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brvheart wrote:
Yeah!!! It went up $6 right at the end, very strange. Missed added my $10. Hopefully I can get an invoice for it, if not I will print the Player maps.

Yup, you can just add it on the survey and get an invoice for it later.

Zherog wrote:
DM Jeff wrote:
Gha. OK, 3 hours to go. I’m a $110 pledge who gets bumped to $150 for being an original backer in the day. I don’t get the ship combat rules unless I add on $7? $15? $20? Please let me know and I’ll do it to help push further!
$7 for a PDF version of Fire as She Bears and $15 for a print copy.

That's right and you'll want to add those amounts to your order now but keep the reward level the same. That tells us it's extra money and then you can specify how to spend it on the survey.

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
Just an NS update for those interested: NS5 and the NS Campaign Guide are both sitting on my desk awaiting development as soon as this big piratey white whale will get out of the way.

Yes and poor Greg Vaughan, as if med school wasn't bad enough, he's got Blonde Frog riding his #$$ to do The Blight as soon as he's done with RC and NLS5. "What's that you say, you need time to write, come on Greg just get it done already! Jeez" *Rolls Eyes*

P.S. Greg, who's scary? Bwahahahahaha

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Odraude wrote:
Louis Agresta wrote:
Odraude wrote:
A question about the product. Will there be a bestiary of monsters and animal companions accompanying it? I ask because admittedly, I really want a moa animal companion.
Ok. Those are freaking cool. Let me see what I can do about inserting one on edit. No promises, sorry. But those are freaking cool.
Nicolas Logue wrote:

MOA ANIMAL COMPANION FTW! Make it happen, Lou! ;-)


That'd be awesome :) You have my money now, whether or not it's in there!

See new update!

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Jeffrey Palmer wrote:
The black raven wrote:

In my understanding, you up your pledge by the necessary amount (like +15 $ for Fire as she bears) before the deadline.

After the deadline, you will receive a survey asking you how your pledge is to be spent. It is at that moment that you will be able to stipulate that the additional 15$ were for getting Fire as she bears as an add-on.

Note that this is only my current understanding of how things work. I may be mistaken.

Hey guys, is the adding the money to get add-ons pre-ending thing new? When I backed Rappan Athuk- I could add in money at the time of the post KS survey for stuff (if I recall corectly). I was debating about the HeroLab/D20pro files, so was gonna think about it until the survey came in. If I need to make the decesion tonight I shall, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Bottom line, we don't turn away sales. If during the survey you tell us - um yeah I meant to add that on, can I now - then we will accommodate and send an invoice for the remainder owed. Of course as stated above if you add it now to the Kickstarter everyone (including you) may benefit from future goals. Just a thought. Thank you for your support.

Ravenmantle wrote:
Louis Agresta wrote:
Sorry I can't be more exact.
You were as exact as circumstances allow you to be and that's cool in my book. Thanks for the answer. :)

Ummmm, I asked Lou to check this again. I think he is thinking of the Player's Guide (at 64 pages). Heart of the Razor should be coming in closer to 96 pages... Don't take my word on that. Lou should be on shortly to confirm or tell me I'm blonde.

mach1.9pants wrote:

EDIT: Ninja'd by the Frog Gods, although Carter is also correct in his description of the cheapest way to get the 4 or 5 print books.

Just a thought, when (positive thoughts) we make the 100K, will FGG make the PF PDF available on RPGNow as PoD? There seem to be a lot of the older modules there PoD, with which I am slowly finishing my collection.

I posted this on the KS Comments to the same question: We have a complicated agreement with them on the Necromance Games products so possibly not at first. Eventually yes we want all our products to be purchased easily through whatever means you most prefer (game stores, electronically, direct sales, etc). I cannot give you a specific date but I can say that once the Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled then we will post immediately on our site and then start rolling it out to our distributors as fast as our contracts allow.

Steve Geddes wrote:

Cheers bill.

