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So putting this up front: my last PbP ended badly. I took it over from another GM; that didn't work out so well. Then Real Life intervened, things slowed down and dragged, yadda yadda. So now I'm not sure: was that a one-off, or is my head no longer in a PbP place?

The only way to be sure is to try. So that's what I'm doing. It seems reasonable to test this with a short scenario, so I'm adapting the Season One PFS Scenario "Fingerprints of the Fiend". (Heavily adapting. That scenario has a great skeleton, but I'm going to mess with the details.) Like most PFS scenarios it's pretty straightforward and, more to the point, pretty short. If it works out well, then sure, we could go onwards. But let's see how it works out first.

So, full disclosure: this is a short-term, experimental campaign run by a DM who's putting a toe back in the water after a failed campaign and some time away. Just so we're all on the same page here.

This is a prologue post. Don't post any characters yet. Recruitment standards will be coming up shortly.

Okay, so. Recruiting 4-5 players for a short tryout scenario. (Short by PbP standards. We'll probably be at this for several months.)

What it is: Fingerprints of the Fiend, a Season One PFS scenario, but with a twist or two. Events may unfold differently, NPCs may be added, subtracted, or swapped, and so forth.

Who I am: Experienced DM, longtime poster. Some of you may have seen my Way of the Wicked PBP, which ran for over two years. As noted above, my last PBP didn't end well; I've been away for nearly a year and am now trying to ease back in. I have a couple of quirks, the two biggest being (1) I think the concept of a "level appropriate encounter" is, as the man says, more of a guideline, and (2) I prefer "theater of the mind" to maps. I have children and a job. My favorite color is blue.

Commitment level: We all try to get a post up every day, including me. We let each other know if RL is going to interfere, etc., including me.

How we'll do this: Recruiting is open for the next three days, which takes us to the morning of Sunday 6 February, let's say 9 AM EDT. If you think you might be interested, here's how this will work. THIS RECRUIT WILL BE SLIGHTLY UNUSUAL, SO READ THIS PLEASE.

You'll be starting with a 6th level PFRPG character with standard wealth by level, all races and classes open, no 3PP, alignment any nonevil. I'm not going to ask you to build a 6th level character, because that's a bit of work, and then it may be wasted if you're not picked. So, don't give me a build. Instead, I will ask you to write a short post with the following two or three elements:

CHARACTER: Give me a 1-3 sentence description of the character build. "Alice is a vanilla human cleric of Cayden Cailean with the Freedom domain. She's a second-rank melee fighter who casts a lot of battlefield control. She's fine with being the party healer." "Bob is a halfling Unchained Rog 2/Wiz 3/Arcane Trickster 1. He's a high-Int skill monkey. In combat he either uses magic to set up Sneak Attacks, or feints a lot." "Carl is a Raging Hulk human barbarian. There's nothing complicated about Carl. He rages, and uses Great Cleave and Power Attack whenever possible. All of Carl's WBL will go into combat gear, especially buying the biggest, most badass possible greataxe." "Donna is a Chaotic Neutral tiefling Court Bard who has dipped a level of Mesmerist for the stare power. She specializes in enchantments and debuffs. Her go-to tactic is satire, stare, then throwing a Will-based save-or-suck."

Note that the information given above (6th level, no 3PP, etc.) should suffice to write this simple build / character concept. So don't ask me "is this 15 point build" or "how many traits do we get" just now. We'll get into those details later.

BACKSTORY: The setup is that you're working for the government of Andoran, specifically the intelligence service. If you're not up to speed on Paizo's Golarion setting, Andoran is the default "good guy" nation. So give me a short summary your character's backstory and personality. Here are some possible (not required) hooks: loyal to Andoran, have reason to hate Cheliax, have reason to hate the Aspis Consortium; have reason to hate a guy named Karn, who is a Chelaxian priest of Asmodeus / diabolist; have a friendly/positive relationship with a guy named Eldis Grome, a former adventurer turned Andoran intelligence agent. These are suggested but not required. Of the sample characters above, Alice is a loyal Andoran who was a friend / fellow adventurer with Grome, Bob was sold into slavery by the Aspis, Carl is a Shoanti whose tribe was wiped out by Cheliax, and Donna is loyal to her friends but is otherwise just in it for money and lulz. You can also include a brief outline of your character's personality and motivations. Likes, dislikes, fears, loves, what have you.

