be wary of this) in order to try and build up more gold. As a bonus, since you are a wizard, self optimization is relatively easy (and cheaper since you can craft for yourself).

Next, I’d suggest picking up the trait hedge magician. 5% doesn’t sound like much, and honestly I could see you skipping it, but I’d likely try and squeeze every penny out I can on golem costs (not to mention the items you’re crafting otherwise).

You are starting at level 5, meaning you could start the game with craft construct in your repertoire. Thing is, you could even start out with a golem (depending on your GM’s allowances concerning starting cash and what % you are allowed to allocate to a single thing). A wood golem, to be exact. It’d eat up almost all of your cash, but woo boy would it be a mean sonofagun for a while. Hell you could even do an ice golem. It is a little weaker, but it has its own perks. Then again, does it have to be a golem? Craft construct can make more than golems, after all. Necrophidius, though weaker, are cheaper and can still be plenty useful for a little while.

Here’s my thought, though. Don’t build any of those to start. Honestly, at 5, I’d be concerned with the flavor, and I’d save my gold for an angrier customer down the line. Maybe a glass golem (if you thought golems were a spell-slinger’s nightmare before), or a clay (with dr/adamantine and bludgeoning, there are a lot less things getting through this guy). Hell, maybe I’d even angle for a stone or iron golem, but here we start reaching the “is it worth it” levels. Honestly, they may have even started a little earlier, so I’d likely stick with looking at the clay/glass golems as my go to guys and I would modify them from there.

Now before I continue on, let me address the dangers inherent in the clay golem. With a cumulative 1% chance of going berserk, these things can leave you having a very bad day if the dice gods are fickle. While I am perfectly comfortable with this weakness (I call it a plot twist), other may be less so (including your party). Keep this in mind when ultimately choosing what you want for your thug squad.

Now then, I did, in fact, say modify. Looking through Ultimate Magic we are told that golems can be upgraded in various ways. Considering that, we find that we can pump up the hit die of the clay golem for a measly ~1660 gold (apparently the cost divided by hit die for those that don’t come with prewritten rules), an iron golem just doesn’t look as pretty (not to mention you could honestly have two clays for one iron). Consider then, that you could add the 6 hit die (max since their sizes can’t increase I guess) for almost 10k, and still have almost 20k left to pump up its strength 4 times (+2 per time), leaving it only a little weaker than the Iron, but with much more health, and a much higher chance to hit. This same idea can be applied to any golem really, and honestly, you could have spent the money much more wisely on other, more cost effective enhancements.

Considering this, then. I’d likely start my character off with a homunculus. If I was feeling frisky, maybe I’d add a hit die just so he was a little sturdier. When I hit 7 I’d snag improved familiar to make him mine in a more personal sense. Just start saving and crafting from there.

Now, this all being said, you can pretty much ignore everything I’ve said up to now. None of it is helpful or important if you don’t do one major thing first. Namely, talk to your GM about what you want and if it is feasible. Honestly, with the downtime necessary, and the costs being what they are, you could easily set your eyes on goalposts that just don’t exist on your field.

CMB is... harder, especially when no weapon is involved. I would suggest also looking towards anything that may help bump your Dex. Also remember that things that bump your attack roll in general should also help here. Equality for All from the halflings of Golarion book may also help (+2 to cmb when opponent is 2+ size categories above you). Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver may also work. Spells like Heroism are your friend in this case, I believe.

In short, you don’t. If she is already acting in a hostile manner, it is likely anything you do will only exacerbate the situation. Furthermore, if you honestly feel that you telling her to stop coming is likely to cause a great debacle at your home (assuming you don’t want such an occurrence), it simply isn’t worth the risk to try. Now that said, it isn’t fair to pile up the pressure and stress on yourself over the situation, so what I would suggest is to simply design events with her not being there as the norm, and simply be pleasantry surprised when she does show, and do your best for on the fly adjustments to compensate (three of one mob instead of two can save you from having to actually rebuild from scratch).

If you’re really lucky, in time she will calm down and start showing up more regularly. Honestly, I don’t know the specifics of your home life, but if your mother and her fiancée argue frequently, it may simply be hard for her to be home. The hostility you’re receiving in return for asking her relatively small things like when she’ll be home, etc. might just be her lashing out against you since she can’t do so to the real stressors. Stuff like that can affect people in a lot of different ways. Note, though, I by no means wish to imply any fault on your part, simply that there just may be some factors that are making her behave poorly.

