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William Pall wrote:
Claim to Salvation is written for lvl 4 characters.

Oops, I meant to say that Into the Unknown is written for lvl 1 characters, so if you do it after Dead Suns I characters won't be in the legal level range.

Lau Bannenberg wrote:
Did I miss something, or did this blog not discuss transferring charges between dissimilar items (i.e. between a comm and a riffle)?

Exactly, that question practically started this whole discussion. So what about comm unit and its 80 charges battery?

Dead Suns 2 starts immmediately after Dead Suns 1. Claim to Salvation is written for lvl 1 characters.

There was some discussion about order of adventures in this topic:

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Matthew Hudson wrote:

The counter argument we saw coming was from the users of weapons that have kinetic ammo. I have two policy proposals that I think work out well enough to maybe not be perfectly the same as free battery recharges, but will close to balance the wealth gap that will develop over time.

I would say that there is no balance gap here in the real sense of that term. Energy weapons that use batteries and weapons that use kinetic ammunition are not differentiated by proficiencies and every character has option of using one or another or both types of weapons. And recharging of batteries was in the CRB from the beginning. You would not ask for free ammo because you saw a guy smashing with his sword which uses no ammo. Batteries are not free, they are just free to recharge under certain conditions. I would also vote for keeping all items found during the adventure (if not all then all consumables or at least all ammo).

Deadmanwalking wrote:
The Perception DC 24 trap (yes, this exists, it's later in the adventure) you should be at least 2nd level before encountering, more likely 3rd, which should give a Vesk soldier a minimum of 20 HP and 16 Stm.

Well, in organized play Incident at Absalom Station is sanctioned as an adventure for level range 1-2 and PCs can earn maximum of 3 XP (one level) per AP part.

Seems weird and inconsistent, especially in Society play, that you can play with the same PC other scenarios after the first AP and then afterwards just play the second AP.

Protoman wrote:

You don't keep ANYTHING in Society play except for boons or rewards granted in the end of a scenario listed by the chronicle sheet.

You find credit sticks? That credit amount gets added and summed up to the stated subtier/out-of-tier payout on the chronicle sheet.

You find ammo/consumables, they get turned in to the Society at the end of the scenario, the meta-explanation is that the loot is part of pay-out.
You're encouraged to simply use them up in game, cuz you don't get to take it with you when you're done. If they're special, might end up listed on the chronicle sheet to be purchased later.

None of the Chronicle sheets lists any ammo ever specifically but they do list practically all other items under treasure that can be found in the adventures.

As guns and shooting are so common in Starfinder, I would say that players in that case are more then just encouraged to use looted ammo instead of their own if they don't get to keep it after the adventure.

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Red Dwarf. If you like space, SF and british humor at its best you have to watch this one.

Iziah Gile 288 wrote:

Per the SFS Roleplaying Guide:

"Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild characters buy their ability
scores as detailed on page 18 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.
Starfinder Roleplaying Guild characters must use the Buying
Ability Scores rules and should never use the optional methods of
Ability Quick Picks or Rolling Ability Scores."

That's all the guide says on generating ability scores (unless they've updated the guide, and the one I have from last week is out of date?). Given it's an optional rule that's not specifically called out as being allowed, it's debatable whether or not it's legal. I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed, but I also assume optional rules are disallowed unless specifically called out otherwise. *shrugs*

My mistake. I was referring to the "natural disabilities" section but now I see that "character flaws" is not specifically mentioned in SFSRPGG.

Iziah Gile 288 wrote:
Tyler Reid wrote:
Am I wrong in my understanding that you can dump stats all you want, but you just don't get any extra points from it?
That's 100% an option for home play if your GM allows it (it's an optional rule), and (to my knowledge, mostly gleaned from the above in this thread) debated if it's allowed in society play. I imagine they'll clarify it. Depends on how permissive you read the attributes section to be. =) I don't see a reason it shouldn't be allowed, really.

