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I had bought tickets to Paizocon months ago with the intent to transfer one to my wife. She finally made a Paizo account tonight but I can't figure out how to transfer the ticket to her. Her account handle is CiscoP and I need to transfer one of the two tickets I still have.

Help please.

Thank you

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Monte Cook Games just launched there new Kick Starter for a book called Your Best Gamer Ever with tips and tools for not only being a good player but a good Gm so you can have the best possible gaming experience. While Monte Cook has his roots in in writing for D&D 3.5 (mostly the DMG and some settings) which was the precursor for Pathfinder this book is game system agnostic. He not only takes his years of experience in the gaming industry, writing, running and playing games but pulls in experience from other veterans of the industry.

• Eric Campbell (Geek & Sundry)
• Matt Colville (of the YouTube GM advice channel)
• Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Kickstarter)
• Stacy Dellorfano (ConTessa, Swords & Wizardry)
• Tanya DePass (I Need Diverse Games, Twitch gaming)
• Ajit George (Gaming as Other)
• Jennell Jaquays (D&D, videogame industry)
• Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games
• Tom Lommel (The Dungeon Bastard)
• Matthew Mercer (Critical Role)
• Susan J. Morris (Dungeons & Dragons for kids, fantasy author & editor)
• Alina Pete (Weregeek, the Strange RPG)
• Monica Valentinelli (Firefly, D&D, Onyx Path)

This is a great resource for everyone and it's already funded so you're guaranteed to get the book if you pledge for it. In fact it's already well on it's way to the first stretch goal on only it's first day. It's a book you'll want on your gaming shelf and if you get it through the Kick Starter you'll get lots of extras for your money. Well worth checking it out.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/montecookgames/your-best-game-ever?ref =e52ypz

Please cancel this order. Two of my players switched characters so I no longer need two of these miniatures.


Please cancel this order. I didn't realize I got a ticket from someone else.


This order is still pending. Everything shows as being in stock but it's been pending for a week. It's possible that it's payment got stuck when the credit card I used got updated. I just updated to the new card information so hopefully that fixes everything.

It appears one of my items in my order is discontinued so the order is stuck in pending. Phew do I get it out of pending?

I just received my shipment today and instead of the Gemini Pink Purple/White set of dice I ordered I got Black Grey/Green Gemini dice.

Can you please send me the correct dice? How do I return the wrong dice?


I just started a new game and one player chose Orc Spirit Shaman as his character. While I really like the idea of swapping out there known spells each day, the number of known spells per day looks like it should be bumped up by one per spell level. Is that too powerful? Is it used as game balance to counter the fact that they change every day? Any other comments on the pros and cons of the class?

Thanks in advance.

Do most DMs just hand the player the character sheet of their cohort when they pick up the leadership feat? That's the way I have seen it done in the past but my player just picked up leadership and I'm considering keeping the sheet. I've told the player in rough terms all the cohorts skills and abilites and still plan on letting the player roll all the dice. The only reason I hesitate on give the player the sheet is I what it to be a little less metagaming/number cruching when asking the cohort to do things. It feel a little more mysterious and organic I guess not knowing the exact number of this person who follows you around. Does that sound worth it or too heavy handed?

Ok I'm still learning the whole Eberron setting and one of my players want to play a Centaur. What region would they most likely come from? I'm not sure I see anyting specifically about them in any of the books. Should I just pick a planes area? Insight from anyone more knowledgeable on the setting?

We just started a new game and one of the players is playing a Knight. In the second game session he challenged his opponent. There is no save involved per the book (i don't have the book in front of me so I could be wrong) and there is nothing that says of opponent has responde to it. Am I missing something? How have other people run it? In this case the opponent's concept definately had him accpt the challenge so it wasn't an issue, just curious for next time.

