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We have to be prepared to the fact that KahnyaGnorc might not want to leave that warm and cozy place!

The next poster has found KahnyaGnorc

..and have put lid back on cauldron. Needs few minz more.

Next pozter be driving taxi around Paris.

Paris how did I end up in Paris? I shouldn't have taken that left turn in Albuquerque,

The next poster is a big fan of carrots.

They are funny vegetables! They look like my hair!

The next poster is a fan of a different vegetable.


That reminds me of a good story...



The next poster will have to tell us the story.

The story of a witch who wanted to eat some delicious rutabaga and slumber hexed him to steal them.

The next poster has a good recipe for cooking turnips.

Take fire.

Put fire in turnip.

Eat fiery turnip.

Myam myam myam.

The next poster is eating their Five A Day, but not the Five we were expecting.

Dark Archive

Well, I'm not Great Cthulhu (Ia! Ia!), so 5 investigators per day, as opposed to 1d6 per round, is the best I can manage - and even then, by the time I get to my third, I'm really just eating their eyeballs, maybe a bit of face meat, and sacrificing the rest to Cthuga.

The next poster had high tea with me!

And those eyeball snacks with the tea really made my day. Just delicious.

The next poster likes non conventional snacks too.

Oh my, yes! My favorite in candied shame!

The next poster is the confectioner that makes them for me (after I provide the raw ingredients, of course).

I am a master of sweet treats both ordinary and outrageous. I could not pass up the challenge of candying shame. Turned out to be easier than I thought. Unfortunately, it requires quite a bit of shame to make even the tiniest of treats-shame cooks down a lot you see. Though, with GoatToucher supplying the shame I have no problem making the vast quantities he likes.

The next poster has also commissioned me to make a most unusual treat made from atypical ingredients.

I need a bear claw actually I need like 4 for reasons.

The next poster thinks I may be confused about pastry's.

All I know is my gut says "maybe."

The next poster is also undecided.

Should I post on topic or should I honor myself by going offtopic?

Next poster tries to turn this thread into a «should the paladin fall?» one.

The paladin only has a 8 dex and has no bonus from class now I know charisma adds but I think that is a fail. *paladin falls into the pit*

The next poster tries to make this another popular thread archtype

My DM is so unfair! He had my paladin fall! Even my bonus from Charisma wasn't enough.

The next poster fails a Will save.

*Bows to Sissyl's Overwhelming Presence*
No, not again...

The Next Poster joined the Cult of Sissyl.

The pay is crap, but the benefits are great!

The next poster just got a raise, but is paid with something unusual . . .

Not a simple raise, but a Raise Dead spell! I had many dead friends asking me for it.

The Next Poster mistaked Raise Dead and Animate Dead.

O well. Dancin' Zombie Plaludlin is sure to be this week's super viral meme hit.

'Viral' in that it contains more diseases than Nurgle could ever dream of.

The next poster is excited about the Egg of Sigmar.

Are you saying that Sigmar laid an egg? I definitely not know enough about human biology. I thought that they reproduced by spores.

Next poster has studied human biology for a long time.

Nudge nudge wink wink say no more!

The next poster totally misinterpreted my reply....

Don't you worry, KahnyaGnorc. No one has any idea about our "illegal crimes" that we "commit in broad daylight" and hope that the "police" never "solve." *wink*

The next poster is on the case!

Sovereign Court

Indeed I am - the police station was out of chairs!

The next poster has solved the crime, only to be arrested for not accepting sinister Stan's bribes.

Liberty's Edge

Bribe? He winked so much while he offered me the money that I thought he was trying to pay me for getting laid!

The next poster tried to get me out of prison in a very creative way.

We tried to dehydrate her, mix her in with a quantity of instant soup mix, then smuggle her out in our socks, but it was a very hot day, and by the time we got out, we couldn't tell what was sweat, what was sock, what was soup, and what was Elisa.

The next poster's bail has been set at an extraordinary level.

Rather so...why place the cricket bail on a 30 feet hill, with the rest of the parcour on ground level?


The next poster has been drag racing in a golfkart.

Scarab Sages

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It was a climactic chase scene with Really old gamer - he's a madman behind the wheel!

The next poster managed to get 26.6 crucial seconds of said chase scene on film....

You mean the part of the race where you started throwing turtle shells hoping they'd work like they would in Mario Kart? Oh, I'll be holding on to that for a long time...

The next poster supplies I'm Hiding In Your Closet with turtle shells.

Supplies is not really the word I collect turtles shells and they disappear >.>

The next poster has closet problems as well.

I let that spooky clown to hide in my closet and now he doesn't stop calling me names! I'd ask him to leave, but I'm afraid he doesn't have anywhere to go.

The next poster makes a reference of another forum member.

I'd never do that - far too Rysky.

The next poster will do one better.

I"m missing my large weapon and have made like 100 threads

The next poster has to guess and it should be super easy.

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You are GoatToucher, aren't you? What do you mean about your large weapon, you perv?

The Next Poster is even worse than me at guessing.

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James Jacobs! Your avatar looks kind of different. Did it lose weight?

The next poster is definitely not a lizardman in disguise.

I'd find being called a lizard offensive. Specially when it's so clear who I really am.

The next poster has some clues about who I am.

I believe that the answer is always 'Rumpelstiltskin'

The next poster can spin gold out of straw, gurgles out of snoring and burglars out of home-loving halfling bachelors.

Liberty's Edge

I can do all that, but still I cannot spin myself out of sock, sweat and soup.

The Next Poster is also stuck in an impossible way.

Grand Lodge

Who knew the goblins even HAD sovereign glue? *begins taking 20 on str checks*

The next poster posts next to posters posting next!

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Help me! I'm caught in a time loop where I repeat the same post over and over again!

Next Poster gets me out of this nightmare.

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Help me! I'm caught in a time loop where I repeat the same post over and over again!!!

Next Poster gets me out of this nightmare.

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Help me! I'm caught in a time loop where I repeat the same post over and over again!!!!!

Next Poster gets me out of this nightmare.

Liberty's Edge

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In order to make a full loop, you would first need to get halfway around the loop. Before you get halfway around the first loop, you would first need to get halfway to the halfway around the loop...and before you get halfway to the halfway, you would first need to get to the halfway to the halfway to the halfway of the first loop...and so clearly, you could never have even STARTED going in the loop, and that would mean there is no loop to begin with! You're welcome!

I shot an arrow into the fell to earth, the next poster knows where!

*feels the arrow sticking out of its wooden head, like a fletched antenna*

Matt Damon...

Matt Damon. Matt Da-mon! Matt!

I can speak two variants of Damonic language. He said: «Next poster understands what I'm saying»

Next poster is a proficient linguist too.

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Nearly right - I am actually proficient linguine.

That isn't hair - I've just gone a bit mouldy.

The next poster stuck a feather in their hat and called it macaroni, and would like to explain why.

Scarab Sages

Obviously, because sticking the whole bird and calling it lassagna proved to be a bad idea (the bird flew with my hat) so I had to use smaller amounts of everythibg to make it work.

The next poster loves funny hats.

Indeed! I wear them on my... :ahem: area... much to the delight and/or soul rending horror of the audience!

The next poster specializes in miniature haberdashery, and supplies me with a variety of hats for the "Distinguished Gentleman".

I forge them hats out of mithril and adamantine I do, in the fires of the hottest volcano in the plane of elemental fire. If I used any lesser materials, the hats would just shatter upon being brought near the... erm... area.

The next poster lives in a volcano.

I don't care if I end burning to the bone, I'm tired of cold!

The next poster lives in a hot place too.

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