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Female Human Oracle (Bones), 10/10 HP, AC 13, Touch 10, Flat 13, Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +3, Init +0
Somonti wrote:
one of the pitfalls of doing this online is that it's hard to judge tone/pitch and what people are comfortable with

Yeah, that's exactly why I wanted to clarify in discussion. It'll be good for Seffie too. She has never really had to consider how her actions affect others directly before. Looking forward to them both growing as people.

Also sorry for the delay on my post, life bit me a little yesterday.

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Female Human Oracle (Bones), 10/10 HP, AC 13, Touch 10, Flat 13, Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +3, Init +0


Seffie listens rapturously and applauds the performance afterwards. "Hmmm. Is it Elvish?" she guesses. "It's strangely pretty. Like how people talk about elves"

"Oh! Wow" She's stunned by the actual language in question. "I never thought that demons could be responsible for something so beautiful. Olga is very clever" Seffie opens her mouth as though to ask a question, but closes it after a moment and stays silent. If you know her well, you would be able to guess this is her clamping down on her curiosity to respect your mourning process. On the street or in an inn, she would demand more and more details, asking about what the demons look like and what other songs Olga had come up with and so on. But in the graveyard, she almost intuitively understands that this story isn't really for her and she treats it like a sacred charge. She listens to the rest of the story rapturously, laughing and gasping at appropriate moments, but never interrupting.

Seffie solemnly watches Aeric pour his drink, and then lays a single flower on the grave from her bag while whispering a traditional Pharasman prayer. "May your respite be peaceful and your judgement fair."

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Female Human Oracle (Bones), 10/10 HP, AC 13, Touch 10, Flat 13, Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +3, Init +0
Somonti wrote:

I don't think Somonti is going to initially like Seffie very much, sorry in advance. We would certainly know each other and there's going to be a lot of resentment there.

That's totally fair. Seffie would definitely hope for friendship, but either way I'm curious to see where it goes. I really gotta properly catch up on everyone's backstories. Hoping to read through them all tonight.

Somonti wrote:
You're going to look like you're taking your kids for a walk Aeric! Or we're taking our senile granddad for a stroll in the woods :P

I love this mental image so much. Grumpy warrior granddad!

@Aeric - I like the idea of Seffie and Aeric being kinda friends! I currently have her working as an apprentice gravekeeper, so she's responsible for cleaning graves, showing visitors around, and helping with funerals. She would very happily and respectfully show you around the graveyard, listen to your stories and songs, and talk about the merits of various grave procedures (she's horrified at the tragedy of the Worldwound, and acknowledges that while it isn't a perfect way to bury the dead, burning the corpses could be reasonable in those circumstances).

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Good questions. Some theories...

1) The first ability that comes to mind is the 10th level barbarian rage power Body Bludgeon, which lets you hit someone with someone else. I do recall I once saw a build that stacked that with an ability that let you hurl your melee weapon (I can't remember which ability) to hurl crocodiles around the battlefield (Build was also part druid). That would set this ability at around a level 10 feature, so if I were homebrewing I would start with a new feat for a 10th level character. There may be another way to do it. Awesome blow, maybe? Could always modify the prereqs to something achievable. Lemme think about this. Are you looking for a homebrew solution or a rule-as-written option?

2) I can't find a reference to Stiletto Boots anywhere, but I see no reason why not. It's not giving you anything that cannot be acquired on a normal weapon.

3) I think so. You're essentially taking a roundabout route to acquire a weapon with the stats of a punching dagger. Doesn't seem out of line at all. I support it.

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Firstly, I appreciate their back story. It makes the world feel more complete.

Secondly, it took me wayyyy too long to get 'Half-Nelson'.

Narissa is battle ready. I'm currently going with a cure light wounds wand because I don't think anyone has any actual healing items and that seems somehow appropriate for a character designed to emulate Batman. I could be convinced to swap it for 750 gp worth of cool potions though.

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Addy, I love your sense of humour. I laughed so hard at Rocks Fall, and Furious George is a perfect name. Thanks!

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

Yup. Just a move action.

Heads up, I'm travelling this weekend and may have a reduced post count. I'm glad we'll be getting more players soon though!

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

So don't do anything stupid. I can work with that. Should we be 'in costume' or just hanging out?

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It isn't really my place to comment, what with Addy being in charge around here and all, but if you really do want feedback, then you should know that those questions are setting off my GM instincts.

Before I explain why, I do want to note that having a difference in the level of party members can be fun, and make for a memorable campaign. Especially so when there's fluff not accounted for in the raw mechanics that helps bring things together. If handled between mature adults who can talk out their problems, there's nothing wrong with it. I'm not casting any judgement on your ability to be reasonable about this, and I'm positive that if Addy did okay these options, they would work out. The rest of this post is a purely mechanical discussion about why either of those things would give a significant power boost to the Captain compared to a relatively 'normal' build.

You did ask for thoughts. Here you go.

