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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

-Ways to shrink an animal companion-

Brown Fur Transmuter and Monstrous Physique

Rogue / Artificer

Social Encounter Ideas and advice for a Victorian Ball

All-Witch Party

Summoner broodmother actually good class for disposable ?

Archer Build

Help with Feat and Ability Plan for a Kineticist

Forgotten Realms - Moonblade

Implementing Magic: VampByDay's guide to the Occultist

Making a Vampire Boss Scarier

Throwing Variant Multiclass on monsters. Give me ideas.

Need Some Warpriest Advice

Rethinking / Revamping Haste

"Forcing" players' choice in authenticating legendary weapon

Build advice for a party of Witches

Silly Beatstick Idea

3rd Level Spell for a Skald?

Challenge: Best alchemical tool user build

Chaotic Neutral PC killed NPC guard

Guide to the Bloatmage?

Strongest Gestalt Character

Alternate version of the Fabricate spell

Game mechanics hidden in fluff?

Making an Aid Another Skill Monkey

Drawing Circles on Battlemats

Metamagic question

Best Manbearpig you can build?

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

Tropes for an Old West Adventure Path

Possibly A New (At Least For Me) Caster Concept

Gestalt Archer Build

Shaman / hexcaster magus

Summoning creatures with maximum health possible?

Crazy build - scared caster that goes "full rage" when hit.

Vitalist Feat Help

some build help with a max lvl 10 witch

Infinite ammo with tech weapons?

Building a damage dealing kineticist and making it ... equivalent.

Wannabe Villains!

Angel Wings

Blaster Wizard questions

How to Make Deathtraps Fair?

Creating a very specialized magic item / construct crafter

Additional Arm without Alchemist levels

How do you guys use flipmats?

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

I rolled low...what should I make?

Build challenge: the Kingsaver

New Character: "Fighter with Beast(mount)"

Character refusing healing

What options are there for choking up on a reach weapon?

Any way to fly as Tiefling with Vestigal Wings?

Designing Influence challenges

Large Club Belkzen War Drummer

Slayer or Unchained Rogue? What is better for an Arcane Trickster?

Wherefore the witch-watcher

Adding Hero Inspiration to a game with Hero Points

Alternative Unconscious & Dying Homebrew Rules?

Advice on Oradin for RotRL

Giving all PCs bonus team work feats.

swarm-themed arcane caster?

Best non-eastern martial weapon?

Twlight Princess - Link - Can it be done?

-Paths to Arcane Immortality-

What items do you always take as a starting character or on the first trip back to town?

Shaman Go!!

Help me build an anime style character with oversized Scythe

Walter’s Guide to Deific Obediences

Gm - Firearms noise

What’s the most broken Gestalt build you can make?

Need assistance building a sufficiently powerful character

Synthesist healing issues.

Dex Eldritch Knight build opinion

Dealing With Reach Weapon Player, Advice?

Swashbuckler levelling order

What do people think of the "battle dancer" brawler archtypes

Dragon Armor, who can wear what color??

Fey-Themed Magus with his Shillelagh (And other things)

Imperious Rex! Stuff to make best use of Imperious bloodline's boost to Competence / Morale bonuses?

Can a Permanent prismatic sphere move with you?

Ways to increase force damage (of Magic Missile)

Thrown Weapon Build?

Crafting Magic Guns. How do you calculate this stuff out?

Question about Arcane Deed

Undeads and what's to do against them

Natural attacks without turning into an abomination?

Roleplay Advice for Paladin of Ragathiel

A one man band! Is it possible?! how?

Alchemist 7 / Master Chymist x / Brute Vigilante x. Is this worth it?

Augmented Mythic Feather Fall as a regular spell

Where in the world of Golarion would you....

Classes that fill the Switch Hitter Role

Building a Sister-In-Arms

Character Redemption, on a clock

The Phalanx Picaroon

Investigator wand / potions

[PFS] Looking for an interesting build.

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