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waynemarkstubbs wrote:

They key is to spend a reasonable amount of money. Of course if you are taking up space in a coffee shop, it is reasonable to buy some coffee and a muffin. If you're there for four hours, maybe more than once. If you can afford 20 quid rulebooks and baskets full of minis, you can afford that.

Dear waynemarkstubbs,

nice to hear that within your lodge, everybody seems to be well stocked with rulebooks and minis.

But not every Lodge has a lot of members with some Hundereds of Dollar/Pound/Euro in rulebooks and minis, some lodge members may be schoolkids, students, people with not that well paying jobs, or whatever, who are struggeling to buy the books they like to have.

Maybe you can afford playing in your pub (i missed to find prices, so im quite curious to know what you spend during a game slot in yout pub), but who are you to tell anyone else that they CAN afford playing there?

just my 2 cent

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I think there is a post, that we can use our own form regarding ITS.

I keep everything (including every Gold Piece + PP) on an Excel file, adding each Scenario and Gold Earned/Spent.
That works quite fine and is READABLE not like my normal scribbles.
(And i added the DayJob and Fame Purchase Limit Tables on it.)

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Mitch Mutrux wrote:

Because if Gen Con is any indication, a good chunk of our player base just doesn't know how to track their purchases or flat out refuse to. Over the past three years I have had players (regular joes and VO's) that don't know how to fill out a chronicle and track purchases. These are people playing high-level characters (and not their first or second characters either, we're talking -6 or -7) and when I check their chronicles at the end, they either don't have them or they haven't filled out a single chronicle and don't have an ITS.

When I've been able, I've sat with people and helped them get their characters straight. When I didn't have time to help them, I've issued them their chronicle and warned them that if they don't take care of business they might end up having to play a pregen during the next slot.

To be honest, I don't care too much if they don't fill out the chronicle. But often improperly filled out chronicles are just a symptom of a larger problem.

So the actual problem is, people don't do their paperwork?

When you push them to write down the stats, and they don`t care, they will make up the numbers, so what will be won in enforcing the Guide's way?

Actually i did only notice this kind of behavor once on a con, and the Char of that player will be audited next con, where she shows up, as there was no positive reaction asking here to get things straight and have chronicles with her next time.

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Gary, i have to ask the same question as Mark, whats the harm, whats the cheating you think you have caught the people with?

Also, maybe reconsider if its wise to listen to your Vl.
Telling that you have been pushed to apologize, does not make it sound honest, but maybe i miss the funny part.

More Asia stuff sounds cool ;)

Eastern sounds cool. ;)

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Harrowed-Path wrote:
I cannot go to cons. period.

Dear Harrowed Path, what a pity for you, maybe luck for the people who offer tables at the con?

Harrowed-Path wrote:

I should be on the receiving end of charities, not asked to give to "Administration fees" so some fat cat can claim a tax shelter.

Asking for charities in the same sentence, where you throw insults, sounds legit. :)

Harrowed-Path wrote:

So, I ask you. think HARD. have you ever gone out to find a game, but there wasn't any room no matter where you asked? even if you offered to GM?

I deal with that kind of an atmosphere as a GAMER. I feel unwelcome when I go out to join a game. In part, it is because of rules banning me from making a CATFOLK BRAWLER (For example) that have filled the seat I would normally take.

Ever been there? So ignored and unwelcome that you may as well PACK YOUR STUFF UP AND GO HOME?

Well, that is me. I am packing up to go, because you have made me unwelcome at the game table.

When your communication runs the same channels as your postings, im not that surprised, about people ignoring you.

Actually it took less then 4 Posts from your side to be quite sure i won't like to sit at the same table with you, if you don't get rid of your 'spoiled brat'-style.

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Think this is a mix of wrong scenarios for the wrong chars.

Seems like the party misses some heavy hitters, and stumbled into scenarios that are not that forgiving.

Think the GM should have been more sensitive in his choice of scenarios, after noticing that Mindless-DR-Creatures are e problem for his players.
Serving 3 Scenarios in a row, each sporting some DR/Mindless 'problem' mobs sounds not that wise.

