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Under the summon monster spell it list the term EXPENSIVE COMPONENT and specifically mentions wish. The wish spell has a ridiculously expensive component. Can a developer give a numerical value for expensive? Only reason I ask is expensive is rather vague and the only thing I can judge is expensive would be the cost of casting wish or higher. I realize this is unrelated to unchained but in a way it is what with the Summoner class being "chained" down, beaten and humiliated publicly.

p.s. I looked all over for an answer to this and got vague unofficial answers. You would think this would have been errata-ed ages ago.


Carlos Robledo wrote:
Nohwear wrote:
I am a little upset though. Since I do not get to play much outside of PFS, this means that I can not play a plant summoner. It is just a bit of a tease. :(
You could make a Protean eidolon with the unchained one... proteans can kinda look like anything since they are the essence of chaos...

Looking like something and being something are two entirely different things. I look like a plant. Ack i got critted. I look like a plant. Ack why are none of my immunities working? Oh right I only look like a plant but I am not actually one.