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Funny group! Good luck to group B.

'Does freedom truly exists? Gods, dragons, men and strangers creatures all want to be obeyed. What can we do, we humble beings? And is freedom surch a good thing? Peace can only be attained obeying the laws, not by twisting to escape their grasp.'

Tolus had told him his story so Draahzin felt compelled to reciprocate:
'Oh I don't have a dragon lord only an ancestor. My tribe used to live on the outskirts of the Sarengave. But that was before we're slaughtered. Our ancestor didn't show up, maybe he wasn't aware? Since then I roamed the lands of men, found a master who taught me how to fight and to talk this language. He died and now I'm on my own.'

'True. I didn't tought about that.'

Draahzin seems amused: 'That's a nasty way of thinking! I just get scorn and hateful glances.If I was bigger maybe people would think Dahak is here…

'One must obey the law, if he wants to survive. You did good not to anger your masters. Yes that Yalendere fellow promises much. I hope you and I will be part of this trip, it would be pleasant to have company.' He tries to smile and waves his tail.

'Vishkanya you said? Never heard of them, you must come from some place far away?'

The conversation was heating up in the tavern, the halfling started to speak about the recruitment and two females had been going on it for quite some time.

'That would make you a cousin. We, kobolds, are dragonkin. My tribe was descended from a blue dragon of whom I bear the mark.'

Draahzin was pleased to speak with Tolus, he was scaled and friendly, his tail waved his contentment.

'The Sarengave his a good teacher about oneself, harsh certaintly but knowledgeable.'

That elve has a distaste for my kin, he tought as she left the table.

'Indeed. I'm waiting for the Yalandere's caravan. You believe to be related to desert snakes?'

Seeing the scaled man is now free, Draahzin stood up and walk to greet him.
'Good day to you mister! I am called Draahzin the Blue. I hoped we could talk a bit as the sole scaled ones here? So what bring you in this town?'

To Farid.
As the man whispered in his ear that a desert tribe's dance would be better appreciated and that compliments will not kill, Draahzin nodded his approval.
'You are right. I was merely cautious, the folks here are a little on edge.'

Suddenly a man. A scaled-man! sat on the chair at his left, but before he could open his mouth he had already disappeared and was seating across the rude elve. Dammit! We'll talk later. Then he focused his attention on their conversation, they spoke of slaves and slavery. Very interesting. Goods argruments. The confusion on the face of the elve was also great.

The tavern was getting crowded: elves, halflings and Keleshites everywhere. Fortunately no gnome here. Soft-skins all of them, but hard. The sands don't forgive weakness.

The elve was gruff, better not talk to her, people were often distraught talking to a kobold, his kind was believed treacherous and savage. The halfling was sympathic, he decided to talk more: 'Pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm Draazhin. For now mercenary for hire.'

Suddenly he heard someon talking: '… dances of the desert tribes, lady?' What? The fool is blind? If that girl know how to dance then I'm a priestess of Calistria! He had a loot at the man: not blind and accompanied by a large falcon, nearly as big as himself. He stared at the man searching for clues: was he trouble or awkwardly kind?

He nodded to the Keleshite, thanking him for his intervention then returned his gaze upon the halfling. Muttering: 'Desertfolk, always so prickly.', then raising his voice again: 'They do, they do. I assure you that I'm not dangerous … if you don't provoke me.'

'Us kobolds are never recognized as people … I believe it's because we have scales and lay eggs. That's a little sad. You halflings are just kobold-sized humans. At least we share our height.' He answered before returning to his tankard.

Folks started to gather in this run down place: a man and his daughter, a Keleshite, a rude desertfolk. The latter started to verbally mistreat the waiter, a poor halfling boy.

'I beg your pardon stranger, but don't you see that the poor lad is young and clumsy? I bet he strated working yesterday. Nobody'll follow your ways here, that's a town for fat merchants, green boys and frivolous women. Not that I don't respect your ways, just that you should forget them for now.'

'Here boy, take this.' Throwing him a silver coin.

'My treat. You'll not refuse?' His gaze upon the man.

'Just enjoy the wonders of town, sure it costs a lot, sometimes it's outright robbery. Believe me I'm well versed in this matter. But money isn't mean to stay in a purse. So what are you in town for?' He said to the elve.