Mechanical discussion:

1) My GMing instinct gives a hard no on this one. Pure Bred Azlanti (As long as you're talking about the one I think you're talking about. If not, please ignore me) is human plus more better. It has all the same powers as a human (already one of the best races according to some optimizers) but with an incredible amount of stat modifiers. It was never meant to be a player race. If it was, it would just flat out replace human. Consider: Henrietta is also a human. If you two took the same class and feats, and matched each others build, the Azlanti would just be better. This one choice gives you +1 to all saves, +1 to attack and damage, +1 skill per level, and +1 to all skills compared to the rest of us (depending on where our racial bonuses fall). Just play a normal human and fluff yourself into a pureblood. It's much more balanced.

2) For many years, I was harshly against players with templates. I had a bad experience with a dedicated 'minmaxer' abusing them and ruining campaigns. Since then I've softened somewhat. Having a vampire or werewolf in your party is awesome! Becoming celestial after you please a god? Sure! Templates make great campaign rewards at high level play. But see, there's two catches. The first is that you have to watch the power level very closely. Templates weren't meant for players, which means they're homebrew. And like all homebrew, balance issues pop up like crazy in the unplaytested environment.

The other catch is that advanced doesn't work. All of the other templates I mentioned do something interesting for the character. Being a werewolf, or a vampire, or having the ability to smite evil, and so on. They all help make your character unique and do something that is unachievable in the rules (I am aware that werewolf and to a lesser extent vampire are becoming less relevant in this regard as options expand. That's not the point). Advanced just increases the numbers. It's not a player choice, it's a tool for the GM who suddenly needs to jack the power of a monster quickly. It doesn't add anything interesting to your character. It just makes you better. Basically it's applying monster advancement to a normal character. If you can't get want you want out of the rules, then turning to a template makes sense. But if all you want is higher numbers, that's also achievable! A level of fighter is the closest to a level with no class features, and very dipable.

Not only that, but it doesn't increase the numbers at the same rate as a normal character. Take a level of a normal class and you gain maybe +1 BAB, and +1 to up to 3 saves. Advanced essentially gives you +2 to all those things, as well as +2 to all skills, +4 AC, and +2 damage. That's a ridiculous increase! 'But I don't get any class abilities!' you may say. Not so. Because you're taking it with a level of NPC Warrior, we can think of the template as the class feature of warrior. There isn't a single class in the game that gives you an ability that good at any level of play. The closest I can see is barbarian rage, which matches the hp, damage, and accuracy buff. But it only lasts a few turns, decreases your AC, tires you out, and doesn't even help on the skill front! And you get the full BAB and high hp of a warrior.

I would argue if you're aiming for a power level equal to an average third level PC, a level 2 character with a +1 template is already pushing it. The advanced template wasn't meant for characters anyway, as it doesn't give you anything you couldn't get elsewhere.

I'm now kind of curious. What are you trying to achieve in your build with those choices that cannot be replicated any other way?

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Female Half-orc Mask of the Living God Ninja 3

I usually take the side of GM rolling everything (both initiative and saves), but I'm never against learning a new technique. I'll see how it goes before I cast a judgement.

Honestly, I think B might be the best option. Although I can see a strong argument for A, and wouldn't be against it. Either are an improvement over the original idea, which was a little too complicated.

I'm ready whenever everyone else is. For justice, honour, and all things good in the world!

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I have a GM alias which I may use, or I could create another. Or you could convince me to play as me.

I think in a superhero game with weird names and everyone having multiple avatars, having GM in the title of the GM may be a helpful reminder.

I finished my rough backstory and it got long and dark. Don't worry. Despite all that, Narissa became a cheerfully upbeat person, who genuinely cares about others. I feel like I need to rewrite it to be less depressing. It definitely needs another pass for words and grammar choice. I do want it on record that despite what this shows, she is of good alignment.

I also should probably put something in about why she calls herself Blackeye. It partially has to do with a design on the mask, partially with her missing eye, and partially that she thought it sounded cool.


The nameless half orc lies broken on the cold stone floor. Her limbs twisted, but somehow painless. Sweat mats her brow. She lies there for an eternity, before a thought coalesces in her mind.
Who am I?
"That's better isn't it?
The gravely voice tears her mind apart, causing pain to reverberate through her skull. Who or what it is, she has no idea.
Where am I?
"You can think now can't you? I gave you that. Your mind was broken before. You could be outthought by a mutt."
She struggles to see, but something on her face blocks her view.
What am I listening to?
"Say something, half breed. Anything at all."
She struggles to speak, lips dry and unresponsive. She feels the pressure of a mask against her tusks.
She coughs, feeling blood splattering the inside of the mask.
"W-who am-?"
She trails off, and the voice is overtaken with a dark laughter, malicious and unpleasant to listen to. It feels like someone smashing her head with a hammer.
"Oh poor little nameless slave. Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?"
The scream causes her to whimper.
"You are no one. You are nothing. You don't exist. If we killed you, no one would know the difference. A brain dead orcling, with all the stupid of your greenie parents."
The dead certainty in the voice crushes her completely. She knows instinctively it speaks the truth. Th voice pauses, and for a moment the only sound is her laboured breathing.
"Would you like to be someone?"
A mounting fear climbs in her. She doesn't understand. She struggles to speak, her cracked lips formed words for the first time in her life.
"W-why m-m-me?"
"It was your turn."
The voice almost sounded friendly that time, as if trying to comfort her. She spits the blood out of her mouth, smearing it against the cool porcelain on her lips and swallows the rest. The fear is gone. Calm has taken over. Her choice is clear. Her voice comes clearer now.
"W-what will it c-cost?"
"Your body. Your mind. Your heart. Everything and nothing."
It sighs, breathing for the first time.
"Do you accept the terms?"
The half orc, barely a child, took a deep breath.