Almost ready to start my Eberron compaign and have been working on props for it. Have all the coins and gems ready as well as a few of the more obscure props. Now I'm looking at scrolls. My current thought is to actually print out each spell on parchment paper with the by the book rules for the spell in small print at the bottom. The top of the page will have the verbal and somatic commands for the spell. If the player actually roleplays the commands when using the scroll I plan to have the spell affected by a metamagic feat or a caster level bump of my choice. Sound like a good idea? Other suggestions?

I'm getting ready to start an Eberron game and my wife is going to play a Talenta halfling druid with a dinosaur mount/companion. The thing is she really has no desire to wildshape. Any suggestions for an alternative ability. I considered swapping it for the barbarian rage ability but not sure how balanced that would be. She is most likely gonna be Dragonmarked with the mark of healing and swapping out spontaneous summoning for rejuvenating healing from the PH2. Any ideas?

Does the upgrades to the paladin for Pathfinder make it too powerful for a normal 3.5 game? The standard paladin is lack luster so I wanted to swap the pathfinder version in but don't want it to outshine the other characters. If it is too powerful any suggestions to balance it a bit?

My cleric5/alienist1 picked up Leadership at level 6 and got a Darnu (from Denizens of Avandu) as a cohort. It's a magical beast that can speak and understand any language and looks like a medium sized dog. It's an ECL 4 so it worked out well for a 6th level character. When I hit level 7 I assume I just add a level of magical beast and do that everytime I level, right? It states that after so many hit dice (I think 7) it becomes size large. Is the a level adjustment for becoming size large and if so do you earn that level first then increase in size or increase in size and spend two levels for it?

I have a Dragon Shaman in the game I play in and she is looking for a feat to take at 6th level. There are a few feats in races of dragons but are there more in other places? I was almost thinking of a feat that would let her coat her weapon in her breath weapon for 1d4 rounds but not sure if that would be too powerful. Any suggestions?

My wife is thinking of playing a pixie from the Savage Species book in my next Eberron Campaign. I know in a few places that some people have played pixies before. What are the pitfalls she should look out for? Is it tough to get through 5 levels with only 6 hps? She is not sure what class to take at 6th level. She was thinking druid to keep with the nature theme but not sure she wants an animal companion or wild shaping ability. I considered having her take sorcerer levels but swap it's spell list for druid spell list and swap the familar for Wild Empathy. Any suggestions?

I wanted to get people's opinion of the Knight class. Is it fairly balanced? Is it fun to play? Where does it lack? I have a player who is trying to come up with a character for my upcoming Eberron game and he was leaning towards Warforged Paladin but doesn't want the mount or spells, so I suggested the Knight class. I also thought about doing some Warforged sustitution levels that would remove the mounted combat stuff and add some flavor like maybe adamantine knights and Mithral knights (with the path choosen at the substitution level). Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

This is somewhat of a follow on to my previous thread of must have books. As I have started to work my way through the books I'm starting to get campaign ideas. The Explorer's Handbook had a Black Dragon (CR:23) that will most likely be the main villian pulling the strings. His main goal is to get free of his prison (I'm at work so I don't have more details than that). Elements of Eberron that I know I want to use are as follows:

The lightning rail - probably a train ride adventure similar to Dungeon issue #143
Airships - one of my favorite things about Eberron
Warforged - maybe a recueing some from a cult who wants to make them slaves again
Archeology - a lot of item finding which will be needed to release the Dragon (probably a Dragon Shard in there somewhere)
Dragon Marks - not sure how to use them yet

Any other suggestions or ideas on things that are very Eberron?

I recently picked up the Eberron campaign book since it was really cheap and am now thinking about running a campaign using the setting. What are peoples must have books for the setting? I am thinking of an adventure that is really about exploration and the use of air ships which I love. Here's what I have so far:

Campaign Setting book
Explores Guide
Races of Eberron
Players guide to eberron
Magic of Eberron
DM Screen

Ok I have what is probably a stupid question. Is there a limit to the number of homunculus an artificer can have at one time? In my mind I have always felt that you should only have one homunculus but that may just be me. I don't see anywhere where it actually gives a limit.