It is Society legal rule and as such it is mentioned in the SFS Roleplaying Guild Guide.

Darkling36 wrote:
You don't get to keep ammo you find, you can use it during the scenarios and then it goes away. And I highly doubt that we'll regularly be finding enough ammo to not have to buy large swaths of it.

Are you sure about this? General consensus seems to be that you get to keep consumables and minor items. And enemies that use ranged weapons also have ammunition for that weapon in their loot so you will be finding ammo certainly (maybe not regularly).

Darkling36 wrote:
And yes, tracking ammo is doable but you're not checking off a single box out of twenty. Your checking off one, or two, or seven off of twenty to a hundred. It's a fair bit of work and something everyone would have to deal with. Or they might adopt the option that no one does. This would be easier and require fewer pages of paperwork.

Tracking ammo is really simple math. You have usage and capacity for a weapon and number of charges/cartridges to take into account. Whenever you fire you take note how many charges/cartridges have been spent. And you won't be using 100 different ranged weapons at the same time that you need to track 100 different batteries and their charges at the same time. PCs will probably have maximum of 1-2-3 ranged weapons on them most of the time.

Iziah Gile 288 wrote:
Honestly, if the rules allowed just one stat to drop to 8, it'd be SUPER helpful, solving both issues to a degree. You could drop a racial stat, ending at a 10 and being 'weak' in it, letting you have the flavor of unexpectedly weak in the stat, and it would give you more room to play with stats for other off-type race/character combinations.

All core races, except humans, get -2 in some ability score. You can use that to start with 8 in one of the ability scores.

rknop wrote:

I agree that the best solution would be to make normal ammunition (i.e. cartridges, rounds, that kind of thing) free to refill between scenarios. Call it a perquisite of Society membership. The second benefit of this is that it saves everybody from a lot of fiddly tracking of large numbers of small things that get expended and refilled all the time.

Rockets and grenades, which do more, still need to be purchased. But all ammo clips and all batteries get free recharges between scenarios.

You already get to keep ammunition that you find during the adventures so there really is no such need for a free ammo. Not to mention that some ammo is more expensive then some weapons. And tracking ammo usage is really simple if every player tracks for himself like they should.

In the "Starfinder Adventure Paths - Dead Suns Adventure Paths" rules it says Pathfinder Society Organized Play. It looks like there is currently some official confusion in mixing PFS and SFS :D

Lau Bannenberg wrote:

Besides, it's supposed to be the glorious future. Let's have batteries that aren't worse than modern ones. Nobody blinks when you charge your phone in a restaurant.

And in SF nobody would blink when you would charge your personal comm unit.

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Gary Bush wrote:
The community has came out with fillable PDFs of the official sheets. Why would they want to go through the effort when it has already been done? I put them right after they were released.

It just seams like a practical thing to have an official form-fillable sheet in these modern times and it's really not that big effort to convert from a non-fillable PDF to a fillable PDF (at least it shouldn't be for a companies). I'm aware of the various community-made sheets but I'm talking about the official version which would be identical to the original sheets just form-fillable (not auto-calculating). There are also people out there who don't really read forums and don't really follow what the community does but will notice official products highlighted as such on the web page.

They don't even have (for now) form-fillable sheets. They should really make free official form-fillable PDF character sheet and ship sheet to go with the their regular non-fillable sheets.

Gary Bush wrote:

>>Using a battery from an NPCs rifle/pistol instead of your own?

I see no problem with this action. I use arrows I find in adventures all the time. A battery is a consumable in my mind. One thing to keep in mind, right now a PC would have no idea how many charages are in the battery. (Which I think is silly. I would let the PCs know if they asked.)

It would be reasonable to assume that batteries would either have some kind of indicator showing how many charges they have left, or that when you load them into a weapon it would show charge status of the battery.

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Adder007USA wrote:
I imagine we're going to get some kind of clarification in the next round of errata FAQ....this thread, and a few others regarding battery craziness have been getting a lot of attention.

