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Super late to the party, but depending on the foe, throwing sand or glass into the eyes could work.


I'd love to see a Kobold Alchemist, concept of a sneaky git who throws bombs from hiding and lays alchemical traps.

Also, I'd love to see an archetype for ranger, rogue or maybe even fighter, focusing on long-range combat, though I don't really have a race idea.

Lord-of-Boggards wrote:

Maybe the shark guards of the Sanctuary faction of Heroes of Might and MAgic VI is more along the lines of what you want visual wise?

that's pretty much head-on, although I'd like them to have some semblance of a neck.

gamer-printer wrote:
Well since I arranged and paid for the art order for this, I wanted something more shark than human. Unlike many Japanese folklore beings, this guy is not a shapechanger, working as soldiers and pirates of the undersea realms serving the Sea Dragon king - whose undersea city lies off the southern isles of Kaidan called Ryukyo.

Very interesting. Not saying it's bad, just not the same look.

gamer-printer wrote:
You mean something that looks like this? This is a same-bito which is being designed for the Kaidan setting of Japanese horror (PFRPG).

that's much more bestial, basically think of the bodily shape of a human, more or less. Like most of the pathfinder races.

Saving Cap'n Crunch wrote:
Are they vulnerable to those anti-shark surfboards? Or other various sonic effects?

I was unaware of such things existing. 1; that's awesome, and 2; I'll have to do a bit of research to figure out a good answer.

Einhänder wrote:

Overall, I like it. I really like that you made them combat oriented yet not automatically disposed to selfishly evil behavior.

One aspect I would love to see added is some way of showing a shark's need to always move and eat, never resting, just moving and eating. Or they die.

That sounds like nomads to me. Sharky sea-nomads? I like it. I'm gonna come up with some more ideas, and re-write a bit.

Soft stuff:
The Sharkfolk are a hybrid of a human and a shark, they stand about 5'10" but are very muscular, with most weighting about 200 lbs. They posses both lungs and gills (gills are on the sides of their neck) and are fully capable of living in and above water, though they prefer to live underwater. Sharkfolk have small, soft, fins on their elbows and calves. The fins do not impede with wearing armor aside from being uncomfortable. They posses a large, sturdy fin in the middle of their back, as well as a strong non-prehensile shark tail that do interfere with wearing unmodified armor. Their heads are shaped similar to that of a tiger shark, except with angular, flat-tipped ears. They have three rows of sharp teeth. Despite of being covered with small scales instead of skin, they are able to grow hair in the normal places. In most places, what would normally be bone is instead cartilage. 'Skin' color varies from person to person, but blue and gray are the most common.

Lifestyle aside, Sharkfolk are capable of living about 110 years.

Sharkfolk live for combat, though as a whole aren't malicious like Gnolls or orcs. They believe any form of combat is the ultimate form of expression. Where other races praise aspects such as valor, honor, or intelligence, Sharkfolk praise personal strength and physical might. They often live in small, close-knit communities of people who are fiercely loyal to each other. They find subtlety and bureaucracy meaningless, devoid of skill and accomplishment. They are often drawn to a warrior's lifestyle, caring little for magic or subterfuge, but of course there are always outsiders.

Crunchy Stuff:
Total: 10 RP

Monstrous Humanoid (3 RP)
Darkvision, 60 ft.
Must Breathe, Eat and Sleep.

Medium Size (0 RP)

Normal Move Speed (0 RP)

Specialized Attribute Bonuses (1 RP)
+2 to Str and Con, -2 to Int

Standard Language Quality (0 RP)
Common, and Sharkfolk (maybe) as well as up to 7 others (Unsure)

Swim (2 RP)
Swim speed of 30 ft, +8 to swim.

Bite (2 RP)
Gain a natural attack with 1d4+str damage

Amphibious (2 RP)
Can breathe both in air and water.

If anyone has suggestions, or another good place to post this, please let me know, and feel free to use this for your own campaigns.

I'd like to vote for catfolk as well. Hoping for something long-ranged, but I'm more interested just to see what comes out.

