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Switched browsers and then cancelled four times but finally got it. Thank you both.

I did that already for one of the tickets for my kid. Now when I click transfer it automatically puts in my kids user name and won’t let me change it to my wife’s for the other ticket.

I had bought tickets to Paizocon months ago with the intent to transfer one to my wife. She finally made a Paizo account tonight but I can't figure out how to transfer the ticket to her. Her account handle is CiscoP and I need to transfer one of the two tickets I still have.

Help please.

Thank you

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Monte Cook Games just launched there new Kick Starter for a book called Your Best Gamer Ever with tips and tools for not only being a good player but a good Gm so you can have the best possible gaming experience. While Monte Cook has his roots in in writing for D&D 3.5 (mostly the DMG and some settings) which was the precursor for Pathfinder this book is game system agnostic. He not only takes his years of experience in the gaming industry, writing, running and playing games but pulls in experience from other veterans of the industry.

• Eric Campbell (Geek & Sundry)
• Matt Colville (of the YouTube GM advice channel)
• Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Kickstarter)
• Stacy Dellorfano (ConTessa, Swords & Wizardry)
• Tanya DePass (I Need Diverse Games, Twitch gaming)
• Ajit George (Gaming as Other)
• Jennell Jaquays (D&D, videogame industry)
• Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games
• Tom Lommel (The Dungeon Bastard)
• Matthew Mercer (Critical Role)
• Susan J. Morris (Dungeons & Dragons for kids, fantasy author & editor)
• Alina Pete (Weregeek, the Strange RPG)
• Monica Valentinelli (Firefly, D&D, Onyx Path)

This is a great resource for everyone and it's already funded so you're guaranteed to get the book if you pledge for it. In fact it's already well on it's way to the first stretch goal on only it's first day. It's a book you'll want on your gaming shelf and if you get it through the Kick Starter you'll get lots of extras for your money. Well worth checking it out.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/montecookgames/your-best-game-ever?ref =e52ypz

Thank you

Thank you

Please cancel this order. Two of my players switched characters so I no longer need two of these miniatures.


Please cancel this order. I didn't realize I got a ticket from someone else.


Nah it's fine. My bad for not noticing the longer lead time for the bases.


This order is still pending. Everything shows as being in stock but it's been pending for a week. It's possible that it's payment got stuck when the credit card I used got updated. I just updated to the new card information so hopefully that fixes everything.

It appears one of my items in my order is discontinued so the order is stuck in pending. Phew do I get it out of pending?

Awesome. Thank you

I just received my shipment today and instead of the Gemini Pink Purple/White set of dice I ordered I got Black Grey/Green Gemini dice.

Can you please send me the correct dice? How do I return the wrong dice?


Headband of intellect is always good. Bracers of Armor should be on the list at some point. Depending on how strict your DM is you'll need money to scribe those spells into your spell book. A wand of magic missle is good to conserve your spells and still do something each round unless to you a reserve feat to cover this.

I think its just the side affect of getting older. It is also heightened if you have been gaming with the same group for a long time.

I've been there and to some extent still there a bit. Adding a new player to the group always seems to infuse some new life into the gaming experience.

I have found myself as the GM not trying to make my own campaings (it just more time than I have) but working on props and other things to make it a more immersive experience because honestly as you get older it's hard to turn off the real life thought process.

Hope that helps.

Johnny Destroyer wrote:

Is there a spell or enhancement or feat anywhere in d20 that draws the attention of monsters onto a specific person? We play 3.75, so Pathfinder stuff can work as well.

Thanks in advance,
Johnny D.

Mindless Rage spell from the Spell Conpendium

Marik Whiterose wrote:

I've decided to go with at least Extend spell as one of my feats. I was thinking about DMM as another possibility but once it's chosen am I stuck with that metamagic feat or can I change my designated feat if I decide to go with the Persistent spell cheese later?

I think you're stuck with it for a specific feat.

