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Judge Dredd: Manta Prowl Tank

List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $134.99


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The largest model Mongoose has produced to date, this is a 28mm scale Manta Prowl Tank for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, coming in at nearly 12" in length!

The Manta Prowl Tank was the Justice Department's answer to a growing crime wave. Often regarded as a mobile floating fortress of anti-crime measures, the manta can strike fear into the heart of the most desperate perp and is fully capable of dealing with entire riots by itself. Capable of great speed, this anti-grav tank features a Peterson High Intensity Laser Cannon, with adjustable wide beam mode, stumm gas dispensers and riot foam jets as its primary armament, allowing it to tackle anything from an angry citizen mob to the most heavily armoured vehicle a perp can field. In addition, the Manta is also armed with two twin-linked fast action anti-personnel lasers and can be further modified with heavier weaponry as the situation demands, potentially making them the equal of any battle tank in terms of firepower. On board holding cells can imprison up to thirty perps. Two pilots control its great bulk with an exceptional agility, whilst four street judges constantly monitor the on-board scanners for any sign of local crime, ready to take the Law to perps outside upon Lawmasters also stored within the Manta's forward bay. There are compartments that allow the on-board tek- and med-judges to function effectively, whilst more street judges monitor the holding cells, communications and weapon systems of the tank, while overall command is given to a senior judge. With such capability wrapped into one heavily armoured hull, the Manta Prowl Tank is an outward symbol of the judge's absolute authority within Mega-City One.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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