The burning building silhouetted the nameless masked warrior. A blackened shadow, she stalked through the night looking for more. Her ear twitched, a sound catching it. Closing her left eye, she turns letting her magic eye scan the darkness. A lone child, crouched behind a tree. Silently sobbing for its parents. She doesn't hesitate. The orders were clear. No survivors. If she was especially good, The Master might let her have a blanket tonight. It got dreadfully cold on the floor.s
"Oh, young one!"
She sings into the night, the cold air kissing her flesh. The axe comes off its sheath with practiced ease, and she spins it, the familiar heft comforting. She pauses for a moment and pushes her ki into her limbs, feeling for wounds. One of the guards had been a particularly good shot, and an arrow was embedded in her chest. It had missed her vitals, and she was sure she would live.
The child had realized she could see it. Screaming, it turned to run. She smiled, the cool kiss of the mask on her face. It was white, and wrapped neatly around her face, protecting her anonymity. She tested the ground beneath her feet, and accelerated rapidly, catching up in mere seconds. The boy tripped on a root, and collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath. Wide eyes staring at her. At least it had the decency not to beg. She began to raise the axe.
Pain tore through her, like a lightning bolt through her centre. She glanced down, and saw an arrowhead emerging from her chest. She was still staring down as another joined it, adding to the pain. Blood began soaking her front. She could feel the demon's disappointment flowing into her. She made a half turn before the third one landed, in her upper arm. The poison flowed through her system and she dropped, the world fading into darkness.


It took years before the mask could be removed without killing her. Years of fighting and struggling to control her mind, her very own body betraying her. Years of mental discipline, meditating quietly. Her mind was a broken thing, torn to shreds by the many magical compulsions that had kept her obedient. Words were hard, and she had to relearn how to speak. Sometimes she would fail and rampage until the elf put her down again, always with the same poisoned arrows. Her memory worked in fits and sometimes she would awaken screaming, having dreamed the horrors she had performed. Other times she knew not who she was or what she was and the ignorance was bliss. And then one day, she came to, her mind strangely focused. Cool air kissed her face, and she touched her cheek in wonderment. The mask was off. The elf was sitting by her bed smiling sweetly at her.
"Do you have a name?
"I- N-no"
Tenderly, the elf brushed her hair back.
"May I name you?"
She paused. She'd never had a name before. But what harm could it cause?
"You remind me of someone I once knew, a very long time ago. Her name was Narissa. She too, was taken by the masks. I think she'd be proud to have you bear her name. Do you like it?"
Narissa smiled. She had a name. Then sleep took her once more.


Her mind wasn't perfect and her body had been severely damaged during the healing period. It took several more years for her to recover her strength, building up her mind the whole time. The elf called herself Marion Nokolo, and had been tracking the efforts of the masked ones for decades. Someone, she knew not who, was kidnapping children and enslaving them as warriors. Using a collection of old magical masks, they managed to revive an old art of channeling ki throughout your body to achieve amazing results without using conventional magic. As hard as Narissa tried, she could never use her ki the way she could when she wore the mask those years ago. Marion continued to track the movements of the masked group, with the eventual goal of ending the person responsible. She forbid Narissa from coming with her until the half orc was ready. Narissa was the first time a masked person had ever been cured that Marion knew of, and the two of them grew quite close. Worried that Marion was getting old and slow, Narissa trained her body constantly, pushing herself to be up to her previous standard.


Marion left and never came back once. Narissa waited for months, months of silence and lonesome. The voice of the demon spoke to her, and she saw things out of the corner of her right eye. For the first time since it had come off, she donned her mask again. It tried to turn her back, the magical tendrils reaching into her brain to pick her identity apart.It was almost too easy to force it aside. She mastered the mask, and used its powers for her own. Despite this, the demon screamed in rage. That was when she learned the truth, that as part of the deal many years ago, the demon has taken her eye. Without a shred of remorse, she cut her eye out and left the cottage. She was completely alone, with one task burned into her mind. She was going to find Marion's daughter, Narissa.

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Beat us up! If Addie or the Vixen want healing, they can help pay! (I kid. They're welcome to it)

The other option would be to have everyone chip in. For 4 people, we'd be talking about just under 200 gp each. Or if someone has reliable access to cure light wounds, I might not even buy the wand. I think I'll hang off on finishing gear until I know what gaps need to be filled.

Hmmm. I'm sorta with The Lobster as a useful flavour tool, but I'm terrible at picking options that reduce my characters stats. I definitely support everyone taking a no benefit drawback, I just don't know what seems appropriate for Narissa. Maybe I should just roll for one randomly...

