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Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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Krazy Kragnar is a trickster, merchant, dealmaker, survivor, and, of course, goblin. As a master trader, his career has a long and colorful history, much of which should not be repeated in polite company. Kragnar first came to prominence when he began a line of used chariot yards (the merchandise for which is detailed in The Genius Guide to Loot 4 Less Volume 7: Krazy Kragnar’s Used Chariots). When angry dwarves shut down that operation, he turned to a new business plan with Krazy Kragnar’s Surplus Alchemy Shop. When that entirely legitimate business burned to the ground (and the local human guards and fire wardens made no effort to save it), canny Kragnar turned back to his roots and began working in semilegal magic items at a Goblin Market (as detailed in Krazy Kragnar’s Black Market Magic Items).

In the course of running a successful shop in a Goblin Market, Kragnar was regularly dealing with cheats, thieves, adventurers, and insane folk in almost equal measure. One of the more common insane people was Garious the Grogomancer, a failed wizard who had fallen on extremely hard times. Once a true master of arcane arts, Garious had been kicked out of the prestigious Meiramazal Academy Arcane for creating an explosion during a demonstration of a new way to make magic staves. Having fallen to the bottom of the social ladder, he lurked in the Goblin Market of Refuge, offering (and sometimes succeeding) to cast spells for wine, to extend his days-long binges of inebriation.

No one, Kragnar included, took Garious seriously. When the “Grogomancer” came to the merchant goblin—claiming to have recreated his alternate magic creation ritual, and in the process made a “tige vierge” (a magic staff that could have any spell impressed upon it and then recast)—Kragnar was certain it was part of a complex con game. But a good con game can be an asset as well so Kragnar allowed Garious to demonstrate. When the demonstration went well, and Kragnar could find no sign of deceit, the goblin had Garious set up a shop to make another tige vierge under supervision. When that worked, Kragnar set up a new shop. Well outside the slums surrounding the Goblin Market, Krazy Kragnar’s Magic Staff Emporium offers a wide range of “stock” magic staves, as well as custom orders returned in half the time of any competitor. Unlike previous shops owned or run by Kragnar, the Magic Staff Emporium is a high-end establishment that caters to high-end clients. In selling only magic staves it keeps its client list exclusive, but in doing so quickly it attracts dwarf gesith mages from the far-off Rune Peaks, tormentor battle-cursers from Ankhara, secretive shadow-bedreven from the Cairnwood, and adventurous archmages of all stripes. The prices at the Magic Staff Emporium might be a little higher, but when you need a staff of healing by the end of the week, you’re willing to pay a premium.

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***** (based on 5 ratings)

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Here a stick..There a stick...


PDF weighs in at 12 pages containing
2/3 page cover
3 ½ pages of intro/back story and crunch
6 ½ pages of new material
1 page OGL

The PDF follows the three column format, and I detected no grammatical/formatting errors worth noting. The artwork (save the cover) is B&W, and depicts each staff individually, with a stock piece of Elmore art on the OGL page. We are also given an interesting illustration of a female staff wielder that could easily inspire the need to write up an NPC. The artwork is good to really good.

This interesting addition to the legacy that is Kragnar takes us into the market for that old standby when it comes to our spellchuckers, the staff. Luckily, sticking to tradition, we're not handed yet another boring collection of the same old same old, no, Marc Raddle called in the guys from Pimp My Staff and had them overhaul the concept of Ye' Ol' Walking Stick O' Spells. The end results? Interesting to say the least. Finally one need not wait until the eleventh level to begin crafting staves, nor must every staff be of the same level of power, thereby putting staves into the hands of lower level characters faster without unbalancing your game.

And then we have the Tige Vierge... quite possibly the coolest thing to happen to the staff since gaming began. Yeah, it's that cool, seriously. As any true player of wizards, throughout their many versions, archetypes, names and prestige has come to know, the staff is your friend....and if you want a good one, one that will truly kick some tail, you're going to pay through the nose, and wait. And by wait, I mean “Role up another character and go adventure with the group on this campaign, your wizard's going to be sitting here in Hobokunville for awhile waiting on his stick to be ready” kinda wait. Well, not anymore. The Tige Vierge, an “empty” staff if you will can be made ahead of time without any spells assigned to it. When the players find themselves in the need for a staff, they can purchase and customize (yeah, customize) and get their staff within a few days, as opposed to a few months. This alone makes this product worth buying, just to get your hands on the crunch to make this work within your game. Trust me, your spellchucking players will love you for it.

We are given 2 new Feats:
Craft Lesser Staff (Item Creation): pretty much exactly what you would assume. Allows you to begin crafting staves at a lower level, albeit with lower power.
Craft Tige Vierge (Item Creation): again, pretty straight forward, exactly what you would assume.

