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PaizoCon 2016

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Now, learn the behind-the-scenes story of this long-awaited fantasy epic in The Making of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS The Movie. ... Read interviews with the people who finally brought the world's greatest role-playing game to the big screen. ... Discover the origins of the film's masterfully evil villain...

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The Official Game Handbook ... From the year 3010 comes the official Lazer Tag book of games. Games for one player, games for hundreds of players, and games for any number in between, plus fun exercises for sharpening your Lazer Tag skills are included in this book. These games can be played...

List Price: $7.95

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The Official Tournament Book ... Once again the year 3010 brings to this era a set of amazing Lazer Tag contests. With this book several players can get together to form their own special teams and work out strategies and maneuvers that will put them light years ahead of their competition. ......

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