'Indeed but I too need a job, life isn't cheap when nobody trust you. So right now I'm waiting for an answer, like you I believe. Bandelvis' caravan,' he replied to the halfling trying to smile and waving his tail.

Before the halfling could give either his agreement or disagreement, Draahzin sat down on the chair across the table:
'So new in town? Searching some work?'

While he was waiting for the stranger to respond he heard some noise behind him. Looking back he saw a towering female elve, sinewy and strong looking. Turning back to face his fellow drinker he sensed some hostility in his back. She doesn't seem to like my kind. He heard her argue with the barman, then she sat down no far away, back to the wall and oozing of suspicion. She looks like a wolf in a foxes' den.

'Nobody will try to knife you here. Being robbed is the worst you should expect.'

… finally after roaming the entire town his steps directed him to the Cold Moonshine Tavern, a deliciously dark establishment. Refreshing. Then he saw the dirtiness of the room. Ok. Remember: do not eat anything here, Draahzin.

He slalomed between tables, chairs and benches to reach the bar asking for a beer.
'Show me some coins before, bloody kobold!'
Rummaging through his purse, he flashed some copper and silver.
'Would that be enough?'
'Yeah. That'll do.'
Then he pocketed probably more than he would have for anyone, but who would says anything? He was a kobold, no one cared.

Taking his tankard he climbed a wobbling chair, took a sip. Taste like rat's piss. Well probably is seeing that shady place. Well is anyone there? Noticing the belly-dancer for the first time. Oh I bet she must be pretty by soft-skins' standards. But she dances like a bag of sticks. Finishing his overview of the room he noted a halfling wearing armor. A fellow mercenary then? A competitor? A future partner? Let's talk to him to see if he's worth his salt.

Taking his mug with him he approched the halfling:
'Mind if I sit here?', he said showing the opposite chair.

'Next!', cried a loud voice from the interior of the tent as a man exited it, disappointment showing on his face.
Someone tried to pass him, but Draahzin stepped forward and said:
'Please kind sir, I waited here longer than you. Would you please let me go in first?'
'And why should I do that scaly thing?'
'Because if you do that what will prevent the one behind you to do so?'

The man looked behind him saw a thuggish figure and moaned a: 'Hmm go ahead.'
'Thank you, kind sir.'

Draahzin hastened his step and entered the tent. The shade there was refreshing and the luminosity more suited to his taste, he felt his eyes focusing. Barune Bandelvis was a caravan master of the typical sort: middle aged with percing eyes, prominent belly and smelling of sweat and spices; he was seated among cushions upon a rug covering the sand.
'So who are you?'
'Good day to you master Bandelvis. I am Draahzin the Blue …'
, said the kobold while siting.
'Yeah, yeah cut the crap. What can you do for me that none of the bigger guys outside can?'
'First as you said I am not big so I eat less'
, he said with what pass for a smile on his toothy mouth, 'then I can bring my own mount and am quite good with the beasts, be it horses, camels or dogs. Finally I know how to live in the desert.'
'Hmm, what else?'
'I can talk and barter; and fight if necessary.'
'Ok good, but everybody can do that.'
'Sure but not all of them are knights. Moreover I'm quite talented and suited to combat at night. Oh and I forgot to say that if people listen to me I can make them fight better.'
'Fight better?'
'Yes, I'm quite good at finding my foes' weaknesses, like where there is defaults in their armor or where their hide is thinner. So if I shout: "Aim there", and people actually aim there they will be more efficient.'
'I see… anything else?'
'You could say that I can help prevent people or things to come unnoticed in the camp. Or help protect your goods if that interest you.

Barune pressed his fingers on his brow, massaging his forehead and barked:
'Straight to the point kobold!'
'Traps. I can build traps, that's like a racial hobby.'
'You're a resourceful one.'
'I merely aim to be useful.'
'I believe you can be. Wait in town, I'll send for you if you are accepted, competition is tough however.'
'Then I'll take my leave. Have a good day.'
He walked out of the tent into the bright light of the day. [i]Damn merchants! Always waiting to suck you dry. But when they must pay you then they take their damn sweet time.
Thirsty he started roaming the town searching for a drink …

Edit: edited last part.

Thanks. Where I am it's GMT+2 (7 pm), so I will post late when I wake up in the morning.

I was mostly asking for Shanosuke's.