I love this thread, I'll need some time to think of one I'd like to see, as well as check if it isn't already done, but this is glorious.

Rabbiteconomist wrote:

Game is today! Any last RSVP's for Tiamat's baby shower? You can play pin the heads on the Queen of Tyranny!

I am glad everyone has been entertained by the plot twist in our campaign. Please wish our heroes and expectant father good luck!

Are they still the father if they're the one giving birth? :/

Axelthegreat wrote:
Navi never requires a perception check to be noticed.
quite the opposite in fact... "OVER HERE!!!! OVER HERE!!! HEY!!! OVER HERE!!!" - Navi

Hey Listen!

CalethosVB wrote:

Cleave into Great Cleave.

As a 10th level Fighter (no Archetype), Link's favored Weapons Groups would be Heavy Blades (+2) and Bows (+1). Heavy Blades favors the Master Sword, which he barely picks up before 5th level but is a staple of his adventure there after, Biggorn's Sword which he squeaks in by 10th level, and the composite bow which he uses to replace the childish slingshot.

He picks up the Shield Focus, Greater Shield Focus, Deflect Arrows (and Mythic Deflect Arrows) feats. He is a Mythic character.

He puts his skill points into Ride, a few into Perception to pick out Navi. He maxes out Acrobatics.

His Familiar, Navi, was gifted to him by a higher power since he didn't spend a feat like the other Kokiri to gain one.

Navi never requires a perception check to be noticed.

FuelDrop wrote:
An all elf bard party.

I can totally see that being a boy band.

Lacdannan wrote:
Dex based fighter archer does everything you want. Base fighter though, no archetypes. You'll be in heavy armor with full dex to AC and no movement speed penalty befor you know it. Added fun, get traits that add stealth and acrobatics as class skills. The fighter ability that increases max dex also decreases ACP. You'll be able to stealth amazingly well in full plate without any ACP eventually. Being a fighter opens up weapon specialization (fantastic) which opens up point blank master (ridiculously awesome for high AC bow tanking). What more could you want?

The gadgets that the machinesmith gives. But yeah, I think I may end up going with that.

lorenlord wrote:
I'd have to throw my lot in with the Oracle party. With Life getting great mystery spells, they can definitely hang with Healing, and wearing Med Armor is a big plus as well. Seems like it owuld be a cool campaign as well. The Divinely Destined.

Metal mystery can have some very nice bonuses for a melee fighter.

First off, let me just say I love this idea.

Second off, cleave could be sued as a spin-attack like move.

LazarX wrote:
Axelthegreat wrote:
Interesting options. I'm specifically trying to see if there is any way to have a heavy armor ranged attacker.
The whole point of being a ranged attacker is not being up front taking hits.

I had been toying with an idea for a Machinesmith and I like the concept of a lumbering hulk with gadgets and tricked out crossbows in full plate.

Dark Netwerk wrote:
@Imbicatus: Well there's that... lol, I didn't even look at that when I was thinking it might be a factor. Still, maybe he just didn't want any points 'wasted' on Dex higher than the armor's maximum.

That's exactly it, I kinda have a pet peeve with attribute bonuses not being used to their potential.

Dark Netwerk wrote:

If it's only the Max DEX from armor that worries you, the Fighter's armor training reduces armor penalties (and increases max dex) at 3rd, 7th, 11th, and 15th (so a max of +4 above the armor's maximum). The weapon training and full BAB doesn't hurt either.

Steelblood Bloodrager archetype also has armor training.
Metal oracles have Armor Mastery which does something similar.
The Hellknight prestige class has something similar with their armor.

Mithral armor increases max dex by 2 (so mithral full plate would have +3).
Celestial Full Plate (found in the CoCT AP) has a max dex of +6.

That was part of it. Thanks.

Interesting options. I'm specifically trying to see if there is any way to have a heavy armor ranged attacker.

I'm curious, are there any class features or feats that let you add an attribute other than dexterity for a ranged attack bonus?

Wheldrake wrote:

Sounds like a good pirate move, for PCs with BAB of 5 or less.

