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I've been thinking. The alchemist class is pretty fun to play, but to me, it doesn't really evoke what medieval alchemists did. I of course refer to Alchemy not only as a science but also as a spiritual thing (which it was to the alchemists.) The Pathfinder Alchemist's abilities (besides bombs) all focus on bodily transformation, including such spells that grant breath weapons or make you vomit a swarm.

I'm thinking of creating an alternate class (similar to the format used by the Samurai and Ninja) based on the alchemist but having a different spell list and ability set.

This new class will be based around the concept of altering substances in the environment around the character. As such, it should probably have some of the following abilities.

1. The class will keep the bombs and the ability to take bomb-related discoveries.
2. The class should have an entire new spell list based around altering the world around them, keeping the feel of alchemy through use of complex diagrams. (Sounds kinda like FMA, doesn't it?) I'm thinking a lot of blasting spells and transmuting and reshaping spells hold the theme well.
3. The class should replace the mutagen with some sort of transmutation ritual ability, possibly one that gets better with level progress and new discoveries.
4. New discoveries themed around the class.


Sounds cool.

I approve of this endeavor.

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Go for it. I'm excited to see what you make!

Well, the whole class is steeped in spiritualism already, what with imparting your soul in all your extracts and mutagens. But the spell list could be updated a bit to better reflect that. Right now it's very so much 1800s horror (which is fine, since pf is barely medieval anyways)

It may take several days, but I really want to see this through. I've been thinking of names for the alternate class, and so far I've got Mystic Chymist.

Check back later for updates.

will be tough work, and won't be easy.
But good luck.

An idea:
Perhaps a familiar based on the element:
fire salamander, mermaid I believe, and ... the other 2 :)

with more concrete bombs based on the elements

transformation is always good, but spells normally don't take days and a lab. But I like that pseudo-science stuff, so please share once you've got something.

Alright, here's what I've got so far.

The Mystic Chymist is going to have the same bomb and discovery progression, but instead of extracts, the mystic chymist prepares runes (basically complicated mystic diagrams similar to the old transmutation circles.) These runes will be drawn from a new spell list based around affecting the environment, so there will be a lot of transmutation spells, but also some conjuration and evocation spells as well.

Mutagens will be replaced by rituals. Basically more powerful versions of runes that take a long time to enact.

The class will borrow some discoveries from the alchemist class, but will also contain many new discoveries.
For example, a discovery tree for expanding what the rituals can do, a discovery that grants an elemental familiar (turns out small elementals are just the right CR to count as Improved Farmiliar.), a discovery that grants the ability to create homunculi (the creature, though I am thinking that at later levels, it may be possible to create larger, more human homunculi.)

Definitely interested in how this turns out

Just letting you know that I am still working on this. I will try to post something more within the next couple of days.

So, could a Mystic Chymist discovery be available to a normal Alchemist? (like a Rogue choosing a Ninja Trick, see the "Ninja Trick" Rogue talent)

I like your Idea. I'd say even go as far as to even drop the bombs or modify the concept. In game terms I always felt a Alchemist should be to transmutation what a Summoner is to Conjuring.

Wow, folks are still interested in this?
Sorry for having given no updates, the portable hard drive that I originally had my notes on the class (among other things) got wiped, so I haven't finished it. I'll definitely give it another look when I find the time.

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SquirmWyrm wrote:

Wow, folks are still interested in this?

Sorry for having given no updates, the portable hard drive that I originally had my notes on the class (among other things) got wiped, so I haven't finished it. I'll definitely give it another look when I find the time.

Yes, I think I speak for the masses when I say we are definitely interested. If you have sort of lost interest yourself, I'd be happy to attack the idea myself, fleshing it out and hopefully eventually publishing it. Let me know if you'd be cool with that (if that did happen, you'd get a mention, for sure).

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I say this sounds intresting. maybe giving the Mystic Chymist a CL and have spells work on everything as thrown weapons or splash weapons for spells like fireball with spell range being range increment

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