Length is optional but if you write a thousand words of backstory and then are not picked, we'll both feel bad. A paragraph or two should do.

PERSONAL: This is optional. If you want to, give some information about yourself -- whatever you think is relevant. "I'm a thirtysomething male, I've been gaming for X years, I have been in Y number of PbP games, this game looks interesting because Z, my favorite color is blue" whatever. Really whatever. And optional. These are anonymous / pseudonymous boards. You won't be dinged for not saying anything.

Okay, and to reiterate: DO NOT post an actual build. When recruiting is done I'll select four or five of you, and then we'll do the builds. Posting a build will make me think "this person cannot read the funny manual". Don't.

Finally, not gonna lie: spelling, grammar and presentation all matter. We may be locked in a small virtual room with each other for months. If you write that demons killed your character's parents by "burning they're house down", well, I just know that over time that sort of thing is going to drive me slowly nuts. Sorry. (N.B., if you're not a native English speaker, say so -- that's different.)

-- Yes, this is a slight departure from the usual recruitment format. But it's not *that* odd. After all, we're going to be writing for each other's entertainment. Well-written, interesting character descriptions and backstories are likely to catch my interest, and -- at this stage of things -- are more relevant than whether your character's CMB is calculated correctly.

So, bring it. Recruitment is now open.

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*chuckle* I admire what you're trying to do here, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. =)

Aterro Dominatus is a WarPreist. He's most at home in the front rank, smashing his foes in GLORIOUS COMBAT with his twin spiked gauntlets, but he's happy to heal the worthy fighters he travels with with whatever grace he has left after victory is gained. He is mostly taciturn, concentrating on the mission at hand, but he considers himself easy to get along with.

Backstory: "Did I ever tell you of my first real campaign? High-Father Joakim had agreed to dispatch a company of Doomsealers to the Ironhide Hills, to crush a war band of SteelClaw orcs that had overstepped their bounds and raided farmsteads in earnest.

Though a mere hundred of us marched, the wagon train of provisions and fodder stretched back on the road 'till it crossed the horizon. At every village on our path everyone, from elders without teeth to farm girls, bouncing in their simple frocks, came out to shake our hands and litter our path with sweet-scented flowers, or offer hard-crusted bread and tough salted pork or even a pitcher of good clean water to wash the dust of the road from our throats.
Throughout the campaign, a steady caravan brought bread fresh-baked from local ovens and news from home. Acolyte Rufus was granted leave to see his first son born, and StormCleric Arrian was raced home when his grandfather, a warlord in his day, fell to his deathbed.
As we marched back, the corpses of the greenskins rotting at our backs, along the track we were showered in kisses and gratitude. Not a one of us did not feel a hero in a bard's epic, and each man knew what good was done that day."

Personal. I'm an active and caring poster and my posts are often favorited by others.

Let me know if you want me to try and get more people. =)

I'll bite!

Callinda Swan is a human Slayer -- possibly a Cleaner by archetype, but definitely by profession. While she prefers missions that allow her to escape undetected, her flashing swords will make quick work of anyone unlucky enough to interrupt. (skill monkey / trap finder / TWF-sneak attack)

Backstory: Callinda's early life was spent as a Garundi street urchin in the gangs of Almas' back ways, a cat burglar and -- only the once -- a killer. After her gang left her to be caught by the Revolutionary Guard for the murder, she took a deal to work for the Andoran government in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes. While her work is by nature secretive, she can't help but take pride in a job well done and brag a bit in "cleared" company.

Personal: Hey, I have kids and a job and my favorite color is (often) blue too! I recently had two long-running PbPs lose steam around level 6, so happy to pick something up at that level. ;)

Atlas2112 wrote:
*chuckle* I admire what you're trying to do here, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. =)

Man, for a few hours there I was all "whoa wall of text must have scared everyone off".

Let me know if you want me to try and get more people. =)

Maybe? Let's give it a day.

Ha, sorry to have left you hanging there. I didn't dot in when I first saw your posts because I figured a submission would be fast enough that I wouldn't lose track of the thread. :)

Just to let you know, I'm coming with a submission. Should have it by the end of day.

