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Well, immovable rods could certainly keep your zeppelin in the air, but you'd need a huge amount of propulsion to make it move anywhere (because of the DC 30 str check for a single immovable rod).

You could just buy an Airship and refluff it.
Payload is 30 tons (or 60,000 pounds) for a 50,000gp ship, so that's at least a ratio of 1.2 (it's actually better because it carries the weight of the ship itself in addition to the 30 tons payload).

Hmm... Well, cultist builds can vary vastly, depending on which Chaos God you want to follow.

For a Slaanesh cultist, I think I'd take the Extremely Fashionable trait - it matches the decadence aspect, and you can take bluff as a class skill. If you want to keep the deformed trait, I'd fluff that as a sort of disturbing, alien beauty (like clan Tzimisce from Vampire:tM).

The warped bloodline is nice, but is really more in line with a cultist of Tzeentch, the mutator.
I'd vote for Maestro or Rakshasa instead, both are great choices to play up the seduction aspect of Slaanesh.

Like warped, Twisted Flesh is better for the other gods - you could take Taunt or Voice of the Sibyl instead.

In case you take one of those, I'd keep the haunted curse - as tongues makes you unable to use those language-dependent effects (and most enchantments, and telling lies) in combat.

The build itself looks good. I'd go with a slightly different ability array, reducing the penalties a bit, but that's personal taste.
Strength: 10 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 15 Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 8 Charisma: 16(18)

I'd make a point of using Mage Hand all day long (you don't want to get dirt on your perfect hands), seducing/bluffing the hell out of everyone you meet (why work if you can make somebody do it for you?) and striving for perfection (in whatever aspect you like).

The rules state that "you can also take free actions during your surprise round".
I read that as saying "on top of the move or standard", so even if your cover is a big rock that hinders a charge, you could just take a 5ft step out of cover and charge anyway...

Polymorph Any Object should let you become fine, too.

And it's probably easier and safer to use than the rod of wonder.

Well, as the bard knew that the PCs were his opponents, I think I would've ruled it similarly.
It's fair to assume that everybody who talks to opponents is on guard, so there isn't a surprise round, but I think I would've given the first person to actually start combat a bonus on his initiative check.

In a mexican stand-off scenario, most people would probably not only be aware of the possible opponents, but actually readying to do something, like a quickdraw-attack or a jump behind cover.

However, I think it's a bit more complicated with spellcasting. With so many people in Golarion able to cast spells, and so many non-harmful spells available, you can't just go around and kill everyone who starts casting something.
You'd need to do a spellcraft check to know what he's up to. If you don't succeed, smash his head and find out later that all he wanted to do is cast prestidigitation or a silent image of a map to show somebody the way... You might end up in jail.

Here's another thread on jousting, including official rules.

Well. Enabling the rogue to buy a full fletched class feature for a bit of gold doesn't sound like a good idea. And letting him buy just a 2hd basic version which does not level up means the special mount might die as easily as pack horses.

Instead, take the leadership feat, drop the followers and take the magical beast mount as your cohort.

Well, first of all, talk to the group and the DM.

From your description, it sounds like your DM doesn't want your characters to become rulers of that area - maybe that's because he has other plans and doesn't want the campaign to turn into a kingmaker-esque kingdom simulation or doesn't want to DM such a scenario.

If that's the case, no bluff check, no ruse, literally no plan whatsoever will help you.
Your only possibility might be to let someone else take over the DM seat for a while (maybe the DM would like to play in such a scenario more than he seems to like ruling it).

Once you're all on the same page, you can continue planning the ingame part.

Your possibilites of course depend on your level (and wealth).

Modify Memory is a 4th level bard spell that could help you. Implant necessary memories into the would-be heir (for example, memories of her parents/a royal herald telling her of her noble bloodline) or erase your own memory of forging the documents and implant memories of your "research" so that no one has to bluff. One scroll costs 1000 gp. (You might want to take some wis-damaging poison to lower your will save first).

Glibness is 3rd level (525 gp per scroll) and helps with the actual bluffing.