I have a player in our D&D game who is currently a 5th level whisper gnome rogue. He is considering adding some additional flavor to his character by multiclassing or taking a PrC. I threw out Soulknife as an option and he thought it would be pretty cool. The problem is he doesn't want to fall too far behind on his thieving skills like Open Locks and Disarm Traps. Does anyone know of any PrCs that combine the two? Any suggestions on if he just multiclasse the two what the best approach would be? I also picked up Dreamscarred Mind Blade pdf which would allow him to get just the mindblade as a feat.

On a similar note under the description of the Soulknife it says the mindblade starts as a short sword and you can apply Power Attack. Since short sword is a light weapon can you use the Weapon Finesse feat with it? He has the feat already and has a high Dex so he doesn't want to give up that benifit.

Does using this ring require proficentcy in Shields? As an ideal ring for wizards it would seem silly if it did.

Due to recent medical bills and the summer coming up (my wife works in the school system) I need to cancel my Pathfinder Module subscription. I really love you guys and maybe in the fall (assuming my wife gets her job again next fall, its always a gamble) I may be able to subscribe again. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and will to support you with any of my gaming pruchases that I do make.


Normally I don't play clerics and when I do they are usually good. I'm in the rare case now where I'm a neutral cleric to an evil god so I don't tunr undead, I rebuke them. The description in the book is pretty short so I wanted to get feedback from folks as to how to use it. The initial roll and all that is pretty clear. Undead that are more than half my level is pretty clear (cowered for 10 rounds giving the rest of my group +2 to hit). Now it gets a little foggy when they are less than half my level (where they would normally be destroyed). It says I can command them, but only up to my levels worth of HD. What's not clear is how long to I command them. The same 10 rounds as if they were just rebuked. I assume I can make them do anything.

Here is last night scenario. We see 10 skeletons coming our way (I am level 4). I make my roll and my turning damage is 12HD. Since my level is only 4 I can command four of them and we assumed the remaining 8 were cowered. I then commanded the 4 to destroy the other eight which worked fairly well. Did we do that right?

Has anyone taken this feat before? Was it useful? Did it cause more problems than it was worth? For those that don't have the book, it makes a 5' radius cloud around creatures you summon for one round. Creatures in the cloud are sickened except the creatures you summoned. You can choose not to have the cloud with a conjuration and you can leave a cloud behind when you teleport. Visually is sounds cool and would add flavor to my character but I'm worried that since you typically summon a creature into the heat of melee that I wouldn't be able to use it much for fear of sickening my friends in melee. Anyone have experience with it?

My character just found a Bag of Endless Rats in game last night. My character is very much into summoning creatures but he summons aberrations normally and would like the change what the spits out. There is an artificier in the party so I have someone with the right skills to modify the itemm but not sure what it should cost if anything in xp and gp. If I just have the artificer change it to an equivalent CR aberration should is cost anything other than a day of time.

This may have been talked about already but my search-fu is not so hot today. So the subject has the base queation but here is why I ask. I live about an hour north of San Francisco in wine country and we have one gaming store. I go into it once in a while but overall I don't enjoy the experience. It's poorly run in my experience, it has one third of it's floor space dominated by folding tables for people to play mostly on which is usually dominated by MtG. They sell comics as well which is fine. The staff is not all that helpful or well informed. Now ignoring that I live near a bad gaming store (or maybe that I'm old and overly critical) we have the computer age. You can get book at Amazon for a fraction of the price you can at a local gaming store. Plus folks like Paizo who I buy most my stuff through because I love them and want to support them. You have a lot of books being only in PDF format or in dual formats so you can just download your next product.

Is there really a place for a local gaming store five years from now, ten years from now? Does it have to have the gaming tables so that its a hang out as well to get people to buy while they are there?