To boost healing there is a feat in The Compleet Divine that gives an extra couple of points of healing based on the spell level. I believe The Complete Champion has a reserve feat that let you heal people over time up to half their hit points as long as you have a healing spell memorized. From a buffing stand point I always like the Extend Spell metamagic feat and if combined with Divine Metamagic (Complete Divine) and Extra Turning, you can really get several fights out of buffs.

If you don't plan on fighting much at all, using the Cloistered CLeric alternate class option from Unearthed Arcana, get you more skill points and the knowledge domain which gives access to all knowledge skills.

Grimmy wrote:

Help me make a character.

7th level, all books are legal but this looks to be a friendly beer and pretzels kind of game I am mos def not trying to show up with Pun-Pun or similar.

I want to make a couple of different characters so th DM can audit them and decide which one fits his game/group the best.

My first idea is a Half-Orc or Human Ranger/Druid from the Shadow Marches or the Eldeen Reaches. Thinking Gatekeeper Initiate.

Switch hitter or TWF would be cool.

Any advice on stat-array, feats etc?

Hmm it's been a while since I've flipped through my Eberron books. First off, I'm not sure I would bother with the ranger levels and just stick with Druid. Personally I don't think you get a lot out of the ranger levels, but totally up to you.

Eberron did a good job with extra Druid feats that complimented each of the Druid sects. Definately look at the Gatekeeper ones. I always liked the feat that let you have insects as animal companions, but that's just me.

Not sure what you mean by switch hitter, but you'll have to decide what your combat appraoach will be. one-two hit with your animal companion, lots of spells, buff spell then wildshape and attack, etc. That to me determines how to destribute your stats. As a half-orc I would expect more straight combat and less offesive spells, so more towards your physical stats and just enough wisdom to get your spells.

I hope that helps.

What about either a Druid 1/Barbarian 4/Beastmaster x or Druid 1/Scout 4/Beastmaster x. The level of Druid gets you your companion right from the start. You could use the more battle oriented Druid from Unearth Arcana. I don't have my books front of me so this is just off the cuff.

We played through it for a few levels but then got bored of it. It might of just been our GM but it just seemed like a lot of combat and that the next door could be an encounter several levels too high for us. I'm sure with the right GM is could be better.

It's going to be a tough go of it with only three of you. The adventure paths are hard for a party of four. I would think that you might want to take Leadership at 6th level to swell your ranks a bit, with maybe a healing cohort and some fighter followers. Conjurations are nice but th full round casting time can be a pain. Extend Spell will be nice for your conjurations since combats are likely to take a while for your small party. Augment summoning is nice too, but requires Spell Focus (Conjuration). Reserve feats from The Complete Mage help you to have something to do every round so you don't burn through all your spells quickly. Really it's going to depend some on what direction the rest of the group goes and how you standardly operate.

Kouranen wrote:

Was looking for ways in which to make my rogue / cleric gestalt more effective, while doing so got to thinking about the stone shape spell. Standard action to use and instantaneous effect, so my thinking is whats to stop you from readying the spell against an oncoming creature and using the spell to form an instant 10 ft long stone spike angled to set against its attack, or readying it against a volley of arrows you know is coming into the form of a tower shield or small wall etc, another might be to sneak up to a creature and drop it into a 10ft pit. If these kinds of things can be done there are many others.

Before i spring this on my DM looking to see if there is any reasons against such uses.

I don't see anything particularly wrong with using it that way but I don't think it was ever intended to be used as a reactionary spell. For a rogue/cleric I would think you would use it to bypass traps and door mostly. Form a bridge over an existing pit, make your own door to bypass a tough lock, disable a trap without having to make a roll. Those sort of things but that's just my opinion.

I lost a character to trying to cast a higher level spell off a scroll. Tried to cast Stone to Flesh in order to save a family that had been turned to stone. I was able to cast 2nd or 3rd level spells at the time. A tough roll but not impossible. Well I rolled a natural 1 for the caster check and another natural 1 for the Wis check. GM ruled that I fried my brain. I had to roll up another character and the group needed to find someone else to cast the spell.