Cloak of the Diplomat

White Knight's Pennon of Parley

Alter Self could help you by hiding the stone face.

The capstone ability of the imperious bloodline also removes the need for sleep.

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doc the grey wrote:
You know I didn't think about it before but in pathfinder I would totally have that happen next, I mean your talking about one hell of a loss of life and an explosion powerful enough to probably knock a hole into another plane. Will say though I think it would be more daemons then demons or devils. God that would be horrifying, could you imagine making that reflex save, living through that insanity, and then you see a small horde of daemons starting to peel out of the puncture holes in reality that this bomb has made?

Oh yeah, I like that idea since I read Lukyanenko's Watch pentalogy (Nochnoi Dozor and the sequels - oh and yes, the books are WAY better than the movies).

If you don't know what I'm talking about: in that world, you got the material plane and several "levels" of the "twilight" on top of that (think of several layers of an astral/shadow plane) - it takes magic to access the first, and each layer requires geometrically more power to enter and remain in it. A nuclear blast ruptures ruptures through all of them.

Regarding the OP:

I'd say, whatever amount of damage you settle for, the effect should be composed of fire, sonic (heat and shockwave) and untyped (radiation) damage, with reflex saves only helping against fire and sonic (because you can't dodge radiation), plus direct con damage, plus con/str damaging poison effect, plus blindness & deafness (fort save), plus flying/falling debris (additional reflex saves).

For good measure, add a bunch of dispel magic effect vs every active spell or magic item in the area of effect, because the raw energy literally blasts away the magic.

Oh, and btw... I think nuclear blasts are things which should make you think about implementing other types of subsystems for handling explosion damage. Like the one Shadowrun uses: every explosion has a base damage which is reduced by a certain amount per range increment between you and the center of the explosion.
In a smaller scale or for magical effects (like a fireball), the normal rules are fast and easy, but it just makes no sense that a subject touching the bomb takes just as much damage as a subject that's 5 ft in the max range.

So... Weasels usually die of starvation because they have trouble killing anything? ;)

For a widely and easily accepted, uncomplicated, balanced, all-round, default go-to character that can easily be tweaked to fill any necessary role...?

I hate to say it, but yes.

Between archetypes, skill, trait and feat choice, you can tweak your basic bard to be anything you like and need.

Um, 5 levels of whatever (okay, Vivisectionist is really good), then Daggermark Poisoner PrC (from the new Paths of Prestige). It's awesome.

You get to craft poisons in half the time at level 2, with level 8 it's reduced to a FULL-ROUND-ACTION. The next thing I'll just quote:

If the Daggermark poisoner has the Master Alchemist feat, she may create a number of doses of poison or antitoxin at one time equal to twice her Intelligence modifier and uses the item's pp value as its sp value when determining progress with her Craft (alchemy) checks.

Plus, you also get a bonus to detect traps (you wanted to have that, right? ^^), Toxic Tricks, a bit of sneak attack, an ability to exchange sneak attack for a higher poison DC, can apply poison to a weapon as a swift action... Did I already say that it's awesome?

Guys... Drop it.

Objects and creatures are (with the exception of animated/intelligent objects, which are sort of the grey area), as they are handled by the rules, totally disjunct categories. Neither is a subset of the other.

Proof: Spell descriptions and target entries list, in numerous cases, terms like "object or creature". If one were a subset of the other, that distinction would not be necessary. Examples: Feather Fall, Dispel Magic etc pp.

Additionally, there are some spells that only work on creatures (or only on objects, respectively), and allowing those to work on both categories would open one hell of a can of worms.

Regarding the OP: what Coriat said.

And even if "lifting an ally to his feet" is not specifically spelled out by RAW, would you guys really argue that PCs are somehow unable to lift/drag/carry other PCs around?

Well... In my group, everyone gets to be the DM once in a while, and to avoid the potential chaos of every DM bringing up his own new set of houserules, we usually put questionable things (like player-created races) to the vote.