And just so I don't sound like I'm here to complain about my local gaming store, the reason I ask is that I'm considering doing something about having a bad local gaming store, opening my own. So input from folks that own their own shops would be great. What does a store need to survive? Does it need to have gaming supplies, comics, food and a gathering area? Just trying to get an idea what other people think.

I'll try to make this as brief as possible. We just started a new game where I actually get to play (I almost always DM). The DM is running pretty much nothing but Dungeon Crawl Classics with enough to get us from level 1 to 15 (we are currently level 2). The rest of the party consists of a Whisper Gnome Rogue, Human Fighter, Human Brass Dragon Shaman and a Dwarven Artificer. I'm playing a Human Cloistered Cleric. My concept is that as a teenager and being overly curious I found myself watching a dark ritual of an evil cult. They opened a gateway to the Far Realm at which point what reached out killed them all and touched me before the portal collapsed. It left me slightly deformed (gaining two flaws from Unearth Arcana) and a little mad. But for that brief moment I got a glimpse of what I thought was the origin of all the planes. I started studying and hearing whispers from beyond. I started whorshipping Mak Thum something or other (can't remember at the moment) a enity from the far realm. My belief is that by making sense of the Far Realm I can learn the secrets of the universe so to speak. Character wise I have the Madness, Summoning and Knowledge domains (the Knowledge domain was a bonus from Cloistered Cleric) and my current feats are Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Entend Spell and Divine Metamagic (Extend Spell). My DM has allowed me to make my own summon monster lists and using the PHII option I spontaneously exchange from my Summoning Domain rather than Inflict Wounds (I'm Chaotic Neutral but my god is Chaotic Evil). Using the Summoning Circle article from Dragon and Unearth Arcana as guidelines I summon nothing but Anarchic Aberrations. The problem is I'm torn as to what to do for feats from this point on.

I considered Cloudly Conjuration which would look cool but the 1 round of sickening and cover I'm not sure would be worth it. I found a feat called Chaos Summoner which would makes my Summon Monster spells have a range of medium at no level cost, but since we are in dungeons a lot I'm not sure I need more than close range. I had this thought of taking Leadership and getting an aberration cohort. If I use Savage Species I could get something like an Attach, Ettercap, Drider or Umber Hulk as a cohort (using this book just to make the mechanics easy). Something I could use as a body guard when I summon and a strong arm (for Strength check mostly not combat) since no one in the party has a Strength above 16. Sure I could take Rapid Spell, but so far the 1 round of casting hasn't been an issue. Any suggestions? I have access to most WotC books and a decnt amount of third party stuff. Also see Kalivak's Journal in the Campaign Journal section of the boards for how thing have gone so far.

I recently placed two order within about two days of one another the order I placed second (order#1085273) actually shipped first on Nov 24th. The order I placed first (order#1080477) shipped two days later on Nov 26th. I received order#1080477 on Dec 2nd even though it shipped two days later than the other order. As of yesterday Dec 8th I still hadn't received the othere order enough though it shipped two days earlier than the order I got a week ago. Should I wait another week before I assume the order is lost in the mail? The orders were roughly the same thing so I wouldn't think one should take longer because of size of the package or anything like that. There's no way to track them right?

