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Grand Lodge

Bandits of Immenwood | DWK4 || Spell Templates

The air currents on your return journey are much less erratic, making sailing a breeze. In fact, they seem to have been restored entirely back to their natural state. You rendezvous with the airship captain and make your way pleasantly back to Armun Kelisk. Once there, word spreads quickly among airship captains that the formerly dangerous region of the sky has calmed down.

You may make a Diplomacy check here to try to gain respect for your part in fixing things.

"I knew I could count on your team to handle this dangerous task" Ashasar says when he tracks you down. "Congratulations on a job well done. How did your mission go?"

Ember | HP 57/57 (fast healing 1) | NOW: AC 26 t 20 ff 21 | AC 22 t 20 ff 17 | F +7, R +12, W +10 | | Init +5 | Perc +10, darkvision 60 ft | 60 ft fly | B. Perf. 19/19 | Spells 1st 6/6 2nd 4/4 | Active cond.: Mage Armor

Ember is soooo proud of herself ... of course proud of the group!! ;-)

”Oh dear Ashasar, it was a true pleasure to work with these professional element obsessed Concordance members! It was super crazy and fun and we showed them all that the Concordance is a real power player!! So let me retell the tales of our heroic voyage... “ and Ember starts to tell you again the tales she had written during your adventure!

perform oratory : 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (10) + 16 = 26

The Concordance

Male Sylph Druid 6 | HP 51 | Speed 30’ | AC 17 (T14 FF 14) CMD 17 | F+7 R+8 W+11 (* +4 vs air/elec/weather) Resist 5/electric | Init +3 DV 60ft Perc+9

"We were able to restore the balance by closing off a portal that was allowing chaos to bleed into our plane. If not for this team I'm not sure it could have been fixed."

Storm Zephyr will pass on the information he learned about the elemental lords to the Concordance.

Ezren | Human, Male, Wizard 5 | Perception +9 | AC 20/21 - Fort+10, Ref+12, Will+11 HP 38/53

Reluctantly Rhyol puts herself forward in the briefing. Forcing herself to claim her appropriate share of the credit, she describes not only the battle against the chaotic beast in the rift, but also the assistance she was able to provide in closing the rift itself.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20

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active effects:
Veil of Mists, Shroud of Water, mage armour, good hope, haste
Octaris | HP: 71/71 Burn: 1 (7nl) | AC: 28 (T 19 FF 20) | F: +12 R: +20 W: +7

"Well of course, my skill and knowledge were essential components in our success! Right, Ember? Right, Jamila? Essential!"

Ember | HP 57/57 (fast healing 1) | NOW: AC 26 t 20 ff 21 | AC 22 t 20 ff 17 | F +7, R +12, W +10 | | Init +5 | Perc +10, darkvision 60 ft | 60 ft fly | B. Perf. 19/19 | Spells 1st 6/6 2nd 4/4 | Active cond.: Mage Armor

Ember nods. And nods!

”Yes, yes!! Super essential!! Super duper!!“

Male Oread Inquisitor 6 | HP 51/51 | Move 20 | AC 20 T 13 FF 18, CMD 22 | F+7 R+5 W+9 | Init +5 DV 60ft Per +12

Chaos defeated. Balance restored.
Krakos ponders a moment, considering his own actions.
Earth set adrift in air.

Grand Lodge

Bandits of Immenwood | DWK4 || Spell Templates

"Well done. I'm impressed that you were able to not only find the rift, but close it as well. I'm particularly interested in this tower you found. There is more to learn there in regards to Ranginori, I suspect. Thankfully, you have eliminated the chaotic threat, making it safe for further study. For now, though, your work is done. Thank you and enjoy your rest. I'm sure I will call upon your talents again soon."

That's the end! I'll get your chronicles up shortly. I'll put the results of your personal missions in spoilers below.

Word spreads quickly about your exploits, as Ember's tales are told and retold in taverns and inns throughtout Armun Kelisk. Well done. Your mission was to succeed on several DC 25 Perform (oratory) checks to tell an impressive version of your party's adventure, which you did.

Ashasar pulls you aside after the mission debrief and congratulates you personally on your team's success, particularly praising your leadership. Your personal mission was to make sure your group closed the rift, which obviously you did.

You have a dream in which you are looking out the doorway of the tower, gazing out over the plane of air. Your view shifts, and now you are flying through the plane at the prow of a ship. When you awake you are filled with a sense of contentment and completion. Well done. As you figured out, your mission was to place two of the sensor stones in useful or important places.

Ashasar asks for a private word with you after the mission. "Well, 'Octaris', it seems you acquitted yourself quite well. I'm glad you were a part of this mission." While it seems Ashasar may suspect your deception, he still seems impressed. Your mission was to succeed at two or more UMD checks required by the scenario (such as those to fix the wyrds or close the portal).

After your return, you begin to see a different sort of reception from people around Armun Kelisk. Word has spread that you are not only a powerful creature of fire, but a nuanced and thoughtful agent as well. Well done. Your mission was to succeed at a DC 15 Diplomacy check to gain respect.

Ashasar speaks to you privately after the briefing. "I'd imagine the connection to Ranginori you discovered was of some interest to you. Know that it was of great interest to me, as well, and I suspect it may be important in bringing more of our numbers to your way of thinking." Your secondary mission was to discover the tower's connection to Ranginori, so well done.

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