Look up the race builder points for the other characters' races, explain the difference in power level and the potential problems it could create to the other players, and then let them vote wether they want to ban the race (or maybe even custom races in general) or not.

Apart from that, you as the DM (and especially if you're the only DM and the only one who understands the system) always have the right to say "no sorry, after I thoroughly checked your proposal, I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't fit into the balancing/group/world/lore/adventure we're playing right now, but maybe you can play that somewhere/when else".

The Green Fields of Sarkoris

No Man's Land

Cleansing the Blight

Sarkorian Purgatory

Yes. As long as your readied attack doesn't stop the orc from continuing his charge, you get to make an AoO as usual. That's how I read it, too.

If you want do deal two-handed sneak attack, you could as well take the Skulking Slayer (half-orc rogue) archetype. Instead of the trapfinding line, you get some nice maneuvers, a bonus to feint, pass as human, oh and your two-handed sneak attacks deal d8 instead d6.

If you feint as a move action, you could use your humble standard action to make a two-handed power attack sneak attack vital strike...

LazarX wrote:
There wouldn't be.... Chrome is a rather modern creation. And an extremely toxic process.

Seriously? It's magic.

Grick wrote:
Cyberwolf2xs wrote:
Two-weapon fighting penalties (and declaring one hand as main and the other one as off) only come into play in the very moment when you're actually using the two-weapon fighting feat to get extra attacks for your off-hand.

The feat only reduces penalties. Anyone can Two-Weapon Fight to gain an extra attack.

The spirit of what you wrote was correct, and backed up by the TWF FAQ.

Correct. Anyone can two-weapon fight to get one extra attack. To reduce the penalties, you have to use the feat, and to get more than one extra attack, you have to use the improved/greater feat.

How hard this kind of build is to pull off depends heavily on how your GM handles certain things.

At least when facing intelligent enemies, expect them to ignore you and focus on your squishier friends once they figure out they can't hit/hurt you anyway. If there's more than one opponent, you just don't have enough standard actions - if all you do is making one target attack you again and again, you're not dealing damage or really contributing to the fight anymore.

If your GM is supid/bad, he might metagame and have everyone, including mindless things like oozes ignore you even without even trying to hit you, and then there really isn't much you can do in terms of "gaining aggro".

If your GM is nice, he gives you enemies who can understand you, so that you can use the antagonize feat.
If your GM is really nice, he just let's you roleplay "taunting" enemies to make them focus you without having to use the feat and waste std actions.

But if your GM isn't, it gets difficult.

One way to be a "tank" in PF is focusing on your damage output. If you deal enough damage to be a real threat, your opponents might be more eager to take care of you instead of someone else.
The other way is using superior reach and combat maneuvers like trip to improve battlefield control, and just stop opponent from getting to your friends - but be warned that there are many creatures that you can't trip or that just fly once you level up, so make sure you can also fly, and bring backup ranged weapons.

Both ways work better if you are decently easy to hit.

All that said, if you want to focus on the antagonize feat, you could make an Inquisitor. That gives you some bonuses to the required skills, use wis instead of cha, have a good will save, good melee or ranged damage output, and enough spells to help out wherever you need.

Two-weapon fighting penalties (and declaring one hand as main and the other one as off) only come into play in the very moment when you're actually using the two-weapon fighting feat to get extra attacks for your off-hand.

If you have multiple attacks due to high BAB, you can divide them to multiple weapons/hands eithout penalty.

And seeing that the shield-bash attack even takes place in another round, there's no way TWF penalties could apply.

I'm not saying it's not a great idea, and I don't want to discourage you from doing it or anything, but just so you know, there are some people who did a mass effect conversion for the (2010 ENnie award winning) Diaspora system - you can find links to the rulebook pdf, charsheet and discusion thread over here.

You might want to take a look at it, because it's really well made.
And even if you end up not liking it, you might still get some inspiration out of it for your d20 version. :)

What the concept sounds like is the Plague Bringer alchemist archetype, but since it's PFS, you can't play a ratfolk and you can't just refluff the archetype, right...?