We are given 10 staves within this books fully designed, but with the lesser/standard/greater rules applied, that number is actually a full 30 for new staves presented within this PDF. They are as follows:
Staff of Binding: An oak staff banded with iron manacle cuffs, these staves focus hold and binding spells.
Crystal Staff: Crafted from a single piece of crystal these staves focus on spells dealing with color and light (color spray,feeblemind etc.)
Staff of the Four Winds: Made of ash wood, these staves focus upon wind and air magics.
Staff of Scrying: Crafted of Willow Wood and topped with a crystal sphere, this brass ring bound staff is all about various detection spells.
Staff of Spiders: Formed of a black wood to resemble the leg of a monstrous spider this staff harnesses spells linked to the powers of arachnids.
Stone Staff: A surprisingly lightweight staff of solid marble, this one focuses on spells dealing with stone/earth (meld into stone,stone shape etc.).
Staff of Thorns: A twisted oak staff wrapped in thorn riddled vines, this staff is powered with spells to make plant lovers happy with such spells as barkskin and wall of thorns.
Umbral Staff: Covered in runes of shadow and void, these unfinished darkwood staves are typically wrapped in leather straps to form “safe” areas for hand placement. These staves are all about shadows and darkness.
Staff of the White Necromancer: Formed from a single rune covered bone, these necromantic weapons are all about aiding in the fight against the undead. How cool is it to see the White Necromancer getting some love finally?
Staff of Winter: Topped with an ornate crystal, this white pine staff is not only cold to the touch, it's covered in frost. Spells associated with this stave are all about the cold.

It should be noted, there are several staves presented with rules to allow you to recharge them at double the normal rate (following specific requirements), as well as at will and daily abilities beyond the spell lists. For each staff we are given aura/CL/Slot/Price/Weight/Description/Requirements and Cost for all three levels of power possible. We are also given a random table for determining what staves Kragnar's shop would have on hand at any given time, always a useful thing to have.

So, final thoughts...the intro gives us not only a cool backstory for the Tige Vierge and where the concept came from, but we are introduced to a little more of Kragnar's world as it is, through Garious, a down on his luck wizard. His story just makes you want to use him in your world. The Tige Vierge is an awesome concept that is ripe for so many different usages. The 10 fully fleshed out staves are each well thought out and balanced, with plenty of crunch. The visuals for each stave really helped seal the deal for me, and is something I would love to see continue as a standard.

All in all, this PDF, while still not giving us stats for our favorite little goblin entrepreneur, is a fantastic addition to the Kragnar line, and well worth the cost of picking up. I give it a 5 star rating.

Bringing a fantasy icon back into the game


Staves are a big part of fantasy literature. Gandalf didnt walk through moria with a magic wand. But in dnd, and now pathfinder, staves are hard to come by in most games. They have very little presence in most games I've played in.

Krazy Kragnar's magic staff Emporium addresses two issues that often stand in the way of PCs getting their hands on staves. One is the fact that if you want a custom staff, that suits your tastes you have to wait a long time for it. Staves take a fair amount of time to craft, and if you make one to order, you will be waiting around for it for a while.

The Tige Vierge address this to an extent allowing crafters to create most of a staff as a blank slate, and add spells to it later. It is an interesting idea, and really if you have a kragnar like magic shop in your game, it is a great way to present the players and other npcs with access to specific staves.

The second, and maybe more important addition is the lesser staves. Staves cost a lot of money. Rightfully so, but its hard for an item to remain iconic in a game where it doesnt show up untill the last fourth of a campaign or in some cases not at all. Lesser staves are within the price range for midlevel characters, and thus can be part of a character's person when they start to really come into their own.

This also allows for staves to be used by midlevel npcs. In the finale of a recent campaign, a staff magus enemy made excellent use of a lesser staff of binding to free up his own spell slots for buff spells. It turned what might have been an average encounter, into a far more interesting one, when the well prepared magus and his allies could rely somewhat on spells from the staff instead of all from the magus' own slots in combat.

If you liked themed staves buy it.


Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium by Super Genius Games

This product is 12 pages long. It starts with a cover and Intro. (1 page)

Magic Staves (3 pages)
This section talks about magical staves including adding two new types. Lesser and Greater magic staves, including the feats needed for PC's to craft them. They also introduce the idea of a Tige Vierge which is a magic staff that has not yet had spells yet bounded to it, so it could be done at a latter date.

Staves (7 pages)
There is 10 new staves in this section. Each entry has stats for a lesser, standard and greater version of it.
Staff of Binding – focuses on holds and planer powers.
Crystal Staff – mind effecting staff with things like glitter dust, color spray and similar spells.
Staff of the Four Winds – wind and air spells.
Staff of Scrying – varies detection type spells.
Staff of Spiders – jump, spider climb, summon spiders, poison, web, vermin shape etc.
Stone Staff – earth and stone based spells.
Staff of Thorns – plant control and influence.
Staff of the White Necromancer – detect undead, command, hide, hold, speak to dead etc.
Staff of Winter – ice, cold and winter based spells.
Umbral Staff – a shadow based staff.

