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It seems like your healer just dosnt want to be a healer but a pasifist healer almost. While that can be cool and fun he's still limiting the other way s he can assist his party other then being a one trick pony. That being said there are still some house rules you could do to assist him. Healing spell healing half the amount toal after hp to heal stamina. Example player hp Max is 12 and players Stam is at 0 and has suffered 2 hp dmg so current Hp is at 10. Healing cast spell and get a 10 total. 2 poits go to Hp the 8 remaining divided by half so stamina is healed 4 point. If player took no hp dmg, stamina would be healed by 5. Another option would be be to create spells to heal stamina. I've played alot of healers but there's more to being a healer then just healing in a game like this preventing your party from injury is just as importan. Otherwise he's making it harder not just on himself but the party to. Ask him what his character is willing to do to protect his companions.Make it into a story point and help a character show him other options he could have that don't conflict with what he wants to do. Play can get stuck in a concept sometimes and not see other options till they are show.

Brain Jack cool thanks. I round it weird that only one class got long arms as a class feat too.

Two of the Mechanic Templets list Weapon Focus (long arms as a suggestion) but the Feat (Long Arms) is not a class feat nor is the Feat a suggested one. The class that gets Long Arms as a stating feat is Solder. So is the ambition of the for the class a Error?

would have loved a free copy this looks like a must have.

Think more on the motives behind your Palies action withdrawing because its seems prudent is kind withdrawing because of apathy well ya that's a no no. The question I ask is WHY didn't the Paly check for survivors or did it see that hopeless. When Paly make "Grey" mistakes turn into a story point A what if example: what player later meets a survivor form village reveling to him their where people still their he cold have helped. A good Paladin might feel some guilt even if they where in the right Game effect could be a temp lost of a ability till he makes amends or asks for forgives done right it can be both rewarding and at same time get players thinking about their actions and its effects.

TheRedArmy wrote:

I'm contemplating asking my party's wizard to scale back (not forcing just suggesting it), since he got into a penis measuring contest with the pally last week.

Those Lantern Archons are redonkulous.

One of the downside of being a spell caster are Spellblight's if you think your wiz is going overboard. But at the same time when you go player working against one another instead of with one another you need to bring it up to both players or it will just continue or cause some resentment if you target just one.

I kind of feel fighters get really underestimated, a lot of the reason for this comes that in 3.0 and 3.5 they where nothing but feat whores. While They are Still feat whores they got a little more umf with wep training and armor train. One prob is to look at them comparied to other classes the "look" light. But you start adding the feats they can pick to the mix they get really sick. a sample build to lev 7

Fighter Race: Human

1. Power atk, Cleave, improved init.
2. Great Cleave (a must in 3.x upgraded for PF)
3 weapon focus( long sword) or two- weapon
4. Weapon spec (long sword) or improved Shield bash
5. Double Slice or weapon focus (long sword)
6. Improved Two Weapon or shield slam
7. Vital strike
personally I The Shield bash line I find to be really classic and very effective.

GeraintElberion wrote:

It turns out Paizo can even send you the person who wrote the adventure!

They're going to make the strategy guide obsolete before it comes out!


Kind of my fear Its like calling a book "Fast and Loud" and it being about home gardening.

I really like the Idea of this book. it can prove a great aid to help gm's with new players and youngish player. That said the name is very misleading and did not bring to mind the intent of this book. In fact the title of the book event seems like it would be intimidating to new players the preventing them from even picking it up or. Even vet gm's from doing so. Please really reconsider name change "Character Guide" or something similar Is both less intimidating and give to be a customer a better idea what this book is meant to do.( honestly when I saw book title first thing I though was a advanced battle tactics guide not a players aid book.)

Short and sweet answer knowledge (local)is what ya known But this is somewhat generalized. Like you know where haunted mill is.
Knowledge (History) is your ability of find out more specific: You know the mill was owned buy the same family for 10 generations hill they died in a fire.
Gather info Is your ability to add to what ya know some things normally not spoken out load: You find out that that many believe family was murdered and many believe wife was a witch.
I do kind of think knowledge local should be specified a little more like to specific cities or towns Like Knowledge local NY or New town.