There are also few other important issues (check the Rules Questions subforum mostly), beside batteries, that should be officially clarified and are not in the FAQ yet.

Gary Bush wrote:
The problem with that assumption is the cost economy. If a character does not have to pay for a consumable that why would they ever use a pistol or rockets? There has to be some cost to recharge.

Would you say that batteries are consumables? But they don't get consumed, charges do, and you can have battery with 0 charges.

I doubt that a comm unit uses 390 credit battery. Charged battery price is taken into account when buying weapons and equipment that uses them. Maybe it just uses 80 charges of it's tiny battery which you can't put into your blue star plasma cannon (assuming 80 charges is not an error for a comm unit).

Lanathar wrote:

Re: 5e

So is it only treasure they keep and not items ? Or do they get to keep the items and have an option to buy it? That second sounds daft and is just a pitch for the type of player who want everything

Also what if there is one extremely powerful item in the scenario? Only one person gets it. That would lead to fights. I assume it is just low value items ?

As an aside I didn't realise there was a 5e organised play. Where did organised play originate? I have only heard of pathfinder so it would suggest more attempts by wizards to piggyback off of paizo success after the 4e debacle. But I am almost certain I am wrong and the organised play existed before PFS (it is just a tricky thing to research)

I also like the gold reward at the end because it means the group are not encouraged to murder everything they encounter. Or be demotivated by some scenarios that there is clearly no treasure (like Library of the lion). Or be encouraged to avoid encounters or leave items behind (again like Library of the lion )

In 5e organized play is called D&D Adventurers League. They keep all the treasure, consumables and magic items (everything that is listed under the treasure/loot). Most of the monster equipment you can't sell because it is of low quality but you can use it if there is really need for something like that. If there are six of you in the party and you find/loot/steal/take one magical sword - you need to decide as a group who would (permanently) get it and who would have most use of it, and you should distribute equally magical (and other) items among the party members (usually there are multiple of magical items per adventure as it is taken into account that there is a party of PCs). You can also trade magical items between other players in organized play, so there is that. Not a big deal if you miss some magical item unless you are really a crybaby. But they don't get the option to buy multiple copies of one item, or that they would have to buy the original item/items if they want to keep them, like you get to buy them in PFS/SFS if you get access to them in the CS.

In 5e organized play you get to distribute looted gear between the party members and they can keep it (nice and social and RPGish :)). You can also use acquired items and treasure during the adventure. That part is pretty much consistent and logical. It also feels more immersive for players if they actually get to keep (and use or sell) the loot they acquire during the adventure... Giving players access to buy at the end of adventure items acquired in the adventure by the party (which are on the CS) is a nice bonus.

Shwar wrote:
Gary - mocked up this: Society sheet WIP

Great and thorough sheet! Though, Abilities section is pretty small (I've ran out of space for 1st level character), smaller then on the original sheet.

The Armor notes section is missing reset button like all other sections have. Font is also different from others, looks like it's not bold. Also, above that it is spelled "Armour" even if everywhere else on the sheet spells "Armor".

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Starfinder RPG Maps for Incident at Absalom Station by Damien Mammoliti

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In Starfinder you don't need to wave your hands and shout magical words to cast spells.

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Let's take a look at the first quest Station of Starfinder Society Quests: Into the Unknown for example. You get to fight a ghoul and 3 mercenaries.

Ghoul has flight suit stationwear and azimuth laser pistol with battery (20 charges) and each mercenary has assault hammer, azimuth laser pistol with battery (20 charges) and credstick with 250 credits.

That is total loot of 750 credits, 4 azimuth laser pistols each with a battery, 3 assault hammers and stationwear flight suit. That is an amount of 154.66 credits per PC if there are 6 PCs and they sell all that looted gear (928/6=154.66). Yet, the CS for that quest alone gives 140 credits to each PC along with the access to azimuth laser pistol, assault hammer and flight suit stationwear. Seems like some money gets lost somewhere :D That is, if the PCs should sell all that looted gear and then buy something for that credits (and spend all or almost all cash in that process), at the end they would spend more credits during the adventure then they would get from CS.