Quatar wrote:

Fun fact about survival:

A group (you need more than just one to take advantage of the law of large numbers) of commoners with 10 wisdom and 0 ranks in survival, and no other bonuses whatsoever on it, can feed up to nearly twice their number with survival :)
I did the math once, I think 100 people bring in food for 180 or so on average.

Well, that more or less makes sense, doesn't it?

To bring the in-game (ruleswise) effect in line with the one expected from reality, I'd just assume that Golarion's hunters would use arrows (or bolts) similar to these whenever they lack a hunting team (or the sneak attack class feature).

But really, all you need to not starve is one point in Survival, and then you just take 10.

Table: Survival DCs by Task wrote:

Survival DC Task
10 Get along in the wild. Move up to half your overland speed while hunting and foraging (no food or water supplies needed). You can provide food and water for one other person for every 2 points by which your check result exceeds 10.


ThatEvilGuy wrote:
Sleepless Detective - WUT R U?

Frederick Abberline (played by Johnny Depp in "From Hell")? ^^

Well, the easiest way to use that PrC is probably being a raving lunatic caster-powered melee monster.

Stats: max charisma and get a solid str, the rest is up to interpretation - a few points in con don't hurt though

Race: demon-spawn tiefling (+2 cha and str, -2 int) and allows some stylish tiefling feats/traits like vestigial wings

Class (at least 7 lvls to qualify for demoniac): oracle of battle/metal or (if you want to focus on your claws or are willing to multiclass) you could also take flame, time or sth, and add two levels of antipaladin to the mix (cha-bonus on all saves, martial and heavy armor proficiencies and some other goodies)
Curse: tongues (oh so you're only speaking abyssal in combat... could you care less?)

Feats: you need eldritch heritage (imp, grtr) abyssal/orc bloodline (for the +str mainly, but either claws or the enlarge power are nice, too), skill focus (bloodline req), iron will, demonic obedience - so you should still have some slots to play arouns with. Maybe power attack?

Items: str and cha boosters, weapon and heavy armor (one way or another, you'll be able to use anything you want)... you basically don't need much to be fearsome

Re: demonic obedience, well, there are some with nice abilities and some with bad ones, some with easy rituals and some whose rituals can be hard to fulfill, but in the end, the choice is probably mainly one of flavor.

Tactics: You'd buff yourself with whatever you like (blessing of fervor, divine power, orc bloodline enlarge ability, ask someone to use enlarge person on you or get a wand, later you have righteous might), use energumen to get an even higher str score and go to town.
You still have a collection of divine spells (including healing) to pull out if you need them.

PS: you could also try to build something similar with a sorcerer - your base attack bonus will be lower and you have arcane instead of divine spells, which means you can't wear much armor - only pro point is that you don't have to spend feats on eldritch heritage.

The reason for not providing a download link for the offline version is probably that it would create a crapload of traffic. ;)

My group and I like to have a campaign with a good story that links everything together, but if you're all into, well, basically hack&slay and don't need anything else... sure, why not.

I wouldn't really have that much fun DMing (or playing) h&s only, but for a one-off, a break between campaigns or even as a part of an overarching campaign, I'd be up for it.
Maybe change the ordinary dungeon into something else once in a while. Like an arena where the PCs can fight against various monsters for money (and the amusement of some outsiders).

Have you played "the worlds largest dungeon" with them yet? That (and other similar stuff) should keep them busy for a while.

"Self only" normally includes clothes and equipment.

AvalonXQ wrote:
No, the soft cover bonus only applies once, even if there are multiple people in the way. +4 to AC against ranged attacks.

Sadly this is true by RAW.

Does it make sense that shooting a ray around one orc to hit the shaman 100 ft behind him is just as easy as shooting through a 100 ft deep horde of orcs to hit the shaman behind them...? Seriously?

Sometimes you just have to ignore the RAW.

Oh, nice.

Could you please check if there has been a ring of immolation in 3.5 already, and if the price has changed from that to the PF version?

In an actual fight, he'd been dead in a heartbeat.

