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I will never need this, but thanks for volunteering the work. If any of my players goes here I reserve the right to just say, "You develop a little rash" and move on.

I've seen this posted a few times. I've never seen it tried because it's so incredibly all-or-nothing. You're either doing ok, or you're useless.

You and your DM should listen to Gauss here. You have to loosen you're concept of reality a bit when dealing with this area of the game.

Let's not think too hard about this, guys. Just extrapolate a little. A wall is a wall, force or otherwise. Why wouldn't it be treated as an object except where the spell says differently?

*bites tongue*:

Spoofing the Bible is dangerous stuff. If you spoofed other texts... No. This is the internet. I shouldn't get into that...
*bites tongue*

All characters in the Christmas story are NPC classes. Mary is a commoner along with the shepherds. Joseph and the Magi are upper level experts (magi being the highest level), Herod is an aristocrat.

I apologise. It's late. I'm tired. And I can't bring myself to delete the above.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
I am having a difficult time expressing how inane I find this, and still be board appropriate.

This. Someone who actually enforces this is officially micromanaging beyond my ability to imagine (certificates provided upon request) . They should probably not be GMing.

Welcome to a high level Pathfinder Chronicler. The more friends they can be, the better (worse?) this gets. As far add I know, this is a perfectly legal build.

I'm pretty sure Std. Action + Std. Action can equal full round. Not 1 round, but full round... Yes?

Honestly, this trick only works with martials because that pesky one spell per round rule still applies, and I'm totally ok with martials getting a nice thing of it takes an entirely seperate character + cohorts to pull off.


Anything that improves healthy gameplay diversity is a good thing.

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
The ogre race in the race builder chapter of the ACG is a zero-hit-dice version of an ogre. It breaks the normal rules, and is not an official race for that reason.

I agree with this.

Gestalt is the only time when this would be worth it. You would be so far behind in class abilities for both your classes that having huge bonuses on your weapon would, maybe, bring you up to par. Maybe.

The Spirit Totem gives everyone a free slam attack vs adjacent foes. Pretty cool stuff.

Also what Undone said.

From my view, HV are a kind of paladins who shoot first and ask questions later. They are fighters first and foremost, more so than the "holy warrior" that is the paladin. If it's evil, they apply smite until the evil is no longer a problem. They don't do that preachy stuff. They don't do reasoned or even impassioned arguments. Their argument is "apply weapon", and if you still don't agree they apply it again until you either agree or stop disagreeing (probably due to a lack of blood).

I stand corrected.

Proficiency covers both.

It would only work as a quickened spell unless the spell you are striking with is a spell that has held charges from a previous round. The limiter that immidiately came to mind is you can only cast one spell per round unless one is quickened.

Don't feed the pedants. It's number 2.

I have always understood it as option a.

If your DM allows a non-lawful monk, Tetori are the best. They don't have the highest CMB, that belongs to the Barbarian grappler (I think), but the special abilities at higher levels really give the tetori the edge.

In my experience, being functionally immortal vs HP damage was more fun. We could go up against encounters that were normally a clear TPK and win! But that may not be your dynamic.
Half your problem is your AP. Psionics shine in situations where they can nova because psionics nova like no other. Just be happy you don't have a Wilder or a Overchannel using psion. Those are even worse.

Is there any reason that you are hesitant to use huge AOE damage or target then vitalist? You mentioned those things being un-fun, but could you elaborate on why you consider those things un-fun?

It is extreme. No, I don't see anything wrong with it. If you have a vitalist in your party, they eventually become immune to HP threats. That's just the way the class works.

But, do pay attention to his max manifester lvl. Getting the mass heal equivalent isn't online until ML 17, if I remember correctly. At that point just about everything is going nuts.

Also remember that that's probably the best he can do. He can't keep that up forever. And when a psionic class like the vitalist runs out of power points they are useless . Not just "wizard is out of useful options but still has a couple spells that might come into play" useless, but "I couldn't cast anything above lvl 0 even if I wanted to" useless. Just stretch out their adventuring day and increase the number of encounters/day. He'll start sweating bullets pretty quick.

Stance 1 is correct. Stance two implies meaning where none is intended.