Lets say PCs start with 0 credits each after they buy starting gear. Then they finish encounter and sell above looted gear for 10% of its original value during the adventure and every PC ends up with 154.66 credits. Now, every PC spends during the adventure 154 credits on serums of healing and something, and has 0.66 credits left. CS gives every PC 140 credits.

How should one record that in CS properly?

Starting credits: 0
Credits garnered: 140
Credits spent: 154
Total: -13.34 credits

PCs can also use these four laser pistols including their batteries during the rest of the adventure?

But is it possible to play entire AP with the characters who are SFS legal and to apply chronicle sheets to that same characters?

So, if you are not playing the campaign then you must play scenarios after every AP part to gain enough XP to be in the correct level range for the next AP parts if you wish to play entire AP with the same group of PCs? And future scenarios will take into consideration level range of all Dead Suns AP parts so PCs can gain extra level from scenarios and in that way be able to play all six parts of AP, taking into consideration allowed level range for every part?

If max XP for every AP part is 3 XP then is campaign using some different XP rewards system? Is level range for AP parts applied in the campaign also?

Can PCs start playing the campaign before all parts of AP are released?

Could someone elaborate this to the new people to SFS organized play please?

"Alternatively, if you are participating in the Dead Suns Adventure Path with an ongoing group undertaking the entire, six-chapter campaign, you may receive credit for playing the adventures as if you had played a pregenerated character. In this case, GMs running the Adventure Path are not bound to the rules of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign when running the campaign. Starfinder Society characters and
characters from an ongoing Adventure Path campaign may not play in the same adventure."

Here is one form-fillable PDF I found on the net:
Starfinder Society Inventory Tracking Sheet

"A computer can have a maximum number of countermeasures equal to its tier." So no alarm on tier 0 computer. And yes you can miniaturize computer from light bulk to negligible bulk (tier -1).

Gilfalas wrote:
Thanks for the heads up Protoman. Version 1.05 has this fixed and is uploaded now. Was literally a 10 second fix.

I've also noticed that Sleight of Hand doesn't show final total score calculated with armor penalty.

Starfinder Society Quests: Into the Unknown, page 9 under rewards entry says: "The PCs can also sell their foes' gear for 10% of it's value, as usual."

But apparently it's not at all usual to sell looted gear in organized play. You can use it during the adventure, but then you have to give it back and then you can buy it if you want to keep it.

But no selling? What if some piece of gear found and used during the adventure gets destroyed or stolen from PC? Can they still purchase it afterwards even if they didn't turned it back at the end of the adventure?

Great job on the sheets! There are few errors though :)

I can confirm that for Acrobatics ranks are not added to the total score, and for Sleight of Hand nothing is added to the total score.

It calculates your total skill score even if that skill is trained only and you don't have any ranks in it.

It wrongly calculates your total bulk. 10 L = 1 bulk, 19 L = 1 bulk.

Voss wrote:
I missed the channel skill entry on first readthrough and couldn't find any other indication that they did anything at all.

Me too. I missed that entry completely.

Xenocrat wrote:
There's. a class ability that gives you scaling bonuses, it's in the class powers, not the connections.

Thank you! Somehow I managed to miss that part.

Does anybody know what are associated skills from Mystic connections for? Do you get free skill ranks in these skills or what? Core Rulebook just gives you two skills for every connection, it doesn't state what to do with them...

Hyperleaf, Dreamshiver, Transdimensional pesh and Megaopiate :)

The problem could also be in regard to this kind of situations in the plain definition of Stamina Points given in the Core Rulebook in Chapter 1: Overview: "Stamina Points represent how much damage you can take before you're actually hurt, while Hit Points represent how badly hurt you can be before you fall unconscious or die."

