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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

(Build help) Growth Herald Caller w. Reach

New character for big group

Getting Cha to Spellcrafting

Druid Build Advice

Aldori Dueling Mastery and Defensive Parry

Favored Class Bonus

Invisible Wizard and a touch attacking familiar

A Denizen of Leng, a Mercane and a Witchwyrd walk into a tavern.

Fighter, low saves against spells

Need help with a Witch gestalt. What second class?

Bard Feats

Paraplegic Character Advice

Handling Repeated Character Deaths (Mid-level)

So I want to summon goblins...

Gloomblade, what to build?

apps for vision-impaired player?

Gallery of Regrettably Overpriced Items

Is there a guide to overcoming DR?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

New player seeking solo adventure advice

Is this worth it? Bloodrager -> Eldritch Heritage (Same Bloodline) -> Raging Blood.

Improving Teleportation Odds

Eidolon four arms weapon fighter how to do?

Gunslinger v Fighter

Captain Cold and the Flash

Magic items for ghosts, story included

Looking for circus acts

Adding strike feat effects to weapons

Osirion Fighting Style? Gm thoughts

Help me age and damage magical items please

Swashbuckler help

Favored Class Bonus

Magical Tails Kitsune Fighter

Pure Legion Enforcer - Prestige Class. Best practices?

Sword and Board with Full Casting - Is this feasible?

Big Magical Item Purchases By Level?

My Guts from Berkserk build


Figment Familiar and Coller of Sacrifice - Is it good?

How often do you invoke the Rule of Cool?

Adding Floating Disk to Class Spell List - Bull Rush Build Help

Advice on making a crazy, story-based, scaling magic item

Material / Advice on character who is a dragon

Most amount of heritages you can have mechanically?

What are the Guidelines for Tenants?

Use Magic Device (UMD) guide?

Falchion vs Falcata

Occultist Build

Mount (Animal Companion) speed increase suggestions?

Would this character work? and any suggestions for feats?

Houserule Balance Advice - Wildshape and Shaman Spirit

could a magma elemental throw thick lava?

Give me your most brutal combat Druid build

Nerfing monsters: some thoughts

Making a Druid / Monk Wildshape focus gestalt.

A polymorph guide: Beast Shape vs Monstrous Physique

Summoner assistant or Where is the Summoner's Scribe tool ?

Help building a Sacred Shield Paladin

Encounters fitting a Drow antagonist

Vigilante (cabalist)

Party Killed a Neothelid: Now What?

Is the Asavir Prestige Class worth it?

Help Me Build a Werewolf Witch

Tiger Druid / Monk / Barbarian Build Help

GM help with paladin pc.

Ex-Gray Maiden Using Adventurer's Guide content

My interesting Swashbuckler Build

How Useful is Martial Performance for a Skald?

Building a better Gish

Like Alchemist, hate Extracts. Ideas?

Is there a list of spells (or mundane items) that enable Sneak Attack?

Eldritch archer, hexcrafter and flamboyant arcana?

Could use some ideas for a sewer crawl.

Pounce abilities

Sorcerer's & Metamagic spells

Trying to find an ability

Ways in Pathfinder to transform, disfigure, punish a creature

Shaman Go!!

A nasty fighter / rogue MC build, yay or nay?

Warrior Poet Archetype Build

Need help with an Intrigue based evil campaign set in Pitax of the River Kingdoms.

Creating Horror Atmosphere in An Online Game

The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?

Interesting uses of the Magic Warrior Archetype?

Gestalt Suli Bloodrager / Paladin build for Rise of the Runelords

resetting one's race

Online tools for remote gaming?

Cha-Based Performance Gunman Gestalt Build - Advice?

Highest Knowledge Check (CRB Only)

Twilight Sage Arcanist Feat Advice

High level Inquisitor help

Charging and grappling maximize output

Easy-to-GM Dungeon Crawl?

Shield or Natural armor

Grapple Items

Need Advice for a New Skeleton Template

Traits book?

Dwarf Inquisitor spell advice

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