Day 17
The council called us in to help them once again. They apparently they received a carrier pigeon saying that XXXXX was in trouble. A druid by the name of Thistle lived there and was the keeper of a powerful magic gem called the Eye of Night. It is believed that bandits of some sort are after the gem. The council gave us horses so as to make the travel faster but the town is still some distance away.
Day 31
We finally arrive after many days of travel to find the small druid community in shambles. Many of the crops are destroyed and some of the structures broken and burned. We found bodies of many of the town people and a few of the raiders dressed in red and black armor. We found one particularly large barn with several bodies in from of it. Inside at the far back corner we found a large hole in the ground with a very steep slope. We tied a rope around Finn and he climbed down to investigate the hole. Shortly after he left our sight there was a hard tug on the rope. We quickly pulled him back up and he explained that the short passage led to a dirt room with several rats, some of them quite large. We found some rope in the barn and picked a strong beam to tie it to. I cast Light onto Babbette’s axe and she and Lexi lead the way down into the whole. The two of them made quick work of the rats and Finn searched the bodies that the rats were feasting on. One of the bodies had a scimitar forged from cold-iron and a pouch with a small vial labeled silver-sheen on it. I fear that we may be dealing with lycanthropes somewhere down here.
Finn led the way out of the room down the left passage way. It narrows to the point where all but Finn had to squeeze before it widened again. The passage forked and we once again go left so that we do not get lost. The passage ends in a room with a large number of shelves carved into its walls and more rat sized holes than I could count. Rats were everywhere but what was concerning were the two farm pig sized rats in the center of the room with several rats suckling on them. This was some kind of breeding ground for the rats and we felt it was best to end it here. We took a moment to allow Luddock to temporarily imbue Lexi and Babbette’s armor with magic protection then Finn fired from the shadows while Lexi and Babbette waded in and took care of the two mother rats. We quickly back tracked and went down the right passage while our magic still held out to find another breeding room. The rats in that room were easily dispatched. We now had time to search the bodies in each of the rooms and found an old bone scroll case a humanoid body in the room. It took me a little time to make out the symbols on the scroll inside but I figured out that it contained druid spells. I gave it to Luddock figuring that he could use the magic contained within the scroll.
We returned to where we originally entered and had Finn lead the way down the right side passage. There was a side room off this passage that was filled with crates and barrels of supplies. They were most likely stolen from the villagers and stored here. The moister underground was unkind to the supplier as most of them were severely covered in mold. Finn spotted feet sticking out from behind some of the crates and heard what sounded like claws clacking against armor. He crept around from one side while Lexi and Babbette approached the legs from the front. Just as they were about to get close to the body when a centipede the size of a warhorse rouse up from behind the crates and attacked them. They took minor damage destroying the oversized vermin and Finn was even lucky enough to get in an attack from behind. Finn started to search the bodies but they were too bloated and decayed to move enough to search adequately. Luddock said something about looking for his “Ogre donor card” which I didn’t quite understand but then again the dwarf makes a lot of comments I don’t get.
The passage continued on and ended in what I can only call a mud maze. There were mounds of mud some that went all the way to the ceiling that divided up what must have been a huge natural cavern. We stayed to the left so not to get lost and quickly found our way through to a sink hole. The sinkhole was fairly deep and had stagnant slimy water at the bottom and very narrow ledges that led around it. We were just deciding how to get around the sinkhole when rats the size of a dog bites me from the maze behind. Lexi came to my side to help as I quickly retreated to the back of the group. The rats were not natural and had the taint of one of the lower planes. Lexi, Babbette and Luddock took care of the rats while I gave further inspection to the sinkhole. I noticed that the surface would move ever so slightly every once in a while and its coloration seemed a bit off. It had to be an ooze of some sort most likely of the gray variety. Knowing that I would most likely slip and fall into the pit while trying to get around it and that the ooze dissolves flesh, we shot it with crossbows until we no longer saw it move.
Finn, Lexi and I attempted to go around the pit and of course I fell into the slimy remains of the ooze which seemed to now be inert with its death. Lexi helped haul me out and the three of us proceeded while Babbette and Luddock waited. Finn quickly stopped us as the passage opened into a room. He indicated for us to back up so we returned to the pit and the rest of the group so he could explain what he found. He said that the passage opened into a room with a pit in one corner. The pit appeared to spew forth an endless supply of rats. Also in the room were five dire rats and they were taking direction from humanoid that was half man and half rat. Luddock once again enchanted the armor of Lexi and Babbette while we applied a vial of the silver-sheen to Finn’s rapier. Babbette took out the silvered long sword she had been for occasions like this. Luddock dug out the few silver tip crossbow bolts he had and I blessed the group with bit of my god’s essence. Now prepared, we advanced on the room quickly so that they would have less time to respond.
Finn fired off a shot from his bow dropping one of the rats right away as Lexi and Babbette shot past him to confront the were rat. The battle was pitched against us for some time with my magical confusion failing to pierce its magical resistance and Lexi and Babbette having trouble connecting a solid hit on the were rat. I had to use the scrolls of healing on Lexi on more than one occasion so that she could keep up here aura of protection. Finn was able to tumble past the rats and were rat to flank the were rat. The tide started to change and we finally dropped them all.
Once the dust settled we decided to investigate the pit first determined to figure out where the rats were coming from. Finn spotted a rope holding a humanoid figure and a bag that the rats seemed coming out of. We pulled up the figure while Finn closed the bag. The figure was Thistle who seemed to be made of vines and leaves and was badly wounded. With the rats no longer gnawing on him his body began to regenerate itself. He told us that the raider had attacked and then this were rat showed up and killed all the raiders and took him down here. He had been torturing him with the rats to get the gem which Thistle pulled from inside his body as he told the story. He explained that he was no longer capable of protecting it and entrusted us with the gem. He said he knew not why they wanted gem but that it would produce light to varying degrees. He also offered up one of his personal magical items to us as thanks which we accepted his cloak and gave it to Luddock to wear. He left us to begin working on rebuilding the community and we left to head for the nearest city so that we could peruse what we had found and decide where to go from here.

