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Leave the game, and let him know why.

This sort of behaviour is infuriating.

God f#&@ing damnit I hate restraint

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who asked you !?

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Gahhhh You monster! Sarcasaming all over me >.>

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This summer I learnt that Captain yesterday owns the Pharasma alias

I am jealous now. >.>

54 for BROKEN kobolds

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I've been saying for literally seconds that Kobolds are OP and need nerfing! WHY WON'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Get back on topic or Baba Yaga will come turn you into something ugly

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Gah I did it again I always do this

It's called intense pain

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Which s~~+ty ass schools are people going to where creativity is scorned?

Jesus .-. in my school people got super jealous of people who could draw (me included) and bugged the fug out of them xD and I'm pretty sure I'd just beg people to include me in their little mystery short stories xD sounds like fun.

my school wasn't perfect or anything but people didn't prefer the world in Grey O.o.

People asking for art to then laugh at it makes my blood boil.

I think being a manipulative savage little s+~@ made highschool easier on me xD

I find liberal applications of red wine (to me and the food) improved my cooking, hope that helps @Kileanna

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Why wasn't I invited!

Ravingdork wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

I'm sorry, when DMs decide to put unnecessary barriers to player creativity in the way of players and then respond to people's advice that there is no need to do so with, I don't get it and the barrier is still there, I'm not endeared towards them or encouraged by their response to believe they're open minded.

To much experience with DMs who won't allow players to play their characters or be creative. Is the point of the game not to have fun?

Clearly you're confused; the point of the game is to placate and amuse the GM. :P

nothings more toxic than a Punpun!

Oh yeah?
Try a GM who thinks you're a character in his novel

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Anyone else seeing a problem?



Clearly grappling someone 1000 ft away from you through telekinesis does not whisk them 1000 ft closer to you and give you the grappled condition. The caster of telekinesis has to try to move things with the spell for them to be moved. Grappling someone is not moving someone next to you it is restraining them with your physical body, hence you gain the condition too, because you used your body to restrain them. If you used your attacks with reach to initiate the grapple you have to pull the person you grapple next to you and use your body to restrain them. Someone using telekinesis is not using their body they are using whatever nature you want telekinesis to have, for ease of use basically the force or your mind, hence the CMB requires a mental stat not a physical one, because your physicality is not involved.

Telekinesis also has rules for moving things and it physically can't be used to move things that far in a single round unless you use the violent thrust which expends all the rounds of use in one round because it represents such an exertion of telekinetic power.

Honestly I don't understand why people insist on using such draconian and obtuse rules interpretations as to make clear intent for a useful spell into a frankly bazaar useless spell because of some poor wording.

Darth Vader uses force choke, the rebel soldier is lifted helpless into the air propelled towards him at a rate of knots and he bare-hugs the rebel soldier. No.

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That story made me so angry an angry alias happened