Elthbert wrote:

Does anyone see any reason that a creature with an animal intelligence cannot use the aid other action. Pack animals such as wolves help each other in combat, it seems like this would be useful in a world with creatures that are so hard to hit.

I would say yes assuming the animal knows the appropriate tricks. An animal that does not have the Attack or Defend tricks would not be able to aid other in combat.

Ok thanks. I am going to let him apply metamagic feats spontaneously like a sorcere does. It seems unneccessary to make them "fetch" the spell with the metamagic feat applied to it already.

I just started a new game and one player chose Orc Spirit Shaman as his character. While I really like the idea of swapping out there known spells each day, the number of known spells per day looks like it should be bumped up by one per spell level. Is that too powerful? Is it used as game balance to counter the fact that they change every day? Any other comments on the pros and cons of the class?

Thanks in advance.

Razal-Thule wrote:

My first question is. If its facing you with its main eye and you attack it with a slashing or piercing weapon, would or shouldn't you have a chance to blind that eye, or stop that eye from functioning for so many rounds? I could see blunt weapons working as well but in a different way.

Ok this question is alittle more slily but i can't help but wonder. How do Beholders reproduce? Do they even reproduce? Does one of its eye tenticals just pop off and form a baby Beholder and that grows into an adult? What would it look like. Would the baby's had just the main eye and slowly as it grows up the other eye stalks pop out of i ts body? I just cant help but wonder about this for some reason.

Unless there is mechanics for taking out the main eye in the MM I description for beholders (which I don't think there is) then I would say noyou can't. 3.5 does not have a called shot mechanic that I can recall, so taking out the eye no matter how big or small is not possible. I understand this seems it should be an option, and the DM could house rule it as such, I think the fluff around a monster's AC includes some level of bobbing and weaving so your hit could hit just about any part of it's body.

Yeah there is a detailed (almost too detailed :) ) description in Lords of Madness. It also describes the some what survival of the fittest approach to parenting where they eat the younge that are the most flawed if I remember correctly.

Gilgawath wrote:


What would be the cost?
spell lvl x caster lvl x 25 + (total x 5/3)x3)
ie 2x5x25 = 250 + ((250x1.6)x3){1200} making it approx 1500gp seems a bit cheap would have thought more of the reagion of 4000.

Further information
I am actualy a play in this game and as the current DM has banned the item his decision shall be honoured. However as I will be running the Savage Tide Adventure Path as soon as this one finishes I would mor ethan welcome your opinions before I have to ban it from STAP for the sake of continuity/upsetting previous DM etc

Thanks for you imput


I think I already saw it somewhere. Maybe the Magic Item Comp. Either way cost wise it's way to cheap calculating that way. To me it feel very close to the Brilliant Energy weapon enhancement. That's a +4 bonus equivalent. Just negating natural might be a little more limited but it really depends on how often you fight monsters vs actual armored foes. I would probably keep it as a +4 bonus if allowed.

Just to beat a dead horse, I've never really had a problem with them. In my opinion 3.5 has always somewhat diluted the schools (healing being conjuration) so the spells being conjuration hasn't bothered us at all. I picture the fire/ice/acid/electricity ones being directly summoned from planes that have that material. Force is a little tougher to imagine. No SR doesn't bother me much either. A lot of creatures don't have SR so no big deal. The ones that do, ok so the players have a spell that hurts it. Great, they planned well. The ranged touch attack is nice since many creatures touch ACs are their lowest. But then you have to worry about cover, throwing into melee, miss chance and all the other things that come along with an attack roll. Not many of my casters want to spend two feats to get precise shot and point blank shot.

As far as taking away from evocation, not really IMHO. With the Spell Compendium evocation got quiet a few single target attacks that also have a much better range on them. Evocation is still the master of damage.

Personally, if I felt I had to make all those changes I just wouldn't allow them. There are plenty of evocation spells to fill the role.