I've added some generic add-on pledge, in case I screw something up and miss out. :p

(If I end up over pledging, can I make up the order with a couple of S&W rule books?)

Yes of course

My money is on Pett. He's dreamy and Vaughan has got nothing on him. (dude, seriously they don't even let you shave in med school - what about showering?) LOL

Endzeitgeist wrote:

Am I corect in assuming that FasB is not included in any pledge-level per default and that I'd have to upgrade my $250-pledge by $15 to also get the FasB-book?

Sorry for the question seeming stupid if it does.

Yes that is correct. This book is strictly an add on. The book will sell on our site later on at a slightly higher price so you are getting a little bit of a deal on this one.

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Of course with a Captain's Parlay, the Kickstarter higher-ups would NEVER know. ;-)

So True!

Thanael wrote:
Right. Which levels get Fire As She Bears?

Any pledge can add the Fire As She Bears print book w PDF for $15 or the PDF only for $7.

Aarontendo wrote:

Yah I was wondering the same thing. I ended up pledging at $110 then adding on $60 more for the player's guide and the print version of Heart of the Razor...seems an odd way to do it though :/

Rather than the $150 with adding on $40 more for the print version of Heart of the Razor I mean.

I'd love to see a print version made available for $20 to those at the $150 level.

Sorry guys, we have to cover the print cost on these books especially now with HOTR being a hardcover. At this point we are not offering an upgrade price.

Yukigono wrote:
Nicolas Logue wrote:
Yukigono wrote:
So if I'm still going to be broke before the end of this Kickstarter (I will be), what will I be missing out on? Will Heart of the Razor and Fire as She Bears be available for purchase later?

Someone mentioned earlier that kickstarter gives you a 7 day grace period to figure out money-stuffs. If that's true if could help you get your mitts on Heart of the Razor or Fire as She Bears.

Sadly any money I could use for this is committed for the new several weeks. Are you saying neither of those will be available? Even in pdf?

They will be available on our website

Nicolas Logue wrote:
I'm as curious as the next guy as to what the new bonus goals will be. I hope they don't involve me being shot out of cannon...though I'd do that for the project, if that's what the people want.

Yeah unfortunately all the fun goals that we had planned (which included the weapons, cannons, violence, call girls, and booze) are sadly not allowed on Kickstarter...

Chaotic_Blues wrote:
So, if we do well enough will we get to see the rest of the island?

hahahahaha, good one :)

Vaelkas wrote:
Hello and congratulations everyone. I'm not a backer yet but I was wondering through which site would the 3PP PDFs be fulfilled? Would it be through,, or some other site? Sorry if this has been asked and answered somewhere else I didn't find it.

We will be creating landing pages on for each of the backer levels with unique usernames and passwords. We will send those out when the project is complete and the surveys have gone out.

Thank you all (especially Paizo for posting this)! Carry on the conversation on the thread here:

YES! We did it. So excited, so happy, so grateful!

Cathing up on the thread. Here's what I got...

Zherog, Flattery will get you... everywhere. hahahahaha At least you didn't tell me "your face is como un burro" - oh how I love Despicable Me - so funny.

Skeeter, maybe we can make a friendly bet. We each pick an amount that the kickstarter will get to and the person closest to the number wins. Loser has to serve Rum wearing a FEMALE Pirate Costume at Paizo Con :)

Oooooh, I want the Kraken Rum!

thank you HolmesandWatson!!!

HolmesandWatson wrote:

Will the supplemental adventures be available as add ons after the initial funding level is reached? Or seperately later?

(asks the $50 backer)

They will be available as add ons and yes I will include a PDF only option.

Zherog wrote:
Louis Agresta wrote:
John -- who also helped convert Freeport to Pathfinder -- I think you and I are already on the list... :)

Well, I haven't noticed any froggie assassins hanging out in front of my house. So either I didn't make the list, or Rachel is focusing on getting you first, Lou. :)

Wait! What was that noise?

hahahahahaha, you would never see or hear me coming

carborundum wrote:

Thank you Blonde Frog, that was my question (and someone else's). I have a better one now though.

