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Only 3 days left of this Kickstarter! Fates of Madness is a cooperative RPG adventure card game based on the Gothic Campaign Compendium. Plays Solo or up to 5 Players in 20-40 minutes! Pledge Here

6 Character Cards
4 Character Hit Point Tracker Cards
13 Location Cards (7 Scenarios and 6 Monsters)
5 Boss Monsters Cards
1 Monster Hit Point Tracker Cards
27 Fate Cards
16 Equipment Cards
20 Potion Cards
14 Treasure Cards

Use the madness cards to increase the difficulty. Replay different locations, monsters, or scenarios. Can you defeat the boss monster or will it end in a TPK?

Pledge Here

RPG Charity Relief Fund is in search of a Floridian CPA who can handle nonprofit taxes. If you are one or know of someone please have them contact Please share this post. Thank you!

MYTHanksgiving Black Friday sale!

All Mythic books now 33% off until Monday. Plus get Mythic Books in print!

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The first product we created for the Righteous Crusade AP Plug-Ins was a packet of pregenerated characters by Neil Spicer, Righteous Heroes. Coming soon, it’s the bad guys’ turn, as Legendary Games proudly brings you Unrighteous Villains! Carved from the deepest recesses of blighted hatred, insensate evil, and irrepressible caprice, these villains are richly detailed in personality and motivation, designed to connect with the existing Adventure Path and its primary plotlines but easily portable to any campaign where you need a villain that is over the top and out of the ordinary. These malevolent menaces are brought to you by the fervid imaginations of Todd Stewart, Clinton J. Boomer, and the newest addition to the Legendary team, that estimable emissary of evil himself, Mr. Nick Logue!

We have two new products out from our Gothic Adventure Path Plugs-Ins.

Mutant Manifesto and Feasting at Lanterngeist

Both of these will be included in the Gothic Campaign Compendium. However, you can buy them separately as well both here on Paizo and on our site.

What You Will Find Inside the Mutant Manifesto
This supplement explores another of the unusual corners of the world of horror in fantasy gaming: mutants and mutation. Like the alien horrors in Beyond the Void or the sinister science described in the Mad Doctor’s Formulary, the Mutant Manifesto blurs the lines between science fiction and fantasy through the lens of horror. The idea of mutation in the natural sense is nothing new, as attested to by the great variety of things in nature itself, and channeling those natural processes is a bedrock principle of civilization, but taking things to their most awful extreme is what takes mundane acts of botany and biology and pushes them into the realm of terror that shatters first the body and then the mind.

Within these pages you will find a dozen sinister spells dealing with the corruption and transfiguration of the flesh, along with feats and alchemical discoveries that take mutation to a whole new level. The Deviant wizard archetype is a master of the fearful science of warping the bodies of others, while the Xenocidist ranger archetype embodies every impulse–both rational and paranoid–to cull the mutant problem from the pure strain of society lest it spread and destroy all. All of these terrible secrets are explored in another classic grimoire, Omnia Mutandis, penned by a family of deranged genegineers who pioneered their depraved art and left their terrible secrets behind them to rise up in again and again in a twisted legacy.

The Legendary Games tradition is to combine rich story and background, innovative layout, beautiful aesthetics, and excellence in design that is second to none. This product is the latest in that tradition, and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Feasting at Lanterngeist is a short adventure written by Greg A. Vaughan designed to be set in any isolated fishing village where 9th– to 10th-level PCs may find themselves investigating the rumors of missing persons. The adventure provides several challenges and rewards.

You can view two sneak peaks of this product here
A first look at Lanterngeist!
A second look at Lanterngeist!

NOW Available in Print:
Mythic Monsters 3: Oozes
Mythic Monsters 4: Mounts
Righteous Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

Here is a little taste of the Oozes you’ll find:

Mythic black pudding

CR 8/MR 3
XP 4,800
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (black pudding)
N Huge ooze (mythic)
Init –5; Senses blindsight 60 ft.; Perception –5

Special Abilities

Acid (Ex) A black pudding secretes a digestive acid that dissolves organic material and metal quickly, but does not affect stone. Each time a creature suffers damage from a black pudding’s acid, its clothing and armor take the same amount of damage from the acid. A DC 21 Reflex save prevents damage to clothing and armor. A metal or wooden weapon that strikes a black pudding takes 2d6 acid damage unless the weapon’s wielder succeeds on a DC 21 Reflex save. If a black pudding remains in contact with a wooden or metal object for 1 full round, it inflicts 21 points of acid damage (no save) to the object. The save DCs are Constitution-based.

Suction (Ex) A black pudding can create powerful suction against any surface as it climbs, allowing it to cling to inverted surfaces with ease. The pudding can establish or release suction as a swift action, and as long as it is using suction, it moves at half speed. Because of the suction, a black pudding’s CMD score gets a +10 circumstance bonus to resist bull rush, awesome blows, and other attacks and effects that attempt to physically move it from its location.