Permanent See Invisibility, permanent Reduce Person. Ring of Freedom of movement and a good belt of Dexterity and Constitution.

Sounds good to me.

PS: could you give your meridian? Late saturday is not the same everywhere :)

And here are the mechanics.


Male Kobold Cavalier (Beast Rider) 2
LN Small Humanoid (reptilian)
Init +4; Senses Perception +, darkvision 60 ft.
AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (+6 armor, +2 Dex, +1 Size, +1 Shield)
hp 10+1d10 (2d10)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0; +4 vs. hot conditions, +1 vs. fire
Resistance electricity 5
Weakness: Light sensitivity
Speed 20 ft., 40 ft. (mounted)
Melee Flail +4 (1d6+/x2) and
Lance +4 (1d6+1/x3)
Glaive +4 (1d8+1/x2)
Ranged Pilum +5 (1d6+1/x2)
Special Challenge (Ex) +5 (dmg +2)
Flat of the Blade (Ex) +4 (dmg +2 nonlethal)
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats Mounted Combat, Precise Strike
Traits Desert Child, Child of the Streets, Reactionnary
Skills Bluff +6, Climb, Craft (trapmaking) +6, Diplomacy +7, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate, Knowledge (history) +4, Knowledge (nobility), Linguistic +1, Perception +2, Profession (miner) +2, Ride +6, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +10, Swim
Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth, +2 Craft (trapmaking), +2 Perception, +2 Profession (miner)
Languages Common, Draconic
SQ Challenge 1/day, Exotic Mount (pony), Order of the Blue Rose, Tactician, Flat of the Blade
Gear [TODO]
Special Abilities
Dragon-Scaled (blue) electricity resistance 5
Desert Child (desert) +4 save vs. hot conditions, +1 save vs. fire.

Here is Draahzin the kobold, I did the mechanics but am hesitating between a normal Cavalier or an archetype like the Beast Rider.

Draahzin is a kobold. Yeah life sucks sometime. He was from the X'ten tribe, which live near the border of the Sarengave Desert. His life was poor but peaceful, until some adventurers came… They slew the whole tribe, except him, who was hidden by the eldersdue to his blue scales, meaning he was beloved be the ancestors of the tribe.

'Why?' was the question, which haunted him ever since. So much wanton destruction for what? Oh they had taken some loot: a wood and copper idol, some piece of shiny metal, an ox hide. But was it worth his tribe life?

He decided to follow their tracks and ended in town. So much noises, strange odors, big people! He lost his tribe's killer, but having nowhere to go decided to stay. He hid their living on scraps and sleepling in holes. Until one day when he was bullied by a street gang someone stepped in and talked their way out of the fight.

That man was Balan Sarnechat, he was a cavalier of the Order of the Blue Rose, dedicated to peace between the sentient races. Somehow Draahzin ended as his squire. They travelled the land, fighting monsters, helping local governors, guarding caravans, etc. He learned how to mount, how to fight and more importantly how to talk: drawing blood is always the last option.

Four months ago Balan died. Without money and searching to further train himself in the art of fighting, Draahzin heard about [NPC_name]. Remembering the tales about Aridia he decided to join, gain fame and gold in order to come back and make Sarengave a better place for the lesser races.

I am tempted by a blue-scaled kobold cavalier of the Order of the Blue Rose. If you deem that of interest I will develop.

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Cool concept!

IIRC there was some infos on devil's contract in Princes of Hell, basically each party (the devil and the contractor) got a contract and if both are destroyed, the contractor is freed. The problem is that the contract of the devil is stored in one of the vast Fortress-library of Hell. So some kind of "seek and destroy the artefact" campaign.

You can add all the poultry (duck, hen, rooster, turkey…).




Some other species of birds of prey: harrier, eagle, vulture…

Birds: seagull, cormorant, peacock,…

Some ranks in Bluff, Perception and Sense motive. In order to spot potential victims and witnesses and to play her part.

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beej67 wrote:
It not only bogs the game down, it's a completely overpowered feat choice, because you can take that one feat slot and custom build your own 'featmonkey' full of feats you'd like but can't afford, such as crafting or whatever. (see above) Plus, there's the whole Shield Other thing that just gets disgusting.

I never let my players custom build their cohort, I build one for them with a motivation to follow a PC, or if they want to hire a more specific cohort I build three of them and they can conduct job's interviews. One of the most fun cohort we had was a magma mephit bard and aristocrat, who basically runed errands and business talks for his boss, he also enjoyed disguising himself. He never fought.