I actually had the same idea, MagiMaster, and was about to slap myself for not thinking of it earlier.
Armor spikes would be the easiest way of getting a burning armor that is capable of doing damage, but the problem is, you'd need to make an actual attack to damage someone with them.
The OP wants something that damages everyone who attacks him, automatically.

So if you only want the visual effect, take armor spikes.
But if you want to damage an attacker with those, you'd need combat reflexes and make AoOs - there are ways to get an AoO on someone who attacks you, but most are not easily obtainable for a Antipaladin (Barbarian has "come and get me" rage ability, monk can get something similar).

Okay, BBT, without all those...
Really, try wearing clothes (better take armor or sports protective gear if you can get a hold on something) made for someone who's half or double your size.

True, in the case of halfing and dwarf, the size difference isn't that huge, but the weight/body shape difference is still enormous.



I'd say you'd have to custom build an armor with a permanent/at-will Fire Shield or Shield of the Dawnflower or something similar.

But if you look at official items which provide such spell effects, it would be really expensive.
So maybe just use one of these:

Coldfire Wrappings (most GMs probably would allow a fire damage variant)
Ring of Immolation

Or get a wand of one of the spells.

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Congratulations! You've been nominated for the "strangest thread title of the year" award.

Well, the closest thing to consider regarding sharing space with cover-providing objects that I found with a quick search is this part about trees from the terrain rules:

Trees The most important terrain element in a forest is the trees, obviously. A creature standing in the same square as a tree gains partial cover, which grants a +2 bonus to Armor Class and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves. The presence of a tree doesn't otherwise affect a creature's fighting space, because it's assumed that the creature is using the tree to its advantage when it can. The trunk of a typical tree has AC 4, hardness 5, and 150 hp. A DC 15 Climb check is sufficient to climb a tree. Medium and dense forests have massive trees as well. These trees take up an entire square and provide cover to anyone behind them. They have AC 3, hardness 5, and 600 hp. Like their smaller counterparts, it takes a DC 15 Climb check to climb them.

So, let's try to apply logic to pathfinder rules (^^).

1. A tree that is small enough to allow you to move freely in the 5ft square it's in, provides partial cover.
2. A tree that takes up the entire square (like a wall, no one can move into that) provides cover.
3. Ice Spears should either give you partial cover and allow you to move freely, or give you cover and block the square.
4. Since the Ice Spears provide cover, we could assume that they also take up the whole space.

However, since Ice Spears knock a target prone in their square (instead of knocking the target prone in an adjacent square), they are seemingly large enough to affect the entire 5ft square, and large enough to provide cover but not large enough to take up the whole space. Somewhere in between.

So... I would houserule that the square counts as difficult terrain, because that seems to be the middle ground between "move freely" and "blocked square"
In analogy to the quoted part, the cover could apply to all directions "because it's assumed that the creature is using the tree to its advantage when it can" - however, just as with trees, I would probably houserule that it provides cover against one direction per turn.
Say, if you're in the square with the ice spear, and get flanked, you can only apply cover against one opponent, because when they attack quasi-simultaneously, you can only be on one side of the ice spear at a time.

Oh yeah, I second the Diabolist, too, but you're gonna get labled "evil" for bargaining with devils, even if you might not be.

If you want angelic, you might enjoy the 3rd party summoner archetype Celestial Commander.
Or maybe just take an evolutionist summoner and fluff out your eidolon as an angelic or demonic/devilish being, switching between those as you see fit. :)

You could also be an aasimar, take the shiny (and I do mean shiny, there's a trait that gives you a halo) stuff from the Advanced Race Guide.

Check out this prestige class: Genie Binder.

Addendum: It doesn't get around the HD limit (and I don't know a way to do that, either), but it fits thematically.

Since Elemental Spell doesn't specify that you have to use a spell with an elemental descriptor, yes, that should be possible.

Oh, right, I only thought about larger shields...

I think I wouldn't allow smaller shields.
First, as has been correctly mentioned, you'd have to adjust grips and handles.
Second, we'd have to make a rule that you'd only get the ac of the adjusted shield size, no prevent characters from getting tower shield ac from a tiny tower shield that they can handle as a buckler or something.