We launched a Kickstarter... yeah I know what you all are thinking, we must be crazy with all the other Kickstarters up and running. But we had it planned long before the awesome Bones II was launched so what is a small 3PP to do? Well this is what we are going to do, we are going to spread the news like wildfire and get this thing funded. We are only running for 2 weeks so help us out. You can back the LG Kickstarter and then share share share!!! Like as in everyday, okay maybe not that much but every few days would be great. Or simply email your friends directly and tell them that our products rock and we need their help to make this happen. So what do you say? er-books-in-print

Something is rotten at Legendary Games or, to be more precise, maybe I should’ve said something is GOING TO BE rotten in your mythic campaign, once you get your hands on the latest from Legendary Games: Mythic Monsters: Molds, Slimes, and Fungi! It’s in layout now and should be available next week! A table of contents will be coming your way soon, but as a quick foretaste, I thought I’d share Chris McFann’s delightful cover illustration, which might give you a few clues s-musporepygmy.jpg

VP Sales & Marketing, Frog God Games

New Hero Lab files are available now!

To purchase the files simply click here and select the ones you would

A Treasury of Nautical Lore: Dead Man's Chest
No place offers more adventure than the ocean. No dungeon is as deep, no jungle as full of exotic and dangerous life. Most folk spend their entire lives on dry ground, unaware that entire civilizations thrive beneath the waves, sometimes far more ancient and steeped in mystery than any on the world's upper surface. Though player characters (PCs) have long grown familiar with the air-breathing world above, seldom do they venture into the depths, and when they do, they discover wonders they never dreamed exisited. The ocean offers a venue for adventure that is at once alien and appealing. Strange things exist down there, as perilous as they are compelling.

The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley
For over a decade, fans of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games have been asking to see the world behind the adventures. And at long last, here is where it all began, in the Stoneheart Valley near the town of Fairhill. This mini-campaign was originally presented to the fans of Necromancer Games in three separate modules: "The Wizard's Amulet", "The Crucible of Freya", and "The Tomb of Abysthor". Frog God Games has taken the full series from the 3E version plus supplemental material previously available only online, and converted it all to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system and the Swords & Wizardry Complete ruleset.

VP Sales & Marketing, Frog God Games

Hex Crawl Chronicles: 7 - The Golden Meadows

In a windswept valley of scrub and sand there is a pleasant meadow fed by a bubbling spring. Here the wandering folk have made their home, a fort of adobe under the blazing sun. From this place in the middle of nowhere one might join the prospectors in the mountains searching for silver, race against the mountain men in their search for the fabled Caverns of the Old Ones or just explore the many secrets and dangers hiding beneath the burning sands.

The Golden Meadows is a hex-crawl, referring to the hex-shaped units that divide the map. Just as dungeon adventures take place on a gridded map, wilderness adventures can be conducted on a hex map, allowing players the freedom to decide where their characters roam and giving them the thrill of discovering the many places and people that have been placed on the map. This map represents a large area filled with numerous places to discover and explore, and can be used as a campaign area in its own right, or dropped into an existing campaign. Released in separate editions for both Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder.

Page count: 50 PF, 29 SW

Author: John M. Stater

Pre-order your print copies or buy the PDF today at

VP Sales & Marketing, Frog God Games

The PDF for Tome of Horrors 4 is now available. If you have already purchased this pre-order you can login and download the PDF now.

If you have not ordered it, what are you waiting for?! The price goes up on August 1st so get it at a discount now! Buy It Now

This book will also be available at Gen Con.

Tome of Horrors 4, in full color! Planned for a Gencon release, this massive tome of never before seen monsters will be done in our characteristic textbook bound hardcover style, but this time in FULL COLOR! Featuring over 300 new monsters from our design team led by Scott Greene and illustrated by Chris McFann, it provides new fiends to terrorize your players with for years to come. Both Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder versions will be available.

VP Sales & Marketing, Frog God Games



Poulsbo, WA, (April 21st 2013) – Center Stage Miniatures signed contracts with Frog God Games, LLC this week to produce a range of 28mm heroic scale miniatures based on Frog God Games’ Razor Coast campaign setting. Razor Coast, created by Nicholas Logue, is a dark fantasy pirate campaign setting laced in gothic horror and nautical nightmares.

“Center Stage has been looking into options to create pirate miniatures for years,” said Matthew Solarz, president of CSM, “and Mr. Logue has been one of my favorite contemporary RPG writers since his Crown of the Kobold King (by Paizo Publishing). Being able to produce miniatures for a pirate setting – and one created by Nick in particular – is a dream come true.”