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My wife is starting a new fighter and since she is doing two-weapon fighting she has a fairly high Dex score (17 at 1st level). I was thinking of having her take Combat Reflexes to take advantage of the high Dex but does it really come in handy that often? Do you really end up with that many opportunities to get in those extra AoO? Do you get more out of it at low levels than high levels (lots of little monsters at low levels typically)? Do you only take it as a prerequisite for another feat? I think I had it on one character in the past but to be honest don't really remember if it came in that handy. She is the primary front line fighter if that makes a difference.

Do people think that say Sudden Empower or Sudden Maximize would be benificial for a summner? If you cast from a list of creatures below the spell level you can get mutilple creatures. Woud a Sudden Empower or Sudden Maxizie beworth the extra dreautres?

We just started a new game and I have decided to work my way towards this PrC. I'm playing a Chaotic Neutral Cleric to the god Mak Thuum Ngatha (from Lord of Madness book). His concept was that as an overly curious teen he walked in on a ritual that a cult was trying to do to open the Far Realm. They were not strong enough to control the opening or make it big enough for something to fully come through. What it did allow was an entity to reach through and touch a single being, me. I was forever changed from that point on. My eye turned a milky white (no irises at all) and one of my legs became twisted in an unnatral way (both resulting in the flaws Murky-eyed and slow from Unearthed Arcana). The most major lasting affect was the whispers I heard from that point on. Mak speaking to me, expressing that I could only be whole again if I found the Far Realm and unlocked it's secrets. Possibly completing what the other fools failed at. I now adventure following Mak's guidance to gain enough knowledge and power so that I can touch the Far Realm once again.

Now to the PrC. It is obviously geared towards a wizard or sorcerer. It allows the level to stack with your other levels for your familar's abilities and later on adds a template to it. I would like to slightly change the PrC to better suit a Cleric follower. Here are my thoughts on changes I would make.

1st Summon Alien, Rapid Summoning (cast summon monster as a standard action)
2nd Alien Blessing
3rd Metamagic Secret
4th Mad Certainty (add a +1 caster level to any Summon Monster spells))
5th Pseudo Legion (whenever you use a summon spell to choose from a list a level lower that the spell level you get a +1 to the number of creatures summoned or +x where x is the differenet in levels between spell level and summon list level)
6th Extra Summoning
7th Metamagic Secret
8th Insane certainty( add a +1 Hp per level in Alienist PrC)
9th Timeless body
10th Alien transcendance

The 2 skill points per level bothers me too but I can live with that. What to others think.

