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Dysthymia. (Melancholia... "the Blues")

Since very young...

After I had kids... OCD and Anxiety Disorders kicked in and it forced me to seek treatment.

I read Stephen Ambrose's "Undaunted Courage" about the Lewis & Clark Expedition and noticed far too many common personality quirks that I shared with Meriwether Lewis than to be comfortable with...

I mean... considering he ended up committing suicide.

So I sought out treatment.

I also had a "spiritual awakening" around about the same time...

I'm not sure what the cause & effect that had on things... but I started getting invitations to "visit other churches" by Pastors in my area.

Eventually I gave up on church and sought out Fellowship with the RPG Gamer community... because I had always wanted to play as a kid... but didn't have the kinds of friends that were interested.

It worked out GREAT as therapy... I finally found a bunch of folks as effed up in the head as I was!

Soooo... THANKS you bunch of freaks.


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And unlike the "Pathfinder Online" kickstarter... you may actually get some enjoyment out of this one.


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If someone added the fun of filling out a 1040 Form every time you passed "Go" in Monopoly... it would explain how I feel about Pathfinder.

I WANT this game to be FUN... I WANT to make friends playing PFS...

So far... its not.

(Older beginner player)

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Lucas Servideo wrote:
Woran wrote:

I love these! For the kids. Of course. Just for the kids.

happily colours away

Don't worry Woran, the PDF will be available for everyone to download and Colour after Gen Con.

I've got my colored pencils ready...

err... I mean MY Daughter's colored pencils...

errrr... I mean My Daughter has HER colored pencils ready!!

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I'm still somewhat a noobie... started a few games with PFS... was ok but seemed overly rule-ish.

When I finally found a 5th edition Excursions/Adventure League group... LOVED IT... but I have to admit... we have a great DM and some really good folks of similar backgrounds.

Yesterday I played my first post 5th Edition Pathfinder game at a PFS Gameday ... and I thought it would NEVER END.

Oh Lord... I have to seriously think about it if I'm going to PFS again...

Just the fun seemed all sucked out of it.