My submission: Velzok and Roan

Character: Velzok is a Devil. Roan is his humble slave, though technically his Summoner(unchained). Velzok can be a melee or skilled/face character depending on party composition while Roan acts as his support caster.

Backstory: While climbing the ranks of the Infernal hierarchy in Cheliax, Velzok, an ambitious up-and-coming Devil, offended a high ranking Devil who was his superior. As retribution the higher ranking Devil pulled some strings and had Velzok severely demoted Losing any prospect of the promising career ahead of him. Turning bitter and angry toward the entire nation of Cheliax and their confounded bureaucracy, he began to explore his other options. That's when he heard the cries of help from some sad sack of a man called Roan. Roan had a dying family member, or lover, or somesuch (who can remember such unimportant things?) and was willing to trade his soul for a little infernal intervention. Velzok struck a deal with him that if Roan would be his anchor to the Material plane and serve Velzok as he sought revenge against Cheliax, Velzok would save Roans loved one. After filing the proper paperwork, Roans loved one was saved and Velkoz gained a valuable servant in his crusade of vengeance.

Personal: I've been playing/GMing PF for around 6 years. I've ran three campains IRL and two PbP, one fizzled out and the other is about to wrap. Feel free to check out my writing style. I try to post everyday but mainly mirror the excitement of my GM and fellow players.

SkaTalon wrote:

My submission: Velzok and Roan

Character: Velzok is a Devil. Roan is his humble slave, though technically his Summoner(unchained). Velzok can be a melee or skilled/face character depending on party composition while Roan acts as his support caster.

I'm open to unusual builds, but note that the alignment requirement is "any nonevil". Also, it might be a little hard to get Andoran intelligence to accept a no-kidding devil and his Chelaxian master/slave.

So Roan is the Lawful-Neutral PC in this case and Velzok is his eidolon. I was just flipping the typical eidolon relationship and planning on RPing the Eidolon more than the Summoner. Plus Velzok might have useful intel on Cheliax as a turncoat. I thought it would make for some interesting RP opportunities for you. Velzoks goal is revenge on Cheliax and he must uphold any contract he signs.

It's your call as GM. I can submit something else.

Huh, that's kind of a neat idea. Maybe a little too baroque for this first simple outing, though.

The idea of a renegade Chelaxian is a perfectly good one. Of course, then you hit the question "and why should Andoran trust this particular Chelaxian?" But it should be possible to come up with an answer to that.

Character: Grinceroy is a goblin Phytokineticist (Elemental Ascetic) VMC Monk. He is a second tier melee fighter who uses his phytokinetics for battlefield control. Outside of combat, he is a great scout.

Backstory: Grinceroy was born into a tribe of goblins, and raised for a few years, before he eventually became lost in the woods while riding one of the wolves from the tribe. As he was trying to find his way, he ran into a traveling circus. They were extremely entertained by the little goblin and his wolf. They adopted him immediately. Grinceroy did not ever know what his goblin family had called him, but this is where he became The Flying Grinceroy, and found true family. He eventually named the wolf Dog.

Grinceroy learned to be an acrobat and traveled with the group for a long time. His body became extremely flexible. He learned how to brawl with troublemakers, even those who were much bigger than him. Occasionaly he helped the strongman stop problems. More importantly though, he met Kira, a woman who was able to teach him how to harness the energy of the First World. He learned how to manipulate plants and incorporated them into his performances.

Eventually though, the circus came to an end. The proprieter decided he was too old to continue travelling and the man chosen to take over, slowly drove everyone away. Grinceroy found himself in Andoran with only Kira left to care for him. She introduced him to a man named Eldis Grome, who helped Grinceroy find a place in Taldor. Grinceroy served loyaly in the Andoran army for some time, and kept in contact with Grome and Kira.

Personal: I'm 33 years old. Started playing pathfinder in 2012, and have really enjoyed it. I've since started playing some other RPG's, but Pathfinder is still my home.

Hey, posting here on the suggestion of Atlas. I don't have a concept yet, but I'm somewhat interested. I've GM'd four games on Paizo: a Modern Arcana game, a Mummy's Mask that's entering it's last phase, a homebrew superhero trial run, and a Starfinder going on it's second year. If you're still looking for players, I'll come up with something.