I'd add more definition to some non-combats like crafting and professions. While this are better the 3.5 they are really under defined and even somewhat illogical in application.
As far as reducing spells and feats, that I feel is more a job for a DM to decide for his world. Player like choice even if they keep making the same choices 9 time out of ten its those times when they don't make those same choices that real magic can happen. that being said I'd like to see combat feats that encourage player to choose differently; like a single weapon style feat that is as beneficial and interesting as two-weapon style.
I'd like to see spell combat made much more interesting the spell counter rule are almost unusable at low to mid even high levels probably one thing I'd like to see reworked.

I like your Idea. I'd say even go as far as to even drop the bombs or modify the concept. In game terms I always felt a Alchemist should be to transmutation what a Summoner is to Conjuring.

Calybos1 wrote:

Maybe Intimidate should be based on Strength OR Charisma, depending on which 'flavor' you use....

interestingly enough in 2d ed intimidation non-weapon skill was just that. depending on how it was use. some people use words others action like punching a table in half, crushing a mug in their hands or the classic lifting 2oo lb. man off the ground with on hand. in the end really comes down to how creative a player can be and how much fun the dm wants to have atm. with the encounter.

the Blade is a bard based kit.. sadly most kits from "the complete thief blew

Papa Chango wrote:

Indeed, this sounds like the sort of bonus feat I'd give to players. I do not think they would choose those by themselves, at least at lower levels.

This sort of great feat is why I'd like parallel feat slots. Some slots for combat, slots for this sort of feat or Craft specialization.

Not having my book yet (Damm! you Amazon),I always figured that story feats world be used as rewards feats to players kind of like NWN1 and 2.

You can do a mix as well ignoring DR for most creature: if magic items are rare creatures would not have been able built up a resistance to them. and save the DR and Sr for the big bads where players my need a "Special" weapons or weapons to deal with it thus enforcing the low magic feel. of the world.

Try making a cr 1 Large dragon and kept getting error : siz category doesn't match cr

Try making a cr 1 Large dragon and kept getting error : size category doesn't match cr

My question is there a way do you plan on putting out a copy of the appendix's for those that already own the individual 101 spell books?

Grit is a universal term it doesn't just need to be applied guns so no need to change name 8)
Grit(in this context): firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

One of the problems with the time stop Spell I've notice Even back in 1st and even 2d ed, is that mobs would think should acculy be immune to time stop like GODs, Demigod Gr Devils or deamon's arnt imune to the effect. Now in pathfinder this should realy be addresded, even more so with these Mythic rules.

Request: plese incude in some for Monsters or a list of monsters (In some form) that are eather immune to or that time stops(Mythic and or normal) has limited effect.

Suggetion: Incude Feat, ablity or power (monster only or otherwise) that would give Timestop immunity or limmited imumunity (mythic or otherwise)

Segetion 2: include immunity limited or otherwise in some NPC Mythic templets

This PDf realy perck my intrest but I became a little disaponted when i noticed that none of the Core race are supored yet so i'll probly be holding off the ya do one that dose suport them.

It seem that in general the problem with Mystic weakness isn't the flaw itself but perhaps it perhaps where it falls on the tier progression. A Suggestion is move Mystic weakness to tier 4 or 5 at the earliest.
Having both a feat that would allow a player to choose a flaws for bonus mystic use or having one that remove or ignore the effect of the flaw at least temporarily world work as well.

Option 2.
1.Its balanced: At both lower and higher tiers non mythic
encounters can still give players a challenge without them having a
SUPER overwhelming advantage especially when combined with other
feats and abilities like improved initiative a high abilities scores.
2.Its bonus is easy to track.
3.It prevents Heroic non mythic encounters from becoming complete
cannon fodder.