I think 3.5 attempted to make level lose in the middle of combat simple so they made a flat lose of attack, skills, saves and spells no matter what class you are playing. Only when you check to see if the level is lost permanently do you go through the trouble of actually lowering the character's level. So in your example you have a 10th level sorcerer that loses two levels. Well at 10th level the sorcerer has 3 5th level spell slots (his highest level). So he would lose two of those slots leaving one slot remaining. He would still be able to cast a 5th level spell even after the temporary lose of two levels.

Mikaze wrote:

Were the nature-worshipping orcs in the Eberron setting ever given any further background material beyond the Campaign Setting?

For the life of me I can't recall ever seeing a book for them, which is frustrating since they're practically the only solidly "goodish" orc society in D&D canon as far as campaign setting features go.

If they were explored further, where should I look?

Thanks in advance.

I don't see much with a quick flip through my books. There is a blurb in both the Races of Eberron and The Player's Guide to Eberron. I just finished The Dragon Below novels and one of the characters was an orc. There was some orc culture in those novels. There might be a liitle in the Faiths of Eberron under the Gatekeeper section as well. Overall I didn't see a lot.

Do most DMs just hand the player the character sheet of their cohort when they pick up the leadership feat? That's the way I have seen it done in the past but my player just picked up leadership and I'm considering keeping the sheet. I've told the player in rough terms all the cohorts skills and abilites and still plan on letting the player roll all the dice. The only reason I hesitate on give the player the sheet is I what it to be a little less metagaming/number cruching when asking the cohort to do things. It feel a little more mysterious and organic I guess not knowing the exact number of this person who follows you around. Does that sound worth it or too heavy handed?

EATERoftheDEAD wrote:

The most enjoyable D&D games, plotwise, that I played in were actually published modules. The last 2E game I ran was the Dragonlance Chronicles, from the DL Classics series. The characters were enjoyable and the plot was epic and entertaining.

In 3.5, a recent game I ran to introduce some noobs, was the Eberron path of adventures, The Forgotten Forge, Shadows of the Last War, Whispers of the Vampire's Blade, and Grasp of the Emerald Claw. I heavily modified the campaign to fit into my homebrew world but the pace and characters and such made for a wonderful experience. I followed the game up with Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, which was also amazingly fun and then Greg Vhaughn's classic Istivin: City of Shadows series.

I'm running that series now. It's pretty good for when it was made.


Ok I'm still learning the whole Eberron setting and one of my players want to play a Centaur. What region would they most likely come from? I'm not sure I see anyting specifically about them in any of the books. Should I just pick a planes area? Insight from anyone more knowledgeable on the setting?

Rilik wrote:

Next question.

How do I counter-act a wizard in my group who likes to use a Web spell on every BBEG, thus making every climactic encounter target practice for everyone in the group?

Outdoor encounters where there are not two anchor points winthin range also keep the spell from being a viable option.

Hmm definately an interesting group. I'll comment the best I can but I'm only somewhat familar with most of those classes.

Conjurer - Well if the DRead Necromancer will have a bunch of undead then the summoning just adds more critters to the field which in my experience slows things down a bit. Summoning can get old after a while too, which I found out with the summoner I played not too long ago.

Beguiler/Mindbender - Not too familar with mindbender but really like the beguiler as a class. It's really good at what it does and with a Dread Necromancer in the group you don't have to worry as much about the weakness against mindless undead. I have seen the Improved Fient feat help the Beguiler get it's bonus easier.

Archivist - I really like the concept of this class. In practice it really depends on what your GM lets you find for spells and scribe into your book (at least that's how it ended up being for the guy who played one in our group). The feats that let you use your special ability (can't remember its name) on other types of creatures is very helpful. You'll also provide a good set of knowledges.

Factotum - Really don't know much about this one. If I remember correctly is kind of a jack of all trades type with a little of everything. Depending on what that the other 5th is playing then it could be an interesting support character.

I hope at least some of that helped.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
There is a Will Save involved with a DC set at (10+ 1/2 Knight Level + Knight's Cha Mod).

Ok thanks. Appearenetly I need to read through it again.