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I have to HAND it to you, that build is incredible. I love it dearly. There's just something special about it that I can't quite put my FINGER on.

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Aha! Addison Lane might have to excuse yourself, but Narissa Nokolo (Awesome superhero name pending) only needs a move action to don her superhero persona. Good thing too, as she is useless without it. For the cost of a whole minute in privacy however, she can adopt a convincing disguise as some random peasant.

I'm making way on the character sheet. For my quest to be Batman, I took Forgotten Trick which lets you do literally anything for 2 ki points. I'm calling it 'The Utility Belt'. Haven't started on equipment yet. She's going to be capable of ambushes, melee brawls, and crazy rooftop chases. Diplomacy and planning may be beyond her capabilities, however.

What's your opinion on traits? 0? 2?

I do like the name. Much better than my strategy of picking words that 'feel right'.

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Alright, I think I have it. The Mask of the Living God Ninja archetype essentially gives you a secret identity. Would you mind if I used all the same class features and rules but reflavoured it to be a generic disguise instead of a religious symbol? Seems a good way to be Batman.

So that's what I'm going to go with. A ninja designed for crazy acrobatic stunts and melee combat. Stat block and cool name in progress.

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You know, I'd been thinking about the concept of a 'Round Table GMing' game for a while now, although I didn't have that great name to call it by. But I had the exact same image of taking turns GMing.

I also had fantasy superheroes in my head too, but that was unrelated.

Let me think about this for bit. But I'm intrigued!

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The librarian mouth descends to the lowest its ever gone, a flat line, at Ganzorig's question. "Let me see." Its eyes flash red for barely a moment and no books are highlighted. Speaking in an ominous rumble, it gazes menacingly at Ganzorig. "I'm sorry, I cannot provide you with anything about those subjects. This library has nothing about them."

Immediately back to its cheery self as though nothing had happened, the statue smiles at Katsa's suggestion. "Well, if you do find him, please let me know! I do hope he's alright. I'll be here for any time you need to do any research! It's been lovely having you."

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"I detected no one present, but that's hardly unusual behaviour for the Master. He is a visionary, you know. He hears things others can't." The statue smiles sweetly.

The statue patiently waits for Katsa to finish before completing Hob's request. It's eyes glow red and it speaks in a deep monotone voice. "Artifacts of Old by Arth Azouhka. Predates the Mage War. A listing of many known god-made artifacts from the first age. Particularly known for being exhaustingly researched and including speculation as to the present location of many of the items." It barely pauses for a moment before continuing into the next one. "Kaliban's Grimoire. A unique book, written by Kaliban of the Seventh Red Sun. Kaliban was an expert conjurer of demons and used this as a notebook, both to keep track of classes of demons and to write information about specific entities he had multiple dealings with. Kaliban taught Kegan wizardry, and gifted this book to him upon completion of his apprenticeship. Kegan has spent years improving the information within."

Without breaking stride, the librarian meets Ganzorig's request by highlighting two books. One is the book the gnome is already holding, on which a specific page is indicated where the writer describes their conversation with a fey lord known as the Origin, who mentions that he can be summoned with a ritual which is given in detail. The other book is the academic examination of the structure of the plane. It specifically calls out the ritual mentioned in the other book as dangerous and likely to end in the users permanent removal from this plane by the Origin, who is a malign entity. The book then goes on to describe that any normal method of plane travel should work, just with reduced accuracy unless you take into account the unique alignment of the fey realm.

The librarian continues "Songs of Ice People by Hiln Songsayer. Written around a century ago by an adventurous halfling musician, it details her trek through through the Northern lands with a particular focus on the stories of the people she met while there. In Chapter 5, she describes her encounter with a near extinct orc tribe, and their story of a huge intelligent wolf that hunted them to oblivion." Without taking a breath, the stone face moves on. "A Bestiary of Lyi by many authors. This book has an entry for many of the creatures found in the continent of Lyi, with a special focus on monster not native to Adina. It was written in the early days of colonization." Finally, the red eyes fade back to the calming blue, and the librarian returns to it's happy upbeat self. "There you are."

Finished with that long speech, the librarian addresses the questions Katsa has levelled at it. "It would depend how complicated the analysis is. I have a passing familiarity with all books currently in my library, well enough to summarize the features and sections of each tome. I can run a detailed search for keywords on all the books very quickly. However, I may not be able to combine information in the way you describe. If a keyword is mentioned in both books, I would be able to identify them both. But my primary function is to find books, not to find knowledge. I have no in depth familiarity with my contents, in order to prevent an Awakening."

"You," the statue winks at Ganzorig, "are quite clever, aren't you? Very well,
here's the page for the book he opened."
A glowing image of an open book hovers in the air in front of the gnome.

The page:

The page is titled Mythical Items, and then describes several magic items which only have a questionable existence. The most relevant one to you reads:

The Soulsword
In the 17th section poem of Tehkris the Giant spins a story of the god Rlied and his terrifying weapon. The poem describes how Rlied forged her blade in a furnace powered by mortal souls, and the blood she bathed it in to imbue it with it's power. Tehkris challenged Rlied to a duel to stop her from destroying mortals, a duel he was sure to lose while she had the sword. It then goes on to describe how Misket stole the sword to save Tehkris. The details are obscure from then on, as the 18th section is lost to time. The 19th section opens with Tehrkis casting the Soulsword, now cracked into the stormy ocean with Rlied's body. He then mourns Misket's death, the details of which are vague, and proceeds south to warmer climates.