Personal: I'm an ancient grognard (1st Ed AD&D in 1984) who's run so many systems it's hard to count, and played in even more. But I'm also a writer, a romantic, and I probably drink a bit too much. Anyway, let me know if you think I'd be a good fit and I'll come up with a character complementary to the rest of the party soon.

Side Note: sometimes PBP fail; doing take it personally. There are lots of good players out there who can post regularly. I tend to post every day when possible/appropriate, but at least every two.

If this is still open, definitely applying!

My character concept is a Vigilante - are you familiar with the Scarlet Pimpernel? Basically a nobleman fop in appearance, but a steely soul underneath who is greatly concerned with justice and fair play - perhaps an ally (if not an outright member) of the Bellflower Network. (I'm thinking more the 1982 film with Anthony Andrews and Ian McKellen rather than the books, which IIRC weren't quite so light-hearted.) His signature weapon is a whip, which he uses to disarm, trip and generally inconvenience his foes and support his allies - and, at a pinch, to do damage.

His background is that of a younger son of the nobility - what P.G. Wodehouse described as members of the "Drones club". However, he quickly got bored with having nothing to do. A short stint in the army was not to his liking (too much discipline, not enough fine clothing) but it gave him the skills and contacts to be recruited by the Andoran Intelligence Service (also known as Clandestine Information Affairs, aka the Nonsuch Agency).

Personal stuff:
I only returned to these forums early last year after a long health-related break. I ran an initial module (Hollow's Last Hope) and that seemed to work; I'm now running a heavily-modified Kingmaker game and a more vanilla Mummy's Mask. I've been gaming on and off for 30+ years. I enjoy both DM-ing and playing.

I alternate between GMT and Central European Time (GMT +1) so I may be out of sync with your postings, depending on where you are, but I'm a reasonably frequent poster and can post at least once a day in games I'm playing in.

Wastrel, I'm open to the Vigilante, but note that this first scenario is a pretty straightforward combat crawl. That may change later, but for the first little while your secret identity won't get much of a workout.

Anyway, closing recruitment shortly. Last call.

Okay then, recruitment closed. Here's what we have:

Atlas 2112 -- Aterro Dominatus, Human WarPriest
Murph -- Callinda Swan, Human Slayer
Merddyn -- Grinceroy, Goblin Kineticist
Wandering Wastrel -- Human Vigilante
rando1000 -- TBD

Merddyn, are you married to the idea of a goblin, or could you do a halfling instead? Rando1000, take a look at the party, see what's missing, and maybe build to that? You can never go wrong with a bard, a wizard, or a ranged attacker.



Stats: 15 point buy. Don't forget your +1 bump at 4th level.

Starting level and hp: 6th level. Max hp on the die at 1st, either roll or take the average thereafter.

Alignment: Any nonevil.

Equipment: Standard wealth by level, 16,000.

Traits: You get one trait free and then a second if you take a hook (see below). The trait should be connected to the hook in some way.

Setting: Default Golarion, starting in Andoran, expedition to Cheliax.

3PP: Nope. Paizo stuff only. Yes, there's some great 3PP stuff, but I just don't have time to review new races and classes and whatnot.


Hooks: You have the option of picking a hook. You don't have to, but it gives you a second trait. (As noted, try to connect the trait to the hook somehow.) The hooks are as follows:

-- Loyal to Andoran. Your backstory includes some reason for this (served in the armed forces, just believe strongly in Andoran's ideals of freedom, whatever).
-- Have reason to hate Cheliax. There are a thousand good reasons to hate Cheliax, right? They're slavers and devil worshippers. Really, they're just bastards.
-- Have reason to hate the Aspis Consortium. Wait, they're ALSO slavers and absolute bastards. Capitalism run amok, they're a consortium evil merchants who lie, cheat, steal, and would sell their grandmothers for a copper.
-- Have reason to hate a guy named Karn. Karn is a Chelaxian who worked his way up from being a gutter urchin to become a priest of Asmodeus.
-- Have a friendly/positive relationship with a guy named Eldis Grome. Grome is a former adventurer turned Andoran intelligence agent. He's a good dude.
-- Be a sailor who has sailed along the Chelaxian coastline a lot.

Skills: Everybody can take one free, bonus skill rank per level in one of the following: Climb, Craft (any), Fly, Ride, Profession (any), Swim. I would suggest at least one person throw a rank or two at Profession (sailor).