Think in my year as player/GM for PFS i've seen 15-25 chars down, and 2-3 chars killed. But its quite helpful that we have some solid char builds in our Lodge.

From my POV, try to restart with your group, try to get the Roles filled properly (Like 2 Handed fighter, breaking the DR by Damage/Social/Knowledge Chars to avoid/prep for Encounters) and check with your GM, if he can scan the scenarios for that kind of problems.

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Firillion wrote:

I really like the S7 adventures so far, they were all great.
We were playing more then 4 hours too, but tbh that was just because the arcane casters had all not taken the feat to overcome spell resistance xD
Our paranoia saved us ultimately, but it took also some of our time.

Hi :)

Actually the Gnome had Lvl 4-ECL 8 to break SR, but the Spell resistance 20+ / Fire Immunity killed me. :)

For me the Scenario was great, story wise, but the choice of opponents resulted in me ideling in nearly every fight, which was aweful.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Regarding the Skill Point:

The Char (suppose its a 2 Skill Point Class) gets -2 Skill points, but Minimum 1, adds the Human Bonus, and maybe the Bonus Skill Point for favored class.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

I'm not sure, but have you checked the Chronicle sheets for DD?

Its (on normal speed) 9 XP and 12 Fame, so 3 Levels.
Its less Fame than you can max out, but not every scenario throws both Fame at you easily.

Also check comments on downloadable chonicle sheets regarding the mode to play DD.

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Finlanderboy wrote:
Although jokingly chanting that is not an issue to me. The fact it is an issue to you makes me question your judgement. The fact the player even admitted he was wrong and he should have not gotten mad at him saying that only defends my opinion. This type of rhetoric I Personally find offensive.

It's funny, all the talk about mediation and stuff, but in the end it seems that only YOUR call what is an issue does count. Sure your player overreacted, and yes he should have himself under control. But obviously, that player took offense on the 'fun' the Person not involved in the game throw at him. So from my POV both should apologize, as its neither fine to use bad language nor to interrupt a game where you are not involved?

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Being a DIV-/Devil-/Demon-Eidolon-Summoner, is fine and perfectly legal, but being rule wise on the save side does not ensure that you can take your little evil toy everywhere you want. 'Wardstone patrol' is a nice example.

Actually, its same way round, as you maybe shouldn't run around in the Blood Cove with an summoned Angel Eidolon.

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Just to be curious, knowing that you play high with a low group, why did you choose the frontal assault, and did't sneak into the Fortress, as ordered by VC?
This would have made these encounters a lot easier.

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Lets mot start the Infernal Healing 'War' again.

The cheesy point for me is, the Paladin can get CLW-Wands as easy as IH-Wands. And when the only point for using the IH-Wand is, that its more bang for the buck, theres something wrong with this Paladin.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

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Seran Blackros wrote:

Your parenting and mine differ. I warn my child of the consequences of his actions and if he chooses to disobey, he pays them. Simple as that.


i'm not threatening the king i'm educating my nephew

Thx for proving my point. The nerco is a fellow player, not your child, so parenting him is ... ah anyway, you are in a teacher mode, and you decided thats right to swing the big stick,....

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I'm not a big fan of 'No i'm not evil, its chaotic neutral' Chars, may it be Clerics of Lamashtu, Necromancers or what else. Even more when these think they can pick an fight about 'see the neutral aspect of the deity' and promote their Faith in public.

But i dont see a reason, not to heal the Necro in the original post.
W8ing till last second and give him a big speech like 'see who has saved your sorry butt, repent sinner'.

But this should be a cooperate game where everybody as fun, and i'm not sure if the Necro Player had so much fun, as his char bled to death.

From my POV is the 'told you so, so no heal' a bit teacher stil, ....

JustALemming wrote:

There was a very interesting debate at a PFS table the other night. A paladin who was sitting at the table made that comment that laws don't apply to outsiders. So if an outsider is evil then they are free to kill them. No questions asked. And that this point was reinforced by the fact that smite evil works on them.

The same extends to evil dragons and undead. While I can get on board with undead for some paladins. Both the evil dragons and Outsider thing seems at the very least boarderline.