1) fire both pistols at -4 (touch attacks aren't too hard!)
2) drop the pistols and draw cutlass and dagger
3) next round, double attack with cutlass and dagger.

Alternatively, just draw the cutlass and use the pommel of one pistol as a club.

Or go all assassin's creed black flag and carry around a crapton of pistols.

I was halfway through creating something similar for D&D 4e when my old group broke apart, Definitely interested.


Silent Saturn wrote:

When you say "Arcane Gunslinger" how arcane do you need to be?

If you take a race that gets a SLA, like Gnome or Aasimar, you can take the Arcane Strike feat, which lets you add a bonus to your damage rolls and all your shots are treated as being magic. If the mental image of shooting magically charged bullets is what appeals to you, then just go straight gunslinger the rest of the way.

If you want to actually be able to cast spells, then you'll probably need to multiclass or at least dip. Go Mysterious Stranger and a CHA-based casting class (bard, sorcerer, summoner, skald, or bloodrager) so you won't have to worry about your stats.

The ARG has a second Gunslinger archetype, the Buccaneer, that uses CHA instead of WIS for grit, but it also trades away the Quick Clear deed and commits you to Human. Then again, given how many feats you need so early (Rapid Reload, Deadly Aim, Point-Blank Shot) just to wield a gun effectively, Human is already a very effective choice.

As for your spellcasting class, Bloodrager could be a very potent choice, if you're willing to wait until you get 4 levels into it to cast spells. Sorcerer is a good choice too, since that spell list gets you a few firearm-based spells like Jury Rig.

My goal for spells is not so much for the singe-target spells, bullets'll handle that. I'm looking more towards utility spells and area of effect. Though, specifically one that comes to mind instantly is haste.

The NPC wrote:

I might also suggest The Arcane Duelist and Dervish Dancer bard archetypes. Also, possibly the Archaeologist. The last one is less flashy but fitting depending on the visual theme you're going for.

No matter what you do though just remember that magi is your grit. IF you split your points trying to do both you'll weaken your character.

Yeah, I hadn't been focusing on what I'd do with ability scores... I think I'll go with the Mysterious Stranger archetype and try to max out charisma. Spells and grit away!

Renegadeshepherd wrote:

Disclaimer: pick any race that makes you happy. This is just from my perception of what fits mechanically and thematically.

Gnomes have all the right tricks or options to suit anything you need for this and I can't list em all but ill try...

1) darkvision. Trade in perception bonus for dark vision is a win.
2) gnome has charisma and con bonus. That's the Perfect fit stat wise as sorcerer is almost certainly your arcane caster of choice, mysterious stranger is very good for adding charisma to damage and grit count, and con is always welcome. Losing strength isn't too bad a trade at all.

3) size means your harder to hit and you hit more often.
4) spell like abilities everywhere. Depending on what traits your willing to trade in you could have nearly a dozen different spells that you could use on a limited basis. Even if what you want isn't enough for the SLA cheese some builds need for you idea, it still fits the theme in my eyes.

5) potential racial specific traits or archetypes relevant to your idea. Though I do not as yet see how they help they were enough to get my attention... Pyromaniac, experimental gunslinger, and the sorcerer favored class bonus are all worth looking at to see if they fit the concept.

That's the main gist. It should be noted that as I conceived of this list that a halfling would do some of what I listed above. SLA, darkvision, and such is out but they do have advantages as well.

1) dex instead of con
2) luck bonus to saves... HUGE!!! All these builds are weak in saves but not so with the halfling.

You know, the crazy tinkerer concept that gnomes lend themselves to so well fits nicely with the character concept I have. And I think I'm gonna go with a Gunslinger/Sorcerer hybrid with a dip into Spellslinger.

Renegadeshepherd wrote:
One word.... Gnome!

I was considering a half-elf, but I can be persuaded.