Even if she doesn’t start showing regularly, though, it shouldn’t make things worse (I hope) to simply plan as if she won’t show always.

it is Bloatmage. D20pfsrd has had to change a number of things since they instituted their store, including changing the names of a good number of prestige classes (since Golarion stuff isn't OGL, i think). If you check Archives of Nethys (another great resource site), you can still find them under their original names. Bloatmage -> Bloodmage is a pretty easy thing to follow, but some of them... Knight of Ozem -> Celestial Knight, or Balanced Scale of Abadar -> Divine Assessor are a little more of a jump, and may cause some issues down the line if you are unable to locate their originals.

I realize that the above doesn't acutally help you at all, so...

1) As Carn said. You already have the bloodline, so you couldn’t add it again, but the way your bloodline is calculated would make sense to change.
2) The way it is written makes it sound fairly singular to me (granted when it was written up there really was no way to have more than one, so it makes sense). I’d say GM discretion, with my personal manner of handling it being that you receive a single bloodline determined at random.
3) Once again I’d say GM discretion.
4) The way the capstone is written it requires sorcerer blood or “blood of an affiliated creature,” so I can see an argument being made that Eldritch heritage causes them to be affiliated, but honestly I don’t think I’d let that float in my own games. As with the 3 above, though, I’d say it comes down to GM discretion as well.

I've had one go from 1 to 19 or so in a 3.5 game. It took roughly twenty months. Starting above 1, or simply giving out more experience will speed things up considerably.

PRD says wrote:

Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can't make optimum use of a weapon that isn't properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If the creature isn't proficient with the weapon, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies.

The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder's size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon's designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can't wield the weapon at all.

The bolded bit is the important part. Unfortunately the Titan Mauler does nothing to alter that.

The scythe would certainly result in a huge weapon (there are actually a number of interesting builds that rely on the use of size changes and so to make some ridiculous numbers of dice happen). The problem actually stems from your Titan Mauler’s ability, or in this case inability, to wield a large scythe in the first place. Odd as it is, the Titan Mauler’s abilities don’t actually allow it to bypass the rules that a two handed weapon upped a size category becomes wholly un-wieldable. This means that they are limited to large one handed or light weapons (with the only truly advantageous ones being the Bastard Sword/Dwarven Waraxe).

Of course, as this is your game you may wish to run the ability as you see fit (and the developer of said archetype has posted a bit of his feelings on the matter if you search the board for it). I simply chimed in with this since you said that you weren’t all that rules savvy to begin with.

The numbers being shown on the SRD aren’t an error per se (not that the pricing and weight aren’t errors, just that those particular listings do appear in the book, that is). Right, so knowing this may be a tad odd, and I’m not even sure exactly what I was doing when I found it, but in the green headings that each material name appears in (in the book), in the far right amidst the green are these prices and weight listings written in a font colored the exact same as the heading. This is easily verifiable by playing around with the highlighter, copying, and pasting them elsewhere. As far as why they exist, I have no idea.

Unfortunately it appears the group I have been playing with for the last 4 years has to (hopefully) temporarily disband while other members take care of their obligations (1 guy in Malaysia, another busy with work, etc.).

Honestly, I’ve now written and rewritten this section like twenty times and cannot for the life of me make it sound less like a classifieds ad. I’ve GMed for the last 4 years, but have gotten to play here and there as well, so I am well versed with how it works on both sides of the screen. I can theoretically make myself free for any day of the week (I work, but I can easily modify my schedule). I’m honestly not sure what else to throw in here, so just ask if there is something important I’m missing.

Even those of us who post rarely appreciate the effort you all put forth in cleaning the boards. Thank you also for taking the time to talk back to us. Nowhere else have I seen the level of commitment to service, nor sense of community that your combined efforts engender.

Truly, thank you for making these boards a place I relish returning to.

You use your base stats and whatever modifiers you are allotted from your particular level of wild shape (beast shape III and elemental body III at your level). So to answer your particular question, it depends. For example, an animal like a bear is typically large, so you would get a +4 size bonus to strength, a -2 to dex, and a +4 natural armor bonus. A large earth elemental would net you a +6 size bonus to strength, a -2 to dex, +2 to con, and a +6 natural armor bonus.

You are also restricted in what other abilities you’re allotted depending on what you wild shape into (for example you don‘t get the rend ability when turning into animals that normally have it, since beast shape III doesn‘t call that out as an ability you get), but it’s laid out pretty clearly in the spell text for you to reference.

How do the rest of your stats look?
Are you opposed to multiclassing/prestiging?
How are you planning on contributing in combat (what sort of weapon style)?
Which Order?
Did you choose any archetypes?

Why do you equate "suppresses freedom of movement and..." to only suppressing the auto escape portion instead of the whole spell?

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