I have a little more cash so can pledge more. I have a preorder and can now go in at 110. This gets bumped to 150 which is nice.

My preorder included postage and I am outside the US. Kickstarter won't let me pledge 110 unless I click a button saying I am IN the US. Shall I just click it and sort the rest out later with an email?

(or in an emergency, the extra postage afterwards via PayPal. I literally don't have 130.)


Yes select US and on the survey you'll be able to mark you are a pre-order and we can sort out the shipping mess. I swear one of these times we are going to do a straight forward Kickstarter. LOL

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Thank you to our friends at Paizo. You guys are fantastic!

okay there was a shipping/pre-order question and I can't find it on the board now. I got the message from Bill. If you have a pre-order and you add say a player's guide to it, then no it would not increase your shipping cost as long as it fits in the box. You need to notify us on the survey that you are a pre-order so we can make sure to combine any orders. If you have more questions about a specific case email

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Thanks for coming to the hangout those who could make it! Sorry for drinking my own urine on camera. Can't be helped.

Here is the interview:

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Dark_Mistress wrote:
Blonde Frog wrote:
Oh Lou... I hope you like whips and chains cause you have a punishment coming so perverse....
I can do it, I will make him scream till he is hoarse, cry till his eyes bleed, his body will ache and his muscles will feel like they are pulling free from his bones, from muscle spasms. He will bargain, cry, scream, offer to worship anything and anyone, plead, and in the end he will beg for more.

Yes that sounds perfect :)

Gauss wrote:

Coming into the conversation late here but could I get the lowdown on the D20pro version of the Rappan Athuk maps?

1) Are they improved maps? If so, what kind of improvements?

2) Will they be available to non-D20pro users (presumably for a cost)?

Ultimately, I use a different VTT (Roll20) and would like to run RA on it. But the map quality in the pdfs are a major hindrance.

Thanks in advance

- Gauss

Any fans who have used the maps, please feel free to jump in here too. But for a quick answer:

1) Yes improved. I used hi-res maps where I could. I added the encounters (complete with tokens), GM markers, secret doors, etc. Fog of War is built into every map as well.
2) They are available now on D20Pro for sale. To date, the maps are not available for other systems such as Roll20, etc.

Louis Agresta wrote:

To boot: shoot for the stars and hit the moon! So let's go for the stretch goals. Besides, I've seen some of what they're planning to do for Angry Waters by Rich Pett, Jungle Fever by Owen Stephens, Black Spot by Gary McBride and Sinful Whispers by Tom Knauss.

EDIT: *whips head around for Blonde Frog*

I think its ok that I said all that.

Oh Lou... I hope you like whips and chains cause you have a punishment coming so perverse... just kidding. That one was okay. It's Skeeter I usually have to watch. That boy will sing given the chance.

Kodyax wrote:
And it's Razor Coast that has me almost losing sleep as I want to get into my grubby paws so badly right now.

you and me both!

Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

Rachel, any general time frame on when the next installment of the d20Pro maps will be out? My gaming group totally loves them. They are head and shoulders above the ones that I was doing, especially with how you used regions on them to give more realistic FoW as they get revealed. I was just shading/unshading squares as the PCs entered the room. Your technique is unarguably SOOOOOO much better.

Thanks again for your hard work; it is appreciated!

I am almost done with Level 9 (it's long) but Razor Coast keeps getting me side tracked. I will try to get it done sooner than later and then start the last 5 levels.

Kexle wrote:

I'm in for too much for PF and a fair amount for SW....

(Blonde Frog kicks a&s btw.)

I hope this funds!