Blakmane wrote:

Arcane gunslingers are difficult builds to make and not very powerful - I can't personally recommend them as a choice for you. If you do decide to build one, the best options are probably:

a) One level of spellslinger, 19 levels of sorcerer

Spellslinger is heavily front-loaded and best when dipped to avoid the crippling school limitations. As a sorcerer, you don't actually 'fire' your gun, you just use it to buff blasting DCs (and you should build your sorc as such).

b) One level of spellslinger, one level of mysterious Stranger, one level of sorcerer, 10 levels of eldritch knight

This is a more combat focused build which sacrifices 2 spell levels for the ability to do CHA to damage and have a decent BAB. You mostly use your spells to buff yourself and your weapon. I'm not convinced this build is any good. You need to do the SLA early access trick to pull this one off (look it up if you don't know it, or just play as an aasimar).

c) One level of spellslinger, 19 levels of myrmidarch magus

As a Myrmidarch, you do basically the same thing as a) with less potent spells and slightly better attacks.

In all cases, reach metamagic is your best friend.

Yeah, I don't expect this character to be particularly great, I just love the concept enough to work through difficulties. Thank you, and I will definitely look into the builds you suggested.

RumpinRufus wrote:
You could look at the Myrmidarch magus.

Looks very interesting, I wonder how well it'd pair with a gunslinger, or the spellslinger...

One of my friends has a D&D 4e character who was a Princess of a homebrew bird-people race who was kidnapped by some cult and had their gender changed. still had the personality of a female. I'll see if I can get them to tell their interesting story on here. That character ended up being one of my favorites of theirs.

I'm currently building a back-up character for my campaign, and have settled on the concept of an arcane gunslinger, Preferably a dual-wielder.

However, I'm fairly new to pathfinder, And don't understand a whole lot of things in the system.

I have found this wizard archetype that'd work nicely, but I don't know how it stacks up to other options, and how well it'd pair with a gunslinger (for better use of the guns)

Another option I was considering was to hybrid a sorcerer with this gunslinger archetype but then I would have to have a hand open to do casting (I think).

Advice and class/build suggestions are more than welcome.

That's... just stupid. If Adopted worked in that way, why would anyone use it?

Rapid shot is always nice for archers.

StDrake wrote:

I'll have to take a look at that charm hex bit

That prehensile tail is not really something necessary..and considering the campaign and my lust for spreading death and destruction among those hated npcs that wronged me last time I'd rather be selling them loud rocks..or rather throw some at them. Sadly the closest thing to arshea would be demonic obedience to Noticula..and that's taken plus I doubt I'd be able to convince the GM to have a fully fledged demon worshipper in a party that's supposed to swear fealty to a least as long as it takes to get the job done.

Which reminds me...wasn't Souleater closer to daemons?..that might just pass

you may want to consider oracle because of the good use of CHA, the command and murderous command spells. I'm sure there are other spells that'd be nice for a charmer to have.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I play pathfinder because it's more intuitive than D&D 4e (where I started playing TTRPG's) much more roleplaying built into the system itself. It's also much less limited that 4e, where a fighter is a melee tank, a ranger either is ranged or dual-wields, nothing else.

That and the PRD is 100% free...

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shroudb wrote:


to clarify, i don't need the WORDS the character is using.

That makes this situation much better. I've had many GMs who want people to say exactly what they want their character to say.

shroudb wrote:
thorin001 wrote:
shroudb wrote:
it is required from me as a GM to know if a request is against it nature.
Most of the time it really is not. Unless it is a major NPC with listed personality and goals there is no reason to determine if the guard at the door is a crook on the take or a moral paragon. Just leave it to the dice.

most of the time it is against the values of a guard to let someone pass.

so should all such attempts autofail because 99% of the guards are unamed npcs?

"I move to the side to remove the wizard's cover" is much different form "There's a wanted murderer bleeding out in an alleyway nearby, and you can go arrest him and I'll just walk through wherever you're guarding."

thorin001 wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
shroudb wrote:

i specifically said i dont want the WORDS you use. Only the REASON.

that is 100% different.

I don't see much of a difference. Isn't the reason a big part of the words you are using?

P - I want to use diplomacy to have the guard let me through
GM - what reason do you give him?
P - the reason that lets my 40 diplomacy beat the DC 35 diplomacy check.