I think I already know the answer but I thought I would ask anyways. Because my god is Chaotic Evil (I'm Chaotic Neutral) I can't summon Celestial creatures. There is no reason I couldn't summon a Fiendish Dog or Fiendish Owl instead of the Celestial version? I'm just looking for summoning varity.

I was looking at these last night and was thinking they are a pretty cool item. If I understand them correctly you expend an arcane spell of an equal or higher level of the spell you want to use from the staff. This being said it becomes a valuable item for partial arcane spell casters. Say a Beguiler with a Runestaff of Evocation now has a pretty good offensive cabability. What drawbacks am I missing?

Well I have received another wrong order. This is the second or third time now. I received the Rise of the Runelords dice (they look awesome by the way) but instead of the the Goblin shirt I got your standard Paizo shirt. I was so excited to have my dice and shirt for this Sundays Rise of the Runelords game I play in, but now I'm shirtless. Is there something going on in your warehouse? I order through you folks to support you guys because I think you're a great company with great products but if my orders keep getting mixed up I may just start picking the stuff up from my local gaming store. I know youre customer service has been great and you're always happy to give me what was left out of my order but man I get all excited then I open the box and it's a total let down. I was just so excited. I'm sure you'll make it right.

On a total side note that you might find funny. My local gaming store is using two of the 4E stand ups to sell all of your Pathfinder products. I just thought it was ironic.

I was looking at my order history yesterday and noticed I still had one order pending. It's the the Pathfinder Hardcover that won't ship until Aug. 09'. As much as I like to support you folks I must have totally clicked the wrong button when I ordered that. I meant to order the print version of the beta. Is it possible to get that changed?


I guess received my order and while I got it very quickly from when I ordered it neither item was correct. Instead of the 2cp coin that I ordered I got the 20cp coins and instead of the 5pp coins I ordered I got the 50pp coins. Can I please have the correct coins?


So on Friday my group got into Vardak's fortress. They deal with the greater Barlgest(sp?) with some difficulty. The Beguiler finds the throne room and hears spell casting on the other side. The Warblade heads to take him out with Manfeller but is passed by the druid/wizard in wererat form (Bite of the Wererat spell). He runs right at Vardak and hits the first pit trap failing his same and shooting out the side of the mountain. The Dragonshaman goes next and hits the other pit trap shooting out the side of the mountain. Being two people down I start to get concerned that they may not survive. The Warblade swings and misses Vardak. Then it happens the Beguiler hits Vardak with a Hold Person. One Coup de gras with Manfeller and VArdak is down. DId I mention that the Beguiler almost single handedly killed a Flame Drake by casting Deep Slumber on it while it was flying causing it to fall 100ft.

Sadly funds are tight these days so I have to cut back.

Please cancel my

Pathfinder Adventure Path and
Pathfinder Companion



How many DMs "wing" their adventures. When I run other systems I tend to have a written outline of key points that need to be made and key NPCs and then kind of fill in the rest as we play in a way that best suits the players and their characters. When I run D&D I feel like a really need to have things fully planned out and it feels restrictive to me. I have been using the PAizo modules a lot to get past that since I can read them once and mostly "wing" it from there. My problem is I want to run a more homebrew with my own adventures and I keep getting stalled on details.

DO other DMs wing it ever and if so how much if planned out? Any tips on the best way to go about it? DO you have a basic map and some key monsters or is it a bulleted layout of each area and a monster and a treasure in each area where you fill in the description when the players get to it? Any hints would be great.

I just received this order today and realized that instead of a Curse of the Crimson Throne deck I got an Elements of Power deck. Do I send the Elements of Power deck back so I can get the deck I ordered?

It's there a Shield Wall feat in one of the WoTC books? I want my hobgoblins for my next adventure to have two guys form a wall while another uses either a bow from the cover of the shields or a reach weapon. Anyone know where its at or am I just making it up?

