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Hello, I'm trying to determining whether access to the Gray Gardener archetype

that is granted by completing Night of the Gray Death
can be bequeathed to another character. The FAQ says you can't bequeath boons that don't have a rarity associated with them, and I don't see a rarity associated with this archetype, so I'm not sure if that means you can't bequeath it. Any help would be appreciated.

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It might be Uncommon since it's a modified Vigilante Archetype.

It can't be Common because then any PFS character with the Secondary Initiation AcP boon could take it without playing the appropriate adventure.

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Not quite right. Without Character Options saying the options from the AP book are standard availability, no one can take the archetype without the chronicle. Though I do hope bequeathal is allowed.

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Oh, yes, that's true.

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The intention of Bequeathal is that it would work on a boon that grants access to a character option, as well as any other boon with a rarity attached. The "must have rarity" clause is there to a) decide how much the boon costs, and b) prevent transferring the older-style "you get a +2 to Diplomacy checks with the nomadic tribe you saved" boons.

Now this does present an interesting case, in that Gray Gardener is in fact a subset of an uncommon archetype, which is in fact common for all PFS characters (why is Vigilante common for PFS? who knows, I blame Sayre). In this instance my instinct would be to treat the Gray Gardener subset as Uncommon for the purposes of Bequeathal; luckily because of the AcP system I can update the boon, so I'll double-check and then add that clause.

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