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I apologize for my lack of posting over the long weekend. There was a bit more going on than I had anticipated.

Within the dining hall, Alcott's superiors take his team through their drill for the celebration one last time. Once that is done, the lieutenant approaches the paladin. "You have good form there. I actually have a job for you before the prince makes his way out to the courtyard. A merchant has set up shop right next to the stage where the Prince will be making his speech. Make sure he isn't there when it's time for His Highness to speak."

Orran's laughter is interrupted by the ship's captain. "All right. Enough dawdlin'. Let's show these fancy jousters what a real fight looks like." You disembark into the city proper with it's sturdy buildings of wood and stone. The crowd parts easily around your warrior clan as they march through the streets. After a while, you find yourself facing down warriors in armor of all colors and styles as men from many different kingdoms are eagerly awaiting their turns in the ring.

Vianna finds herself among a parade of carts and horses all decorated with aristocratic crests. As she looks about for a special seal, a young man finds her first. "Excuse me, madam. I can't help but notice that you wear the style of veil commonly worn by the women of Crete."

Pikpok walks through the streets on his way to the main fairground where he is sure to get an audience. However, he is stopped by a pair of burly humans before he makes it there. "Hey there, shorty. I don't remember seeing you around here before. We just wanted to let you know that we're the local tax collectors and by law all musicians are required to pay us 10 gold pieces for the pleasure of playing in the royal festivities."

Aelwulf the halfling you saw in the tavern last night is being heckled by some of the local thugs.

As Orion is finishing up with one of his customers, a man with dark blue hair and golden eyes enters his shop. The customer is wearing worn travelers clothes, and though he knows most of the tailors in the city, he can't place the style. The patron holds up a picture of a strange rune. "How much do you charge for a tattoo of this?"

Not you. We named the monkey Jak.

I would say either write a new one up or use Ragathiel.

Discussion thread is up.

Since this didn't get answered in the recruitment thread, I'll ask it here. How do you all like to handle maps in PBPs?

The sun is shining brightly upon the birthday celebration for Prince Zoran. All the past week, merchant vendors and noble guests have been filling up the docks of the Celestia's port for the party where the young prince finally comes of age. You start to get out of bed as the people in the city begin to file out of their homes and towards the castle.

Alcott-As you awaken within the barracks on the castle grounds, there is a knock at your chamber doors followed by a voice saying that a meeting of the guardsman who will be attending the prince during his celebration entrance will be meeting in the main hall in an hour.

Orran-You awaken aboard the ship your tribe's delegation came in on. The other warriors on board are all ready boasting about how they'll best any of the formal knights during the tournament at the celebration. They are getting their gear ready and will disembark shortly.

Vianna-You awaken alone in a cabin aboard a small boat hired by your mother. With her never remarrying, the two of you have fallen on hard times and the family's wealth has near reached the breaking point. She has sent you to Celestia to court a young nobleman to marry into his wealth and preserve the family line.

Aelwulf, Jak, and Pikpok-In the slums docks of the shadow bridge, you wake up in one of the few taverns your meager supply of coin could provide. The rooms are swollen to capacity and all you could afford was a spot on the floor by the fireplace. The dining area is becoming flooded with patrons waking up for breakfast. They begin crowding the small breakfast spread.

Orion-You wake up in the room above your small tattoo shop in the West Town district, just outside the gates of the city proper. There are already crowds of people passing by the entrance to your shop.

Here are the accepted characters.
Alcott Halas, the Aasimar Paladin
Orran Godenkahl, the Aasimar Skald
Vianna, Skinwalker Witch
Aelwulf, Human Rogue
Jak, the Human Ranger
Pikpok, the Kobold Paladin
Orion Starsong, Halfling Sorcerer

Sorry about that. Last night got away from me. It'll be up tonight.

Stupid dog. You made me look bad.

Recruitment is closed. Accepted characters will be posted tonight.

Get your last submissions in everyone. Recruitment closes at midnight.

ElbowtotheFace wrote:

Yeah you hurt my feeling lol.

Since there is a celebration is it possible that other countries would have delegations of some sort?

