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It looks to me that if the PCs go to the shadow plane in A4, and then destroy the umbral vise, they would be stuck on the shadow plane because there is no way to advance to the next umbral vise without returning to the material plane. The next umbral vise is in A7, and the PCs cannot get past A6 without returning to the material plane unless they have a magical way of teleporting to the next room. Please let me know if I'm missing something.


Hello, I'm trying to determining whether access to the Gray Gardener archetype

that is granted by completing Night of the Gray Death
can be bequeathed to another character. The FAQ says you can't bequeath boons that don't have a rarity associated with them, and I don't see a rarity associated with this archetype, so I'm not sure if that means you can't bequeath it. Any help would be appreciated.

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If people are going to be at risk of currently losing access to their Paizo accounts, I hope we get a clearer standard of what behavior is and is not acceptable. I don't agree with a policy that seeks to silence and punish speech simply because it offends some portion of the population. In this very thread, you can find posts that are critical of religion which some people may find offensive. However, those posters are not facing suspensions or bans. I don't understand where the line is being drawn. Who is it okay to offend? What speech is protected? Am I going to lose access to my Paizo account simply for raising these types of questions?


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You say Pathfinders are arrest on sight but Tascio gives you the information you want voluntarily and does not attack you unless you seek to take the rebel who has killing his fellow Hellknight and law officers.

I don't mean to cause a big to-do, but I think taking agency away from the PCs is a bit of a tonal whip lash given that the overall theme of this Season is reckoning with the Society past, and understanding that complicated situations require less murder hobo'ey solutions.

I also don't understand what Richard means that it is a GM's job to make sure that the PCs know what the Society expects from them. As far as I know, nobody ordered the PCs to rescue Sabina and I am not aware of any ongoing directive to free criminals from police officers who are enforcing the law. The PCs can get the information required to lead them to Varian without any violence at all.

That being said, I am not going to beat a dead horse. If the Scenario is meant to punish the PCs for not rescuing Sabina then that's the way I will run it.


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What should a gm do if the PCs decide Tascio is correct in holding Sabina prisoner? From what I can gather from the scenario she is murdering police officers and is part of a foreign invasion seeking to overthrow the lawful government of Cheliax. Tascio gives you the information about where Varian is voluntarily. I could see PCs deciding it is not their place to intervene in a matter of civil war, especially since she is completely tangential to what they are actually try to do, which is find and retrieve Varian. After Colson Maldris, I kind of thought the Society had learned it was best not to interfere in the internal workings of a nation. However, here, part of the primary objective is freeing Sabina. Not sure how punitive a GM should be with a pretty murky political situation.


Is it intended for the invidiak and disciple to be immune to precision damage even if struck with a ghost touch weapon? That is my reading of the stat block but that's not how incorporeal creatures worked in 1e so I'm just double-checking.

Tell your wizard or alchemist to reroll healbot cleric or your group is probably going to have a bad time.


Tommi Ketonen wrote:
Zachary Davis wrote:
Saqcat wrote:

Do the players have to deal with the disseases that they may have from the zombies of the second encounter during the 8 day journey to return from the barrow to the Farheaven Clan village?

Guide to OP wrote:

The following conditions are not automatically removed and must be cleared from the character before the end of the adventure or the character ceases to be available for organized play:

Permanent petrification, polymorph effects, or negative conditions

I count it as a negative condition, so yes I would of have them resolve the condition prior to leaving the table.

This isn't correct. You missed the first section of the same part of the guide that handles negative conditions:

The Pathfinder Society takes care of its members by removing most ongoing nonpermanent negative conditions and repairing agents’ damaged gear to the condition it was in at the start of the scenario.

ongoing nonpermanent negative conditions include diseases, society takes care of them once you get to the lodge.

Meanwhile, the negative conditions part in
"Permanent petrification, polymorph effects, or negative conditions"
refers to permanent negative conditions (not just permanent petrification and "non permanent polymorphs and non permanent other negative conditions".

I don't think that's correct. The adventure doesn't end until you make it back to Nelket. You have to deal with the disease during the week's journey from the barrow back to Nelket. Both Zombie Rot and Demonplague can kill a PC before they reach Nelket. Page 5 of the scenario indicates the barrow is 8 days away from Nelket and the end stage of both diseases is 5 days.

My apologies if this is not the relevant place to ask but who is the person on the cover? Is that Asilia of Gyr?

Maybe we could get metal strikes as a feat in the future.

Is there any way for animal instinct barbarians to overcome metal resistances with unarmed natural attacks? Similar to how monks get metal strikes. At higher levels I could see this being a pretty significant disadvantage if you can’t overcome metal resistances because you are locked out of raging with a weapon.


Love all the art! I'm a little confused by Radiant Oath's though. Why the wheat?


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What was the reasoning behind making what is essentially 3 levels worth of content worth only 1 level of experience in society play? Not that I'm necessary criticizing it I just am not following the rationale. Is that like an XP discount because you don't have to follow PFS rules in the module?

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azjauthor wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
The town, located in Isger, has it's own name, but outsiders derogatorily call it Plaguestone.
Etran's Folly isn't exactly the best branding for a town either. A bit better than Plaguestone, but still ...

When I ran Plaguestone, I ended the adventure by having the town name changed to

Bort's Rest.

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Keep in mind if your animal companion uses its support action it cannot attack itself in that round so I'm not sure that the bear's support action is actually that good.

Just one man's opinion, but I think the final boss if overtuned for a level 1-4. If your PCs don't have fire or acid to stop the regeneration, it can very easily turn into a TPK.