I would suspect that due to the descriptions in the poem, this entire sequence was set in the far north. While several of the other events in the story of Tehkris have been verified, others haven't and so I would hazard a guess as to whether any of this is true and whether this item ever existed. If it did, it would still be a very powerful weapon despite the damage is sustained. It is unclear what functions the blade had beyond being a powerful artifact weapon.

The Ritual:

While the original version had a catchy riddle and poem associated with it, the author provides a succinct translation of the instructions for conjuring the Origin and bargaining passage.

As the sun touches the ground, place an empty bowl in the open door to your home.
Seal all the other entrances, and stand outside.
Before the sun sets completely, place a pure silver coin in the basin of the bowl, head side down. Cover it with warmed milk and add a single drop of cat's blood.
Wait for the sun to set fully and darkness to overwhelm you.
In Sylvan pronounce "I grant my home to you in the hope you may grant yours to me."
Drown the liquid in one quaff, and then flip the exposed coin.
Bargain wisely, and safe travels.

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Thurin pulls the door open with a loud creak, revealing a neat and clean library. The soaring nine foot ceiling has a skylight, flooding the room with the dreary light of the clouded day. The shelves, each stacked neatly with books and marked with small runes are surprisingly clean compared to the rest of the mansion. In fact, this whole room looks as though it was thoroughly cleaned just a minute ago. There isn't a speck of dust to be found anywhere, and the air smells faintly of parchment and ink, with the slightly sweet taste of magic as a backdrop.

Near the door, there's a table and chair with a few open books piled on the table. All of them are books about legends and myths, especially focused on native myths. The pages lying open all describe some form of monster or beast found in the north, although none of them are open to the same monster. Whether it's a snowhag, an ijiraq, or a dragon, all of the creatures so described look ominous. Also on the table is a sculpture of a stone head facing the door, eyes closed and smiling slightly.

The shelves are sorted by subject, with most appearing to be about magic theory, including books such as Thelgrin's Tome of The Ignorant; Aikon's Illusionary Primer; Defence; and Aza's Fall. Other shelves include historical events. The Mage War: Causes, Effects, Outcomes; Aza's History; Ren's Treastie; Mel and the Collapse Thereof; and Din's Theory: How To Kill A God are but a few token examples of the numerous tomes on the subject. Another section of the library is dedicated to books about strange creatures and legends. The books here have more fanciful images and designs, and include books such as The Spirit Realm; Fey Creatures; A Monster Spotters Guide; The Monster Manual; Elgrim's Bestiary; Native Stories and Oral History; and Orcs: An Overlooked People.

There's an entire shelf dedicated to the twenty or so books written by Kegan himself, most of which are untitled. Flipping through them reveals that they're mostly full of spells and rituals, although a couple are dedicated to famous magic items artifacts, and one is a compilation of northern myths. The more scholarly among you would note that only 7 of the 18 books have been published before and the rest might fetch a small fortune with the right buyer. Many of the other books in here are rare and therefore likely valuable. Of course, such an action could be construed as stealing until you've worked out where the wizard went.

After 30 seconds or so passes, the stone head's eyes flicker open revealing faintly glowing blue eyes. It calls out in a friendly voice. "Good evening Master Kegan! Would you care for some tea while you read?"

Knowledge Arcana DC 10:

Closely examining the shelves lets you see that the runes spell out words for protection, permanence, and other abjurations. This whole room has been designed to prevent damage to it's contents. As long as a book remains in here, age will not damage it. The ink will not fade, and the paper will never rip. Dust won't settle. Additionally, it will be more resistant to fire and water.

That was fun to write!

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At first, silence on the other side of the illusionary door. The tension slowly grows, until a popping noise indicates that the ooze has run over the base. Looking worse for wear, the slimy puddle drags itself through the doorway, only to be neatly cleaved in two by Hob. Ooze juice splatters the room, and the few silvery puddles on the ground remain motionless.

Will save: 1d20 - 4 ⇒ (13) - 4 = 9
I love the base so much, I'm giving you 1.5x damage on it.

Where to?

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This is the worst part of GMing. When no one goes unconscious in a fight, I feel like I'm going too easy and not providing a good challenge. But when someone does go unconscious, I feel awful for taking them out of the game for a while and want to apologize profusely.

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Sorry for the delay. I'm back now!

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I'm pretty happy as well. You're not alone!

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I just wanted to say that Aeteperax showing up is making me really happy. I really enjoyed Dragon's Demand, and he was a great character.

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Tithron wrote:
Maybe thats just me though.

I agree with you. Epic should be epic. It's also perhaps the best way for martials to keep up with casters.

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I don't think it really matters? I've only skimmed, but as long as they stick to the rails, which in a dungeon crawl isn't hard, they should be fine. They're testing combat, not roleplaying. Make sure your players stick to all the fights.