You could still rule that entrails are a requirement for a divination spell. Or just create a new one.

They don't need to recognize it as a weapon, it's an appendage from their prey so it's dangerous!

Cassissian won't try to sell your soul…

Imps are just here to turn you toward evil and come back home with your soul in a chest.

If you use traits you can give him some roguish traits, the masterwork dagger could come from "Rich Parents" which let you start with 900 gp, etc.

Gnoll Bard wrote:
P.S; Although a lot of the suggestions in Il Principe would certainly appeal to a classically Evil ruler, I definitely wouldn't classify Machiavelli himself as evil. By the time he wrote the book he was best known for he was certainly bitter, having lost his high government post when the Florentine Republic was overthrown by the Medicis (who also had him tortured for good measure), but the man was a patriot to the last. He seems to have genuinely wanted what was best for Florence and Italy at a time when the region was a battleground for foreign empires, and though he certainly appreciated the value of applied ruthlessness and brutality, I would call him Lawful Neutral, at worst.

I agree with you. I was just saying that the principe of state reason leads generally to Evil (in the Pathfinder sense).

Glen Cook treated the subject well in the Black Company series, there is a good dialogue between a former soldier and peasant with the rebel general, in short the soldier said that ideal like freedom means nothing to a peasant who just want to bring food to his family and the evil empire was good for protection and economy.

Haladir wrote:

It's kind of like what Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back: evil isn't stronger than good, but it's quicker and easier to use. Especially as your personal power increases.

Remaining good means self-control, self-denial, and deliberately taking a harder path. A good wizard has to woo the pretty maiden using his natural personality; an evil wizard has no qualms using charm person to get the ball rolling (or dominate person to go directly to bed.) A good advisor to power provides honest counsel to benefit the kingdom; an evil advisor suggests policy that would enrich himself. A good warrior only fights for just causes; an evil warrior fights for the highest bidder or simply takes what he wants.

What about the harsh counsel an evil counselor could say in order to save the realm/protect important people/etc.? Sometimes things need to be done quickly and convincing everybody to make something can be long… An evil counselor or sovereign would do things swiftly. Machiavelian style!

You could also go Mystic Theurge and cast a combined SM VII + SM VII(I) with Spell synthesis to get again more fiends.

Choon wrote:
Weirdo wrote:
Are wrote:

So CR 21 max, right?

I would strongly consider a Pleroma Aeon:
- CR 20, casts spells as a 20th-level cleric AND can choose sorcerer/wizard spells as cleric spells (this also stacks with cleric levels), fast healing, 20d8 melee touch with reach, 1/day Wish, and 3/day Sphere of Annihilation!

120ft Blindsight and constant True Seeing is a nice bonus.

One question: how the heck would that thing use magic items?

Good question. How would it? It is roughly humanoid in shape. Maybe it can selectively solidify?

Where does it say it's incorporeal? According to Void form they are semi-tangible not incorporeal…

Immunity to critical hits is good too. The major default I see is the "envisaging" in the language section… Not been able to speak with your fellow players is a big drawback.

Nobody mentionning a dragon or a solar with reduced HD?

Secane wrote:

Does having an elemental enchantment makes a weapons attack pure elemental in damage?

Or is only the elemental damage not affected by DR? Therefore each arrow is still subjected to DR?

1° No, it only adds elemental damage.

2° Only the elemental damage is not affected by DR, so yes each arrow is subjected to DR but you still add (#attacks)*1d6 of elemental damage.

Why use balista when you could just have wands of scorching ray/fireball/ligthning bolt? Maybe some weather controlling devices like a control wind helm?

With all that cash unused can we buy permanent spells? Those available via permanency. And when we reach level 17th with full arcane caster can we cast wish?

Being a lich isn't overpowered, but it brings many social issues if you don't take care of your appearance. As you must die to become a lich, your body is just a lifeless corpse, which will decay swiftly. Personally I believe that all the eldritch ennergy flowing through it dry it.

Gentle repose can be your ally to take care of that. Or alter self, greater polymorph, etc.

What's the personnality of your character ? Is he a leader, a follower, a shadowy figure in the dark, a rebel, a sage, a saint, an advisor ?

