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Rynjin wrote:
Dabbler wrote:
Because sound is vibrations. Vibrations in the ground are actually sound-waves travelling through it.

Sound is vibrations but not all vibrations are sound.

If I punch a deaf person they're still going to feel it.

Same principle.

The force of my movement translates from my body and travels as waves through the surface. They might also MAKE sound, but the vibrations themselves are not limited ONLY to sound. At least as far as I know.

Regardless, magic =/= physics.

If you put your head next to a speaker your jawbone vibrates, Except you do not normally hear thru your jawbone. You would feel it and not hear it.

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I am going to guess that they are not going to address this. The last post was in 2013. Pathfinder 2 is going thru testing. Oh well guess we just have to RAI(common sense) when people use swift actions that specifically remove nauseated. Cleanse, Mesmerist touch treatment on themselves, the Inquisitor Pestilence, etc things mentioned above. Lets hope that PF2 is better written than this.

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But has anyone made a listing of COMMON SENSE. Which of the energy types works better vs metals? Glass? stone? etc etc. Example adamantine has a hardness of 20 but something smelted it. How much heat is needed to smelt/shape adamantine? young red dragon? adult red dragon? maximized fireball? 20th level air kineticist maxxed out with burn and hot to the touch because of his defensive talent? Lay it in a volcano for a year ? Convince thor to hold open a nuetron star?

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Hypnotic stare does not require an attack roll, and does no damage. How is it considered an attack, ie would break invisibility?

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*Thelith wrote:
Emageht wrote:
I just hope that the inevitable pathfinder version 2 clears up any and all of these CONFUSING rules.

It won't.

It's still not written by PhD English professors and Harvard lawyers.

However, by raw, arrows are unaffected.

But can we at least get people that do not make rules vague and ambiguous on purpose?

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I just hope that the inevitable pathfinder version 2 clears up any and all of these CONFUSING rules.

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Shifter, as it is currently seems like a druid that gave up level nine casting for a 1/4 BAB boost, and d2 more hit points. These are not equal. You can currently make a better shifter with druid. You keep level nine casting. You have better buffs, better utility, better everything. Better wild shape. Why even make shifter the way it is. It brings nothing to the table. To me shifter needs to have more options for wild shape.
Combine the oozemorph fluid shape with the current shifter shape. Open up "more" options for forms as you level. Allow the shifter to shift into new forms without using wildshape as long as the duration is still ongoing. Give the shifter bonuses to disguise based on level. Allow the shifter to use abilities of the form they assume that normally are not available to wild shape.
In other words make a class that is new, fresh, and finally cannot be made by feat choices by a druid.

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
shaventalz wrote:
Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Sarvei taeno wrote:
u cant cast spells or melee while using it, plus while i did feel it needed nerfed, imo snowball should have stayed a conjuration spell that ignored sr
The problem with ignoring SR is that it made it work against monsters intended to not be directly damaged with spells, like golems.

Like Acid Arrow? Or Acid Splash? Or Stone Discus?

No-SR damage spells definitely exist, and have since the beginning.

Acid Splash is locked to 1d3 damage, give or take a few minor bonuses. Acid Arrow takes a long time to deal damage. Stone Discus aims at normal AC and allows DR.

Meanwhile Snowball is easily escalated with Intensify Spell/Magical Lineage and touch-range destroys supposedly magic immune things. It's clearly much more powerful; it gets used a great deal while the other spells are niche.

Basically, it breaks the main rule for designing new spells, that it shouldn't be much better than the CRB spells.

It's also a case of Conjuration once again being better at evocation than Evocation.

evil villian monologue . bwahahaha you cant defeat me i am immune to all magic. Smack gets hit by a hard ball of snow.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

It's been variable and I hope it will be *quite a while* as in *after they fix the significant and glaring issues with it*.

...and yes, that's coming from someone who has the .pdf and the hardcover and even picked up a hardcover line subscription.

Better for everything to be fixed first than have 'allowed things' and then have to revise that list when the corrections have taken place.