Besides, someone has to test negative energy channelling on a cleric. Wait... Good clerics can do that now? *checks rulebook*

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So now that I've actually read the thing, I'd also like to give some of my highlights:

The 3 action per round system worked beautifully. It took a few turns to get used to, but it works so much better than the old system. I especially love martials getting more than one attack at first level and how spellcasters only get one a round.

How all point pools are called spell points. So much clearer.

How ancestry feats mean your ancestry can grow with you and let you become more in touch with your people.

Druids. Everything about the new druid. I love getting your main schtick from first level. I appreciate being able to specialize or choose to follow multiple paths. Amazing!

The weapon modifiers make the different weapons slightly more meaningful.

Injury and death rules. So. Much. Better! Unconscious and dying at 0, roll one save to be a 1 and unconscious, another to wake up. It's clear, it makes sense, and I understand it.

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WatersLethe wrote:

I mean, it's a playtest and constructive criticism should abound. Personally I plan to spend my time pointing out things that I don't like and not waste time singing praises for the rest.

As long as we have this thread though here's some positivity:

1. The core of the system looks great, I feel a lot can be done with it.
2. "Building" your ancestry with ancestry feats is cool as heck and I'm excited for what can be done there.
3. I'm seeing quite a bit of baseline flexibility in character generation, which is a good sign.
4. The artwork is nice and the book organization is quite functional.
5. I love my leather bound copy, it's swanky as heck
6. Magic feels more diverse partly due to "spellcraft" being no longer general for all magic.
7. 3 Action + 1 Reaction has a load of potential.
8. Archetype based multiclassing has the potential to be great, even if it's worrisome right now.
9. Clear mechanical terms are making me so happy. Even at the cost of sentences reading clumsily, I have already begun to skim them easily and with more confidence about intention.

I think you should take the time to compliment the parts you like. That communicates to the designers the kind of thing you want, and gives them so direction on what to replace the bad parts with, as well as possibly countering someone else claiming they dislike that part.

Unrelated note: I think I'm in love. With the system.

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I appreciate what you're trying to do with the illusion. But I'd like to ask you to kindly refrain from trying to scare the party off quest sites in the future.

I'm sorry, and I feel awful for saying no to a player, this is just edging too close to a pvp for my tastes and I'm worried about how Katsa's taking it.

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Thurin, my reading of break enchantment is that one spellpoint gives you one check against each ward. Do you only want to bring down Opon's ward, or are you interested in the others (as Ganzorig is frantically hoping you are)?

Also, I think you mistyped the dice line. Shouldn't it be +6?

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After Morrow Goes to Bed:

Morsel Opens Letter: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31

Ganzorig only has to wait a minute before the rat comes crawling back out of the wall, carrying a perfectly opened letter. The wax was sliced at just the right location. Heat it up a little, and no one will ever know you had it. Upon opening it, you find a letter with the following transcribed message. It's written in a neat hand, and has an official stamp at the top for The Crymsk Arcerium.


It's been a while old friend. I find that I only ever to seem to write to you when I have unfortunate news, and this letter is no exception to that dark rule. A few months ago, a professor here by the name of Dev Paleman stole an artifact from the vault. At the time, I thought little of it. Young academics always seem to seek a quick profit on the black market, usually to their detriment.

The artifact was a pre Mage War remnant, which had been stored in a minor noble's mansion ever since it arrived upon this continet. It came into our hands when the noble's entire family, herself included, committed suicide, to "escape the dreams" according to the notes they left. We were treating it with the utmost caution, and hadn't gotten much further than the name. No one was to experiment with it until we'd placed it historically. If you feel like a trawl through your archives, the artifact was described 'Telloca's Finale'.

I'm sure that name will strike fear into you. But that's not why I'm writing. I'm writing because in the last week, members of my faculty have been going insane. In unprecedented numbers, researchers have quit. Several of them have done so by starting explosions or fires, and duelling the other faculty. Casualties are in the dozens. Just yesterday, a small army of golems breached our vault and began stealing artifacts and research. We barely fought them off. They knew exactly what our defensive measures were, and even had some vault keys.

Perhaps what I really want you to take from this, is that the Cult of Telloca are making a move for the first time in centuries. Given how passive they are most of the time, this is truly troubling. I know you hate it when I speculate wildly, but I believe they're seeking something. I suspect 'Telloca's Finale' is their target. They took a lot of our research. They might also need that.

We've moved all of the remaining artifacts into one room, and I write to you from that room. If they come again, and I know they will, then I'll fight until I die. This is likely to be the last you'll ever hear from me. Don't worry about me. By the time you read this, it'll be far too late. Take care of yourself and try to stop them.

Missing you terribly,

Sneak it back or burn it, it's up to you

Sorry Hob, I didn't make it clear. The figure is not in the garden. Since you've spotted her, I've added her to the map.