Additional notes:

1) While I am perfectly happy to see you optimize your characters, cheese is discouraged and minmaxing may prove counterproductive. The goal is not to build towards a ragelancepounce barbarian who can deal 3000 dpr. The goal is to have a game that's fun and interesting. Think fun and interesting.

2) This first adventure will be a gauntlet of several encounters. You might get a few minutes to buff, but you'll have no chance to rest / heal / recover spells. So, keep that in mind and don't build for a 15 minute adventuring day.

3) Chelaxians like spellcasters and devils. The Aspis Consortium likes hordes of mooks (they're cheap). Just sayin'.

Okay, post your builds, and I'll make a couple of intro posts on the gameplay, and we'll be off.

DM_DM wrote:

Wastrel, I'm open to the Vigilante, but note that this first scenario is a pretty straightforward combat crawl. That may change later, but for the first little while your secret identity won't get much of a workout.

That's fine with me, but thanks for the heads up. I'll get my character together ASAP.

Quick question: are you allowing the Combat Stamina rules from Pathfinder Unchained? It's not 3PP, but some players/DMs seem to regard Unchained as not really being official/canon.

Wandering Wastrel wrote:
Quick question: are you allowing the Combat Stamina rules from Pathfinder Unchained? It's not 3PP, but some players/DMs seem to regard Unchained as not really being official/canon.

No, I'm willing to allow Unchained. I haven't played with Stamina Points, but at a glance it doesn't look OP. Go for it.

Doug M.

Thanks! Working on the character now...

DM_DM wrote:

Atlas 2112 -- Aterro Dominatus, Human WarPriest
Murph -- Callinda Swan, Human Slayer
Merddyn -- Grinceroy, Goblin Kineticist
Wandering Wastrel -- Human Vigilante
rando1000 -- TBD

Looking like maybe an arcane caster, healing focused cleric, or perhaps a sneaky type. Any preference of those?

rando1000 wrote:
Looking like maybe an arcane caster, healing focused cleric, or perhaps a sneaky type. Any preference of those?

The slayer and vigilante can sneak a bit. I haven't played or run a kineticist before; they seem blast-y? So I think either a heal-y cleric or a controller, enchanter, or buff monkey wizard.

I suck at controller. I'll go healer cleric, as they can also do some buffing.

CHARACTER: Janeesa, Human Female, Cleric of Milani 6, AL: CG; domains: Healing, Liberation

BACKSTORY: Janeesa was born and raised in Andoran, in the foothills of the Aspodell mountains near the border of Cheliax. As a young woman, she took place in a rebellion of a nearby town just across the Cheliax border, where she helped rescue several people and smuggle them to safety in Andoran. This drew the attention of the Milanites, the order which had orchestrated the rebellion. She became an acolyte to the order shortly thereafter.

Hook: Obviously, Janeesa, as a cleric of Milani, hates slavery and oppression, and thus, the entire power structure of Cheliax. (Still working on tying this to a trait).

Personality: Janeesa fluctuates from friendly to firey in the blink of an eye, and even friends can earn her ire at times. However, she is committed to the dual concepts of Healing and Liberation, and will not miss an opportunity to use these justly.

Appearance: Janeesa is 30 years old, with red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. she is neither slender nor heavy.

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@Janeesa - I'd be happy to contribute towards a wand of CLW. DM DM said that there's no rest time built in to the adventure so we may need it...

Okay, waiting for the rest of the team to bump in with their builds, and then we'll begin.

Bump - working on build today!

Starting my build. I would prefer a goblin, I was going with someone more Fey and First World oriented, but I can deal with one of the core races if you'd prefer (though I think I'd prefer elf, half-elf or gnome over halfling for that). I think I could do a half-elf, and not change too much of the story I'd had.

Health: 5d8 + 8 + 6 ⇒ (6, 8, 3, 5, 4) + 8 + 6 = 40

No problem with First World / fey. The issue with goblins is, you're working for Andoran intelligence, and even in Andoran goblins are viewed with suspicion and dislike. So I won't say a goblin is out of the question, but you'd need a backstory explaining why high-level authority would trust him.

Andoran is the good guys, but even good guys can have biases and bigotries.