In which way do you want to be useful to the group? Support, counselor, face, etc?

Some ideas, maybe irrelevant:
- open a shop
- open a hospice, an orphanage,…
- become an insider in one of the ruling house, slowly gathering intel and power to overthrow it
- become a spy, intel gatherer, etc, using your summoned monster to do your work (best with planar binding still)

Did I let the impression that I have a problem with the official (tables) method? If so let me rephrase it: I don't have any problem with the official method, I was just asking about which method you use and why.

rkraus2 wrote:
My opinion is that players are trying to squeeze every last possible benefit from the rules. It's an escalation, comparted to the levels of optimization that we normally use, and therefore umwelcome.

The base saves will always be between +6 and +12 at level 20, I don't see it as humongous optimization more like increased survivability because poor saves will never be <(lvl/3 rounded down). BAB will be better but not drastically.

The Saltmarsh 6 wrote:
Is this for when you create a multi class at a set level or when you start at 1st and add new classes as you gain xp ?

I use the fractional method for both. It takes a little more time when leveling but not as much as choosing feat or spells (my players don't plan much).

Evil Lincoln wrote:
If there was any doubt as to the 'official' method, it is the first one. I generally prefer the second, but multi-classing is often deeply unsatisfying in Pathfinder.

I was aware of that fact, just wanted to know people opinions about them.

For the part about unsatisfactionI believe it greatly depend on the party, the campaign and your vision of your character. But it will probably not be optimal. Using gestalt is probably better.

Hi guys,

After seeing some builds on the board I was wondering about how you do the maths when multiclassing. I am just speaking about BAB and saves here, the rest is obvious.

I see two methods when multiclassing, one where you just add whatever you find in the table at the appropriate level for each classes, one where you split the tables in components (full BAB, 3/4 BAB and 1/2 BAB; good saves and poor saves) then you reassemble them in each categories before summing them.

First method: you just add the table lines

Example method 1:
Example: Bbn 1, Clr 2, Drd 2, Wit 1, Wiz 1

We have:

  • Bbn 1 (BAB +1, Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +0)
  • Clr 2 (BAB +1, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +3)
  • Drd 2 (BAB +1, Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +3)
  • Wit 1 (BAB +0, Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2)
  • Wiz 1 (BAB +0, Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2)

So BAB +3, Fort 8, Ref +0, Will +10.

With this you can have great saves, but if you have a poor one he will stay that way.

Second method: you add like this BAB = (N*1+M*3/4+P*1/2), Save = (X*good+Y*poor)

Example method 2:
Example: Bbn 1, Clr 2, Drd 2, Wit 1, Wiz 1

We have:

  • Bbn 1 (1*BAB, Fort G, Ref P, Will P)
  • Clr 2 (3/4*BAB, Fort G, Ref P, Will G)
  • Drd 2 (3/4*BAB, Fort G, Ref P, Will G)
  • Wit 1 (1/2*BAB, Fort P, Ref P, Will G)
  • Wiz 1 (1/2*BAB, Fort P, Ref P, Will G)

Where G = good save (2+lvl/2 rounded down), P = poor save (lvl/3 rounded down).

Which gives us: BBA = (1*1+4*3/4+2*1/2), Fort = (5*G+2*P), Ref = (7*P), Will = (6*G+1*P).

So BAB +5, Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +6.

With this you have a better BAB, better poor saves, and no great saves. Moreover base saves will always be between +6 and +12.

I personnally use the later, mostly because my first D&D DM used it and I grew to appreciate it. I am notably fond of the saves framing.

I was wondering about what you actually use? And if you can (gentlemanly) argue about your point of view I would like to listen.

P.S.: please don't use RAW, house rules or anything like that. I just want a debate about pro and con, not about legality.

Dreaming Psion wrote:

I think there's also an undead spider type critter in bestiary III, though its name escapes me.

That's the Deathweb.

You could also apply an undead template (zombie, skeleton, skeletal champion, graveknight, etc) to a drider.

I would say no to the enlarge trick, because it's Enlarge person (the target is one "humanoid creature"), yes the equipment worn increase in size too but only when worn. Moreover gray render/girallon and elves don't have the same morphology so the armor will feel awkward and missing 2 arms.

Polymorphing would be permanent but dispelable, make sure to warn your player that every drow cleric will make him come back to his original form (and tear him apart because he is an elf).

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