Hob vaults the fence with ease, sticks on the top for a moment to look around, and then returns to the ground still on the outside. Rounding a tree, he comes face to face with a cloaked woman who was watching the party. Her figure is mostly obscured by the tree for everyone else. Small horns curl out of her hair, and instead of feet she has hooves. A thick cloak covers her body, and she carries a longbow. Her gaze is so intensely focused on Ganzorig, that the orc manages to get right next to her before surprising her. She jumps in surprise, and whirls towards him. Quickly she regains her composure, and scowls menacingly. "Pip." She points at herself. "I'm troll hunting. What're you doing here?" Almost absentmindedly, she reaches back and gently wraps her hand around an arrow without removing it from the quiver.

Pyrope growls at Pip, and nestles up against Ganzorig.

Morrow stalks up the road several metres, and begins digging around in the snow to find the remains of his companions. Without any trouble, he begins exposing shredded body parts. He's so engrossed in this task, he fails to notice the newcomer.

Knowledge Nature DC 15:

This woman is a faun, a weak variety of fey commonly used as servants in these woods. They're roughly human in size, have goatlike legs, and curling horns on their heads. Not particularly tough, but they are known for possessing a fey captivating spells.

GM stuff:

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a map!

I won't have a post for another few hours, but you now have my fine art skills to tide you over while you wait. The area to the left is the garden, and Thurin is standing next to the front door. The man is Morrow. Yes, there is a door between the garden and the house. It is also locked and warded.

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Ganzorig, I would say it's a trick (see quote). I think you've laid out the correct series of rolls, although you did miss on out on opening the envelope in such a way that you can close it again without anyone noticing. You're probably gonna need to melt some wax.

I do love wacky hijinks, and I really want this to work.

Alter wrote:

You may make minor changes to objects or creatures up to your Illusion maximum size, such as changing their color, making them appear clean or dirty, making writing appear, or other minor alterations. This counts as having a disguise kit when making Disguise checks (which take the usual time instead of a standard action), but such a disguise still counts as being magical for the purposes of detecting magic or for spells and effects that allow a target to see through magical effects and illusions.

Morsel, it's fine. No worries. Still in the planning and information gathering phase, so you're not missing much you can't catch up on.

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Alright guys! I put up a first gameplay post, since we're mostly done. You can hold off until your sheet is filled if you like.

And if anyone ever has any feedback on my GMing style, I try to always be open to that. Please tell me! Especially because this is my first time GMing this medium.

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To summarize (Sorry I didn't have much free time today. I have a lot tomorrow):

Thurin - Done
Morsel - Done except for gear and item. You have approval to take the item Thurin suggested upthread if you want it
Kat - Done. Only take the damage when you spend a spell point.
Hob - Done.
Ganzorig - Done except for item. Where are you currently living? The inn? A house?

Can't see any holes in anyone's sheet.

@Thurin - Thanks for all your character suggestions and advice

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Whilst playing Starfinder, the group I was GMing for came across a mysterious recording in a language none of them knew.

P1: Wait, wait, wait. This is the future, right? What about Google Translate?
GM: Well I guess, but-
P2 (interrupting): You mean Space Google Translate. We're in space.
P3: Spoogle Translate, if you will
*table laughs*
P1: So GM, how about it?
GM: Using Spoogle Translate, you-
P2: Spoogle Spanslate.
*table looses it, game suspended for a few minutes to recover*

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I think I have enough options to set a closing deadline. Recruitment ends on Friday July 5th at Midnight. I'll consider my options over the weekend.

I do not require statblocks for acceptance. Only a backstory. Any unfinished character sheets will have a few days to be completed, with assistance from me and any other players who want to help. With that in mind, the following people I feel have given enough of a backstory to be considered.

Thurin Foehammer, dwarven mage hunter by Grumbaki
Tobin, ancient shapeshifter by Vrog Skyweaver
Katsanóron Vazrasti, plant person healer by Tinalles
Hob, orc blacksmith by Harakani (Unless you decide on the fey angle)
Ganzorig, gnome mystic by BastianQuinn
Morsel, tiefling thief by MechaPoet

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Ganzorig wrote:
Big Bad Evil GM wrote:

I quite like it! It's creative. Don't worry about the statblock too much, I'll be accepting people based on backstories and character concepts. You can have both boons with those 3 drawbacks. Addictive casting is nasty, so it balances.

Your companion is a fey of some sort? I can come up...

Yeah! I can't wait to be addicted to wild magic! The feat synergies are crazy. I just had to get my feet wet with the spheres system to get an idea of what's possible. For the focus, I think Ganzorig believes them to be a fey. I think I could keep that hidden if need be. I've been hunting through monster manuals and they're almost exclusively humanoid, which I wasn't expecting. I think I'm most attracted to the idea of an ijiraq as a shapechanger. Not that it would change shape as a feature of the character, but so Ganzorig could obliviously have a cool skulldog mount, and they would be a cool enemy if we part ways. Some ideas, especially about what would or would not go unnoticed in the town would be helpful. I think something Ganzorig has to actively hide in town would be interesting, especially with a 'destroy all wild magic' guy in the party.

Looking at it from the other side of the options, I was hoping for a quadruped or serpent for a mount because gnomes are slow, but my eyes did linger on the orb. A will-o-wisp would make sense. A humanoid would be interesting as a personal tank with some illusory clones. The form options are endless... Which I think is why I was seeking input.