Rachel Ventura, VP of Sales & Marketing for Frog God Games, said “several fans have asked for more miniatures for Razor Coast. Some backers were equally disappointed we weren’t able to add on more miniatures during the Razor Coast Kickstarter. Center Stage Miniatures presents us with a solution to offering high quality miniatures for this mega-campaign”.

Legendary fantasy artist Jennell Jaquays will be penciling concept sketches of all forthcoming Razor Coast miniatures, Solarz said. The first two miniatures in the Razor Coast range will be available at GenCon 2013.

About Center Stage Miniatures
Manufacturer of high quality 25 and 28mm metal and resin miniatures for use with the world's most popular role-playing game.

About Frog God Games
Founded in April 2010, Frog God Games publishes resources for the tabletop roleplaying games Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry. Its products are known for their grand adventure settings and high quality production values. “If our hardcovers won’t last you a lifetime of use, we have not made a high enough quality product”, said Webb. Frog God Games currently serves over 3000 customers in USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe, South America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and has produced over 70 books for Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry in the past two years. The writers of Frog God Games have won numerous ENnie Awards. For more information about Frog God Games visit its website at

For More information please contact
Rachel Ventura,
VP of Sales & Marketing
Frog God Games

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Friday, October 19, 2012
Nicolas Logue’s Razor Coast
Frog God Games Announce Availability of
Nicolas Logue’s Razor Coast

A Kickstarter Project

New York & Washington — Nicolas Logue’s Razor Coast — Today online, Frog God Games announced the imminent launch of a Kickstarter Project, Nicolas Logue’s Razor Coast.

About Razor Coast
Razor Coast is the long anticipated Caribe-Polynesian flavored, Age of Sail swashbuckling RPG campaign envisioned and designed by Nicolas Logue. It is applauded for its ambitious and original design, its epic flavor and its lurid, full-color art – including a cover by the award winning Wayne Reynolds. Logue tapped a team of veteran designers to help develop and write Razor Coast, including Lou Agresta, Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock, and John Ling.

“Razor Coast isn’t just an adventure,” according to Agresta, Razor Coast Project Manager, “it’s part setting, part adventure path, and part toolkit to build your own unique campaign. It’s non-linear. It’ll never play the same way twice.”

“We filled it with corrupt municipal Dragoons, dastardly smuggling rings, weresharks – lots of weresharks, desperate naval battles, oppressed tribes craving heroes, witches, cursed islands, legendary treasure troves, an impending apocalypse or two, demon pirates, retired assassins, undead worms, gator men, failed heroes waiting to be redeemed, dark conspiracies brewing in the oceans depths, vengeful ghosts…oh – and mutating cannibal pygmies. Who doesn’t like those?”

Razor Coast Availability
“Frog God Games has committed to doing more than just putting out another pirate campaign,” said Rachel Ventura, Frog God Games VP of Sales and Marketing, “This is going to be a hardcover, full color extravaganza, complete with Player’s Guide and enough swag to sink any pirate ship!”

“We decided to take what we learned from Kickstarting Rappan Athuk and crowdsource Razor Coast, because it allows us to unleash a complete experience for both Pathfinder and Swords and Wizardry fans,” said Bill Webb, Frog God Games CEO.

“We plan to compile the campaign articles into their own book, create a player’s guide, develop and include an independent system for ship-to-ship combat, have treasure chests of unique pirate items, and offer a Tallship Cruise with the creator, Nicholas Logue,” stated Ventura. “We’re also planning stretch goals that include expanded art and cartography from the same artists the fans have already approved, as well as from new artists of similar style and talent, poster-sized printed maps, custom character sheets, and more.”

Frog God Games Razor Coast Kickstarter starts December 25th 2012 at midnight and will run for 30 days.

“After the Kickstarter gets funded, Frog God Games has pledged to fulfill not only the pledges from the backers but all remaining pre-orders, national and international” said Agresta, speaking on behalf of Logue. “As of October 19th, 2012, I finished honoring every refund request Nick received. Making good on Nick’s past obligations cleared the way for Frog God Games to step in and finally bring this to print.”

About Frog God Games
Founded in April 2010, Frog God Games publishes resources for the tabletop roleplaying games Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry; Adventures and books such as Rappan Athuk, Tome of Horrors, The Slumbering Tsar Saga, and many more. Its products are known for their grand adventure settings and high quality production values. “If our hardcovers won’t last you a lifetime of use, we have not made a high enough quality product”, said Webb. Frog God Games currently serves customers worldwide. The writers of Frog God Games have won numerous ENnie Awards. For more information about Frog God Games visit its website at

For More information please contact

For more information, press only:
Rachel Ventura, VP of Sales & Marketing
Frog God Games
For more information on Razor Coast and the Razor Coast Kickstarter visit

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