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Here's a pic of my old friend Rafael who is an even older character than me! He has been around for 15 years of real time and more than 500 of game time!!!

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I am not going to wear that!!!
I am a respected doctor!

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Kelsey MacAilbert wrote:
Kileanna wrote:
Punniculus wrote:
Kileanna wrote:
"Umm, nekkid hospital" or nothing xD

Hospitals can have offices. Done. Sign here. And here. Initials here. Sign here is blood. Sigh here. Initial here in someone else's blood. Initial sign there. Countersign on the back.

Just 12 more pages to go and we'll get started.

I don't sign or sigh anything without my contract devil revising it first.
So far, I've found three seperate clauses that involve relinquishing your soul to Urgathoa. I'm mostly confused as to what she wants with it and why Asmodeus isn't in on the deal.


Oh, don't tell me I have sold my soul again by accident...

Well... Urgathoa doesn't seem such a bad patron for a flesh eating vampire doctor, I guess...

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I have a new pen! I'm going to test its writing by signing multiple times on this papers...
Umm... Let's see if the writing is clearer with it or with my blood.
Better with the pen.
Maybe better with Kileanna's blood. Nah, better with the pen. I think I am keeping it.

Hmm? Why are you looking at me?


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What a coincidence, Tick is fitting for you too.

I had a glass for each city I visited.
2 glasses total. My little zoo starved to death. I miss it. But now I have ghost pets. They are better as they cannot starve.

The next poster has a curious pet.

It should be «The», with a capital «T». But that's probably more ortography than grammar.
(It was mycrobiologist then?)

The next poster doesn't care for literacy.

4/10 Speaking of tetanus, if that's not the clearest example of a sardonic rictus...

8/10. Nice eyes!

I've made a transplant of GoatToucher's stem cells into your brain, so you stop rejecting what you saw... but I'm not sure of the side effects it could have.

The next poster has witnessed the «side effects» and is a bit scared.

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President of Christmas Island

Not a simple raise, but a Raise Dead spell! I had many dead friends asking me for it.

The Next Poster mistaked Raise Dead and Animate Dead.

The Pandorica

If I can't be the last to post I'll be the first in page 433