"Ten Things About Goblins" is a minor classic.

On the other hand, we're told that PF2 is bringing the world the new, improved, friendly goblins. We should probably start getting used to them.

(Personally I'll miss the kill-crazy pyromaniac songsters that Paizo gave us with their first ever AP, but change is part of life.)

My initial idea was that about when Grinceroy reaches level 1, based on Kira's recommendation, Eldin got him a low ranking spot in the army. Then he just spent many years proving himself and has been part of the army since that point. I'd had him as an older goblin (19 which is just under middle age--I wouldn't mind going older, I just always feel hokey using the age modifiers) with a good 10 years of service in the Taldan army.

No problem if that doesn't work for gaining enough trust. I've started working out a half-elf that would work too. I'd change the story a bit, but I could stick with some of the bare bones.

Morvius Zaan wrote:
@Janeesa - I'd be happy to contribute towards a wand of CLW. DM DM said that there's no rest time built in to the adventure so we may need it...

If we go with a 3rd level caster (1d8+3), that works out to 2250. I'd be willing to cover 1250 of that if the rest of the party can scrape up 1000.

We can certainly do that, but is the extra +2 hit points/charge worth it? a wand that will heal d8+1 is only 750 gold.

Yeah, I guess you're right. I was thinking of it as an extra 100 HP over the life of the wand, but we could get two wands for less than that, since we haven't had any restrictions made on our purchases; that would be even more healing total. Since I have a lot of healing built into the character anyway, the wands would only be an out of combat thing, so the extra 2 HP in the same round wouldn't be that big a deal.

You're working for Andoran intelligence. On one hand, that means you have to build a character that could plausibly do that (hence the issue with goblins). OTOH, it means that nope, there are no restrictions on purchases. As a DM I sigh a little at CLW wands, but you can buy as many as you like.

Dotting in as Callinda.

Still have to do a bit of shopping -- consumables and the like -- and happy to chip in for a heal-stick or two.

Morvius, I see we're both going for a naval past in the backstory. Perhaps we served together at some point and Callinda later suggested Morvius to her superiors in intelligence for recruitment?

(Or, counterpoint, perhaps we were less cordial shipmates in the past, and only reluctant teammates now?)

DM_DM wrote:
As a DM I sigh a little at CLW wands, but you can buy as many as you like.

I hear you. I often limit what's available for purchase in specific locals when I run, like "You can't buy 3 of those, they only have 1. You'll need to find someone to craft the other two, which will take time." If you're okay with it, though, I will take two, the limit of how far I'm willing to cheese. Since (1d8+1) x 100 is only going to get us so far at 6th level anyway.

@Callinda - good thoughts. I agree that they should have encountered one another previously. Morvius is from the noblesse oblige school of thought (his heart is in the right place), so for his part he would go out of his way to be polite to Callinda, despite their obvious difference in backgrounds, her occasional disregard for human life (my read on her Neutral alignment vs his Chaotic Good) - and the fact that she holds her knife like a pen ;)

This can backfire occasionally when it's perceived to be patronising - as you say, their relationship could go either way! My guess is that Callinda effortlessly saw through the carefully cultivated 'fop' persona to the steely, ruthless soul beneath, which perhaps makes them kindred spirits, in an odd way?

Callinda, the "cleaner" archetype is new to me but I like it. Makes me think of Harvey Keitel's Wolf from Pulp Fiction. It's perhaps a bit underpowered and it might not have a lot of use in this first adventure but it's a fun concept.

That said, build what you think will work for you. Don't forget about the second trait / hook!

Yeah, the archetype powers are very circumstantial in application, and less "powerful" than other slayer talent choices might be in those slots. I figured it was worth a try.

So someone took Reactive -- someone always takes Reactive. And two people have Andoran Freedom Fighter (+1 hit and damage vs. slavers). Which is fine.

Okay, so I'll post some flashbacks explaining what's going on and all. Meanwhile, feel free to start posting on the discussion and gameplay threads.

I am sorry I missed this. I hate great fun in the old way of the wicked campaign

have fun all

I meant to hit the "Loyal To Andoran" hook, sorry for not stating that explicitly. And Andoren Freedom Fighter seemed like a trait that fit that hook by way of a military background. I can reconsider if you prefer!

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