Mixed feelings of hope and dread, I really wish they would drop the "Ulitimate" from the title of their suplement book is seems to lead to more disapointment. A good product dont need to call itself Ultimate anything the peaple that by it will simply know.

harmor wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Could a Wizard, for example, choose Stabilize or a Cleric choose Acid Splash?

As the feat it writen I'd say yes But the problem with the feat is its too open to interpitaion, It dose not set any bounderies on choose or give a class selection of what is or is not avalable. i know this is a old thread but the feat need a Errata answer

Rite Publishing wrote:
we are slowly working on complete lists for each of the new classes the Inquisitor has already been posted as a free download.

cool deal realy looking forward to witch list

can a play with the Experimental Spellcaster (Words of power feat) feat learn new words by finding them or haveing them learning them from another word caster. The rules don't say you can but the dont realy say you cant eather. Its a bit vague is consitered a word caster or not... or maybe i'm blind 8) thx in advance.

looks realy good I was wondering if there may be a updated list that includes the new class :witches,Magus ect.?

James-Farrow wrote:


i'm pretty new to the pathfinder system but i am currently writing a new world for my players to play in. I want to remove clerical magic. is their any suggestions as a alternative? or will the PC's just be too frail to take on much of anything?

much appreciated

First i like the idea. and its not reay that hard to do. I've beeen playing and running rpg for(GAH!!! over 20 years) awhile so it not that uncommon to have ground with out a healer calss at all so haveing a world with out its no biggy eather. Fift dont over think it. the heaihng skill and salve become much more impoain in game like that giveing a non magical way to heal wounds. In wolrd like that with no "divine magic" comat get much more dangerus. Asuumin there is magic in the world you can make you can simply change the name of clears to healers or hedge mage ect and just decalge those spell are now arcane. If theres no healing magic in the game or very limited like from items only, start player out with more Hp the beta of patfinder gave a good option starting hp max starting HD dubled + con so a fighers would start with 20+ con in hp.(I use this anyway i find it give newbie a better chance to live to beging with)

You can also use he Vitality wound rulse thse can be found in Starwars d20 ( NOT SAGA RULE) or the Complete Arcana. I'm not 100% sure wather rules are pen gaming or not so i want go in to it much then to say it alows you not to realy wory about healing alot sice you rgen Vitaly (HP) realy quik acter combats over but crits become nastyer so when a player acculy becomes wounded used right can add some good drama to your world and give it a very gritty feel.

One other note with Summoners they you may or may not have had a prob with. Is that they can not use thier Summon Monster ablity ahd have thier Edolon up at the same time. Its eather one or the other. This was one of the changes from beta to print. You may also want to make sure hes not useing beta rules for sumoners too they where kind of broken in beta 8D but thats my 2 Cp

Eric The Pipe wrote:

I changed Quick to Act to this:

Quick To Act (Ex): You add your Wisdom modifier to you initiative in addition to your Dexterity modifier. In addition, at 5th level any time you roll for initiative you can change your roll to a 10 as if that was the number you rolled. At 10th level whenever you roll for initiative, you can roll twice and take either result. At 15th level you always act in a surprise round, but if you fail to notice the ambush, you act last, regardless of your initiative result (you act in the normal order in following rounds). At 20th level, anytime you roll initiative, you can change your roll to a 15 as if that was the number you rolled.

Instead of takeing 10 at 5th level alowe a reroll once per enconter but he must keep second roll no mater the outcome. This would make both balace the ablity and add a goot progretion tfor the leve 10 verion. For and FYI there is a old feat in a older boook that gives the exact bounus i'm sugeting to ya.

While i do like the reflect magic line it seem more like somethiner for a prestige class for swordsages then core class thats my 2 cp hope it helps

If off o have to appology I was miss intrerpered the mount of hex and valume withch they got. With at being said the class still seemed a bit limeted more like a NPC class then PC at the momont.
maybe giveing them scry as a hex or a bonus with scrying.

