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Open your subconscious and enter the Dreamscape—a world of nightmares and hope. Expand your options with this psionics supplement. Explore the Dreamscape, the plane of dreams and nightmares—battle the Tash qael, the crysmal swarms and the nevermind—utilize new powers, feats, and classes to...

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Enlightened monks are paragons of intense physical and mental training, joining the body and mind into one complete being which utilizes the strength of the two combined. Presented within the pages of The Mind Unveiled: Enlightened Monk is a new variant psionic base class—the Enlightened Monk—as...

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Each character played is a unique individual, whose skills and talents vary from other characters, be it in their classes, skills or feats. Have you been looking for those feats that should exist, but just don't? Maybe you want a multiclass psion/monk? Then Ascetic Mind is for you. Or maybe you...

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Dreamscarred Press, the definitive source for psionic content, brings you a new full base attack psionic class: the halo knight. The halo knight transforms his weapon, indeed his very self, into an ideal weapon, dishing out damage to his adversaries and inspiring his allies. ... Included in the...

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***** (based on 1 rating)

The soulknife class offers the mind blade class feature, wherein the soulknife gains the ability to create a blade of force using only the power of his mind. This grants the soulknife a unique ability, but what if you wanted this feature with other classes? The Mind Unveiled: Mind Blade Feats...

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There are some people who, when faced with a nightmare, relish the fear, finding a deep connection to the very essence of their souls. Those who learn to tap into the nightmares of others and use them as weapons are known as morpheans. ... Presented within the pages of The Mind Unveiled: Morphean...

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The paths of the mind are many and varied. Whether it is learning the ability of the mind to control the body, or of tapping into the awesome power of the Qael, lords of the Dreamscape, prestige classes give a variety of options for characters to specialize their abilities. ... Choose the...

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Expand your arsenal of psionic equipment with this latest release in The Mind Unveiled series of psionic supplements! ... With 14 pages of new items, you'll find a plethora of new equipment for use in your games, from new companion stones for your psicrystal staff, to new psychoactive skins...

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Freeze your opponents in place, take control of their mind, or even reverse the flow of time... all with the power of a thought. Tap into the energy of dreams with this new release in the Mind Unveiled series of supplements! ... With over twenty pages of new psionic powers, over seventy new...

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