There are 2 Parts to answer about this.

1. The basic legal part: When you ignore the known exceptions (Cheliax, Geb, maybe some other evil countries), no offical will usally challenge the decision of the Paladin to kill the Outsider/Undead/Dragon because they are known to be evil and harmful. Exceptions as allways things like 'Slaying the Pet Imp of the Chelish ambassador', 'Kill the devil, that is about to be interrogated by XY' but in most of the countries, i dont see any argument rising when a paladin slays the named monsters on sight.

2. 'But this is Orcus the White, reborn and Lawful Good Prince of the Undead, The Blood Lord' : Creatures that are Type (Evil Outsider/Undead/Dragon) are exactly that except 1 in X (Thousands or higher). So Mr Paladin can be quite sure that every such creature he encounters is evil and willing to harm/enslave/eat/... innocent people. So why should he wait for them to do this harm? Of course, when the course of adventure shows that there is something odd, and Mr. Paladin has a chance to notice that this is the 1 in a million Pit Fiend of friendly goodness, then he shouldn't ignor this fact.

JustALemming wrote:

This has never been my understanding of the Paladin Code. And seems very similiar to the 'i'm going to drop a holy smite and if anyone else is hurt by it oh well' way of thinking. Does anyone know of anything offical that proves or disproves this?

Why only look to the Paladin code, look at the god he believes in.

Some will frown about that approach, some will applaude.

Just my 2Cent

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The 'evil act' part is rubbish.

I think the main problem is the 'fight' between 2 PFS Chars, maybe eben fueled by faction card fullfillment. Killing an potential prisoner the Silver Crusade Figther is about to take is not that nice, and the intend to 'have the killing blow' is not a great motivation, but thats a player thing, nothing game mechanical evil.

I don't know the scenario, but i trust that the BBEG is exactly that an BBEG. And then i see a big problem in the risk he is slipping away, i don't know his class, but some caster or rogue could be a hell to detain, a charmer can easly slip from headman's killing stroke, and depending on the political situation, the aspis can get him out of jail anyway. So offing an BBEG is not Lawful(if not ordered by authorities), and not 'good' by heart but neiter an true evil act.

. o O( Maybe there are adventuring groups, who bring along their own prison wagon, to detain every nsc they can knock out. :))

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

I had a lot of Fun GM'ing Plunder and Peril, ...

its a nice bump from 3-7 as you can get 4 full Module Sheets for it.

And i like the Pirate Storyline a lot, my Group asked for a Homegame(non PFS)add on. :)

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Gratz from Hamburg!

Hope to see you at Feen-con

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

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-1 : Elf (Witch Lvl 7 )
-2 : Nagaji (Paladin Lvl 3)
-3 : Dwarf ( Menhir-Savant Druid LvL 3 )
-4 : Half-Orc ( Polearm Fighter Lvl 4)
-5 : Tengu (Zen Archer-Monk Lvl 5)
-6 : Core Slot not Used
-7 : Half-Orc ( Inquisitor of Iomedae LvL 7)
-8 : Elf (Magus Lvl 2)
-9 : Gome ( Sorc Lvl 2)

So its:
Dwarf: 1
Elf: 2
Gnome: 1
Half-Orc: 2
Nagaji: 1
Tengu: 1

quite nice for Playing less then a year. :)
Someday i will find a Human to play. :)

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BigDTBone wrote:

You can take 20 on perception.

So, in order to sneak into and out a place undetected, the PC's take 10 needs to beat the guards' take 20.

Which seems appropriate.

When we are talking about Guards turning the place upside down, you are right.

Else they will take 10 or roll (1 Time)

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For me, the line is between stumbeling into an Info, like checking a chronicle or somone bragging about cool stuff he got in Scenario X, and working through all chronicle sheets to build the max efficent road for all the chars.

I've played online and one of the players seemed to have a road to drive his char, to gather things like a nice special sword and other stuff, and it felt odd.

Things about intentions and such stuff.

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Play a 2nd Char and use a Lvl 4 Pregen?

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kjkjkj1 wrote:


1. What class is your primary character?

2. What duties do you consider your responsibility within the group?

3. What gold-based resources are you willing to expend for other characters in the group without the possibility of repayment?