Wow Thanks!!!! :D

Ravenmantle wrote:
We've blown past 75%. Bring on the big news! :D

Well we announced a little early about the PDFs cause we didn't want to sit on it any longer which was suppose to be the 75% funded announcement. However, I do have a goodie to share which I'll be putting up soon. We are working on getting some other cool things out before we fund but it is limited you know, to um, well, funds...

brvheart wrote:
I stopped at our FLGS and talked to the manager about FGG and the Razor Coast Kickstarter. He is going to call his distributor in Austin. He has previously carried Necromancer Games stuff and was unaware of what has been going on but did hear about the RA kickstarter. I have had a previous business relationship there in the past so perhaps something may come of it.

Awesome! Thank you!

mach1.9pants wrote:

Maybe some one could start a new thread or use the ones I started on ENW and to show off the preview pages. I don't feel that I should post replies to my own posts on them, looks weird!

EDIT: and it has been posted on ENW. May I make a suggestion? Why make the previews backers only? Don't you want more people to see the quality and encourage them to pledge. Backers have already pledged and we don't need encouragement! I doubt many people would pledge just to see a preview.

I posted on the other sites. Also, the other previews have spoiler alerts and are more in depth. We will have other sneak peeks open to all but the next few "Inside Looks" will be for the backers :)

Just set live the newest update - Check it out:

Curmudgeonly wrote:

It seems that for CD at least, the subscription for 12 levels will be essentially its own campaign? Is this correct?

It sounds like it can be run independently to RA.

What level bracket should we expect players will start and end going through CD?

Yes seperate from RA but can be fit into a campaign. The CD series of adventures forms a mini-campaign in the depths of the earth, suitable for a party of 4+ characters with an average level of 10-12, or 8+ characters with an average level around 7.

Louis Agresta wrote:
Mark Peyton wrote:
Skeeter Green wrote:
Mark Peyton wrote:

Has anyone spoken to Reaper about letting their Bones kickstarter customers know about RC as they got Swords and wizardry as a free pdf, have pirates etc to use when the Bones show up, have a lot of roleplayers on board and there is a reaper exclusive available? The thought occurred to me as Studio mcvey plugged Kingdom Death today due to a connection.

Reaper had a link to the KS on their front page a few days ago....yup, still there (I had to check)


Yes, but that only works if you go to Reaper's site rather than talking to an already existing audience.

Oh, you mean like asking them to add a mention to their next update?

Yes I asked days and days ago and haven't heard back. Fingers crossed though.

Aarontendo and GeraintElberion, can you ask your player's to go in for a player's guide? Can you talk with your local game store about pledging for advanced copies. They can even contact us directly too. Even just posting it on your facebook, blog, twitter, G+ communities can help. It spreads awareness and gets other interested. It also costs you nothing. Some of your friends might even help by just pledging the $5 for support. After all we are crowd-funding here so the bigger the crowd, the better. Tell your friends this is something you believe in and if they could toss in $5 to help that would be fantastic. My mom even pledged and she doesn't play RPGs.

hedgeknight wrote:
Just dove in for the $110 pledge and with my pre-order, it will bump me up to the $150 level...right? How will I know this has happened? I'm guessing I'll get an email confirmation or something, eh?

When the project ends we will contact all you guys separately to get your pledges squared away.

Ok people time for a call to action. we ultimately need more backers soooooo I am personally challenging each of you to bring on one New backer. you can even brag about it on the KS comment page. if we have every backer now (including myself) bring on one more person, then we will fund! So get out there and report back to me when you have brought on another backer :)

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mach1.9pants wrote:

I was a pre-orderer, and was drawn into the project by Wayne's art. Not Bethany (as lovely as she it, although not a speck on BF in the KStarter vid! ;)) but the wereshark. Once I sae that art I did some research and got all the PDF's of Nic's I could, Indulgences etc. I was hooked. This is very dif stuff from my normal fair, OS modules and DCC and the Sword's & Sorcery series and RA etc. But wow thanks for pointing my gaming in a dif direction. Couldn't stand the thought of a pirate game but a horror set in a piratey type place, yes please. I then checked out Freeport, and MORE AWESOME!