Yes. Princes tend to draw far reaching crowds.

The.Squirrel.Ninja wrote:
SodiumTelluride wrote:

Submissions so far:

TheWaskally - Alcott Halas - aasimar cleric
The.Squirrel.Ninja - Thom Boxdell - human wizard (wood elementalist)
Daniel Stewart - Chu-Ko - tengu rogue
Grumbaki - Bolkvar Stonebeam - dwarf monk
SodiumTelluride (me) - Baranin - half-elf cavalier
Anthorg - Massielo Cirus - aasimar oracle

From all the chatter it seems like so many more submissions. Great to see the possible cast all in one place.

You missed Elbowtotheface-Aelwulf-Human Rogue

Yes. We even have one all ready submitted. In fact, Aasimar have a prominent role in your home country because of the widespread angelic temples.

Firearms don't bother me. Words of power is a clunky subsystem. Use it if you want.

Dropping the lowest of 4d6 is the default and the method used in the core rulebook, so I didn’t feel like I needed to specify that. It seems to have come across regardless in the recruitment thread.

I usually post at least once a weekday. Weekends can be more hectic based on what’s going on.

Play style wise, I strive to find a mix between combat and social interaction. I like to make customized monsters and NPCs. While I do use a lot of stuff from the books, I do like to experiment. Named NPCs that are supposed to be minibosses or bosses get the same rolled ability scores with a 20pt buy default that the players get. And people in my RL groups (and at least one prior PBP) tend to think I roll like fire.

What do you all look for?

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You can absolutely reflavor Golarion specific stuff.

Elemental Wizard isn’t something I’ve seen a lot of. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

I will allow two applications per person, but I will only allow each person to have one character once the game starts.

A tengu rogue should be fine.

I am okay with people making their own religions and guilds and stuff. The only thing I ask is that worship revolve around outsiders, dragons, and other types of things that while powerful, are still killable. CR20+ kinds of things. The creation gods really don't take too much of role in the world.

Core meaning anything from the main hardcover line. Splatbooks meaning the thin player companions and the like.

Racially, the country is mostly human, but the high concentration of celestial worship means that there is an unusually high level of Aasimar. Elves and dwarves are traded with frequently, and halfling have settled alongside humans, but they are less populated. Gnomes come and go, but rarely stay in one place for long. Other races can be found with varying degrees of rarity. However, Tieflings and the genasi encounter a degree of animosity because they represent connections with fiends and elemental outsiders who compete with the celestials for worship.

I am fine with characters starting play older if they don't use the aging bonuses and penalties.

I know it can be hard to build backstories off of homebrew worlds, so rather just give me a general idea of where you imagine your character came from, how he got his training, and a hook I can use for adventure fodder later.

I would also like to know how you each prefer combat to be handled in play by posts.

You may roll before taking a 20 point buy.

The gods are present, but distant. It is more likely for worshippers to follow a divine avatar such as an angel, demon, or even dragon.
Example: instead of worshipping a god of the sea, like Poseidon, a cleric would worship an aquatic angel or demon lord, or even a great wyrm sea dragon. This means that beliefs are pretty region specific and specialized, but pretty much any domain combination can be found somewhere.

Unchained classes are allowed. I will use background skills

It is the day of Prince Zoran's birthday, and many of the country's elite have gathered together in celebration in Celestia, capital city of Thethambia. Amid the food stalls and trinket vendors that have set up shop on the grounds outside the castle, the prince himself appears on a balcony overlooking the festivities. On his command, trumpets quiet the cacophony of noise beneath him. However, just as he is about to speak, the ground starts to shake. A bright, red light erupts from the ground beneath the castle as the earth crumbles underneath the structure. Shouts and screams fill the air as the whole of the royal household is swallowed up by a massive fissure, replaced only by a giant staircase that extends into the darkness of the earth. As the ground settles, so too does the crowd, and for a few precious moments, there is silence as everyone begins to make sense of the situation. Then, a sound like rolling thunder makes its way up the steps. It's as if hundreds of drums were all being beaten in perfect unison. Finally, men begin to take shape amidst the darkness. They are wearing armored uniforms of a strange design and colorful masks and helmets that reveal no skin. An seemingly endless number of them are all marching up the many storied staircase. That's when the panic sets in around you.