In general, anything not humanoid or very similar to a natural animal will attract attention. Something with a skull for a head, or a will-o-wisp will for sure be treated with suspicion. I definitely support the addition of an interesting potential enemy NPC.

I quite like the 'cool skulldog mount' concept. An ijiraq seems appropriate, perhaps built with transformative for the shapeshifting? I'm really busy today, but I can dig into this more tomorrow.

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Application Summary + More detailed comments (Say something if I missed you or made a mistake)

Grumbaki - Thurin Foehammer, dwarven bounty hunter (magenight)
The hammer is a little stronger than I intended, but you have done your math and I like that it can stick with you. Approved, and I like the backstory a lot.

Harakani - Hob, hobgoblin? blacksmith (blacksmith or hedgewitch)
Run with the blacksmith, if that's what you'd prefer.

Vrog Skyweaver - Tobin, shabti shifter (shifter)
That's an out of the box backstory, and I'll grant it to you. Enjoy! I'll try to think of some secret knowledge to shoot you, as part of your age. Count it as part of your gift.

Tinalles - Unnamed, plant person (half elf) healer (incanter)
I can confirm that there are entities that speak Sylvan within the campaign. Apart from that, all seems well.

Keante - Unnamed, skilled fighter (conscript)
Sounds good so far.

Not sure when I'll close recruitment yet, but definitely it'll stay open for a few more days at least.

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I'm choosing to christen it 'Molly's Really Shiny Really Crazy Car'. Also, road trip!

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GM: describes opening scene, reading from a module
Player who has the biggest problem separating in character and out of character knowledge: "Hey, that's the same opening used by the GM on the group I was watching on YouTube yesterday"
GM: "****"

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Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
How many characters have been submitted?

Completed? You, me (Tasche Madden), and Caspar Glans. Almost a full party. Balanced party? I think. Between a vigilante and an investigator, we have socializing covered. All of us look handy in a scrap. Still, some more magic support might be nice. I'll only be carrying blasting and specific debuffs.

Lotta dots though. With the deadline extension, there's just 3 days to go...

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If you took a couple dozen campaigns across the internet and declared them all taking place in the same galaxy, you could create a huge campaign setting. They may never interact with each other, but still. Anytime anyone visits a new system, just add it to the map. You could retrace each others footsteps, and visit the ruins left by another group using another GMs notes. You could split up the work generating the details on huge hub planets. And anytime you need some background action, write a news story about the events of another campaign.

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Erik Keith wrote:
Well now I know what's happening to one of my players in my weekend game.

I don't. There's so many good choices...

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I think Rise of the Runelords is the standard recommendation, being the first one ever written. I haven't played it myself, but I hear good things.

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Chaos, rubs up against Riven's legs to act grateful for the food. While Chaos is not actually grateful (one should not need to be grateful for a basic right), Chaos knows that rewarding the servants for providing food tends to lead to more food. Looking for something to do, and somewhat upset the dog is allowed on the bridge, Chaos decides to walk along the gunnery control panel.

Accidentally pressing something useful/harmful: 1d6 ⇒ 3

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Chaos the Space Cat wakes from his nap. He removes himself from his comfortable position on top of other unconscious crew, and checks the food bowl. The food bowl is empty. This is clearly unacceptable. Chaos heads to the bridge and begins trying to bring attention to this new crisis of unimaginable proportion. "MEOW".

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"Greetings. Hail. Hi. She speaks quickly as she hastily and clumsily dismounts from her horse, almost falling over. Quickly, she regains her balance and regal poise, standing up straight to look at the party. Diana has long black hair, pristine skin, and a noble bearing. Her gaze slides over everyone quickly, taking in their weapons and weary stances. It lingers on Leon as she strides forwards.

She begins loudly whispering to herself as she walks. "I cannot understand you people. Here? Are you trying to get yourselves killed? After everything I did? This is what I get? Unbelievable. Simply ludicrous. You could've gone anywhere, done anything, and this? And him. What is it about him? Thrice damn me, this is a trick." Diana strides into the centre of the group, ignoring the various weapons pointed at her. She stands before Sila and displays her glowing object, speaking much louder this time. "Here. Proof your king sent me. I'm with you now. You, and these..." Diana pauses for a moment to think of a none offensive way to refer to the group. "These... souls. Yes, souls. That's a good way to put it. I should remember that one." Diana turns to Leon and opens her mouth as if to continue her rant. "I..." She pauses, and sighs. A thought had struck Diana, one which terrified her: Was I speaking out loud earlier? I've been alone for too long, I can't tell anymore. Oops. She decides to pocket the anger for a later date.

With practised ease, an expression of calm comes onto her face, and she properly introduces herself to the crowd. "I apologize. I have spent too long tracking you. I am tired, and uncertainty makes me nervous. My name is Diana, and I come offering aid. What plans do you have thus far for hunting the beast and how may I assist?"

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I think Voss is confusing it with the Supercharge weapon spell, which is something else entirely. I think I would say one attack, and it loses two rounds before you next have to consume power (so it uses 3/10s of a battery per round instead of 1/10).

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If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you could manage it.

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