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So we're playing through Skull and Shackles, and after a player failed to defeat the barrier "Pirate Hunting," which has the player summon and encounter a random ship. The card says: "If the summoned card is not defeated, leave the barrier faceup on the location deck and put the summoned card next to it.

"Characters at this location encounter the summoned card as their first exploration each turn. If the summoned card is defeated, banish it; this barrier is also defeated."

Now Merisiel comes to this location and encounters this card.

I assume she can evade the barrier and the summoned ship, though this soaks up her first exploration. But what, if anything, happens to the card then? Some players suggested that since the card was evaded, it should be shuffled back into the location. Others argued that this isn't in the spirit of the card and that the barrier should remain face up on top of the location deck until someone comes along and defeats it.

Any ideas? And do any rules specifically address this point? We haven't been able to find one. I believe that technically this card is still part of the location deck and remains on top and is not a displayed card, if that matters.

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A lot of ranged weapons allow you to discard that weapon to add dice to a combat check at another location. When you do this, does this also add the ranged weapon's traits to that combat check?

This came up when we were fighting Brimorak because if the check to defeat has the piercing or slashing trait, the Brimorak deals 2 fire damage. But I can see it having other applications, such as adding the magic or fire trait.

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This came up at our game today: Let's say a player with Cape of Escape temporarily closes a location when another player encounters the villain. Could the player with the Cape then use that item to move to a second location and close that as well?

We decided against it. Our thinking was that you have to resolve the checks to temporarily close locations before you could play the Cape. But I figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone has a different opinion.

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We are starting to play through We Be Goblins, and I'm not sure we're setting up the game properly. We have Rise of the Runelords and all the adventure decks. We also have the two Goblin class decks (Goblins Fight and Goblins Burn).

I don't know that we'll ever participate in an organized play event. If we're not going to do that, is there any advantage to registering our characters?

When building our decks, are we limited to cards in the class deck the character came from, or can you also use cards with the Basic trait from the Runelords base set? From the PACG Guild Guide, it sounds like you are limited to the class decks. If that's true, what happens when you acquire boons from Runelords?

Finally, do you shuffle unused cards from the goblin class decks into the box with the Runelords cards, or should these always remain separate?

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We've been debating how to handle the duration of cards that are displayed on their own, next to a character's deck or next to a location deck. For example:

Elemental Skin: Displayed next to your location.
Caustic Fog: Display this card.
Stone Skin: Display next to a character's deck.
Pillar or Life: Display next to your location.

I'm sure there are more.

Do these cards last just one turn or until the effect is triggered?

For example, Stone Skin says: "While displayed, reduce all damage dealt to that character. At the end of the turn..." We're trying to figure out whether "at the end of the turn" refers to the turn during which the spell is cast -- meaning it goes away right away even if the character didn't take damage -- or if stoneskin remains in effect until that character takes damage.

All four cards end similarly with "at the end of the turn" or "at the end of your turn."

This probably should be in a separate thread: But for Stoneskin, could you cast it on yourself (or someone else) after you draw an encounter but before you resolve it?

Thanks, everyone.

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In Mummy's Mask, Estra has this power: "On your turn, you may recharge a spell to examine the top 2 ( [] or 3) cards of your location deck...."

My question: Can you do this examination before she does her first exploration?

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I'm working on an Excel-based Pathfinder RPG character sheet and have a question about using the Pathfinder RPG logo. (It's listed in Paizo's community use registry, and you can find the Google group here.)

I want to put the Pathfinder RPG logo in the top-left corner of the sheet. However, I want it in black-and-white to keep the file size down and make it easier to print the sheet on non-color printers.

Paizo's policy, however, prohibits altering the color of the logo. Would Paizo consider letting me use the black-and-white image? I'd be happy to provide the image for review.

Thank you.

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The Beta 2 version of the character sheet has been posted. All class abilities that apply 100 percent of the time are now included, most notably the monk's Flurry of Blows ability, which can be calculated automatically from the Weapons dropdown menus.


Again, this file is posted in a Google group. You do not need to join the group to download the file if you don't want to, though you have to be a member to post. Here's the link again: http://groups.google.com/group/snarfs-pathfinder-rpg-character-sheet

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Has anyone done any work to convert this adventure path to the Pathfinder RPG? I looked through the thread but didn't see anything.

I'm most immediately interested in the conversion of traits. I saw a link to a thread on that subject in the Second Darkness thread, but the link appears to be broken.


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If you take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, do you gain proficiency in only one weapon or in a class of weapons? The text of the feat says: You make attack rolls with the weapon normally. But it also goes on to say the feat refers to a type of weapon, which could mean weapon groups or even something as broad as bludgeoning, piercing, etc.


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Are there any resources on the Paizo site for converting 3.5 monsters to have Pathfinder RPG stats, particularly skills? If so, could someone please point me in the right direction?


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The rules say a ranger's combat style feats apply only when he wears light or no armor. This rule seems a bit unwieldy in that the player and DM will have to keep track of when the character got a feat.

If a ranger wearing chain mail takes Point Blank Shot as his standard second-level feat, he can use it whenever he wants, but if he takes it as a combat style feat, he can't use it when wearing his armor. That seems overly cumbersome to me.

I can't think of any other instances in the rules where someone with a feat is limited on when he or she can use that feat, outside of limitations in the feat description itself.

Apologies in advance if this issue has already been covered elsewhere. I didn't see it.

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My players and I got into a debate about alignment a couple game sessions ago. At issue was whether most common folk in Riddleport are evil. (This came up because of a paladin's detect evil ability.)

It seems to me that most would be evil not only if they're petty criminals or thugs, but also just by participating in a society where stealing, bribes, violence and other crimes are daily facts of life.

If someone is getting mugged and you just look the other way, is that evil or just chaotic? Any other thoughts? What about stealing?

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I admit I'm not much of a gambler in real life and am having trouble running the gambling tournament.

For one thing, Saul says in his speech that as you play games, you get a gold eye for coming in first, a silver tooth for coming in second and a copper heart for coming in third. But all of the games look like you make wagers and the amount you win (or lose) depends on your wager. Am I right, or am I missing something?

Also, it says gamblers can buy chips from the house. By my count, someone could just walk in, spend about 270 gp on gold eyes to buy all the badges and get into the final Golem round for the grand prize. I realize, of course, that even if a gambler buys his way into the final round, he still could lose, but it seems plausible.