This is a homebrew campaign of my own creation. The premise is that the players are front and center when the "Sealed Evil in a Can" breaks free. Unable to fight an entire army emerging right beneath their feet, the players are tasked with getting as many people to safety as they possibly can and leading them to shelter to warn the other cities of the impending threat. From their, they will work to battle one of the greatest armies the world has ever known. Be prepared for court intrigue to unite the different lords who are feuding for power in the vacuum created by the loss of the royal family, guerilla style battles to wear down massive forces no one is prepared to confront directly, and finally build an army that legends will sing about for ten thousands years.

Recruitment guidelines
-Looking for 6 pcs
-Start at level 1
-All Paizo 1e Core with splatbooks and 3rd party by request
-Roll 4d6 or 20pt buy
-Maximum hp at level 1, average for every level after.
-Maximum wealth for level
-Three traits, but no drawbacks for a fourth
-I will be posting once a day
-Recruitment will end next Tuesday. Feb 11

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Here's my character so far. As I said, I've never played Mutants and Masterminds before, so I want to make sure I built the character right.

Zackary "Zephyr" Windborn
21 points
Strength -1
Stamina 2
Agility 4
Dexterity 4
Fighting -2
Intellect 2
Awareness 2
Presence 2

Dodge +2
Fortitude +0
Parry +4
Toughness +0
Will +4

Acrobatics 8
Deception 6
Insight 4
Perception 4
Persuasion 4
Ranged Combat: Wind 4
Sleight of Hand 6
Stealth 6

Air Control (Element Control 7)
Flight (Flight 7)
Air Blast (Blast 7)
Wind Barrier (Protection-Sustained-Area-Cylinder 7)

Complications-Thrills(Motivation) and Impulsive

Zackary Agnes is a young man of Greek descent. He grew up listening to the old myths of the legends of his homeland. He wants to be part of the next generation of heroes and looks forward to the day he becomes experienced enough to fight the forces of evil. However, he is impulsive and lets his love of action and dreams of adventure influence his decision.

In a similar vein, I'm building a kid who can control air. He has several powers at rank 7: element control for a push of air, flight, blast for a concentrated air punch, and protection for a wind barrier. I picture him being full of arrogance and raw power, but lacking in control. He can't use air to manipulate things in any delicate manner without serious concentration. Which is why he's in school.

Would this character fit in?

Do you guys know if there is a pushback type power? Or how would you say do the equivalent of a bull rush or similar.

I started working on my character, but I need a few things cleared up.

How are powers purchased? I can find the descriptors and origins and stuff, but how do I actually pay for them?

I'm interested, but I have no experience with Mutants and Masterminds.

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Check out this thread.
It's a little bit older, but it should give you some ideas.

If you find that you're not using your swift actions, take Arcane Strike. It's basically what you'll need instead of power attack because you can't take the loss to hit. But if you're transmuting into things with a lot of natural attacks, you can still get respectable damage numbers while making up for your lack of iteratives.

You would not be able to take Animal Ally since the plant companion is called out as an animal companion. However, I'm not sure if levels from other classes that grant animal companions would stack with the plant companion since I think there was a ruling somewhere that when a druid multiclassed into something like a ranger that has a limited selection of animal companions, the ranger would need to have the druid's original animal companion on his list for the levels to stack. I assume something similar is in place for the list of plant companions, and since no other class can take the plant companions...

The vacuum of space. The Inner Sea Guide mentions that Golarion is part of a solar system with 10 other planets.

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That was a great premiere.

I'm personally thinking that

Rey (and not Anaking) is the chosen one, destined to bring true balance to the force, hopefully by embracing emotions and showing the virtues of open feelings. Y'know, actually balancing the serene, but aloof and almost detached mentally of the Jedi Knights with the dark, violent passion of the Sith/Knights of Ren.