It ends with a OGL and credits. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white and very good. Editing and format where good, I didn't notice any errors. I can honestly say I absolutely loved the staves, they where all outstanding and the themes where very well captured. My only complaint about the whole product is I want a lot more staves. I think think of a number of ones. Stave of Fire, Water, (to finish out the four elements) Four Elements, (them combined) Nature, Black Necromancer, Witch... etc you get the idea. So here is a vote for at least one if not more follow up books of themed staves. So what's my rating? Well I have nothing bad to say and only praise, which means I have no choice but to give it a 5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

One of the best small pdfs I've read in quite a while - genius indeed


This pdf is 12 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial & SRD, leaving 10 1/3 of a page for Kragnar's latest enterprise, this time dealing with staves. So, what does the goblin have for us this time?

Staves, an arcanist's ballista, are widely considered to be among the most boring items possible in PFRPG and while NNW have found some ways to make them more exciting, I was rather sceptical whether the latest installment of Kragnar could make them interesting again.

First of all, we get some nice back-story around Kragnar's latest exploits prior to having new concepts explained: To give staves more flexibility, three levels of staves are presented: lesser, standard and greater, each with progressively more power. All the staves in this book come in these 3 versions and you can actually upgrade the staves to the next level - the upgrade costs being fully compatible with the craft-mechanics. Nice! Some staves herein also come with possibilities to recharge them at double rate, i.e. with sets of instructions that make recharging a) more engaging and b) a cool, viable option.

A new feat capitalizes on these properties, enabling you to create lesser staves starting level 8. ven better, the concept of Tige Vierge is introduced - blank staves, whose final enchantment has not yet been determined. The rules to craft them are simple, but the possibilities are endless - in a world with magical units in the army, cults etc., a highjacked delivery of tige vierges makes for a great adventure hook. And what if the PCs try to sabotage a delivery of blanks to an evil empire's outpost? AWESOME! Essentially, they have the potential to become arcane weapons of mass destruction without having the PC's opposition use them against them. I love simple solutions that make otherwise impossible scenarios work. So far, the concepts presented are rather awesome, but can the 10 staves (each with all three versions) hold up to the high quality?

Mechnically, I don't have anything to complain about; Evocative descriptions, full construction notes, recharging information and neat ideas (like the Staff of 4 Winds or the Staff of the white Necromancer), there just isn't anything to complain about with regards to these staves - most even come with additional minor benefits in addition to their charge-dependant abilities. Especially due to a neat piece of additional service: Each and every staff herein gets its own piece of surprisingly gorgeous artwork from author/illustrator Marc Radle -it's just great to show them off to your PCs and something I frankly didn't expect at this price point. Very cool!

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice a single glitch. The pdf adheres to the 3-column SGG-standard and no bookmarks are provided. The extensive pieces of artwork provided serve to further enhance your experience of this pdf, adding visual pleasure to the innovative, cool ideas. The scaling staves and especially the tige vierges are just strokes of genius that had me facepalm for not coming up with the idea myself - elegant, simple, cool and full of story-telling and mechanic potential. For the low price, you get a top quality, stellar product that shines even among the excellent pdfs by SGG - innovation, nothing to complain about, added storytelling potential - my final verdict is 5 stars and the Endzeitgeist seal of approval - this pdf ranks among the best in SGG's excellent catalogue.

Staves for the Masses!


Summary: Krazy Kragnar's Magic Staff Emporium is a PDF produced by Super Genius Games and designed by Marc Radle. It clocks in at 12 pages: a 2/3 cover page, 1 page with OGL and credits and 10 1/3 pages of crunch and fluff. It covers magical staves, introducing the concept of lesser, standard and greater staves as well as the imprintable magic staff, the tige vierge. A tige vierge is a clever idea: a sort of blank pre-prepared magic staff that can be rapidly customized upon purchase with only a day's lead time, allowing PC's to order custome staves and receive them with a very short turnaround time. Lesser, standard and greater staves are simple three tiered magic staves which allow a staff to grow in power with a wizard as they gain expertise and the use of the Craft Magic Staff feat.

Findings: The PDF introduces two feats: Craft Lesser Staff and Craft Tige Vierge, which give players or NPCs access to the afore-mentioned staves. It also introduces lesser, standard and greater versions of 10 staves:
- Staff of Binding: a hold spell-themed staff that focuses on paralyzing and binding foes
- Crystal Staff: a hypnotic themed staff
- Staff of the Four Winds: a weather/wind themed staff
- Staff of Scrying: a scrying themed staff
- Staff of Spiders: a staff at home in any drow's arsenal
- Stone Staff: a stone themed staff
- Staff of Thorns: a plant themed staff, tailor made for the druid on the grow
- Umbral Staff: here be shadows!
- Staff of the White Necromancer: sure to be a popular item for the necromancer looking to improve his/her image
- Staff of Winter: chosen staff of the winter witch, just in time for the back to witch-school rush

Verdict: If you play a spellcaster in the 4-16 level range, you're bound to find something to interest you in here. If you run games for said spellcasters, you'll find inspiration to create your own custom themed staves for your players. Given how useful this PDF is, I really don't think there's anyone who won't find something to love here. It's well written, well laid-out and incredibly inspired design of the sort I've come to expect from Super Genius Games.
I give it five cookies out of five. Crunchy and fluffy cookies, with arcane and divine chips. Gift Certificates
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