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Advice Forum Guidelines

Advice for dragon disciple build

Esoteric Knight and occultist?

Gestalt build: best pair for a wizard?

Three spells -- feat question

Question about Pathfinder Society Scenarios.

Where do you keep your scrolls?

Planning a level 20 Swashbuckler / Devoted Muse (Advice is needed)

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

BAB 1 and occultist hybrid

Please help me fill in all of the continent of Azlant

Eidolon with Intimidate

Building a Better Character Questionnaire

Advice needed on a Doom Slayer character

Level 1 tree-hugging adventure?

Lawful Evil Psychic Build Help

Bite attack made out of a material

Build Marvel’s Kingpin

AP suggestions

How much Influence should it cost to rule an existing settlement?

zen archer / inquisitor PFS build - thoughts?

Archetype Tier List: A Guide to Picking Archetypes

Ranged Spellstrike and Bull Rush

Villain shattering the 4th wall

As Dragon as Dragon Can Be

Help Me Take Down My Party

Armored Caster

Strangler Brawler build

Undine Oceans Echo Lunar Oracle 11th Level - Advice Needed

Need some Plate Recommendations

Adventures in Agrabah

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagn! A Guide To The Elder Mythos Cultist

Avatar of Chaugnar Faugn

Savage Technologist and Gunsmithing class choice [PFS]

Assist in 2 Builds: Chaos Mage, and I'm my own mount

Orc Goliath Druid PFS legal 20th level build out advice needed

Heavens Oracle - Focused

Plot seed: Get a head

How is my Build looking

Building for the Tiniest Appetite

First Aid at range

Awaken as an alchemist discovery.

Need help building up the hype!

Encounter difficulty in a homemade module

Misfortune Maths

Kitty unchained rogue advice wanted

Aether Elemental vs Aether Wysp?

Medium for PFS

Lv 14. party vs Lv. 20 Wizard

Torture, can a not evil character justify doing it?

Faster command words? (Transformative)

Slurk riding and imbalance

life oracle feat help?

Creating a Gambling Player / Character

trying a pfs intimidate / DR barbarian. advice / rate for the build please

BBEG for closing up a major subplot of a campaign Monk / Sorc / DD

Item Pricing Question

Building a Medium

Half-Balor Template

Help pick a "tank" design for barbarian, UC Armored Hulk AC vs Invuln Rager DR

Changing an adventure path for 6 players

Build Help: Warrior Poet / Swashbuckler / Duelist Wombo Combo

Menzo Drow campaign, need simple ideas for mini adventures.

As the GM, How Much Should I Pull My Punches

DMing enemy NPCs, prioritzing PCs, and how to go about it.

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Blood Arcanist with Sylvan bloodline help.

War-priest or Inquisitor Dual Wakizashi build help

Iomedae Inspired Achievement List

Training Charisma IC?

Really could use Build Advice Martial Armorist

Encounter difficulty in a homemade module

Lv 5 melee cleric

Trying to make artillery team work

Thinking of making a good natured Gnone necromancer.

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Help me flush out a Weretouched Shifter / Unchained Barbarian build

Spell list comparison

Lever action rifle.

Serious doubts with the alignment

Recommendations! LF modules / encounters for a side mission to provide bonding moment for a new player to the group

Lord and saviour masterwork studded leather armour barding?

Oracle Mystery

Sudden shifting behind an enemy

Theory-Crafting: Forget the "big bad" of Evil Guy

Obtaining immortality?

Best staff for staff magus

Crafting a Wonderous Item with multiple low level spells each command activated 1 per day

Channelling and low charisma

Advice on Cleave

Reincarnated Character - Human Ranger to Gnome - What should I do?

Animate Colossal Object?

Maximum Sp or Su Abilities

Pathfinder melee claric

Weapon Damage scaling

Life Leech (Mystery of Nature): Is leeching party members evil?

Argus questions

Looking for a tough, high-level dungeon to challenge my PCs

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