Make caulren a class skill rather then Hex

First off I'll say I too am a pagan not a wiccan but a pagan. I say that only because its not about religion its about respect for the theme. I would like reclarify That I found my self offended not by how witches where portrayed in this class but by the limited scope. The class as it read now is not its not a witch class its more of a racial class for a hag. A character classed should be open within in their theme. The class as it reads now is way too narrow in its theme focus ( thats the players job).
Of course there are there are classes with a narrower theme by default , Palidains being a good example, but evey the can be braode in theme as read above. Witches as history mythology and fantasy has shown us are not a class of limited scope they are as dynamic as priests, druids, wizards and sorcerers are ( a least as the are now now in pathfinder). If the class is to be included its theme needs to be less Hag more Witch ( historical, fantasy or other wise). Let they player's define the type and give them the ability to do so.
The class has a good core start But as a player and Dm I'd just like to I'd if I'm going play or make a Witch I want to make a Witch Be she Morgana Defay or Herermini 8). The Witch class theme is broud anuff to supore multi perspectives. As as its wirting now its a too foused to to one.

I'll start off say I really loved the Idea of having a Witch class in the as a base class. But as a student of Witch mythology and the religion I found myself (surprisingly) offended by how they where portrayed. And it acutely took me a few moments to realize why. Witch's in mythology, history and fantasy have Two distinctive and conflicting images , healers and sages or the Hag and deamonologist. The class for the most part seems to cater to the more negative aspect. For those that follow the “Craft” this can be a bit offensive. But it is part of the mythology an and indeed history. But as it's presented in this game context it also makes the class a bit one- dimensional.
While witches are skill in casting curses and hexes they are also skilled in warding against, protecting and removing them. If the class was made to cater to both aspects it it would be a much more interesting and balanced class.

The ability to scenes curses
the Ability to gives party member(s) a bonus to Save against cure and or a second save against the Cures/hex with a bonus (thus removing it)
the ability to counter many of the hexes and curs the may cast.

Remove cackle its just silly maybe replace with: Moppet or doll if witch posses a moppet or doll to represent player effected by cure ( it would do same affect as cackle) .

To make the class really work appeal equity to both sides of the theme. Make a better class and better playing enjoyment and resource for GM's. I really would like to see this class work. Please realize the theme of witchcraft and as if very broad and with would be good to see it represented and a balanced and respectful way that clerics and druid's are. In closing it king of seems like the designer wanted to make A PC Hag class but while Hag's may be witches witches are not , all<grin>, Hags. I hope my insight helps and it is coming from a love of your game and the theme.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Insert Neat Username Here wrote:
I like where this is going, but in the example in the OP, the Otyugh would only have a 30% chance of grappling even after this bonus.
Give him Improved Grapple, as I mentioned earlier, and he's up to 40%... hmmm, I see what you mean. Maybe the improved grab bonus should be +4?

My 2 cents; simple is easy and better give the Otyughs and tentacle creatures a flat +4 to grabble roles. The reasoning for this being also very simple tentacles are filled with rows of suckers and teeth that allow them to maintain a firmer grasp then non tentacle creatures.
Or for more dynamic systems for tentacle creatures:
Tentacle grant +1 to CMB for grabble checks for each size level starting at tiny. Or maybe some variation of this.
In general its not the creature itself that seems to be the problem Its the fact the tentacled creatures have historically been both gaming and fantasy stories been scarily effective in grappling and the new rules done seem to accommodate that fact.

Human rouge with improved unarmed strike. Beng a dm you can say kama or throing stars are class proficentcy's for him. if you have accece to Tome of battle:book of the Nine swords, Sword Sages convert easly to ninja theme aspecaly a nartuo nija theme.
(ps Sorry for spelling errors)

I've been playing D&D for over 20 years now as well and a HUGE multitue of other RPG's and the one thing I soon leared after Dming is the only time players have to depend on magic items is in I as a DM make them. Monsters can be modified to suit the challenge of the players. if the player are getting mowed over to no falt of their own the its my fualt for doing that to them. The same is true that if my players are cake wlking trough my villans thats my fault as well. While game rules set the frame work of a balenced system its the DM's job to to balance the Human factor in the game the players thier items and his own handling of them 8).