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Hello everyone, while recently reading a post by Mark Seifter in regards to the large overlap the Arcane spell list has with others, specifically this part

Mark Seifter wrote:
Arcane is essentially the main culprit for overlap, in part because the wizard is extremely greedy (or perhaps envious is a better word for it) when it comes to demanding spells be on the arcane list, given there are eight schools of magic and the wizard specialist in a given school demands a place at the table, even for schools that mostly match an essence that isn't part of arcane.

I was struck with a thought and wanted to see how it resonated with others. Rather than forcing spells to fit where they thematically might not (given the essences associated with arcane magic), why not create spells which rely on the traits of arcane magic to ape those spells as best they can? I've always viewed the arcane spell list as one of innovation, filled with spells that are largely the result of tireless research and development. To me, the idea that a necromancer (specifically the specialist wizard) unable to touch upon the realms of spiritual and vital, who would finesse or brute force the material and mental essences to get an approximate effect seems so appropriate to me. Now I'm not suggesting removing all overlap, I think it's fair for those spells which have traditionally been iconic to arcane casters but which don't well represent their essences remain in place (perhaps as examples of true breakthroughs rather than base mimicry and emulation).

So even writing this, I know that the likelihood of this occurring sits only slightly above nil. I'm honestly more interested with seeing the extent to which this thought could encourage future works rather than forcing such a massive undertaking as would be required to conform to it for the Core book. Even beyond that, I'm interested in hearing what other people think about this idea, and for those who find it intriguing enough to run with it, how they would emulate some of poor fit spells with the essences available.

Unfortunately it appears the group I have been playing with for the last 4 years has to (hopefully) temporarily disband while other members take care of their obligations (1 guy in Malaysia, another busy with work, etc.).

Honestly, I’ve now written and rewritten this section like twenty times and cannot for the life of me make it sound less like a classifieds ad. I’ve GMed for the last 4 years, but have gotten to play here and there as well, so I am well versed with how it works on both sides of the screen. I can theoretically make myself free for any day of the week (I work, but I can easily modify my schedule). I’m honestly not sure what else to throw in here, so just ask if there is something important I’m missing.