We just started a new game and one of the players is playing a Knight. In the second game session he challenged his opponent. There is no save involved per the book (i don't have the book in front of me so I could be wrong) and there is nothing that says of opponent has responde to it. Am I missing something? How have other people run it? In this case the opponent's concept definately had him accpt the challenge so it wasn't an issue, just curious for next time.

The tool looks pretty damn nice. I only played with it for a bit but did notice one thing that seems to be a flaw. When I added the skeltal template to say an owlbear, it did not change the hit dice to d12s.

Almost ready to start my Eberron compaign and have been working on props for it. Have all the coins and gems ready as well as a few of the more obscure props. Now I'm looking at scrolls. My current thought is to actually print out each spell on parchment paper with the by the book rules for the spell in small print at the bottom. The top of the page will have the verbal and somatic commands for the spell. If the player actually roleplays the commands when using the scroll I plan to have the spell affected by a metamagic feat or a caster level bump of my choice. Sound like a good idea? Other suggestions?

There is a DM tracker app that is pretty nice but I think it is for 4e. It works ok for 3.5 for tracking who's turn it is and AC and hit points.

Going with the swift hunter option, it fits the character concept. Thanks for everyone's help.

ericthecleric wrote:

There's this variant from the d20srd:

The druid might choose to give up her wild shape ability in exchange for becoming a swift and deadly hunter.

Bonus to Armor Class when unarmored (as monk, including Wisdom bonus to AC), fast movement (as monk), favored enemy (as ranger), swift tracker (as ranger), Track feat (as ranger).

Armor and shield proficiency, wild shape (all versions).

Do you have a link to this option?

Both sound pretty good. The swift hunter I think may fit her concept better, especially since she won't be using a shield due to weilding a two-handed weapon. We avoided the Shapeshift from PHB II because you loose your animal companion if I remember correctly. I remember the shared rage feat but hadn't put much thought to it for this character. I'll have to ask her what she would like best. The no armor can be rough even once she gets Barkskin. Although there may be someone in the party to give her Mage Armor.

I'm getting ready to start an Eberron game and my wife is going to play a Talenta halfling druid with a dinosaur mount/companion. The thing is she really has no desire to wildshape. Any suggestions for an alternative ability. I considered swapping it for the barbarian rage ability but not sure how balanced that would be. She is most likely gonna be Dragonmarked with the mark of healing and swapping out spontaneous summoning for rejuvenating healing from the PH2. Any ideas?

Does the upgrades to the paladin for Pathfinder make it too powerful for a normal 3.5 game? The standard paladin is lack luster so I wanted to swap the pathfinder version in but don't want it to outshine the other characters. If it is too powerful any suggestions to balance it a bit?

I personally prefer and mix of both. The battle map to give everyone a reference of where everything is and all the props and music to really set the mood. My problem with not using the battle maps is while I think I do a good job describing a scene I have a few readers and artists in my group so no matter how I describe something they picture it different. Re-clarifying something takes as much time and pulls you out of the game just as much as a battle map for me. My feeling that it's not the battle maps fault but the fact that 3.5 became more complex and at least in my group a lot of people only want to learn the basics but want their characters to be able to do the advanced stuff. It's not that the battle map slows things down its that they plays not knowing how to do what they want slows things down and that the battlemap just illustrates it more. I play in a game now where the GM loosly uses the battle map and I get very confused when monsters advantce twice as fast as PC, more around to places that I didn't think we accessable or change their actions midstream because he realizes he can't do that. It's all about keeping the flow going more than anything else.

My cleric5/alienist1 picked up Leadership at level 6 and got a Darnu (from Denizens of Avandu) as a cohort. It's a magical beast that can speak and understand any language and looks like a medium sized dog. It's an ECL 4 so it worked out well for a 6th level character. When I hit level 7 I assume I just add a level of magical beast and do that everytime I level, right? It states that after so many hit dice (I think 7) it becomes size large. Is the a level adjustment for becoming size large and if so do you earn that level first then increase in size or increase in size and spend two levels for it?

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