Do ranged weapons add traits to combat checks at other locations

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A lot of ranged weapons allow you to discard that weapon to add dice to a combat check at another location. When you do this, does this also add the ranged weapon's traits to that combat check?

This came up when we were fighting Brimorak because if the check to defeat has the piercing or slashing trait, the Brimorak deals 2 fire damage. But I can see it having other applications, such as adding the magic or fire trait.

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No, unless the wording of the ranged weapon's rule explicitly states that it adds traits to the check at the other location (I can't think of any off the top of my head that do that).

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example: Force Shortbow+1 has "discard this card to add 1d4 and the Force trait to a combat check by a character at another locaiton."

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To clarify why more explicitly.

Using a card does not add that cards' traits to the check unless the card is being used to define the skill you're using for the check. So using an attack spell "For your combat check, use your Arcane skill..." will add all of its traits to the check (including the Magic trait, for example), but using a supportive spell like Black Spot or Good Omen will not.

Very important when it comes to fighting incorporeal enemies!

However, you still cannot play a card that has a trait that the card being encountered is immune to. If there was a creature that's Immune to Piercing, for example, you couldn't play a bow to add 1d4, even though you're not actually adding the piercing trait. From the rulebook:

Mummy's Mask Rulebook pg 9 wrote:
If the card you’re encountering states that it is immune to a particular trait, during the encounter, characters may not play cards that have the specified trait or use powers that would add that trait to the check.

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Thanks, everyone. This makes sense. The example of the card that adds the Force trait makes it really clear. And thanks for the additional information on traits and the rules reference.

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