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Has anybody tried this? I really want to play RotRL but the core rules are just insane (for me anyway). I have the Core Rulebook in front of me and it's just daunting. Any suggestions?

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My advice for you is this. Stop looking at the book. Run a few published modules (Falcons Hollow is really a good place for beginner DM's getting their shorts wet) first...then try it.

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It shouldn't be too hard. Would take some inspiration/improvisation on the GM's part, but overall...shouldn't be difficult.

What you do need will be to use the Core Rulebook rules for advancement, and general advancement of the classes above level 5.

You'll also need to Bestiary for monsters.

Overall, however, with a quick mind, you should be just fine.

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The begginer rules stop at level 5. Rise of the runlords stops at level 18. I dont think its actually possible unless you create rules for advancement past level 5 in the style of the begginer box. But you will honestly be doing more work then learning the base game.

My recomendation is simple. First understand you dont need to know the whole core book. Seriously, no one knows it all. Well maybe a few people. I have been playing this game since it came out and the same with its predecessor (3rd edition dnd). I still check the book for stuff.

What you need to know and understand is the combat chapter of the book, and the skills chapter of the book (really you just need to know what skills to apply ot what situation). Everything else you look up and read through as needed by a given character you plan to use. Those bagillion spells? You dont need to know them all.

Next, limit your party to the simpler classes. Use the oracle(from the advanced players guide and freely available on the PRD), and sorceror in place of cleric and wizard. The reason is that the oracle and sorceror choose specific spells known, instead of having a big list to choose from each day. That heavily cuts down on the complexity of character choices at the table for new players.

Then use the rogue, fighter, bard, barbarian, ranger. These are all fairly simple to operate and will fill out the party with an oracle and sorceror. You have now cut a huge chunk out of what you need to be aware of at the table. If you can handle this, you can run the players through Rise of the Runelords.

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I managed to run it in AD&D1Edt & Pathfinder so I can't see you having to much problems. Depends on how much you intend to modify the original materials.
I prefer the sand box style so at times I have to add/modify and change a lot of small things. It kind of depends on also what type of players you have. How they process encounters and thats sort of thing, its a open doorway really a bit hard to measure.
For myself and my small team it takes me about a month to modify materials and get it to what I want.

I'll be giving this a shot soon and my plan is to use BB rules until my players hit level 5, then use the transition guide and take a couple hours one night to transition everyone to the core rules and introduce the differences. I still won't worry too much about rules, kinda fly by the seat of my pants. :) I hope it works!

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I would suggest running a few simple, self-contained adventures before diving into something as long and complex as Rise of the Runelords. I also found the Core Rules a little daunting at first, which is what makes the Beginner Box such a great introduction.

You can download plenty of low-level adventure modules from the Paizo site, which can be adapted fairly easily to BB rules. I'd use them to get yourself and your players more accustomed to the basic rules before you attempt something as long and involved as RotRL.

And remember the bottom line is, have fun. If a rule isn't working for you, throw it out and improvise.

Just my two cents!

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