4. What do you expect other members of your PFS session to do to support you?

5. Do you expect them to expend gold-based resources on your behalf?

6. Do you expect them to risk their character's lives on your behalf? If so, do you take this into consideration before you get yourself into dangerous situations?

1. Elven Witch Lvl 6 / Tengu Zen Archer 5

2. Controller (Spot Healing if needed) / Ranged Damage Dealer
3. Depends, neither Char will throw a lot of Resources after 'Leroy Jenkins', but else as much as needed.
4. Theres a hope that we work as a TEAM, but no big surprise when someone is not that into teamwork.
5. Not that surprised when not, but until now i had only positive surprises.
6. As we play PFS, i usally expect all to participate, sharing the risk.

All this is depending on who i play with, when i play with my wife or some players i know well, i know i can expect better teamwork and more support, in case of online groups my expectations are a bit lower.

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Again, its PFS not Boyscouts.

The PFS as a whole organistation is Neutral.

Im not sure what the expectations are for a campaign.

I'm quite sure, if we didn't have a a PFS but a Bellflower Network (Good Guys) focus, there would still be interaction with shady/evil NSC, shady decisions and bad deeds(killing) for the greater good.

Just to be curious, what do you expect the PFS to do about the slaves?

I think, the main problem in all this threads about 'evil' PFS, is that the people expect easy answers, good Gonder vs bad Mordor, forces and deeds of good against evil. But PFS Organized Play is written into a 'living' world, where answers are not easy,and the focus of PFS is not beeing the good guys, its learning Mysteries and History, its for the curious, not for the pure. PFS is not Greenpeace nor WWF and not Amnesty International.

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p-sto wrote:
Slave masters mirror

Actually you are quite wrong about this mission.

1. You are not there to help the 'rich' , but to check who is spying on the city of Absalom.
2. PF of the 'right' faction (LE) get a clear instruction to help the slaves.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

The Society has a lot of VC, all 'Human', all with desires and plans.

The Society is Neutral, not Lawful nor Good.

And the Society is not a NGO to Save the World, they have to pay bills, and to arrange themself with different Powers, to do their explore stuff.

So beside crushing Slave Operations(Slave Masters Mirror), assisting Mendev to defend the Wordwound ( Wardstone Patrol), saving Allies from Bad Things(Silvermount Collection), which sounds like 'good stuff', they work on trade relations (Merchants Wake), do their Indiana Jones Stuff (Halls of the Fleash Eaters/The Confirmation), besiide that, they do some shady/more greedy stuff.

So this sounds pretty solid for an organisation the is Pathfinders not Huey, Dewey, and Louie from the Boyscout Division.

And if you have problems with that moral stuff, get 2 Chars, and talk to the GM in advance, use goodie 2 shoes for the Save the World stuff and Mr.NoQuestionsAsked for the Scenarions with swinging moral compass.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

From my experience, its a matter of players at your table and how the GM is running the thing(within PFS Borders)

If you got a relaxed group, theres no problem in scouting a bit, depending on scenario, it may assist the group. But be aware that the only person responsible when you get a beating, is you.

If you already get the impression that Mr.Barbarian wont listen, let him stomp into everything and get into backstabbing position, as soon as possible.

Its allways a thing to know when to pick your fights, if played in a online group for scenarios, and noticed that one of the players rushed forward when he did HIS buffing, so i ask him once or twice to w8 for the group (we had a Magus with a lot of sticks for buffing), but after it did't connect, the Magus and i decided from encounter to encounter, if we continued buffing or followed the rushing char.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

From My POV this tactic is to prevent him from killing chars with his DK power.
So if you got his Goons and have him running, he done.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

In my case, the group took the Secret door route,geared up with Masks and took every Defense Position from behind. :)

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Just recently run Lvl 3 on a Convention (Adventurcon Hamburg ;))

we had:
Dwarf Ranger/Rogue 3/1
Tengu Rogue/Druid 2/1
Tengu Monk 3
Human Fighter (2Handed) 3
Human Shaman Lvl 3

It worked quite well and the fights where fun but not that challenging, except the Monster under the Bed, as it ate(engulfed) the Tengu Rogue, he survived with -7, next attack would have been the engulf damage,...