I never liked the 'read lip' shenanigns, though I understand the necessity of it. I personally perfer a ring of minor image that gives your real life captions. It captions you when you use the manual language of your choice (I'm partial to American Sign Language) and everyone else when they speak a language you can read.

That's just me.

As far as game terms, Deaf isn't a bad curse, but auto failing auditory checks can hamper things depending on what you're doing.

RumpinRufus wrote:

There shouldn't be any confusion. No FAQ necessary.

The fact that speech is explicitly called out as a free action that you can take even when it isn't your turn shows that normally, you can only take free actions on your turn.

There is not any case in which it is ambiguous whether or not you can take free actions. Either you take some other action and can take free actions along with it, or you cannot take the free action (except talking.)


Enchantment, illusion, conjuration, divination

Ravingdork wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

These seem somewhat contradictory to me. Do fired projectiles deal damage based on the size of the weapon that fired them, or not?
It depends on which spell you're under the effect of, as can be seen from the effects in your post.
But that's highly inconsistent...

And you point, good sir?

I would take "normal" and "Size of the weapon that fired" to mean the same thing. The "size" in the second entry is, logically, the natural (or "normal") size of the weapon without magical modification.

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You play them like this. This story has defined paladin morality and behavior for me.

In all this advice (none of which has been bad so far), know that no plan survives contact with the PC's. your improv will come in handy when the PC's jump the rails.

Magic tastes like the color brown, mostly.

I'll play a gnome over a halfling any day of the week, regardless of class. They're just so fun to play.

Well, it's not 2 or 3, so here's to two anonomyous people's viewpoints getting slam dunked by the boards. *toasts*

I would say no. Only illusions targeted on him, though I would destroy one of his images per attack no matter how badly the giant missed. No RAW for that though, just me.

I doubt it. "Comma" costs less money to print.

Spellscar Oracle can do an alright job, but it runs afowl of the 1 for 1 action exchange thing except a few times per day. On the other hand, wild magic effects can be a lot of fun and flavorful. :)

Straight mechanics doesn't assume 10+ foot reach. They assume 5 foot, making this a circumstance where I would require a feat or ability that either gave the monk reach or somehow allowed him to attack limbs, which normally isn't possible.

James Risner wrote:
Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Only pre-existing ones. You still can't cast in an AMF.


PvP may sound cool, but, unless it's very planned and very intentional, its bad. Game-ruining, friendship-ruining bad. Promise.

Even in the best circumstances, bruised relationships are at a high likelyhood.

Mike Franke wrote:
BigDTBone wrote:
seebs wrote:
Hmm. What about a male human wearing a kilt?
Don't joke. Apparently there is some sort of mech-tail item that was a major bone if contention for like 500+ posts in that thread.
Did you really just say bone of contention in this context?

Yes. Yes he did. *Golf clap*

On topic: it only matters if the people you are playing with care about every word meaning only one thing and adhereing to every minuate of the rules. If you play with that atmosphere, I'm sorry.
If you enjoy it... *backs away slowly*

The gloom blade would be adversely affected by the sun blade's special power, but, as long as you are being fair to the other players then there's really no such thing as "too nice". As long as the encounters still balance out after your generosity, you're good.

Pathfinder must have gotten suddenly very popular with lawyers because these boards have come up with some crazy nit-picky arguments and questions lately.

As for the question, yes, I believe they would take damage.

A torch isn't that warm. You'd have to hold it under your face, but then you risk setting yourself on fire and... That's just sad.

So, I probably wouldn't give a bonus.

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Daze does not restrict movement. It removes your movement entirely via taking away your ability to act. Therefore, Freedom of Movement does not overcome Daze because there is no movement restricting effect to negate.

Immidiate would interrupt, thus applying the penalty and possibly setting up AoO's when the foe tries to get up.

*takes noted for his Terori*
Seems ok to me as long as you have combat reflexes.

Edit: Ki throw's movement does not provoke, so I'm not sure it works now.

I always try to buy several miscellaneous kits that fit the theme or fluff of the character such as grooming or counterfeiting kits. Those save me a bunch of trouble scrolling through every mundane item.

But then again I usually scroll through anyway just to make sure there's nothing I've missed...