In the vein of cat monks, I have a rather good hunter named Luke. Completely black. Bright yellow eyes. Spends most of the summers outside. If I let him out during May-September, I can count on not seeing him for days at a time, as he would spend them with his cat gang, a group of strays that he had brow beaten into being the leader of.

Now, our neighbors have a dog, named Mojo, a rottweiler. One day, Luke jumped the fence. Mojo ended up seeing that and charged towards Luke, but the cat charged the dog as well. He dodged the teeth and got underneath the dog's legs. Took a big bite out from behind the dog's front leg. That was the end of that. Mojo limped away. Poor dog needed stitches.

Not sure that counts as funny, but it was amazing.

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As another reason on why the Star Wars Prequels are good: the music. They are John Williams at his finest. There is rarely a better opening scene than Anakin and Obi Wan's flight scene in Revenge of the Sith. Also Duel of the Fates.

The Last Samurai

Why it's bad; It's pretty much a reflavoring of Dances with Wolves and doesn't bring much new to the table.

Why it's good: The film has great scenery and costume. The fights are well done, and it's entertaining in the small scenes as well.

Worshipping an evil deity probably counts as association with said evil deity.

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I love how expansive the material is for it. I like the crunchy rulebooks, I like the flavor focused splat books. I like the superb adventures published for pathfinder.

There is a criminal absence of Agent Roenigs. We need more of the 13 brothers.

I think Shield is working out of one of Nick Fury's secret bunkers after the Treskwlion was compromised. And they can't be working out of their original base because they are no longer a legitimate organization and Talbot would have dismantled that area by now.

Unlikely unless they recon Iron Man 3.

I thought Fitz was saying they could be the same group.

Just reached the episode.

Does anyone have a clue as to what "ancient order" Fitz might be talking in regards to the people that sent Will through the portal?

Dragon78 wrote:

Great episode, can't wait for next weeks.

Is it me or did that cellphone picture of Will looked different then the person we saw?

Possibly. It could have just been the lighting though.

I seriously doubt that

Ward is really just in super deep undercover for Nick Fury.

Rosalind might be though


I liked that scene where Daisy got creative with her powers.

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Hama wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Goldmyr wrote:
Would a nuke kill MCU Hulk? I'm inclined to say no on that one. And then there's the radiation aftermath to make him even stronger.
Wait, doesn't MCU Hulk have a different backstory from "too close to a nuclear bomb?" Genetic testing or something? Or is that the Abomination?
No it was research into gamma rays. They thought they could unlock the potential of the super soldier serum that ran through Cap's veins. Not exactly stellar success.

That's the same kind of radiation that comic Hulk was created with (via Gamma Bomb).

I'm not saying that Hulk will start holding the world together with his bare hands, just that trying to kill him with a nuclear weapon is like trying to nuke Godzilla.

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Would a nuke kill MCU Hulk? I'm inclined to say no on that one. And then there's the radiation aftermath to make him even stronger.

Hunter needs to be put on leave until he gets his head back in the game. I know he's always been headstrong, but he was not completely unlikable last season.

I think Dr. Garner has been Lash since before the Terrigen breakout. That way, Lash can keep his "not all inhumans are worthy of their gifts" view from the comics.

I wonder if Daisy will start revolting against Colson now. Somehow, she needs to be the voice for the inhumans since she's the only one in the show who views it as a good thing.

John Kretzer wrote:

The thing is...what happened on the planet...did not gel with her waking up in the middle of night with that bone shiv. She was hunted once...she seemed to have a safe place to sleep...and they did not even show her make this bone shiv.

I actually thought her time on the planet was much more harsher than what it was.

She got used to being hunted and probably had it on her when she was rescued and then didn't think to get rid of it. It's really not that out there.

Rynjin wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Not to mention almost nothing else to pass the time.

I've been thinking that

the entity could be Hel from Thor Mythology, thus setting something for Thor Ragnarok.

I also hope that Will doesn't become part of a Love Triangle. Fitz deserves the girl. At least Gemma's reasoning is understandable. She wants to rescue a fellow human.

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