The Alchemist Pet endured several Rounds, sending the same Tengu and his Pet to sleep. ;)


The cellars are easy mode, when u have a Dwarf Rogue, spotting all Traps.:)


The Tower ruins have several points where u can get into trouble.
The enviroment can hinder the PC a lot(Light/rubble) and Horsechopper Crits are no fun, double against Humans.
And when the alerted boss defends the door(and the PC fail to break it) he kills them easily.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Maybe something about 2WF-Drow-Rangerism? ;)

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Mattastrophic wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Indeed. My games involve being good as a difficult road, with commensurate benefits.

Problem is... the Pathfinder Society campaign makes being good unsatisfying and un-beneficial. And then there's the problem of needing the whole party to be willing to go down that road with you.


You gain extra Prestige if you hail from Libertys Edge or Silver Crusade and do the 'good' stuff (Most of the time).

You also get boons, if you do it right. (i.e. Wardstone Patrol + Slave Masters Mirror), so you get a reward beeing the good one, a different than Dark Archives People for beeing the strange. :))

the only problem i can see, is when the rest of the party gets the murder hobo approach, this can spoil the good chars work, without an chance to stop them (physical).

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Maybe you can get a boon sometime which allows to play ist. But ust to be curious,..

Personally I think they would fit in perfectly with the evil of the pathfinders.

May i ask you to elaborate this subject a bit?

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

It seems that the main problem is not PFS, but your GM.

I.e. Among the Living(among the Dead has no innocent NPC), there is no reason not to protect innocent people, the problem seems to be that the GM wanted to push you to 'the main objective', and to avoid that the group splits.

And Merchants Wake,... You show up at the location for biz reasons, but the PC are the heroes of the day, slaying all the Undead and try to save at least 1 NPC. Basic survival would be hiding in a room, defending it and checking if u can reach the stables for a fast get away.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

I have limited xp, maybe 2 dozen Szenarios, but there where quite a bit good doing missions.

Beeing a good guy:

Citadel of Flame - Stopping a Evil Cult
Merchants Wake - Stopping baddies/Undeads disrupting a Furneral
Slave Pits of Absalom - Resucing some Slaves
Delirums Tangle - Saving Nuar Spiritskin and check a Maze(so Indy also)
Among the Living/Among the Dead - Death Cultists again :)
The Wardstone Patrol

Beeing an explorer:

The Confirmation
Emerald Spire
The Prince of Augustana - Reveal mystery of a old guy telling hes a Prince
Trial by Machine
Echoes of the Overwatched
Halls of the Flesh Eaters
Segang Expedition

Beeing shady:

Part of First steps
Midnight Mauler

So maybe i miss to see the problem.

5/5 Venture-Agent, Germany—Hamburg

Hi ;)

as it seems, people start PFS with your Event, so Low Level Scenarios are important.

so if you dont expect High Level chars to pop up from nowhere, i would prepare In Service of Lore/The Confirmation/ The Wounded Wisp to let people learn about society. That would be 3 Tables, then a Table with We be Goblins (if possible in another Room, as these Goblin Stuff can get a bit noisy :) ) and 1 Table with Lvl 1-5 Scenarios, in case some Player with bigger(a bit) PFS-Chars appear.

How many time-slots do you expect to run?

If u habe 2+ Time slots, depending on prep time for your GM, they can rerun the scenarios, and switch players, or switch szenarios.

If wou want to build a player base for PFS, i think it might help to run some Absalom/Society-Centered Scenarios, b4 u get to Stuff with World Events/Big History Lessons.

From my limited experience, ...
I had a lot of fun GMing:
Citadel of Flame Lvl 1-5
Rise of the Goblin Guild Lvl 1-5

also nice is
Among the Living followed by Among the Dead, as you dont need to play both , but ATD is kind of Part 2.

Deliriums Tangel was quite fun to play.

When you know your Playerbase a bit better, you can start to run some cool Multi-scenario Path,...