As of now our group is staying with 3.5 but one of our members bought the 4e books so I have been looking through them. My first reaction is that there are a lot of modifiers to keep track of and a lot of options for the players to do in combat. I'm not here to debate whether this is good or bad per se what I want to know is if it will work for my group.

See my group is composed of players who are all 30+ in age and we game roughly twice a month. The group plays mainly to hang out and spend time with each so needless to say they are not the most focused group. They have a hard time staying on track enough to make a plan and follow it through (not the best at teamwork). I get the feeling that 4e will have too many modifiers that last a round or too many power choices for my players.

For those that have played does it require the players being more focused to keep track of everything or does it just seem that way on paper?

I have been waiting for my Gazetteer for almost three weeks now because I asked it to ship with my Classic Modules. The modules were avaliable at the time I ordered but now seem to unavaliable. I don't mind the extra shipping costs I just don't want to wait anymore for my Gazetteer.


Is there a feat of something that allows a Druid to improve their Animal Companion once they have switch to a PrC that does not advance them? Would taking the Leadership feat count or is there some kind of feat that adds four levels to the Druid levels (no higher than character level) for determining the Animal Companions traits?

Last game my group was clearing out the top floor the dungeon. This was actually well after that had found the kids and returned them to town. In fact they had even dealt with a Fey issue as well (Wingclipper's Revenge from Dungeon) so they were really just doing a thorough clean up to make sure they had gotten everything. Well at this point they had found the magical gauntlet (can't remember its name) and had a magic eye from the other adventure. They didn't know what either of them did so were reluctant to do anything with them, especially the eye.

Well then comes the Allip who drops the Warblades Wisdom down to like 2. They have no restoration at the time so they are standing around deciding what to do next. The Warblade, who is carrying both the gauntlet and the eye, decides that the gauntlet must be something cool because its magical and puts it on. They party only half paying attention to him turns to see his hand curl into a permanent fist. The Warblade thinks oh cool in his Wisdom impaired state. Then the Druid makes the off-handed comment of, "what are you going to do next cut out your eye and put the magic one in?" Well before anyone can react the Warblade cuts his eye out and pops in the magic one. The group is dumbfonded at this point and the Warblade just smiles, well until the next day when they fix his Wisdom.

Now first this was all player driven. I had nothing to do with it. I know and the player knows that a Wisdom 2 doesn't make you completely stupid but he figured the gauntlet would be harmless enough. What they didn't count on was the off-handed comment the played to the Warblades ego. You see he is a halfling Warblade with a little man's complex so he rarely turns down a challenge. He took the eye comment as a challenge. Needless to say the player is fine with it all and it made for a great moment in the game.

Just finished reading this again in preparation of running it. When I listed all the treasure in the module is didn't seem like very much compared to other modules. I'm not complaining per se I was just suprised. Am I missing something? It looks like a lot of treasure if you take into account the halfelf's (I can't remember his name) treasure but you don't defeat him you free him so you don't get his treasure.

In the game I play in on Sundays I play a Sorcerer/Shugenja. It seems that I'm always looking ahead and planning what spells I'm gonna learn at each new level since my spell lists are so small. I'll have it all planned out then I'll read some more and change my mind or I will notice what the other folks in the group are constantly doing and switch to a spell that better fits the group. It seems like I spend a lot of time doing this (I know part of it is my own nuerosis).

Another player in the group is playing a rogue/psion who rarely picks up his expanded psionics book. He picks his new psionic powers based off the short descriptions on the psionic lists and seems fine with it all. I sometimes think that if I knew less about spells or just kind picked them quickly each level and never looked back then I would be less frustrated sometimes. I'll admit that picking the spells is a love/hate relationship for me because I do kind of like planning them out but sometimes I can work myself up over the whole thing.

Am I the only one or are more people like the other guy?

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