What a sweet talker you are! Someone buy this man a drink. Speaking of Freeport... I think you'll like some of the surprises we are going to release when we hit 75% funded. I know, I know, I tease :p

hey Mach Pants can you post Clark's response from this thread on ENW? Apparently his nor my login is working.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter to check it out along with more sneak peeks!

Louis Agresta wrote:

Maybe we can talk them into an early release. *whipsheadbackandforth no blondefrog whew*

Thanks again everyone! We're on the move!

Don't make me kill you... We will work our butts off like always to bust it out as soon as possible.

First, I apologize I've been away from the boards for a few days but I've been battling the Curse of Pele... Damn you Razor Coast and the lives you destroy!

Second, I want to say, wow and thank you to Clark. What a great compliment. And thank you to several of you fans who have posted the same. Steve Russell had a terrific quote on the pod cast about Frog God Games and it humbles and honors us. I too found myself chuckling throughout.

Third, we will be adding the ability once we fund and hit the bonus goal to add the Heart of the Razor to other pledge levels.

Fourth, where are my text messages from Pett? Hmmmmm??? I'm feeling very left out here! *Pout*

Fifth, the book will be signed by Nick and yes it costs us money. Who's idea was it for the man to live in HI, I mean come on, you are killing us here. Couldn't you live someone normal, like, I don't know, Iowa?

Sixth, see Ling! I'm not the only one who calls you by the last name. At least I had a decent excuse. (Hey Agresta this ones for you :p)

Seventh, Ashkecker, the PDF is of the version you receive. So if you pick PF, you get a PDF of PF. There are some pledges that have both print copies so those you would get both versions of the PDFs.

Seriously when I started numbering my points I thought there would be like three, so darest I say eighth? Pett's was one of the first bonus module I read when we started puling this all together and I agree it is full of awesomeness. I especially liked the presence of some very in-depth female characters. Nice to be so strongly represented :) That in no way diminishes the other three adventures which are extremely good as well. This is one adventure book you DO NOT want to pass up. So let's make it happen!!!

Power Word Unzip wrote:

Are there other major differences between the art (or the content, for that matter) in the two iterations of the book? Does the S&W version push more boundaries since you don't have to conform to Paizo's standards for the Pathfinder compatibility license?

This is important. (And not just because of Pele's smoldering nipples.)

There is one other art piece for sure in the main book of some Native woman that needed to be covered more. The bare chested men are the same in both versions though. I am sure we can make those art pages available after the fact to those who get the PF version.

As far as Heart of the Razor we haven't got the art for this yet. As we approach the funding number we will be able to get this and share some. So no promises on nudity or not in that one :)

Also, Machpants I didn't mean to insinuate anything, I just wasn't sure what you meant. And besides, I am always jonesin' for some nudity, who isn't?

mach1.9pants wrote:
Blonde Frog wrote:
Thank you so much for this!

My pleasure!

Also you mentioned on Google+ about the art in the S+W version (on the awesome pic of Pele); can you give more details of that? I cannot comment on the pic for whatever reason. Thanks.

ummm, she'll be nude in S&W? Is that what you want to know? Here's the sneak peek about it: Pele

Nicolas Logue wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:

FGG might consider dropping samples from the Indulgences to tempt people, they are all good and I don't think anyone who bought them 5 years ago would begrudge seeing art of the duel or blood waters available for free.

That would be worthy of attention-grabbing posts and e-mails too: "Frog God Games release FREE pirate rules as teaser for amazing Razor Coast Kickstarter!"

This seems like a tasty morsel of idea to me!

we will release some sneak peeks every few days :)

mach1.9pants wrote:
Louis Agresta wrote:

Well let's spread the word even more, then they'll be no scraping just fast sailing and stretch goal parties! I like parties. Just sayin'.


I started threads over at ENWorld and; so if any of you have accounts over at those sites join in the threads and help keep the discussion on the front pages :D

Thank you so much for this!

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