P - I want to use my attack on that guard to damage him
GM - what part of him are you targeting?
p - the part that let my 24 attack roll hit him because of his 23 AC.

I feel that this is the example of how it works using what you're asking for. This is where the reason comes in for diplomacy.

P - I want to use diplomacy to have the guard let me through
GM - what reason do you give him?
P - the reason that lets my 40 diplomacy beat the DC 35 diplomacy check.
GM - well if you're not giving a reason then it's an unreasonable request and you take a -10 to your check, even though the DC 35 is for making an unreasonable request.

P - I want to use my attack on that guard to damage him
GM - What's your attack roll?
P - 24.
GM - that's a hit.

This is what I feel you're saying in how you run it.

I think asking for a general direction of the diplomacy is reasonable. General as in schmooze, bribe, flirt, flatter, etc.

I agree, so long as you communicate what you want to accomplish and in certain cases how, every GM should be able to work with the situation.

to go along with the examples:
Archer: I want to shoot the wizard
GM: How?
Archer: with my bow...

Converser: I want to persuade the guard to let me pass.
GM: How?
Converser: by persuading him.

I havn't played any necromancers, but in concept by favorite is a dhampir undead bloodline sorcerer. just the concept of having the magic of undeath literally in your blood, and being able to share the power.

BadBird wrote:
For a rather unique option - particularly for a character with a considerable amount of anger - there's the possibility of an Urban Barbarian wielding an Elven Curved Blade; in a world of preening rapier duelists, he learned to channel his anger into a combination of grace and power with a finessable two-hander.

That is indeed a unique build... I'll keep it in mind.

maybe even make an alt.

That Crazy Alchemist wrote:

1) Yes that would work since Swashbuckler's Grace gives you Weapon Finesse for the purposes of meeting feat requirements. I'm also fairly certain Slashing Grace was designed for this very purpose.

2) Sure why not. Grab up the Swordlord Prestige class for capitalizing on that dueling sword. And Sword Scion Trait from Kingmaker for additional giggles.

how well would that class work with the Swashbuckler? I'm moderately unfamiliar with both of them. Also: does deft strike stack with slashing grase?

1) With the swashbuckler's "Swashbuckler Finesse" trait, would I only have to get weapon focus with the dueling sword for slashing grase?

2) Is it worthwhile?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think I'm gonna go with good ol' Swashy. Thanks for the advice and suggestions.

The Lion Cleric wrote:

Swashbuckler, no doubt.

Charisma, Full BAB, ability to parry, Dex/Cha based.

I don't think more can be said.

Yeah, It's likely I'll go with that, but I'd like to have some other ideas. Magus and fighter could both pull it off (fighter can pull off nearly every marshal concept.), and was wondering if there were any other viable classes.

Ausk Valrosh wrote:
So like a rogue/duelist?

I was thinking of swashbucker or magus, but thought I'd turn to the forums for advice.

I had an insane shapechanging assassin in 4e, and would love to bring him into a pathfinder campaign.

My concept is for a Drow duelist.

A bit of backstory: He was the 3rd born and 1st son of a minor drow house, and he didn't get much attention, as others were much more important. He did manage to get a duelist of some reputation to be his master of the art and things were more or less stable like that for years. Turns out the duelist master was an assassin in the employ of another drow house, and had overnight slain all the important people of this character's house, the escaped to the surface.

the Duelist isn't particularly evil (although some is inevitable with the drow.) and dueling is his life. He'd be more than willing to give someone a fair dueling lesson, and doesn't particularly enjoy killing. That being said; He's hunting down the man who murdered his house, and will likely bathe in his blood, given the chance.

He doesn't advertise that he's a drow, but he doesn't hide it either. His outfit consists of a shirt, pants, boots a longcoat with hood, long gloves, and a full-face mask.

What I'm looking for in a class is someone who excels in one-on-one duels (preferrably dex-based because style.), and is capable of diplomacy, bluff and disguise.

I'm more familiar with D&D 4e which has less flexibility than pathfinder, so some of the info may be unnecessary.

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