Shinigami02 wrote:
A planetkiller nuke maybe, but chances are high that's not what's being thrown around in a ship-based combat (which is what the weapons in the CRB are for, even the Capital Ship ones). Ship-to-Ship combat is more medium-sized weapons, probably a step down from Nagasaki and Hiroshima TBH. A planetkiller would be more a plot-based super weapon.

Most definitely planetkiller nukes are not used in ship vs. ship combat but, even when we are talking about nuclear missiles designed primarily for blowing up space (battle)ships, damage they do to buildings (and on direct impact) when scaled is ridiculously way to small. Seems like some numbers are just messed up (scaling of the ship's mass compared to it's size also comes to mind).

AnimatedPaper wrote:

There's LOTS off about the ship statistics. I went into a mini-rant about the cargo capacity in another thread (short version, the bulk freighter couldn't haul as much as some 16th century sailing ships, and would have trouble stocking a good sized Walmart). Others have pointed out that the weight does not math out correctly for length.

Hopefully they'll all get reexamined when there's an inevitable ship focused supplement.

Certainly there are some both major and minor errors that ended up in the book (like various numbers regarding ships which are just going against common sense). I would like to see them fixed in the next (or one of the next) version of Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Core Rulebook doesn't mention anywhere what should be done with the Mystic class associated skills from connections.

I would assume that you get free skill rank in associated skills, not that they become your class skills.

With nukes you don't need so precise targeting of individuals :). And for nukes it should be at least x100. Thousands of years in the future with FTL technology and what not, it's logical that bigger nukes should be able to obliterate and radiate majority if not all of the planet surface.

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Gilfalas wrote:

1) Added a 'Backpack' drop down above inventory that automatically adjusts the carrying capacity value depending on which backpack you choose and what your Strength score is. Default is 'Backpack' which has no Str total modification.

2) Added in support for the entry of the letters 'L' and 'l' to the bulk section. They will automatically be converted into the value 0.1 which allows the sheet to properly calculate total bulk. Values of 'L' less than 9 do not increase bulk total as per Starfinder rules.

3) Fixed my spelling error in the adjusted speed box.

Files are still available at the same links.

Thank you for bringing these bugs and options to my attention.


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In Chapter 2: Character Creation under Carrying Capacity it says: "She is encumbered when carrying an amount of bulk equal to or greater than half her Strength score, and overburdened when carrying an amount of bulk equal to or greater than her total Strength score."

In Chapter 7: Equipment under Carrying Capacity - Bulk Limits it says: "You can carry an amount of bulk up to half your Strength score without difficulty. If you carry more than that, you gain encumbered condition, as described below, until the amount of bulk you can carry becomes less than or equal to half your Strength score. You can't voluntarily wear or hold an amount of bulk that is greater than your Strength score. If you are forced to do so (due to changing gravity, for example), you gain the overburdened condition, as described below, until the bulk you can carry becomes less than or equal to your Strength score."

Which one is it?

Gilfalas wrote:

SF Character Auto Calculation, Fillable Sheet

SF Starship Auto Calculation, Choosable Component Sheet

Since some of the links in previous posts broke I figured I would repost them here.

If you find any bugs with these please PM me and I will address them ASAP.

These sheets were made and tested with Adobe on a Windows machine. Using them with other OS's or apps are used at your own risk as I have no way to test or debug them with those.


It seems you can't adjust your carrying capacity bonus from backpacks, it auto-fills your carrying capacity calculating only your strength modifier and you can't modify it manually to include this bonus from backpack.

Total bulk section in sheet calculates in fractions and doesn't take into account weights expressed in light bulk (L). As this section is also auto-filled you can't modify it manually. By the rules in core rulebook fractions are not calculated (10L = 1bulk, 19L = 1bulk).

In speed section it is written "adusted speed" instead of adjusted :)