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Two of the Mechanic Templets list Weapon Focus (long arms as a suggestion) but the Feat (Long Arms) is not a class feat nor is the Feat a suggested one. The class that gets Long Arms as a stating feat is Solder. So is the ambition of the for the class a Error?

can a play with the Experimental Spellcaster (Words of power feat) feat learn new words by finding them or haveing them learning them from another word caster. The rules don't say you can but the dont realy say you cant eather. Its a bit vague is consitered a word caster or not... or maybe i'm blind 8) thx in advance.

I'll start off say I really loved the Idea of having a Witch class in the as a base class. But as a student of Witch mythology and the religion I found myself (surprisingly) offended by how they where portrayed. And it acutely took me a few moments to realize why. Witch's in mythology, history and fantasy have Two distinctive and conflicting images , healers and sages or the Hag and deamonologist. The class for the most part seems to cater to the more negative aspect. For those that follow the “Craft” this can be a bit offensive. But it is part of the mythology an and indeed history. But as it's presented in this game context it also makes the class a bit one- dimensional.
While witches are skill in casting curses and hexes they are also skilled in warding against, protecting and removing them. If the class was made to cater to both aspects it it would be a much more interesting and balanced class.

The ability to scenes curses
the Ability to gives party member(s) a bonus to Save against cure and or a second save against the Cures/hex with a bonus (thus removing it)
the ability to counter many of the hexes and curs the may cast.

Remove cackle its just silly maybe replace with: Moppet or doll if witch posses a moppet or doll to represent player effected by cure ( it would do same affect as cackle) .

To make the class really work appeal equity to both sides of the theme. Make a better class and better playing enjoyment and resource for GM's. I really would like to see this class work. Please realize the theme of witchcraft and as if very broad and with would be good to see it represented and a balanced and respectful way that clerics and druid's are. In closing it king of seems like the designer wanted to make A PC Hag class but while Hag's may be witches witches are not , all<grin>, Hags. I hope my insight helps and it is coming from a love of your game and the theme.