But yeah, since the RAW really is silent about all that... it might be easier to just say "no inappropriately sized armor/shields".

Well... Since a medium-sized character can use a medium-sized (light) shield as a (light) one-handed weapon, let's just use the weapon size rules as a base.

If we look at it from the weapon side, a large-sized light shield could be used as a one-handed weapon (from which I would deduce that you can use it with all the drawbacks of using a heavy shield, but still only getting light shield AC), while a large-sized heavy shield would have to be used as a two-handed weapon (which probably makes it unable to use as a shield).

But depending on the circumstances, you could houserule that a large-sized heavy shield can be used by a medium-sized character as a tower shield (again, with all the drawbacks, but only getting heavy shield ac).
A large-sized tower shield could obviously not be used by a medium-sized character, at all.

Regarding armor, I generally wouldn't allow characters to use inappropriately-sized stuff.
For a while, we even used to roll a dice to determine if an appropriately-sized suit of armor fits a character. Obviously, it depends on the type of armor, since some parts are easily adjustable, but when a 2.20m 120kg barbarian hulk tries to put on a breastplate form-fitted to a 1.60m 45kg petite sorceress, I would give that player a gentle nudge with the core rulebook. ;)

I would, however, allow someone to craft a piecemail-armor out of salvaged parts.

Well, in similar situations we've always houseruled that non-magical equipment gets damaged somewhat realistically, sometimes with a d2 to determine that.

Magic items (including spellbooks and component pouches) are normally safe, but if it's really a lot of damage, like falling into lava, they get to make their own saving throws.

Get a trait that gives you UMD as a class skill, grab some wands of cure light wounds etc and dress them up as medical devices?

Other than that, even if you don't like some of the alchemist's powers, there's the chirurgeon archetype.
You could either combine it with reanimator (I couldn't heal you... but I could bring you back!) or vivisectionist (I know how to heal people, I also know how to kill people).

Well, if you want to use your sneak attack more often, wear a goz mask (what was the other one, smoke goggles?) to ignore concealment provided by fog, smoke etc, and carry an eversmoking bottle (or use various other means of creating fog- or smoke-based concealment)...

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There's also this 1200 page monster of a thread on the wizards of the coast board.

The photoshop artists there are great. They work best if you come up with a picture to use as a basis. Ask nicely and chances are someone will modify the picture however you want.

I'd especially take a look at the links provided in this post. I think you can find a basis for almost anything in these galleries.

I think a one level dip of thug is enough.
The second level doesn't really hurt much, but it's still one less level of spellcasting you give up for evasion and one rogue talent.

And your stats seem okay.
You could also go with the following:

str 16
dex 14 (16)
con 12 (14)
int 12
wis 16
cha 7

One more skillpoint per level, one more AoO per round (with combat reflexes). Alternatively, switch con and dex.
The only drawback of either is that you essentially have a one point lower wis modifier from lvl 4 to 8, from 12 to 16 and at lvl 20 (assuming you'd put all your increasements on wis).

However, if you're planning to use a guided weapon anyway, you can drop strength down to 13 (if you want to use power attack) and put wis up to 18.


Now that I'm here anyway, I'm gonna derail this a bit:

I have thought time and again about building a character around intimidation myself, however, above a certain level, I feel that the shaken condition doesn't really cut it anymore, and the thug's frightened condition only lasts for one round.

So apart from that ability, what else can you use to make an opponent anyting worse than shaken? I've come up with those:

- 6th lvl hellknight prc ability: fearsomeness
- symbol of fear
- 1st lvl spell: cause fear
- 2nd lvl spells: scare, castigate (cowering... nice)
- 4th lvl spell: fear (panicked!)
- 5th lvl spell: mass cause fear
- 6th lvl spell: eyebite
- 8th lvl spell: frightful aspect

Anything else?

PS: I hope the Signifer (caster hellknight) PrC in the upcoming book keeps the fearsomeness ability.

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