...and it also merits noting that under 'normal' circumstances I'd be excitedly waiting for it to hit AR and CC.

if only the PFS crew got access to the books early so they could evaluate and determine what is legal BEFORE the book comes out so people can decide whether they want to buy the book before it comes out. I guess those PDF's are just too hard to email to the PFS people that make those decisions.

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I now have a character concept. Buy no gear. Buy none at all. At level 12 become a god with all of the saved money. level 1 - 11 worst character ever unless you GM baby it.
They really need to make upgrading gear a little easier to do.

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SO let'f follow this chain of logic to it's conclusion. Lets pretend that 20% of sold product is (broken, stolen, cursed, etc. ). The item is worth 1000 credits. The buyer purchases 10 such items for 100 (10% of there value)credits each. Of the items purchased 2 of them are useless. You are left with 8 items that you sell for 1000 each. You have spent 1000 credits and sold all of these items for 7000 credits in profit. This is a massive profit margin. Now lets say said player character is purchasing these items from the starfinder society ( you know because at the end of each scenario you turn in everything to them and get pennies back ). The starfinder society now has a veritable treasure trove of items that are now tested and can be safely sold to there members. Otherwise it is just as profitable to just not sell any of your equipment ever. In case you lose something, it gets destroyed, etc. You will quickly get a massive trove of armor, weapons, misc items, etc etc.

All this is going to do is cause players to open stores where they sell all of the gear they get during adventures at full normal price.

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:

Healing in combat is a waste for any class. Just because a class has the ability to heal does not mean you have to use your combat rounds to heal. That being said you party does need a healer mainly for condition removal. This can be accomplished by scrolls and wands for the most part.

An oracle/sorcerer would work well with the party. Normally having a limited number of spells is a big constraint, but with to spell list to choose from you will probably have more than enough spells known. You also get cool class features from both classes to give you even more abilities.

Healing in combat is absolutely not a waste. BBEG crit hits your main tank / Cuisinart and brings him to negative inches away from dying. You might want to be able to heal him with a little more than the typical 1d8+1 wand of cure light wounds out of combat healbot wand. Unless of course the player controlling the fighter doesn't mind re rolling a new character.

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"Feeding on unwilling intelligent creatures is an evil act."copied from the original post.. With this logic swinging a weapon at an unwilling intelligent creature is evil. Throwing a spell at an unwilling intelligent creature is evil. It is amazing that characters in pfs are able to do anything at all. The end result of all three if these is a defeated out dead opponent. Does it really matter how I defeat them?

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Goodbye anyone ever playing anything with an animal companion ever again. What you want us to go into the dungeon and fight the dragon ? heck no I am going to go kill that elephant with mithral full plate. Also Since the MIthral Full plate isn't in a shop for my super duper weird animal companion it will have to be crafted. I sure hope I can find the crafter with 20 ranks in craft armor, skill focus in craft armor, traits focusing on craft armor, and a maxxed out intelligence stat. Assuming this person works non-stop 7 days a week for there entire life I might , maybe if they don't blow a couple of rolls get to have my great great grandchildren of my elephant to wear some armor.100,00 gp to silver = 1,000,000 silver. max ranks 20, skill focus +6, Int of 20 or +5. A total of 31 in craft armor. The dc to craft armor is 10 + AC bonus so a dc 19. Taking 10 ( if the DM allows it ) will give a 41 check. 41 times 19 =779. 1,000,000 divided by 779 = 1284 weeks or just under 25 years. This assumes the DM allows you to take 10 . If he doesn't then you better hope you do not fumble . Good luck adventuring while you wait on this.

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The feat is poorly worded. The intention of the feat and wording of the feat are not the same thing. What the feat should say is you can not use a move action to MOVE before or after the attack. You can still use your move action to do anything a move action can do except move.

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There are two scenarios that I despise. One is the Bid for Alabastrine and the other is the Blackrose Matrimony. I have played the Blackrose Matrimony and the table I was with despised it. I have run the Bid for Alabastrine and the table despised it. Amazing that both were written by the same person. Not going to give away too much but the social aspect of both just seemed to drone on forever and ever. The combat encounter in one was trivial and the combat encounter in the other for low tier was a tpk if the party had not run away.